[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 4. (2/2)

The King’s War

He lost because he underestimated the enemy.

Le Lin still wanted to struggle. He took a deep breath and tried to shake the weight off his back.

Xu Jia tore off the name strip with a stab, determined not to give her opponent a chance to make a comeback.

Le Lin’s figure gradually faded. Before disappearing, he looked deeply at Xu Jia and said seriously, “I will remember you.”

Xu Jia muttered in her heart: “Remember me for what? Do you want revenge?”

A routine announcement was broadcast, “Civilian No. 4 OUT, Civilian No. 4 OUT.”

The black watch on the right hand also made a beep sound.

Xu Jia lowered her head to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game.]

[Congratulations on becoming an official player. I am currently level lv1. After winning three subsequent games, the level will be upgraded to lv2.]

[The watch can view information about players whose level is lower than yours. Currently, you can view lv0 players (new players).]

[Congratulations on being named the MVP of this game.]

[After thirty seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players.]

“It’s quite like an online game.” Xu Jia muttered and waited quietly for transmission.

Thirty seconds passed quickly, and the surrounding environment changed suddenly.

Xu Jia found herself back in renting a house. There is a computer in front of her and a half-written report document.

A deep sense of fatigue washed over her like a tide.

Xu Jia felt that her eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds as if they would close in the next second. She didn’t care about anything else and quickly went to bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she fell into a deep sleep.

A dreamless night.

When Xu Jia opened her eyes, it was already ten o’clock in the morning the next day.

After staring at the clock in a daze for a while, Xu Jia finally came to her senses.

Already late for work.

The report is not finished.

Directly absent from work without taking sick leave or personal leave in advance.

Judging from all the current information, she is not far from being finished.

“Damn robber GG!” Xu Jia was filled with resentment.

If GG hadn’t suddenly popped up during work, she would have completed her work successfully. If the game hadn’t been too tiring, she would have gotten up on time and gone to work on time.

After thinking about it carefully, she found it unbelievable. Xu Jia couldn’t help but fall into self-doubt, “Did she really get dragged into playing games last night? Or was it just a dream while you were sleeping?”

The cool black watch on the right wrist makes a beep-beep sound, giving it a strong sense of presence.

[Notice: The next game will start at 2 pm in three days; players are asked to prepare in advance.]

Xu Jia was speechless for a while. Didn’t she need to make money to support her family? Who plays games during working hours on weekdays? When the game ends, will she fall asleep again and fall unconscious?

“If I had known I had lost three games in a row, I would have given up my identity as a player.” Xu Jia sighed, resignedly picking up his phone and checking the messages.

With five missed calls and two unread text messages, Xu Jia could imagine how her immediate boss would criticize her.

Arrive late and leave early, and don’t take company regulations seriously.

Procrastination is severe, and work is often not completed until the deadline and even occasionally exceeds the deadline.

Lack of responsibility, unexcused absences, and wanton absenteeism.

At the same time, he could also blame her and put the responsibility for the unfinished report on her.

The more Xu Jia thought about it, the colder her heart became. If it weren’t for her not having much savings on her card, she would have just quit her job.

With her head hanging down, she hesitantly clicked on the first text message. At the same time, she was mentally prepared, thinking that she was going to be scolded, but who knew——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (winning bonus) is 200,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 204,321.65 yuan.]

Xu Jia almost thought she was dazzled, so she read the text messages repeatedly and counted them several times. After it was confirmed that she had a windfall, her heart beat loudly, and her excitement was hard to calm down.

She clicked on the second text message, and the content was as follows——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (MVP bonus) is 50,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 254,321.65 yuan.]

She played a game at night, and her account had an extra $250,000 the next day!

The surprise came so suddenly. Xu Jia was so excited that she didn’t know what to do and wanted to go out and run a few laps.

Suddenly, she remembered Le Lin saying: “Just treat it as a holographic online game. Follow the rules of the game. If you win, you will get the bonus. If you fail, you will just leave the game and return to normal life without any loss.”

Although she didn’t know what would happen if she failed, she did receive a bonus after winning, a total of 250,000! Not only were the payments made promptly and without any arrears, but they were also extremely generous. Just because she was named MVP, she got an extra 50,000 yuan!

Xu Jia quickly calculated. 250,000 per game, and she will earn a house if she wins four games. Think about her job again. You have a top-notch boss, indifferent colleagues, heavy tasks, and constant overtime work. It’s useless.

Xu Jia said, “I love the job, but I don’t want to do it anymore!”

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