Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 6. (2/2)

“Thank you. It’s just that I’m timid, so I won’t go out, and I don’t want to drag you down in vain.” Gu Fan apologized.

Xinghe smiled: “It doesn’t matter, just send me this folder and I’ll pick it up for you when I get the chance.”

Meng Lianying patted his chest: “And me, when we go out to do missions, we don’t have to fight monsters every day. During the break, we can look at the grass more, and maybe we can get lucky.”

“And I!”

Fenghuo suddenly ran over from the kitchen and expressed his position before clearly hearing the words.

They were so enthusiastic, which made Gu Fan even more embarrassed. She was used to being a loner and didn’t like to meddle in other people’s business or owe favors.

“Okay, you can help me collect the medicine. If you have any minor physical problems later, I may have the corresponding medicine.”

Fenghuo touched his red hair, feeling that he would need Gu Fan’s hair growth pill one day.

At the same moment, Lu Jia’s internal dedicated scientific research base.

In the rest area, Lu Ya stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in a military uniform. The sun was setting outside. Looking around, I saw tall buildings in the distance and busy traffic on the road. The base was peaceful and prosperous, just like the bustling city before the radiation in the movie and TV series.

Only when you leave the base can you truly understand what has happened to mankind in the past fifty years. Other cities outside the base have long been turned into waste areas. The humans who had no time to escape were bitten by monsters. The blood and carrion have long been washed away by the rain, leaving only There are many mutilated bones.

Familiar footsteps sounded in the corridor, and Lu Ya turned around.

Professor Ma is wearing a white coat. He is in his forties and has a half-bald head.

Not knowing what he thought of, Lu Ya quickly moved his eyes away from Professor Ma’s head and looked at the report in his hand.

Professor Ma walked up to him, handed the drug composition analysis report to Lu Ya, and explained in a low voice: “I only took a quarter of the pills you gave me, and half of them were used for analysis. I can only analyze the herb that has a neutralizing effect, and there is currently no other herb that can match it. I used the other half to experiment on monsters, and it does have the effect of blocking the body’s odor, but the dosage is too small and the maintenance time is limited.”

He said it so clearly that Lu Ya did not read the paper report and asked: “Is it harmful to the human body?”

Professor Ma shook his head: “There is no toxicity, you can use it with confidence, but where did you get this pill?”

He returned the remaining elixir to Lu Ya along with the porcelain bottle.

Lu Ya took the porcelain bottle, turned it in his hand, lowered his eyes, and said, “Let’s keep it a secret for now. I’ll let you know if I can get more.”

After leaving the scientific research base, Lu Ya got into the car.

Driver: “Are you going back to the villa?”

Lu Ya leaned back in his seat, looked out the window, and said, “Go see the company camp.”

The driver understood and drove off silently.

When they arrived at the villa here, Meng Lianying, Xinghe, and others were discussing the location of the next mission. There were three options, and they needed to agree on a consensus.

Gu Fan was nestled in the single sofa, flipping through the electronic version of “The Latest Edition of Monster Encyclopedia” and listening to their conversation, which was a way to increase her understanding of the outside world of the base.

The atmosphere was quite harmonious, but suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Taishan went over to open the door, and everyone stared at it.

After a while, Taishan led a man in a straight military uniform and walked in.

An ordinary strong person will make people fear, while a super strong person will make people instinctively surrender.

Gu Fan knew Meng Lianying and others were also strong. She was already familiar with them and didn’t feel any class difference. However, as soon as Lu Ya appeared, Gu Fan subconsciously closed her notebook and put it aside, following the four people. Everyone stood up together to show their respect for Lu Ya.

“Cousin, you’re not here to see me, are you?” Meng Lianying hid behind the beacon fire, only exposing his head and staring at Lu Ya.

Lu Ya: “No, I’m looking for her.”

Then, everyone’s eyes followed him and fell on Gu Fan’s face.

Gu Fan:……

Lu Ya looked at her sofa and then around.

Meng Lianying was very grateful that his cousin was not here to arrest him. He immediately pushed another single sofa to Gu Fan’s side. He enthusiastically adjusted the positions of the two sofas so that Lu Ya could talk to Gu Fan face-to-face.

Gu Fan took a deep look at Meng Lianying.

Meng Lianying had already gone to make tea for Lu Ya.

“Miss Gu, please sit down. Don’t be restrained.” Lu Ya sat down first. Seeing that Gu Fan was still standing, he made a “please” gesture.

On the couch not far away, Xinghe, Taishan, Qingteng, and Fenghuo stopped their discussion and turned their attention here.

Lu Ya took out Gu Fan’s small porcelain vase as if nothing had happened.

Gu Fan discovered at a glance that a quarter of the beast-avoiding elixir inside was missing!


“I took it for testing. I don’t know anything about you. I need to make sure it’s not toxic for something that’s taken orally.”

Gu Fan only felt sad!

She only has a total of ten beast-avoiding elixirs, one less than the one she uses. Unless she is lucky and her cultivation level can break through to the foundation-building stage, she will never be able to refine it again. One of them was actually stolen from the earth by this ignorant, strong man. It was wasted.

“What’s the test result?” Gu Fan asked politely due to the difference in strength.

Lu Ya: “It’s not poisonous, but whether it can ward off beasts or not, you need to try it before you know.”

Gu Fan: “How are you going to try?”

Lu Ya: “There is an S-class wind bear near An City. It can detect the breath of any living creature within a hundred kilometers. I tried to kill it many times but failed because it was detected in advance. Therefore, I want to take it with me. I’m going to try this beast-avoiding elixir, but I wonder if only three-quarters of it is left, what effect will it have on the efficacy of the medicine?”

Gu Fan: “The effect of a complete pill lasts for twenty-four hours, but now there are only eighteen hours left.”

Lu Ya: “There is enough time, but I need you to go with me. If this medicine doesn’t work, I can confront you on the spot.”

Gu Fan:……

Accompany him to kill S-class wind bears?

Can she return the 10,000 merit points to Lu Ya and stop including her in his business?

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Fan fan: People on Earth are so treacherous!

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