[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 4. (1/2)

The King’s War

Give up the desperate fight? Or maybe you secretly hid a ballot before? Le Lin secretly guessed.

“Don’t come over.” Xu Jia warned coldly, “I have a few questions to ask you. If you continue to approach, then I can only enter the voting station to choose the king and end the game.”

Le Lin raised his hand very cooperatively and took two steps back.

Xu Jia asked, “Infinite Variety Show’ is just a game? There are bonuses for winning, but no punishment for losing?”

Le Lin nodded seriously, “That’s right.”

“Why should such a game be held?” Xu Jia was puzzled.

Le Lin shrugged and guessed casually, “Maybe our alien friends want to watch a live-action variety show?”

Anyway, the level of black technology is so high that it doesn’t look like it comes from the earth.

“What is the time ratio between the game and real life?” Xu Jia continued to ask.

“No matter how long you stay in the game or how many things you do, it only takes a few minutes outside the game. But your spirit will feel tired.” Le Lin knew everything and said it all.

“Is the physical fitness in the game consistent with my actual condition?”

“Yes. So if you want to win easily in the game, you can do physical training in reality.”

Xu Jia secretly thought it sounded very high-tech.

Le Lin smiled slightly, “Is there anything else you want to know?”

He noticed the other party was stalling for time, but he pretended not to know and tried his best to cooperate. Because it is not easy to tear off Sun Qirui, he needs time to recover his strength.

Xu Jia thought for a while and said calmly, “No more.”

After saying that, she turned and entered the voting station.

Le Lin touched his nose and saw that there was indeed a voting paper… He once considered whether the other party was bluffing.

But the voting paper is the equivalent of a pit pass. Being able to get in means that there are indeed votes.

In the polling station, Xu Jia cast a vote for herself.

The broadcast then rang, “The voting is terminated. Civilian No. 2 received more than half of the votes and became the new king. The voting was terminated. Civilian No. 2 received more than half of the votes and became the new king.”

White light shone, and the name strip behind Xu Jia turned golden. Outside the polling station, Le Lin’s name strip turned back to white.

After the voting ended, Xu Jia walked out of the polling station.

Le Lin had a confident smile on his lips, “Do you think I will be unprepared?” He is a player who plans to make a living by earning game bonuses in the future.

After that, Le Lin entered another polling station.

After a while, the broadcast rang, “The voting has ended. Commoner No. 4 has received more than half of the votes and became the new king. The voting has ended. Commoner No. 4 has received more than half of the votes and has become the new king.”

Name strip color swap.

Le Lin walked out of the polling station with unconcealed amusement in his eyes, “Victory will eventually be mine.”

Xu Jia glanced at him and entered the voting station again.

Le Lin: “???”

Does this person even have more voting paper?!

The announcement sounded for the third time, and the colors of the name strips changed for the third time.

Xu Jia stood at the door of the polling station and asked calmly, “Are there any votes left? Keep going.”

Seeing that the situation was not good, Le Lin turned around and ran away.

Xu Jia knew that women were weak and could not compete with men despite their strength. She simply used herself as a hidden weapon, attacked him from behind, and jumped forward.

Le Lin is not a good athlete. A weight of nearly a hundred kilograms bounced on my back, and he immediately fell.

Xu Jia took the opportunity to grab his name tag with her hands firmly.

When Lelin moved a little, he could hear the sound of the name strip being torn open, and he immediately didn’t dare to struggle.

“There are four voting papers in total. One is for Sun Qirui, two are for yourself to be the king, and the last one is reserved for backup. It’s a good idea.” Xu Jia said if the opponent was not her, Le Lin would definitely win.

Le Lin pursed his lips into a straight line and clenched his fists unconsciously. He thought he had forgotten everything, but in the end, his every move was seen by others.

“What about you?” He asked unwillingly, “You voted one for No. 6 to gain his trust and hid the others?”

Xu Jia smiled and said, “You misunderstood. No. 6 found the two ballots for himself, and I kept all three of mine in my hand.”

Le Lin was stunned.

Why did Le Lin have no doubts when Xu Jia said she only found a voting paper and had voted for No. 6? Because Xu Jia is a newcomer.

She is not so smart, she doesn’t have enough experience, she can’t find the voting paper, she doesn’t understand the rules of the game… Because she is a newcomer, everything is possible.

Xu Jia was frightened for a while, but fortunately, Le Lin claimed the throne first. Otherwise, it would not be certain who would win. Four voting papers are quite a lot.

“I originally thought that the fat man was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, pretending to be stupid and pretending to be very realistic, but I didn’t expect him to be really stupid. He let down his guard after tearing off the first king, and had no idea that he was surrounded by potential competitors.” Xu Jia felt deeply. Winning a fluke, “Fortunately, I knew you were troublesome from the beginning, so I was always careful. Sure enough, the final opponent was you.”

Le Lin was slightly startled, then sighed, finally understanding where he lost – he only had official players in his eyes.

Although there were many new players who were also civilians, he ignored them, so that in the end, the boat capsized in the gutter and missed the victory.

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