Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 1. (2/2)

In the cultivation continent, there are many sects, and there are many powerful cultivators. Still, Gu Fan is just a mediocre disciple of the five spiritual roots in a certain small sect. She knew that her foundation was too poor. In addition to completing the boring tasks stipulated by the sect, she spent the rest of her time practicing desperately. Finally, at the age of 80, she reached the sixth level of qi refining period. Spiritual power can be released, and her lifespan has reached two hundred years.

With useless qualifications and old age, it would be difficult for Gu Fan to make any progress even if she continued to practice.

So, in the next twenty years, Gu Fan began to specialize in the art of alchemy.

Her cultivation level was low, and she could only refine some low-grade elixirs for use by mortals and low-level cultivators. But elixirs were elixirs, which were high-quality and cheap but made small profits but quick turnover. Gu Fan still lived a relatively comfortable and prosperous life based on this. Because she is good-looking and has maintained her eighteen-year-old appearance after taking the Beauty Pill, there are actually some loser cultivators who want to become Taoist companions for her.

Gu Fan refused.

No emotion can be relied upon in a world where the jungle prevails. If you have that time, you might as well refine some elixirs and rely on your sect to save your life.

It’s a pity that the sect she belongs to is too weak. If you are weak, let’s interact more with modesty, but they also like to show off. An elder caused trouble outside and offended a strong man. The strong man came to kill him with a sword, and half of the sect was razed to the ground.

Gu Fan was lucky enough to survive, but she encountered a powerful monster on the way to find a place for her new sect. With no way to escape, Gu Fan jumped off the cliff, then passed through a fog and came to this strange continent

She passed away half a month ago.

Gu Fan has been wandering outside the base for the past half month. Fortunately, she did not encounter any powerful monsters. Instead, she encountered a three-person mercenary team. Those three mercenaries had evil intentions towards her, but luckily, they were not as powerful as her. Gu Fan took advantage of them and killed two of them, leaving one alive so that she could learn about the world through their mouths.

The mercenary told her that the earth was once a peaceful and prosperous planet. Fifty years ago, there was a sudden radiation that led to the end of the world. After the radiation, species around the world mutated to varying degrees. Most animals mutate into monsters, but only a few humans have gained superpowers.

The monsters attacked, causing heavy human casualties. Finally, under the leadership of several S-class experts, the surviving humans were transferred to three city bases, and Jiangnan Base was one of them.

Fifty years have passed, and the construction of the three major bases has become more and more complete. The residents inside each perform their duties. As long as they do not leave the base, they have basically achieved peace and tranquility.

Gu Fan likes peace. She can’t find a way to return to the Cultivation Continent. If she can settle down in the base and continue selling medicine to make money, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t return. Anyway, she is alone, with no relatives, no close friends and even the sect where she lives is also ruined. She has no worries in the Cultivation Continent.

Arrived at the police station.

Because Gu Fan repeatedly mentioned his hair loss, Officer Wang had a bad look on his face and was very rude to Gu Fan. He took away Gu Fan’s backpack and arranged for a female police officer to interrogate Gu Fan. After not getting any useful information, The police officer asked Gu Fan to be taken to the cell.

Gu Fan still refused to give up. While being pushed forward, she turned around and reasoned with Officer Wang: “You have to find someone to try my medicine, right? How can you say that my medicine is fake if you haven’t tried it? When you finish trying it and find that my medicine is real, you must remember to let me out and return the medicine to me!”

Officer Wang’s face turned dark. He was so arrogant. This little girl was so arrogant!

“Old Wang, what they said makes sense. You can ask someone to test the ingredients of these pills. Maybe they will be useful.”

“It’s useful, just this. She said my hair will grow back within an hour after eating it. Do you believe it?”

“…Experimentation is the only way to test the truth.”

“Then you eat. I see you don’t have much hair left.”

“More than you…”

Gu Fan could no longer hear the police officers’ jokes.

She was put into a cell. The cell was surrounded by walls on three sides and an iron fence in front. Gu Fan held on to a fence and tried it secretly. With her strength at the sixth level of the Qi refining stage, only a shallow crack was left. The dents in her fingers were so hard that even when she unleashed her golden sword technique, it would be difficult to cut them off even for a moment.

Gu Fan was cautious and did not take action.

According to what she learned, her level here can only be regarded as a C-level superpower. Above C-level, there are B-level, A-level, and S-level. Five S-class warriors, a thousand A-class warriors, ten thousand B-class warriors, and one million C-class troops are in the Jiangnan base. None of them have the qualifications to be reckless and impulsive.

There was a single bed in the cell, and Gu Fan was about to lie down on it for a while when a low gasp suddenly came from the cell opposite as if someone had scratched a serious wound.

Gu Fan looked across the way and discovered a very young man, twenty years old at most, lying on the wooden bed opposite the cell.

The man slowly sat on the headboard and met Gu Fan’s eyes. He was stunned for a moment. When he saw Gu Fan’s eyes moving to his legs, the man pursed his thin lips and glared at her.

Gu Fan noticed that this man was very handsome, and his mercenary armor looked like high-end goods, indicating that he was rich.

He wore a watch on his wrist that could communicate within the base.

Other prisoners in jail did not receive this kind of treatment. What does it mean? It means that he is rich and has some power behind him.

Gu Fan quietly took out a red pill from the storage bracelet, then pretended to look through the pocket inside the armor, looked at the opposite side and said, “Your leg is injured. If you don’t hurt the bones, take my medicine. I promise you will stop the bleeding immediately, and the wound will heal in half an hour without even a scar.”

Young man:…

Gu Fan saw the same expression on his face as Officer Wang.

She didn’t take it seriously. With a flick of her fingertips, the round red pill passed through the metal fence between the two cells and fell into the young man’s arms.

Gu Fan: “Half an hour. If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you my life. If it works, you can give me a thousand merit points.”

At this, the young man sneered and swept the elixir to the ground in disgust.

At this moment, his watch suddenly flashed a little red light, and the next moment, a cold and stern voice came from inside: “I said, you are not allowed to leave the city without permission.”

The young man’s face turned pale.

“I’ll pick you up at six o’clock in the evening.”

With a beep, the communication ended.

Gu Fan was still speculating on the relationship between the two people when the young man suddenly glared over and threatened: “If your medicine doesn’t work or even produces other side effects, I have a hundred ways to kill you.”

Gu Fan:……

The next moment, she became happy and watched the other party limping out of bed, picking up her medicine, closing his eyes and throwing it into his mouth.

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