Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #64

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Chapter 64

Shi Zhi: A pirate ship?

How could it be a pirate ship?

She can easily let Lu Zeming accept it. If she strikes quickly, the other party will not have time to react.


There is no need to question Lu Zeming’s dancing level. After all, he was facing a shady situation. When the program team wanted to eliminate him, netizens were angry about it. It was more than enough to teach these young artists.

They also all know Lu Zeming. Their boss Shi Zhi is so awesome. Is it okay to even hire such an awesome dance teacher?

Then, everyone came up to surround Lu Zeming.

“Teacher Lu, I know you.”

“Teacher Lu, I’m a fan of yours. I especially like the dance you did in the second episode. I even cut it out, but I don’t know how good I can be. Can I…”

The trainee who spoke was embarrassed, and his face was a little red.

Lu Zeming understood clearly, “Do you want me to help you take a look?”

“No problem, is there any music? Do you want me to play the music for you…”

The tool person who came to her door has naturally begun to enter the role of dance teacher.

Shi Zhi breathed a sigh of relief, and the dance teacher also made arrangements.

“Look, what a harmonious teacher-student relationship.” Shi Zhi sighed with emotion.

After Lu Zeming taught them for a full hour, he realized something was wrong.

He suddenly remembered it, he seemed to have signed a contract as an artist before. Why is he now a dance teacher, and he didn’t notice anything wrong when teaching?

When Lu Zeming thought about it, he seemed to have delivered himself to this door.


Shi Zhi comforted Lu Zeming, saying she would give him extra wages, so don’t worry, she would not exploit employees.

Isn’t it because we can’t find a suitable dance teacher? To make the best use of everything, Lu Zeming will take care of them first.

Lu Zeming waved his hand and said no need, just forget about extra salary or something.

Shi Zhi, “Since Teacher Lu has such a high level of dedication, I won’t use money to humiliate you.”

Lu Zeming:……

He felt that Shi Zhi might have been waiting for him to refuse.

Lu Zeming actually loves dancing himself. It doesn’t make much difference to him whether he dances on stage or teaches others.

Moreover, these juniors and new colleagues reminded him of his former self.

Lu Zeming has no other job recently, so he has nothing to do, so he can just be a dance teacher.

The trainees looked at Shi Zhi with bright eyes. They persisted for too long and could not see the future. They were about to give up, but they did not expect that there was hope now.

After the training, Shi Zhi was surrounded by young artists.

“Master Shi, thank you.”

“I already want to go back to my hometown to farm. Thank you for making my dream come true…”

Everyone seemed to have won a grand prize and gave a speech of thanks in front of the camera.

I will never admit defeat, I will definitely live a decent life, I will fight hard to make my own way, and I will live up to Master Shi’s expectations!

As a qualified agent, Brother Quan felt he was used to this kind of scene and was calm enough, but he still couldn’t help but be moved when he saw this scene.

On one side are vigorous seedlings, and on the other side are warm bosses.

Faced with such gratitude, Shi Zhi smiled kindly and told the newcomers in her studio, “It’s easy to talk, just make more money.”

Brother Quan: ?

Being moved and ruthlessly interrupted, why he was still thinking warmly before.

Lu Zeming: Are you surprised?

Indeed, seeing these new people reminds Lu Zeming of his previous self.

Shi Zhi didn’t feel that what she said was wrong. Now that her identity had changed and she had become the boss, she didn’t just make money. Moreover, if she made money, everyone would make money. How happy it would be to make money together.

Shi Zhi felt that she wanted to add something to conclude.

“Here, everyone makes money…” She paused and changed her words.

“This is the place where everyone’s dreams set sail!”

Young artists: Master Shi, there is no need to hide the truth just to care for their feelings. They have already heard it.

This is too true.


When the butler saw Shi Zhi trending on the search results, he immediately called Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi could already imagine what the butler would say and explain it before the butler spoke.

She knows she is rich, and the consciousness of being rich has not been lost. She is the richest girl in this city, but at some point, she should save money.

