[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 3. (1/2)

The King’s War

Sun Qirui said confidently, “The common people who get more than half of the votes will become the new king, and I already have the basis of one vote. As long as the fat man votes for me, everyone can eliminate the old king together.”

Xu Jia questioned, “The rule is that the civilian who gets more than half of the votes will become the new king. There are currently four civilians left on the field. No one knows whether two votes count as more than half, or three votes are required.”

Sun Qirui was not fooled. He plausibly said, “That would be easier than getting elected as a zero-vote player (Le Lin).”

Xu Jia was silent.

On the surface, this is indeed the case. But in fact, Le Lin should have hidden tickets, the number of which is more than two.

After the civilians separated, she and Fatty each found two voting papers. Le lin has rich gaming experience and searched one step ahead. It is impossible to find less voting papers than the two of them.

Zhou Yonghao’s two votes on the 6th were cast by himself, so Le lin, like her, found the votes and hid them secretly without voting for anyone.

Therefore, if Le lin thinks that the moment of final battle has arrived, he only needs to convince Fatty to vote for him and then vote for himself to become the new king immediately.

Xu Jia lowered her eyes and her thoughts were particularly clear.

Whether Sun Qirui or Le lin is the king, it makes no difference to her. Anyway, if the old king is eliminated, the four-person team will collapse immediately. After all, this is a one-player game, and there can only be one winner.

If Le lin is willing to use his votes to grab the throne, that would be better. She is the only one hiding the tickets, which makes it easier to control the field later.

Unfortunately, Le lin is more cautious than Xu Jia imagined.

He smiled and said gently, “Indeed, electing Sun Qirui to be the king is the best choice at the moment. Fatty goes to vote first, and it is best if he can be elected with two votes. If not, everyone should disperse and find a new one.”voting paper.”

“After the new king was born, everyone gathered together and the four of us eliminated the old king.”

Finally, he looked around and said in a very solemn tone, “With that guy’s physique, there is absolutely no way we can handle it with less than four people. If we don’t unite together, we will definitely lose.”

The implication is that even if there is internal strife, it will have to wait until the old king is eliminated.

“Let’s do it this way.” Xu Jia agreed.

The fat man trotted to the polling station to vote. Unfortunately, after waiting for a while, the broadcast notification of the king change did not sound.

“It seems we need three votes.” Xu Jia sighed and began to rummage through the cabinets to find voting paper.

Sun Qirui was ambitious, “just a little bit close!” The search was extremely serious.

In the corner where no one was paying attention, Le lin’s eyes flashed and the corners of his mouth curved in a mocking way.

Others don’t know that this game is a level configuration of seven new players and two regular players.

Each player will wear a black watch on their hand, which seems to be useless on the surface. But when you become an official player, you will know that the watch can view the information of players lower than your own level.

After the game started, Le lin came into contact with all the civilians and observed the current king from a distance. So he determined that except for him and the current king, all other civilians were level 0 (new players).

“Novices don’t have to worry about it. The most important thing is to beat another official player.” Le lin believed that he had seen through the nature of the game and took corresponding countermeasures.

In order to paralyze his real opponent, he walked in the shadows and tried his best to avoid direct contact with the current king. Under his deliberate misleading, the current king thought that this game was a duel between one official player and eight new players.

“I have a total of four votes in my hand. One is for Sun Qirui to help him become king. Once the old king is eliminated, Sun Qirui will definitely turn his gun and attack the survivors.”

“As long as the number of commoners is less than or equal to three, I can use two voting papers to choose myself as the king and eliminate the remaining commoners. It doesn’t matter if something unexpected happens, there is still a voting paper left as a backup.”

“Victory belongs to me after all.”

After much deliberation, he determined that the plan was OK. Le lin was confident and strode towards the voting station.

But he never expected that the two votes for No. 6 were actually cast by Zhou Yonghao himself. Among the new players, there were actually people who had the same idea as him.

Xu Jia found the third voting paper and was about to vote. Unexpectedly, she saw Le Lin walking in a hurry on the way, so she subconsciously avoided it and watched Le Lin enter the voting station.

Sun Qirui’s shrill cry came from the distance, “Help!!” It seemed that he had been caught by Wang.

The next second, the broadcast sounded, “The voting is terminated. Civilian No. 1 received more than half of the votes and became the new king. The voting was terminated. Civilian No. 1 received more than half of the votes and became the new king.”

Done! Xu Jia was happy.

“Come quickly! Catch him!” The shouts became louder, but this time there was no fear, but instead a sense of excitement.

Xu Jia hurried over at a trot.

Arriving at the scene shortly. Xu Jia saw Sun Qirui hugging the man in black tightly, while the fat man hugged the man in black’s right arm tightly next to him.

It was clearly a one versus two situation, but she felt that the man in black had the upper hand…

Fortunately, Sun Qirui has become a king, and his famous brand is golden, so he is not afraid of being torn apart, otherwise he would have been unable to hold on long ago.

“Come and help!” Sun Qirui shouted loudly.

Xu Jia came closer and held the man in black’s left arm.

But one to three is useless. The man in black was extremely strong and well-defended. His back was pressed against the wall and he was completely motionless. The three of them were just in a stalemate with him and couldn’t spare any time to tear up the name tag.

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