[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 5. (1/2)

The King’s War

Although Xu Jia was determined to lose her job, to be cautious, Xu Jia cleaned herself up and made a special trip to the bank. After putting her bank card into the machine, she felt relieved when the account balance clearly showed 254,321.65 yuan.

After having lunch at a nearby restaurant, Xu Jia went to the company after having a full meal.

As soon as they met, the female boss started yelling, “Where have you gone? Why are you here? You don’t know if you have to go to work today!”

With money in her pocket, she feels particularly confident. Xu Jia said calmly, “I was overworked and fainted in the rental house. I just woke up.”

Everyone fell down, and the female boss couldn’t say anything more. She calmed down and asked, “Where’s the report?”

“I haven’t finished writing.” Xu Jia admitted honestly.

The female boss realized she had caught something, and immediately raised her voice and accused her, “Why did you pass out when everyone was working overtime? Don’t you pass out in the middle of work?! There is no one else in the rented apartment, so you can’t call to ask for someone?”

“No, I live alone.” Xu Jia replied unceremoniously.

The female boss was furious, “What’s your attitude? Are you okay with being late? Do you still want to do it?”

“I don’t want to do it anymore.” Xu Jia said seriously, “I’m afraid that no one will know if I die in the rented house.”

“Also, having a boss who often forgets things and needs her subordinates to work overtime to wipe her butt is not a happy thing. I don’t miss it.”

“With so many people under your command, why do you want to catch me working overtime? Why do you think I’m so easy to bully when I first join the company? Let’s go and have fun, I won’t accompany you anymore.”

As she said, Xu Jia looked at her former boss indifferently and said, “Make way, I’m going to find HR to resign.”

The female boss was very angry. In just one night, the new employee seemed to be different, and he was not polite at all.

Many colleagues nearby were typing on the keyboard solemnly, pretending to work seriously. In fact, they were watching the show with their ears pricked up.

Seeing that her former boss was motionless, Xu Jia’s face was indifferent: “I wanted to stay in the company before, but to avoid unpleasantness, there were some things I couldn’t say. Now that I’m gone, why must I still look at your face? Who are you? You have a higher position than me. Does it matter? Who do you want to show your authority to?”

There were bursts of snickering from the side, and it was obvious that some of the onlookers were too lazy to hold it back.

The female boss lost face in public and was shaking with anger.

Xu Jia walked away without squinting.

As usual, HR asks for the reason for the resignation.

Xu Jia told the truth, “I don’t want to take the blame for my boss. I’m afraid I’ll die from overwork after working overtime. I don’t like the office atmosphere.”

“Is there any company that doesn’t work overtime? Where is there no veteran who bullies newcomers?” HR couldn’t help but advise, “It’s not easy to become a full-time employee. Do you want to think about it again?”

Xu Jia raised her eyebrows. What this means is that the world is as dark as crows. It’s the same wherever you go, why not stay in a familiar place…

“Originally I applied for the benefits of having two weekends off. But after I joined the company, I often worked overtime on weekdays, and my mobile phone was always on standby on holidays. I never knew when I would have to rush back to the company.” Xu Jia waved her hands repeatedly, “Forget it.”

The staff carefully looked at the newcomer’s face and seemed to understand something, “Have you found your next home?”

Xu Jia tilted her head and considered, would she like to go home? It seems not.

“I recently won the lottery and got a little money. I feel there is no need to wrong myself.” She said half-seriously, “There are not many good companies in the world, but I can slowly find them.”

You have money, so you don’t have to make do with it.

She is extremely envious. She responded casually, “Okay, I understand.”

Logically speaking, there is a one-month handover period after resignation. However, the company did not lack manpower, and Xu Jia and her female boss disliked each other, so that afternoon, Xu Jia went home with a bunch of personal belongings.


Originally, Xu Jia didn’t take the “Infinite Variety Show” seriously.

At the end of the first round of the game, she had the opportunity to ask Le Lin questions, but she chose to give up. But now, she is very interested in a part-time job that can earn two to three hundred thousand a day and work for three years!

Xu Jia went to the supermarket and bought a lot of snacks, then returned to the rental house, munching snacks and searching on the Internet.

The watch reminded players that after leaving the game, they are not allowed to mention “Infinite Variety Show” to non-players. But what is the limit of this “mention”?

Some people thought they were having a dream and posted online jokingly. The content only talked about the rules and process of the game without mentioning the words “infinite variety show.” Is this considered a violation?

In addition, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players. So, if you find other players, can we discuss it together?

Xu Jia was full of questions.

She tried using “strange variety shows,” “black technology,” and “holographic online games” as keyword searches and then flipped through page after page. Go through 50 pages for each keyword and get nowhere.

Xu Jia didn’t give up and continued searching with “abducted by aliens” and “earning bounty by playing variety shows.” Still, the messages that popped up were all kinds of, none of which she wanted.

“No player dares to commit suicide, or will the information about the ‘Infinite Variety Show’ be automatically deleted?” Xu Jia held her chin in thought.

There was too little useful information, and she couldn’t draw any conclusions from her analysis. She simply browsed the forums she frequented, planning to find some high-IQ movies to watch. Unexpectedly, as soon as she opened the webpage, a hot high-score bounty post was marked red and pinned to the top. The name of the post was “How to win the game? Looking for strategies.”

Xu Jia vaguely noticed something and clicked in to check.

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