The butler was very pleased after hearing this. Master, have you seen it?

Really exactly the same!

The way the eldest lady works hard now isn’t like you falling in the snow and still firmly holding on to the dime.

They are all people who hold the password to wealth.

The butler now has his sights set on the Oscars and thinks that Shi Zhi can make a fortune from scratch and become the new richest man!

Those few small rooms will be the starting point for the eldest lady to make a fortune in business.


The few small room that Shi Zhi  Butler mentioned were owned by the original owner of the multi-story building, Mr. Xu, who was currently busy socializing with the people present.

A conference was held here, and well-known entrepreneurs from all over the country gathered here.

Mr. Xu actually has little ability. After all, he has been running an entertainment company for so many years. Even though… it has been acquired now, he still has some connections.

It was through acquaintances that he got the tickets.

Mr. Xu’s new company has been established, but his vitality is severely damaged. He is trying to open up social contacts and try to meet more useful and helpful noble people.

In fact, many elderly bosses are essentially no different from noisy middle-aged men.

They can also gossip and start chatting while boasting.

Mr. Xu started.

The people next to him talked about Cheng Yu.

“Cheng Yu is also here this time. Did you see…I thought that he would die in the car accident, but I didn’t expect that.”

Followed by a burst of praise.

Even if they don’t want to admit that the other party is better than themselves, the achievements are there.

Cheng Yu’s father, Lao Cheng, was also in poor health then. He only had a young son who was studying abroad. For a time, people outside thought the Cheng family might collapse like this. They did not expect Cheng Yu to return to China, quickly accept the family business, and carry out reforms. It gives the enterprise new vitality.

Chu Batian, who rose up later, only became as famous as Cheng Yu after Cheng Yu had an accident. This was the result of Cheng Yu lying in bed for more than a year.

They were all sighing, wondering what surprises Cheng Yu could create.

Mr. Chen curled his lips, “Aren’t he still sitting in a wheelchair? He is in a vegetative state, how can he be so neat…”

Not even a name mentioned, but laughed at later.

“Mr. Cheng, do you need your subordinates to handle it?”

Mr. Chen didn’t know that the person involved had completely heard it.

Cheng Yu was not far away, but the building next to him blocked him. He was dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He was sitting in a wheelchair, but he didn’t look weak. Moreover, because he was calm, he seemed to be different from those around him when sitting in a wheelchair. People are no different.

Mr. Chen thought it was a quiet beep, but in Cheng Yu’s case, it was loud.

The assistant beside him was so angry that his face turned cold, wanting to vent on Cheng Yu’s behalf.

Cheng Yu told him, “No need.”

He had the computer on his knees, and his bony fingers were tapping rapidly on the keyboard without taking his eyes off the screen.

“Don’t get angry with fools, it will bring you down.” It’s an understatement.

The assistant expressed that he had learned a lesson.

Mr. Cheng is worthy of being Mr. Cheng. He can handle it calmly, even if others say bad things about him. This is what he needs to learn. There is still a long way to go.

The assistant looked at Cheng Yu’s work with admiring eyes. Mr. Cheng was writing new code. That was a business secret. He had to protect Mr. Cheng!

But the assistant took a look and said, oh, it’s okay.

Mr. Cheng was checking in for Shi Zhi.

On the surface, Cheng Yu looks like he was writing some difficult code, but in fact, he was checking in for Shi Zhi and doing crazy tasks.

Mr. Xu was still there, talking about how he wanted to change to a new company.

Mr. Xu actually didn’t want to say it openly. After all, it was not a good thing. He just laughed and passed it, then started using eye drops on the rest of the people.

mention at Shi Zhi.

“I used to have an artist under my banner named Shi Zhi, do you know that?”

“She is dishonest and treacherous, and I suspect there may be someone behind her…”

Cheng Yu’s hand, which had never stopped on the keyboard, stopped now. He looked at his assistant with a clear purpose.

“Beat him!”


Assistant: Has the idea of not being angry with fools disappeared now? It seems that Mr. Cheng can do it himself, but his idols cannot.

