[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 3. (2/2)

The King’s War

“Le Lin! I can’t hold on if I don’t come here anymore!!” Sun Qirui continued to ask for help outside the court.

Lel in came in a hurry.

When two people are extremely close, the watch automatically detects and concludes, “The player’s level information cannot be detected.”

The man in black suddenly changed his expression and exclaimed, “How is that possible?!”

His level is lv1. “Unable to detect the player’s level information” means that the person coming is not lv0 (a new player). How could there be a second official player besides him!

Le lin smiled and said nothing.

He joined the fight and combined the strength of the four of them, dragged the man in black away from the wall and quickly tore off the name tag. Then he raised the corners of his mouth and announced, “You lose.”

The figure of the man in black gradually faded. Before disappearing, he couldn’t help but yell, “I’ll fuck you!” Apparently he had realized that he was being plotted against.

The fat man had just tried his best to suppress the man in black, but now he was so tired that he was breathing heavily and couldn’t think of talking.

Sun Qirui’s eyes flickered. Suddenly, he rushed towards the fat man, stretched his hand behind his back, and in an instant tore off the fat man’s name tag.

Fatty: “…”

The old king was eliminated and he immediately turned against him? Do you still remember the touching comradeship between us?

The fat man’s eyes widened and he disappeared before he could say anything. He simply refused to rest in silence.

The radio began to play “Civilian No.3 OUT” on a loop.

Xu Jia ran away and shouted, “Le Lin has two ballots hidden on his body! I saw it!”

Not far away, Le Lin was also running like crazy, rushing to the polling station with all his strength. Hearing this, he smiled coldly, “Now you know it’s too late.”

Sun Qirui felt something unexpected in his heart and immediately strode after Le Lin.

It’s a pity that he spent too much energy fighting with the old king and couldn’t catch up. He could only watch Le Lin enter the voting station.

Voting is a secret election, which is equivalent to a safe zone in the game. Sun Qirui couldn’t follow him in, so he could only stand at the door and breathe heavily.


Sun Qirui didn’t want to admit it, but he had to face reality – in just a few minutes, it was impossible to find other voting papers to reverse the situation.

In the voting station, Le Lin was reserved and quickly cast his two votes.

Voting is over.

The broadcast announced, “The voting is terminated. Civilian No. 4 received more than half of the votes and became the new king. Voting is terminated. Civilian No. 4 received more than half of the votes and became the new king.”

White light shone, and the name strip behind Le lin turned golden. At the same time, Sun Qirui’s name bar turned back to white.

After the identity swap, Le lin immediately ran out of the polling station and started chasing Sun Qirui.

Sun Qirui ran for his life, hoping to escape. But after running for a while, he desperately found that the distance between the two was getting shorter and shorter.

At the critical moment, Sun Qirui began to use language to interfere, “Xu Jia is looking for voting paper. When she finds it and votes for herself, she will become the new king. Why do you bother to make wedding clothes for others!”

Lelin didn’t answer. Sun Qirui didn’t know that he still had a voting paper in his pocket, so there was no way he could lose.

“How about this, let’s go find Xu Jia together?” In order to live a little longer, Sun Qirui also worked very hard. “If we don’t win, I can be the last one to die. I promise, I will never run away in the middle.”

Because of talking, Sun Qirui’s physical exertion became even more intense.

Le Lin rushed to catch up and tore off the name tag.

Sun Qirui did not hide his inner resentment and glared at Le Lin fiercely, “I’m waiting to see you lose.”

“Losing?” Le Lin smiled, “That might not be easy.”

Sun Qirui was furious and his face was as black as the bottom of a pot, but there was nothing he could do to Le Lin.

The radio announced, “Civilian No. 1 OUT, Civilian No. 1 OUT.”

Le Lin muttered, “There is one last one.”

As he walked to calm down, he looked far into the distance, focusing on places where people could hide. Unexpectedly, Xu Jia did not find a hidden corner to hide, but instead stood carelessly at the door of the polling station.

“Did you find a new voting paper?” Le Lin slowly approached with a harmless smile on his face.

Xu Jia shook her head, “I’m not looking for it.”

For her, the safest place is the polling station. Once Le Lin attacks, she can go in and vote, choose herself as the king, and enter an invincible state. It would be too tragic to hide and have the name strip torn off before arriving at the polling station.

She was waiting for Le Lin’s ten-minute free inspection time to end before returning to the palace to handle government affairs.

The so-called palace is actually an office in the corner of the library. When the king returned to the palace, he actually stayed in the office for five minutes.

By voting for re-election during her return to the palace, she could wait for arrest outside the office instead of having to conduct a blanket search to find the person. Unfortunately, Le Lin discovered her in advance before it was time to return to the palace.

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