Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #62

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Chapter 62

The system was completely dissatisfied with Shi Zhi. It encountered a huge setback when it met Shi Zhi. If it had not committed suicide, it could have listed many of Shi Zhi’s crimes.

First of all, Shi Zhi ruined the plan and directly inherited the richest man’s inheritance, which was the root of all evil; later, Shi Zhi did not follow the plot at all, causing the plot to go more and more distorted, making it impossible to make up for it. Later, the emotional line was also messed up. Well, it’s a classic routine: the tycoon was recruited and studied the wealth code with a beautiful celebrity for a night; how come it turned into a popular safety education for boys.

Shi Zhi, are you doing things?

System: It’s on strike! It chooses death!

To make one’s ambition clear through death.

When Shi Zhi first saw the suicide note left by the system saying “You, well, are poisonous.”, “Gu Beicheng, you are so cruel” came to mind for some reason.

In this system, the psychological quality is not good, and the anger issue is quite high. The system is gone. Shi Zhi actually doesn’t believe it. She even suspects that the system is faking its death. They say that the disaster will last for thousands of years.

She searched carefully and found that it seemed to be true.

Shi Zhi has no feelings for the system at all. If she had feelings, it would be negative. Originally, the system was a dead system in her mind.

“What were you doing before? I should have died long ago, it would be better if I died…” Shi Zhi muttered.

Mr. Xu originally came to negotiate with Shi Zhi, hoping to win over some of the more popular artists in the company. He didn’t want to shoot himself in the foot. The losses he had made in order to keep the artists and the sky-high liquidated damages were now being demanded.

Of course, Mr. Xu was not happy. He didn’t want to pay much money, so Mr. Xu started acting cruelly. He looked at Shi Zhi’s face and said to her,

“Shi Zhi, don’t force me…”

He had just raised his head when he heard what Shi Zhi muttered, “I should have died long ago. It would be better if I died.”

Mr. Xu: ???

His eyes widened, and he was immediately choked. He couldn’t continue playing so hard.

It was only after Shi Zhi finished talking that she remembered Mr. Xu was in front of her, and the two of them were talking about business.

Shi Zhi can still show a good face for the God of Wealth, who can take away the company’s artists, reduce management troubles, and give money.

“Don’t get me wrong.” She smiled at Mr. Xu.

“I’m not talking about you, it has nothing to do with you.”

“What did Mr. Xu talk about just now? You continue.”

Mr. Xu:…

He was so stupid when he believed it!

Mr. Xu originally planned to threaten Shi Zhi verbally, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to actually ask him to die. She was so cruel and ruthless at such a young age.

He was not young anymore, but he showed a bit of grievance in front of Shi Zhi.

Today, we really can’t talk anymore. If he continues to threaten, maybe no one will be left in a few days.

Mr. Xu didn’t think it was an exaggeration at all. Although no one might believe it, he didn’t believe it when Zhi said she wouldn’t let him do it, so he couldn’t do it anymore.


Mr. Xu left with a livid face. He wanted to go back and think about it carefully. To poach so many artists, the money is not a small amount.

Shi Zhi didn’t want to talk to Mr. Xu before, but now Shi Zhi says: Rain or shine, I’ll be here waiting for you.

She hopes he can think about it as soon as possible and take away her “relatives” with a small amount of money.

In fact, Brother Quan already knew Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi started to be very energetic for a certain period of time, but even so, he couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to Shi Zhi’s face-changing technique.

At first, she was still worrying about how to arrange the arrangements for those artists, but the next second, she knew that Mr. Xu was going to recruit people, and those artists became Shi Zhi’s relatives.

Shi Zhi behaved very modestly, “It’s just the basic qualities of an actor.”

“And…I really feel that they are my relatives now.” Very sincere.

It’s true that they are relatives who can make a small amount of money. If you rely on someone to make money, isn’t there another way to call them parents?

Because the system suddenly committed suicide and went offline, Shi Zhi thought of a possibility.

Has Bai Wu already been endorsed by an international luxury brand?

It has urged her to step on Bai Wu and win that brand.