Cheng Yu didn’t let his assistant beat him. He chose to beat him himself. He followed Mr. Xu in a wheelchair to a remote place and then kicked Mr. Xu in the back.

“Damn, whoever kicks me is looking for death!”

Mr. Xu staggered and almost fell to the ground. He drank some wine, cursed, and looked back with a fierce expression.

Whoever kicks him will be kicked by him.

However, after meeting the slender Cheng Yu, he immediately gave in and sobered up. Mr. Xu still recognized this handsome face.

“Mr. Cheng.”

Even if he was angry, he would still smile. After all, he couldn’t afford to offend him. “Mr. Cheng, what do you mean by this? Why did you kick me… Where did I offend you?”

Cheng Yu had already sat down in the wheelchair, showing a puzzled expression.

“Mr. Xu, please don’t touch me. I am a vegetable and I can not kick you.”

Mr. Xu:…

Then what was going on when you were standing just now? His eyes were dim?!

Having said this, Mr. Xu did not dare to confront Cheng Yu, so he could only admit it. Judging from this, he spoke ill of Cheng Yu behind his back and was overheard by the rightful owner.

You deserve to be kicked.

Mr. Xu vaguely felt that he had heard this comment somewhere but couldn’t remember it for a while.

Where did he hear that?


They heard it on the Shi Zhi variety show.

Shi Zhi’s life has been quite fulfilling recently. She is busy filming “Yin Yang Snack Shop,” memorizing new scripts, and paying attention to the development of the small artists in the studio.

Director Shi Tao sent a message to Shi Zhi.

The mythological TV series he filmed has already started airing. He asked Shi Zhi to make a guest appearance in Shi Zhi’s role today. Although the role was not big and could even be said to be extremely strange, he still had to inform Shi Zhi after hesitation.

When Shi Zhi received the message from Director Shi Tao, she understood.

None of the characters were small roles. She also retweeted it on Weibo very seriously and edited it with seriousness.

Brother Quan:……

Those who didn’t know thought that Shi Zhi was the lead actor. When she was the lead actor, Shi Zhi could only act like this. He recalled that when “After Inheriting the Legacy of the Richest Man” was aired, Shi Zhi seemed not to be so serious about what she posted on Weibo.

The young artists are grateful to Shi Zhi as their new boss and are 120% satisfied.

They didn’t know what they could do for Shi Zhi. Making money or something was still in progress. Some people noticed that Shi Zhi posted on Weibo, and a new drama was released in which Master Shi made a guest appearance.

No, this is their chance.

They first forwarded Shi Zhi’s Weibo.

In just a few days, due to two hot searches, the number of their Weibo fans skyrocketed, and they finally gained some attention.

The forwarding is not over yet. They plan to watch the TV series and write a short essay or something.

Let them first study what Master Shi’s guest role is——

White Bone Spirit Essence.

? ? ?

The young artists at Shi Zhi Studio were silent.

Master Shi is indeed different from others, but Master Shi’s white-bone spirit essence must be the most beautiful one in history, right?!

However, with this idea in mind, when the clip of Shi Zhi’s appearance started airing, the young artists were almost blind and could not find Shi Zhi in it.

They don’t know why Master Shi made a guest appearance in a TV series, but they suddenly played a game of finding fault.

The young artist from Shi Zhi’s studio was not found here , and Gardenia also did not find Shi Zhi’s figure.

Where is Princess Shi Zhi?

There is not one white-bone demon, but quite a few. They all look the same. Unlike the beautiful fairies everyone imagines, people are already hidden in the bones.

True. White-bone spirit.

In the end, when Shi Zhi saw everyone in the anti-fan group guessing who she was, she personally came out to clear everyone’s doubts.

She specially circled herself.

Now, this is it.

“Good guy, I only see the bones of this bone-white spirit. (Funny)”

“Thank you, Master Shi Zhi, for including me. Otherwise, it would be too hidden and difficult to spot. What a great guest appearance.”

