[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 5. (2/2)

The King’s War

The main building introduces it in detail, “How can a king and eight knights become the last survivor? The king is invincible and can judge the knights. But the knights can collect evidence of the king’s crimes. After proving that he is a tyrant, he can dismount the king and Instead.”

There was a lot written in the back.

On the surface, it seems to have no connection with Infinite Variety Show. But anyone with a discerning eye will know at a glance that the person who posted the message must be a contestant in “The King’s War.”

The king is written as a king, the common people are changed into knights, the voting paper becomes evidence of guilt, and the rules of the game remain unchanged.

Xu Jia checked the main building and saw that the posting time was last night?? She couldn’t help but wonder, was this kind of crossing the line considered a violation?

After reading from the first page to the last page, some people said that they were hiding a piece of evidence and finally gave others a surprise; some people were planning to join forces and engage in diplomacy. After success, destroy the partners; some people say that this game is unplayable and specific strategies must be formulated based on the contestants’ personalities. God-like strategies cannot hold teammates like pigs.

At first, everyone was discussing things, and they started to quarrel while chatting. Everyone has an attitude of “You are all pigs, and I am the only smart person in the world.”

On the latest page, the poster kept replying and seemed to be getting angry, “Damn it, what the hell is this?! A combination of vertical and horizontal? Aren’t you afraid that your friends will turn around and kill you when you fight! Why do people have to wait until Betrayal again at the last moment?”

“Destroy A first, then B, then C… The player is like a radish in the field. He can pull it when he wants and destroy it when he wants. The distance between destruction can be thousands of miles away, okay?”

“The idea of hiding evidence of guilt is interesting. But how do you ensure that you survive to the end? Is there a general strategy that is suitable for gamers?”

The enthusiastic crowd was furious.

“All strategies are feasible. If you can’t do it, do you blame me?”

“This player is too bad. I ask my team to replace him.”

“A god-like strategy cannot hold a pig-like executor.” A certain floor leader calmly changed his reply.

Then, a lot of people got into a scuffle and started taunting each other, causing the page to completely tilt.

Xu Jia glanced at the clock. Twelve hours have passed since the time of posting. The poster was full of energy and confronted the person head-on. It seemed that he could still fight for dozens of rounds, and his performance was no different.

“So it’s okay to communicate around the corner?” Xu Jia thought thoughtfully.

The mutual exchanges were so exciting that Xu Jia didn’t even want to watch the movie and relished browsing for updates.

Because the person who posted the message was very immodest, people became angry, and the subsequent replies became more and more disrespectful, with most of them teasing and ridiculing.

“Find a big boss to hug you, take him away and kill him directly, and then take over and become the boss yourself. Such a simple and practical operation, but I don’t know if the post upstairs is good-looking enough.”

“Those who are capable are tough, while those who are not are hiding in the team, paddling, protecting themselves, and waiting for the last moment to decide the outcome. What? Are you saying you can’t do it all? Then you have to resort to such nonsense and just commit suicide.”

“With the host’s qualifications, no one can save you, so just admit defeat.”

“It’s not that your strategy isn’t good, it’s that your skills are too poor. If you were more powerful, wouldn’t it be enough to just become the king yourself and kill all the knights? Real warriors solve problems by force and don’t need strategies at all!”

When Xu Jia saw the last reply, she was suddenly stunned. She recalled the scene during the game, and her heart was touched.

If it was not Le Lin who was left to the end, but the man in black, then not to mention that she had three voting papers, even thirty would not be used.

So what if you become king? I can’t tear off the name strips of civilians…

To take a step back, if he hadn’t run frequently in order to lose weight during his student days, it would have been impossible to escape from several pursuits, let alone suppress Le Lin.

Xu Jia couldn’t help but wonder, in order to win the game, should she continue to practice running and learn some self-defense skills? Thinking of the bun’s cute numbers, she was determined to overcome all difficulties and do everything possible to improve her physical fitness.

That night, Xu Jia took out her running clothes from her student days and started practicing long-distance running.

Not only endurance, she also works on wrist strength. The next day, he even signed up for a course to learn fighting skills.

Xu Jia originally wanted to learn women’s self-defense skills. However, self-defense involves using all available means to attack the enemy. In other words, it was too harsh, so she temporarily decided to learn Jiu-Jitsu instead.

The characteristic of Jiu-Jitsu is the use of leverage rather than blindly comparing strength with the opponent. Jiu-jitsu practitioners are accustomed to using techniques to make their opponents submit.

After learning Jiu-Jitsu, she can throw her opponent to the ground and then use joint, choke, or striking techniques to attack and control the opponent.

Once the opponent loses the ability to resist, it will be easy to tear off the name tag.

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