Shi Zhi thought of this and went to contact Bai Wu. Almost immediately, Bai Wu answered the phone. Even if Shi Zhi didn’t call her, she originally planned to call Shi Zhi.

Bai Wu spoke first.

“Shi Zhi, have you contacted Ms. Jia Qing?”


Ms. Jia Qing is someone from a high-end luxury brand Bai Wu has contacted before, and she has a certain say in endorsing.

Mr. Xu was very coveted for this high-end luxury brand. He posted a press release about Shi Zhi on the Internet, hoping that Shi Zhi would cut off the endorsement from Bai Wu. Later, Shi Zhi directly took over the company, and the draft was deleted.

In addition, Shi Zhi made inquiries and met with Ms. Jia Qing privately.

Jia Qing saw the announcement online but had no other feelings.

This circle has always been like this. What kind of true feelings are there in the adult world? Even couples can fight over resources. Friends don’t matter.

She has seen too much.

Jia Qing had already guessed what Shi Zhi was thinking when she saw her. She just wanted to get on her line and win brand endorsements.

Shi Zhi did take the initiative to talk to her.

But as soon as Shi Zhi opened her mouth, Jia Qing felt something was wrong. Shi Zhi didn’t show herself during the whole process. She kept praising Bai Wu in rainbow farts. Bai Wu was extremely charming in her mouth, which made Jia Qing even feel that Bai Wu should not be the spokesperson. That is the loss of their brand!

Jia Qing: ???

Shi Zhi praised Bai Wu to Jia Qing, and after brainwashing her like crazy, she left with satisfaction.

She didn’t admit that it was rainbow fart or brainwashing. She was clearly telling the truth. She didn’t even say one ten-thousandth of Bai Wu’s good things. Her lack of language limited her!

Later, Jia Qing met Bai Wu on other occasions.

Bai Wu also took the initiative to greet Jia Qing, still not showing off herself.

She told Jia Qing, “Actually, my friend, Shi Zhi, is very good. She is tall, thin and fair…”

Bai Wu’s idea is that if the company wants Shi Zhi to win this endorsement, what can she do if she doesn’t want her? She can withdraw.

Luxury product endorsement is a rare opportunity, but it doesn’t hold as much weight in her heart as Shi Zhi.

Jia Qing: Okay, okay, I know you two have a good relationship, and the white paper is real, okay?

They were suddenly shown a show of affection for besties, which made her so sure that all the relationships in the entertainment industry were fake!

In fact, the spokesperson brand has been decided before, and it is Bai Wu. Shi Zhi’s conditions are also very good, but the brand has not considered it before. Jia Qing also told Bai Wu.

“You two are really interesting. You come to me and praise each other…”

Bai Wu, “Huh?” Did Shi Zhi also come to Ms. Jia Qing to praise her?

This was the scene where the system committed suicide and judged that Bai Wu will have won the brand endorsement. 

Bai Wu hurriedly came to find Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi actually didn’t expect that she had just planned to do something quietly, but it fell apart.

Bai Wu was touched. Her sisters were indeed the best in the world. She had loved Shi Zhi for ten thousand years!


Shi Zhi felt relieved knowing that Bai Wu successfully won the endorsement. She didn’t want it, let alone compete with Bai Wu.

The luxury brand officially announced that Bai Wu has become the spokesperson, and Shi Zhi even went out of her way to like and repost it.

The latest episode of “Super Challenge” has also started broadcasting.

During the show’s recording, Reuters photos came out one after another. Netizens knew a little bit about the plot. Six people went to a hotel to experience traditional handicrafts. Shi Zhi’s business skills were too strong, and she almost got hired as a staff. They couldn’t wait any longer. They squatted under the official V of “Super Challenge” all day and asked why it wasn’t time yet and why time passed so slowly.

Official V was also helpless: It’s useless to ask, can it also speed up time?

Everyone has begun to try hard to get the official V to speed up time. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily have to speed up time to solve the problem. Just…play it in advance to find out?

It is impossible to play in advance. “Super Challenge” is very punctual. Punctuality means that it will not be late or early.

The official V staff showed a naive and upright smile.