“Director Shi Tao, what’s wrong with you? You’ve collaborated twice and been given such a role?”

What about the female stars’ cards?

Shock! The director and his co-stars appear to be having a good time. In reality, they have a plastic relationship.

Director Shi Tao was also very aggrieved. He originally wanted to give Shi Zhi a role as a stunning beauty, but Shi Zhi refused. She just wanted to play the role of a white-bone demon without specialization. What could he do?

Shi Zhi did not let director Shi Tao take the blame. She received the invitation, but she took the initiative to play the role of the White Bone Demon.

Gardenia: They are pink, they are different types.

Netizen, “I think Shi Zhi’s performance is very good. I feel sincere emotions from it. And you can see that the ribs are all brought to life by Shi Zhi’s performance. Are there any?”

There is a ghost!

However, netizens still followed this and started making fun of it.

Some, indeed, she is a master; she can do all of this, and her acting skills are beyond belief.

Shi Zhi looked at everyone’s serious nonsense. She didn’t care as long as everyone was happy.

Shi Zhi actually received a lot of mention.

“Your artists have all mistaken you!”

The artists at Shi Zhi Studio wanted to repay Shi Zhi by promoting the new drama to Shi Zhi. After watching it, they carefully identified it and sent it… a short essay.

They can’t write a short composition, so they can’t just close their eyes and brag about it, right? After all, there aren’t many scenes.

Unexpectedly, they made a mistake. The person they took the screenshot of was not Shi Zhi’s White Bone Demon, but another White Bone Demon. Several people circled several other actors, but no one guessed it correctly.

Shi Zhi, “…”

Young artists, “…”

When netizens started calling their bosses, they felt like they were doomed.

Shi Zhi felt she was not scared and didn’t need to be so nervous, even if they admitted their mistake. She found a group on WeChat, and Shi Zhi specially created a group that included these young artists who should be watched carefully.

Shi Zhi, “Have you memorized the lines? Do you know how to dance? If you haven’t memorized the lines. Do you still have time to surf the Internet?”

Wrong, wrong. Go ahead and memorize your lines and learn to dance now.


She obviously has a beautiful face, but she plays a guest role as a white-bone demon who can’t even see her eyes and can only see her walking skeleton.

Although everyone has known for a long time that Master Shi Zhi does not take the usual path, they is still shown off in front of Shi Zhi every time.

And Gardenia also added this role to Shi Zhi’s resume.

Shi Zhi, a young actress, is best known for her masterpiece “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Legacy.” She once starred in the role of the White-bone Demon in the large-scale mythological drama “XXX” directed by Shi Tao.

After such editing, the White Bone Demon, who didn’t have many shots, began to look more presentable.

After Tang Yunling got off the show, she still couldn’t hold back her curiosity when she heard the program staff laughing and talking about Shi Zhi.

“What happened to Shi Zhi?”

Program staff: “Teacher Tang, we are talking about Shi Zhi’s new drama.”

Tang Yunling frowned, “Is “Yin Yang Snack Bar” already released?”

So fast?

It shouldn’t be.

Tang Yunling didn’t see Zhong Jiaxin promoted in the circle of friends. Tang Yunling still gloated and wondered if it could be that Zhong Jiaxin had lost her interest to Shi Zhi.

Program Staff, “It’s not that one, it’s Shi Zhi’s guest appearance. She plays a white-bone spirit in it, and she doesn’t have much of a role…”

Tang Yunling, “…” her eyelids twitched.

Extremely uneasy inside.

The last time Tang Yunling met Shi Zhi was after Shi Zhi helped her. By thanking her she went visiting the filming set, but she was actually trying to gain popularity.

Then Shi Zhi checked the fake role on the spot and asked her what her role was in her first drama. Tang Yunling didn’t know that Shi Zhi had bewitched a white-bone demon herself.

Later, Tang Yunling knew that she had been fooled.

I didn’t expect Shi Zhi to actually play the role of White Bone Demon?

“Is she poisonous?”

After Tang Yunling confirmed it, she told his agent.

