[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 1. (2/2)

The King’s War

“You can tell at a glance that most of the players present are novices and have no idea what the current situation is.”

“Although I really want to find a few guys to cooperate with, it seems that I can only rely on myself after all. I’m leaving, you can do whatever you want.”

With that said, the gentleman waved his hands and planned to leave.

“Wait!” A fat man in his twenties stopped the gentleman and asked urgently, “Would it be safer if everyone gathered together? Maybe you can teach us how to do it?”

The gentle man’s lips curved into a mocking arc, “And every time I give an order, there are seven or eight questions waiting for me to answer?”

“Uh…” Fatty was speechless.

The gentleman shook his head and left.

When he reached a deserted corner, he muttered softly, “At least we can survive the initial chaotic stage before we can win over others.”

Xu Jia looked around without a trace and made quick calculations in her mind. There were a total of eight civilians in the Game. Excluding the bespectacled man who walked away, six people were still present, including her.

In other words, one person never showed up from beginning to end, but all the other civilians were there.

“What should we do now?” The fat man scratched his head, looking honest and honest.

“Only a fool would believe such lies!” The young man cursed without a single good word in his mouth.

The short-haired female high school student next to her frowned, “Swearing is useless? Can you just shut up and be quiet for a while?”

“Little brat, get out of here! It’s your turn to speak here?” the young man said rudely.

“It’s better than only knowing how to curse.” The female high school student retorted without fear.

The two refused to give in to each other and were about to quarrel, making Xu Jia feel more and more uneasy.

She seems to have overlooked something…

Suddenly, her expression froze. The common people are looking for voting papers, and the election unseats the king, but what about the king? Wouldn’t he win if he tore off the name strips of all the civilians?!

Only then did Xu Jia suddenly realize why no one was there and why the gentleman had to leave hurriedly.

Because civilian players have no extra time to waste, they must find voting paper as soon as possible! If everyone gets together to argue, it will only lead to the destruction of the group.

Thinking of this, Xu Jia looked around cautiously. At the same time, she chose a direction and slowly retreated.

“Damn it! Don’t make me do it!”

The dispute between the female high school student and the young man further intensified, almost to the point of a fight.

It was too late, but soon, a figure emerged from behind the pillar.

Wearing black clothes and trousers, he is very agile, and his movements are decisive. He ran to the young man and violently tore off the name tag. It only took a few seconds.

The civilians were stunned. No other thoughts were in his mind, so they all turned around and ran away.

The female high school student was too close to run away. So she gritted his teeth, stepped forward, and tore off the visitor’s golden name strip in one breath.

“Are you stupid? The system has said that the king is invincible and nothing will happen if his name strip is torn off.” Sighing, the man tore the female high school student to pieces as well.

On the way to escape, Xu Jia couldn’t help but look back. As a result, she saw with her own eyes that the young man’s body had faded and disappeared at an extremely fast speed within less than three seconds.

Immediately afterward, an announcement sounded in the library, “Civilian No. 7 OUT, Civilian No. 7 OUT.”

If it were an online game, this would probably be the point of resurrection…

Then, the radio said, “Civilian No. 5 OUT, Civilian No. 5 OUT.”

Civilian No. 5 is the serial number of a high school girl who was ripped apart.

Xu Jia dared not rest and ran a long distance before stopping. The radio announcement was heard again in the middle of the journey: “Civilian No. 8 OUT, Civilian No. 8 OUT.”

After apparently killing two of them, the guy in black went after the third.

Xu Jia muttered, “Just after we met, the three of us were gone… a bunch of noob teammates, no wonder the man with glasses didn’t want to talk to them.”

After regaining her composure, she walked through the bookshelves and carefully searched for voting papers. After ten minutes of free time, the king must return to the palace for five minutes. In other words, civilians have five minutes of safe time to look for voting papers without any worries.

After a while, Xu Jia found a picture among the books. There are nine candidates on the voting paper, from Commoner No. 1 to Commoner No. 8 and Wang (Commoner No. 9).

Miraculously, the voting paper looks like the Game equipment, with a Game attribute stating, “It has been bound by civilian No. 2 and other players are not allowed to snatch it.”

“Who should I vote for?” Xu Jia fell into deep thought.

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