The long-awaited show has finally come to an end. Because the guests in “Super Challenge” are lovable and funny enough, they have also contributed many famous scenes before, and the ratings are at the top among the same type of variety shows in the same period.

And this issue still lives up to everyone’s expectations.

The guests appeared in ancient costumes. The handsome men and beauties were very eye-catching and refreshing.

“They look so good!”

Bai Wu fans were also impressed by Bai Wu’s new look, “Ah ah, my sister is so pretty.”

Gardenia flower identification style: Could it be Queen Gardenia today?

The vicious stepmother is online!

Princess Shi Zhi was in the same circle as Shi Zhi’s vicious stepmother, but they didn’t expect the program team to be so good, and when they saw the new look, gardenia just wanted to say, Is there such a beautiful stepmother?

Then… they can.

Even the stepmother is not spared.

Shi Zhi started role-playing according to the instructions of the program director. In the beginning, it was odd and even, but after Ning Jiachi met her “match,” there was no happy ending scene. Shi Zhi’s operation was to let everyone drag Ning Jiachi out and chop him up.

Because “I can only be a genius in this world.”

Ning Jiachi’s bewildered expression was made into a close-up by the program team, and Shi Zhi did not follow the routine.

Audience: No matter what, it’s Shi Zhi

The new issue of “Super Challenge” has lived up to everyone’s expectations, with all kinds of fun jokes coming one after another. When the director team thought that Shi Zhi would continue to play an NPC, Shi Zhi once again upgraded and mingled with the staff. We even spent half a day with the director and staff.

A true interpretation of what it means is that the most dangerous place is the safest place.


Everyone watched with great interest the various high-energy performances of the six-member group, especially Shi Zhi’s series of counter-routine operations.

Shi Zhi’s fan support group is harmonious. When searching for Shi Zhi on the Internet, the chat usually revolves around this variety show episode. The white paper fans once again broke their teeth in the new episode.

Too sweet, too sweet, why is my CP so sweet!

Generally speaking, CP fans are time-sensitive. There may be a big explosion of this group in a certain period of time, such as when a drama is broadcast. However, gradually, the two parties no longer interact, and no new food appears, and the enthusiasm of CP fans will be reduced. Gradually fade away.

​But this is not true at all in Bai Zhi.

Because red and white roses were produced in large numbers, they also burst out with strong vitality. The number of fans increased instead of decreasing, and every time they were in the same frame, they would be edited by various powerful people.

Although Annie and Shi Zhi also have CP fans behind them in front of a white paper CP, they are just younger brothers who are not worth mentioning.

There is no other reason than that just by putting these two people together, the picture matches very well, and their tacit understanding is unparalleled by others. They can understand each other with just one look.

Bai Zhi (White paper CP) happily and quietly chewed sweets, but even so, some people didn’t want to make things easier for them.

Although the black material is late, it has arrived.

In the circle, the most disdainful thing is for others to have a real sisterly (brotherly) relationship, so some people quietly reveal the news.

“Do you really think that Shi Zhi and Bai Wu have a good relationship? You are too naive. Those previous press releases that overshadowed Bai Wu were sent by Shi Zhi. She wanted to seize the luxury brands that Bai Wu now owns, and even contacted the brand owner privately, but of course, I saw the result, and it failed.”

“Shi Zhi is not what she seems. There are so many circles between female celebrities!”


In the ward.

The man lying on the bed was wearing a hospital gown with the collar slightly open, revealing his beautiful collarbone. His complexion was much better than before, but his skin was still extremely white, and the curtains were tightly drawn, making the whole room a little dull.

He had just sent away a group of company executives and did not want to talk. The assistant communicated with the doctor.

The doctor looked at the nobleman on the bed and said to the assistant, “Don’t worry too much. Mr. Cheng  has recovered very quickly, as I have seen in the same situation… It’s normal to have no energy. After all, he hasn’t woken up in more than a year and has to cycle gradually.”

Can you still ask him to act like a normal person immediately? Isn’t this embarrassing, Cheng Yu? Think It’s also unrealistic.