She seriously suspected that Shi Zhi was teasing her from afar.

How should she fight back?

Should she be asked to play Sun Wukong?

Tang Yunling fell into deep thought.


“There is a group-based software that invites you to shoot commercials. The price is very good, and it is said that you can bring new people from the studio to record together…”

Brother Quan was overjoyed and played his exclusive BGM “Good Days” again.

After Shi Zhi asked the previous boss to pack up and leave after a disagreement, sent the new people to where they should go one after another, and gave them good resources, Brother Quan thought that Shi Zhi, as the boss, would have an easier time with him.

Then he realized that he was thinking too much.

Shi Zhi is still the same Shi Zhi as before. She still squats on the road and gnaws sugar cane. She does not show the arrogance one should have after winning a big lottery.

Brother Quan can think openly, and he soon calms down. He is still Shi Zhi’s manager, so what he did before will be done now.

Shi Zhi and her new young artist became popular by searching for props and scenes. Brother Quan felt that if this were done to other artists who pay attention to style, they might die of shame and anger. Of course, Shi Zhi would not.

Brother Quan himself didn’t expect that there would be a big advertisement.

What is this thing called?

Shi Zhi, “You will win only if you love to fight.”

She has said it several times.

In fact, in the first half of the story, when the price was good, Shi Zhi was already interested. When Brother Quan asked Shi Zhi to bring new people, Shi Zhi couldn’t find a reason to refuse.

Since Brother Quan can tell her this software should be reliable. Shi Zhi also learned about it later and found that there was nothing wrong with it. Buying daily necessities and the like is much cheaper than offline.

It was accepted, and it was also an opportunity for studio artists.

However, although it was clearly stated that Shi Zhi could bring studio artists with him, there was still a limit on the number of people.

Four people should be selected from among everyone.

Shi Zhi was originally on the crew, but now that the filming has entered the final stage, it is not that busy. The director spends a lot of time re-recording the rest of the actors. Shi Zhi may not have to stay on the crew all the time, but she feels she should try not to run away.

This time, she told the director and returned to the company.

Shi Zhi gathered them together and told them the news in person.

There is an opportunity to shoot an advertisement with her. She has to bring someone with her, but there is a limit on the number of people.

Everyone was cheering a second ago.

Since they became an artist at Shi Zhi Studio, surprises have been coming their way, but then they heard that Shi Zhi would choose someone.

“How to choose?”

“Master Shi, will you choose?”

The anxiety was written on their faces. They knew this opportunity was rare, and they all wanted it.

Shi Zhi shook her head and looked at these young artists, “It’s not my choice. The opportunity lies in your own hands. You will face the first internal fight.”

Those who succeed will achieve the achievement of an advertising background board and an advertising fee.


As soon as Shi Zhi’s description came out, the originally lively room suddenly became quiet, and many people even held their breath.

Are they going to start killing each other?

Although they have known for a long time that they are both partners and rivals, they have never had any chance to stand out, and those fighting against each other seem to be far away from them.

During this time, they practiced together and made progress together, and their relationship was very deep.

They didn’t expect to face such a tense and cruel situation so soon.

Shi Zhi’s team’s publicity revealed their white teeth.

Some of the newcomers already have tears in their eyes. Is this a lesson that must be learned in the entertainment industry?

“Come on.”

“Everyone relies on their own abilities. It’s fair. The opportunity is in your own hands.”

They have gradually stabilized their emotions, understand the truth, and are not young anymore. Some are even older than Shi Zhi.

The problem comes again.

How to fight?

Everyone thinks it may be a talent show or a wonderful and heartfelt speech.

Shi Zhi announced the rules, “Rock-paper-scissors, best of three games, no objections.”

New people waiting for a war without smoke:???

Shi Zhi’s team’s publicity, “Hahahahaha.” made a loud laugh.

They didn’t expect it, that’s right. They didn’t expect it.

The rock-paper-scissors competition to choose who is qualified to be the advertising background board also kicked off, and the scene was once very fierce and cruel.

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