[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 1. (1/2)

The King’s War

Late at night.

Xu Jia flipped her fingers and tapped the keyboard extremely fast, trying to stimulate all the potential in her body. The report will be handed in tomorrow morning, and she only has one night to rush to work.

When she thought of this, Xu Jia’s teeth itched with hatred.

In reality, the task should have been issued three days ago, but in fact, before she got off work today, the woman who was her immediate boss patted her forehead and suddenly remembered, “I forgot, I have to submit a report tomorrow.”

Then she ordered lightly, “Do it tonight, I believe you can do it.”

She forgot to assign a task, but Xu Jia had to work overtime to repair the hole, which made people angry just thinking about it. But there was no way. She was the manager, and Xu Jia was just a clerk who had just graduated and joined the company, so she had to obey.

When the idea flows smoothly, GG will automatically jump out and cause trouble. Xu Jia didn’t even look at it and just clicked on the upper right corner.

Unexpectedly, the next second, the original gg did not disappear. Then another line of words popped up on the computer desktop, “Welcome to join the ‘Infinite Variety Show’ game.”

Xu Jia: “???”

While she was stunned, a line of words gradually disappeared.

Only then did Xu Jia realize that the first gg was written, “Dear tourists, are you willing to join the ‘Infinite Variety Show’ game?”

“yes” in the lower left corner, “sure” in the lower right corner, and”√”in the upper right corner leave no room for rejection.

Xu Jia: “…”

She had never seen such a crazy robber.

“The computer won’t be infected with viruses, right?” Xu Jia was worried. In the extremely fast period of life and death, no time can be wasted.

At some point, a black watch appeared out of thin air on her right wrist.

“What…” Before she could figure out the situation, she blinked, and Xu Jia disappeared.


In just a moment, Xu Jia went from the rental computer to a library she had never seen before.

Before she could think, large golden characters appeared on the white walls of the library.

“Welcome to the ‘Infinite Variety’ game.”

“This round of the game is called ‘King’s War’. There are nine players in total, one king and eight civilians. Among them, you are civilian No. 2.”

“The king is in an invincible state and will not be eliminated if a civilian removes the name strip from his back. On the contrary, a civilian whose name strip is removed by the king will be eliminated immediately.”

“In addition, there are many voting papers scattered in the library. After finding the voting papers, a secret election will be held at the polling station. The commoner who gets more than half of the votes will become the new king. The old king will become a commoner and can be eliminated by tearing off the name strip. “

“Please work hard to find the voting paper and be careful to avoid attacks. The last player left will win the final victory.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes, players please be prepared.”

Xu Jia was speechless for a while. They pulled someone over for no apparent reason and started explaining the rules of the Game directly. How come this crappy Game isn’t going to the heavens? Did she say she was willing to play?

When she was distracted, three more paragraphs of text appeared on the wall.

“Note 1: After every ten minutes of free inspection time, the king must return to the palace to handle government affairs, which lasts for five minutes.”

“Note 2: The final winner of this round of the game will receive a cash reward of 200,000.”

“Note 3: After testing, you are a newcomer player. New players must win a game before they can become an official player. If you fail the Game three times in a row, you will lose your player qualifications.”

Xu Jia glanced around and found that a semicircular white light shield surrounded her, making it impossible for her to leave.

She couldn’t help but murmur in her heart. If she failed in the Game, would she lose her player qualifications? It won’t kill anyone? There was a bonus for winning, but the risk of failure was unknown. How about she try her best?

Ten minutes passed, the Game started, and the white mask disappeared automatically.

After regaining her freedom, the first thing Xu Jia did was to go to the toilet and look in the mirror. Turning her back to the mirror and looking back, she found that there was indeed a white name strip pasted on her back, with the words “Civilian No. 2” written on it.

The Game has begun, so why not go find voting papers now? Xu Jia was just trying to collect her thoughts when she heard a noise coming from nearby.

“What the hell is this place?! Do you know who I am? Kidnapping is illegal!” A young man in his early twenties yelled sternly. Although he pretended to be fierce on the face, his calves couldn’t stop trembling, which showed that he was terrified.

She didn’t know who interrupted, “As soon as you close your eyes and open them, your environment changes. Which human being is so capable and kidnaps… I guess it’s a group encounter with a supernatural event, right?”

“Is it true that only the final winner can live, and all losers must die?” Whispers sounded.

Xu Jia pressed her back against the pillar to prevent the name tag from being attacked and then watched silently.

At this time, a gentleman about thirty years old came out. He adjusted his glasses and said calmly, “Relax, this is just a game, no one will die.”

“Fart!” The young man who spoke first was furious and didn’t believe what the man with glasses said.

“Believe it or not, I’ve played it more than once and never had any accidents.” The gentleman remained calm, “Just treat it as a holographic online game. Follow the rules of the Game. If you win, you will get the bonus. If you fail, you will just leave the Game, return to normal life, and nothing will be lost.”

“Why should I trust you?” The young man was still full of hostility and couldn’t help but speculate, “Maybe you are the mastermind behind this!”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me what you think.” The gentleman said slowly, “These words are not explained to you, but to tell others not to have any psychological burden.”

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