The assistant chatted with the doctor for a few words, but Cheng Yu never spoke to show that he was listening.

The doctor indicated that he didn’t even need to worry about them. Mr. Cheng was too polite.

The assistant’s cell phone rang.

“Feel sorry.”

He told the doctor, then turned on his mobile phone and quickly walked towards the person on the hospital bed.

“Mr. Cheng, Shi Zhi has been hacked.”

Cheng Yu frowned, “Who was hacked?”

The assistant repeated it again, it was Shi Zhi.

Cheng Yu stood up quickly, picked up the notebook next to him, and started working on the keyboard with both hands. He was not done yet and told his assistant.

“Bring me my mechanical keyboard.”

Typing on a mechanical keyboard is faster.

He is full of energy and has more blood than normal people.

Walking on the front line of the anti-mafia, Cheng Yu is serious. Even if he has not recovered yet, he can still convert speech into text if his fingers cannot move.

The road is made by people, and the methods are figured out.

Doctor: ???

He had heard before that Mr. Cheng was a star-chasing fan, but he had to sigh with emotion when he saw it with his own eyes.

Is this the power that chasing stars brings?


Cheng Yu, who is “disabled but mentally strong”, is on the front line of the anti-mafia fight. Not only does he act independently, but he also activates his banknote abilities.

However, even if the money power is not activated, the scandal that Shi Zhi and Bai Wu are not on good terms will be self-defeating.

Luxury brand associate Jia Qing strongly accused some people in public that they just don’t like others and think they know the inside story after hearing a little bit.

“Aren’t you curious who Miss W and Miss Z are? Let me just tell you, they are Bai Wu and Shi Zhi.”

Jia Qing had just attended a fashion party and talked about this matter with reporters when being interviewed.

There were Miss W and Miss Z, two good friends who rushed to praise each other in front of her. People who saw this interview were also curious about who these two female celebrities were. To be so good, many people followed. Start guessing the initials.

Now, Jia Qing has come out to make it clear.

None of their guesses were correct. She used the latter letters.

Jia Qing, “I just can’t stand some troublemakers…”

Bai Wu and Shi Zhi agree very much with this. This description is too vivid.

Listening to this meaning, it seems Ms. Jia Qing has also become a white paper CP?

Hold high the white paper flag and never let it fall.

Originally, the effect that the whistleblower wanted to achieve was to let everyone know that Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s relationship is not as good as it seems on the surface. Unexpectedly, it turned out that Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s relationship was beyond imagination. Add another piece of sugar to the white paper fans, and it will still become Big sugar.

Bai Zhi: I hope there will be more revelations like this!

The more revelations come out, the more details they will know.


Shi Zhi, who was at the cusp of the storm, was not affected at all. She was still busy watching a large sum of money come into her account.

She smiled and said to Mr. Xu, “It’s a pleasure to cooperate.”

Mr. Xu has already thought about it. Even if he has to pay high liquidated damages, he still has to take away the person who should be poached. What else will he do?

Shi Zhi looked at the sealed contract and asked when the money would arrive. She wanted to whistle and suppress her ecstasy. Shi Zhi also commented on this cooperation.

“It’s a win-win.”

Mr. Xu’s livid face and slightly trembling hands were telling the people around him——


This is a single win for Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi also asked Mr. Xu, “Is there anyone else you want to take away?”

“You can safely say that even though they are all my relatives, we can still talk.” Shi Zhi’s artist relatives packaged and sold them.

Shi Zhi originally wanted to call the other party, Xu, a shareholder, but remembering that he had already dumped the stock, Shi Zhi asked the butler to buy it, which was not expensive anyway.

Mr. Xu: Just give you money, right?

He felt confused now. He felt as if he had fallen into Shi Zhi’s trap.

“No Need.”

Mr. Xu sneered, and his left figure was lonely and stubborn.

Shi Zhi shouted at him, “Is there really nothing you want to take away again?”

Mr. Xu, “…” Are you that annoying?

Shi Zhi saw that Mr. Xu had already decided, so she had nothing to do. Mr. Xu poached the people he wanted to poach. Those artists also chose to continue to be partners with Mr. Xu, and she——

Got unexpected wealth.

The butler immediately praised Shi Zhi without hesitation.

“Miss, you have already made money now.”

The liquidated damages are high, and Shi Zhi will profit without losing anything.

“I told you that you are exactly the same as the master. If you still don’t believe it, you are both the same business wizards!”

The butler’s eyes filled with tears again, and he wanted to burn incense again.

The master spirit in heaven, you can rest assured.

Shi Zhi felt that she couldn’t afford the title of business wizard; it was just “lucky.”

Pure luck.

Butler, “Luck is also an important component.”

“Originally I wanted you to lose money. The ever-increasing money does need to be spent. I didn’t expect you to still make money. However, making money is always a good thing. I want to say one more thing. Miss, can you seriously squander your money? “

There is no need to think about making money. Just squander it.

Shi Zhi, “…” This damn rich life, this is a quote that makes people don’t know whether to complain or envy.

But Shi Zhi was still pleased as someone who would squander a small amount of money at will.

“I’ll try my best?”

Butler, “Come on.”

He also cheered Shi Zhi up.


Shi Zhi discussed with Brother Quan whether to change the company’s name directly to a studio.

Brother Quan also planned this. Nowadays, the better-developed artists are independent studios. The studio’s name is also simple, with the artist’s name in front.

The people in the team actually don’t know what happened. They only know that Sister Shi is their boss now, and Mr. Xu can’t control Sister Shi anymore.

Anyway, it’s enough to shout out Sister Shi’s awesomeness, and you can’t go wrong.

After finishing her busy work, Shi Zhi finally remembered that there seemed to be a group of remaining young artists.

Mr. Xu took away the artists he was more optimistic about and who were close to him. Some of the remaining artists had already developed well and were not in line with Mr. Xu’s ideas, so Mr. Xu did not take them away.

At times like this, Zhi decided to leave it to the professionals sent by the butler to take care of it.

They are already well-known and have their own ideas. In fact, they don’t need to intervene too much. Just leave it to professionals to cooperate with them.

There are also some who are not famous and have not even made their debut.

These people are at the bottom of the entertainment industry.

Shi Zhi flipped through the information and told her secretary.

“Ask if everyone is in the company, I want to meet them.”

Let’s take a look at it first. Only when you see it can you know how to deal with it.

The secretary didn’t know why, but the first thought that came to her mind was——


It’s not like Mr. Xu has never done this before. Mr. Xu discovered Lu Yingying from among the newcomers who had never debuted.

It turns out that not only do men become evil when they have power, but the same goes for women.

Although the secretary had various guesses about Shi Zhi for a moment, she still called a few people for her with a smile.

“Master Shi, we’re here.” Are you satisfied?

The secretary feels a bit like a pimp.

Several male artists of different styles, carefully selected by the secretary, stood in front of Shi Zhi.

The little wolfdog, the little milk dog, that scumbag Sven… and the oily things in the world.

Shi Zhi also found familiar faces inside.

She couldn’t remember the name, “You are the one…”

“Gao Fan.”

The oily things in the world are actively introduced using bubble sounds.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I didn’t expect you to remember me… Should I call you Master Shi now?”

Gao Fan was very excited.

Shi Zhi: After all, his abdominal muscles will still leave a deep impression on people.

Shi Zhi didn’t expect Mr. Xu to leave behind a human treasure. She thought Mr. Xu was like this very good-looking child, and the company asked her to take care of Gao Fan.

But she didn’t want to reminisce about the past.

“Is that all?” asked the secretary.

The secretary was confused and looked at the six people, hesitating, “Is this… not enough?”

Shi Zhi, “I remember there are quite a few, let them all come up, and why did you just call all men to come up? Where are the female artists?”

Secretary, “……”

“Okay, Mr. Shi, I’ll go down and call someone now.”

Turning around and leaving the office, the secretary kept lamenting that powerful women were more aggressive than men.

She thought Shi Zhi was just looking for a few, but she didn’t expect that Shi Zhi actually wanted to choose a concubine!

There is no taboo between men and women, and they cover a wide range of interests.

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