Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 1. (1/2)

2098, Jiangnan base.

Under the scorching sun, an electric police car drove past the asphalt road and quickly headed towards the only entrance to the base.

Five minutes ago, the police station received a report saying that there was a drug dealer selling counterfeit medicines. The roadside stall attracted many mercenaries, and cars kept parking in the middle of the road, disrupting traffic order.

Officer Wang retired from the army to the police station to maintain security at the base for ten years. This was the first time he encountered such an arrogant drug dealer.

Half an hour later, Officer Wang saw the accident site from a distance.

As expected, several off-road vehicles were parked in the middle of the main road, and a dozen mercenaries gathered under a big camphor tree on the roadside, watching something.

The police car stopped. When the mercenaries saw the three police comrades getting out of the car, they did not disperse but just gave way to an open space.

Officer Wang, who was about to yell, was stunned.

According to experience, these kinds of drug dealers are basically men with crew-cut hair and a mean temperament. But today, the stall owner sitting in the shade of a tree was a girl who looked only seventeen or eighteen years old. She was wearing an outfit that was obviously inappropriate. A well-fitting men’s armor, even the armor is not a set but pieced together.

The armor looks miserable, but this girl is surprisingly beautiful. The exposed skin is as white as milk and as tender as newly bloomed petals. In this day and age, only rich ladies from wealthy areas can stay for a long time to have good skin, and even her long hair, which is tied up casually, exudes a dark and smooth luster.

Based on this glance, Officer Wang concluded that this must be a wealthy lady who ran away from a wealthy area. Almost all the humans in the base, whether they have superpowers or ordinary people, are busy struggling to survive. Only these rich kids who have been pampered since childhood will run away from home angrily because of quarrels with their families.

“What are you looking at? Go back to the base quickly. Do you really want to buy medicine from her?”

Officer Wang first drove away these mercenaries who parked their cars randomly.

The mercenaries looked at his broken left arm, said nothing, got in the car and left one after another.

The road returned to calm, and Officer Wang squatted in front of the girl’s stall. While looking through the porcelain bottles of various colors, he asked in a nagging manner: “What’s your name, little girl? Where do you live?”

The visitor looked like he was not a serious customer. Gu Fan was a little worried that he would break the medicine bottle, so she stared at his hand and said, “My name is Gu Fan. I have no home. I just came to Jiangnan Base from outside today.”

Officer Wang twitched his lips and said, “Who are you fooling? She is like this. If she came from outside, she would have been eaten by those monsters.”

He persuaded patiently: “Don’t talk nonsense with me. I’ve seen more monsters than you have eaten grains of rice. Listen to me. It’s dangerous outside. Go home quickly.”

She looks like this: this is at the base. If she leave the base, the monsters will eat her, or the male mercenaries will rush to eat.

Women, especially beautiful women, are coveted in all ages.

Gu Fan looked at the buildings in the distance and said, “I really don’t have a home, so I want to sell some medicine in exchange for merit points, and then buy a house there.”

Officer Wang finally understood that the little girl was determined not to tell the truth. He smiled, pointed at a pile of porcelain bottles on the ground and asked, “Okay, then you can introduce me to what these medicines are for?”

Gu Fan really needs merit points that are popular in this world. Glancing at the top of the man’s head with sparse hair, Gu Fan picked up a small black porcelain bottle and handed it to him: “This is a hair growth pill, you take it now, half an hour… It will take effect in an hour. There are two pills in it, a total of two hundred meritorious points.”

Police Officer Wang: …

The suppressed laughter of two young policemen came from behind. Officer Wang smiled softly, pushed Gu Fan’s hand away, stood up and said, “Okay, don’t say any nonsense, cuff her and take her back to the police.”

Gu Fan became anxious. She put away the porcelain bottle and put it into the backpack she picked up while explaining to Officer Wang: “Did you misunderstand? My medicine is very effective. I really am not selling fake medicine!”

Officer Wang had already walked to the police car. Without looking back, he opened the door and got in the car.

Gu Fan wanted to say something more, but a policeman took out the handcuffs and motioned for her to stretch out her hands.

Gu Fan paused and finally chose to cooperate.

She wasn’t confident enough to escape with force, and besides, Officer Wang seemed like a good guy.

In the car, Officer Wang was sitting in the front passenger seat. The sun shone in from the window, and the scalp on his head was so white that it reflected light.

Gu Fan continued to persuade: “Uncle, how about this, you take a hair growth pill first, and if the hair on your head really grows out after an hour, you can give me merit points, okay? I really need merit points. Otherwise, I can give you one for free.”

Officer Wang’s mouth twitched.

The young policeman driving the car had a hard time holding back his laughter. The one sitting next to Gu Fan could at least cover his mouth with his hand and snicker.

“Uncle, can you give it a try?”

“Shut up! If you don’t speak, I will only lock you up for three days. If you criticize and educate me, if you continue to be nagging, I will lock you up for three years!”

Gu Fan:……

But she was relieved. It turned out that the police just arrested her and detained her for three days.

It seems that this world is quite reasonable. Setting up a street stall to sell medicine is a common thing. Although it is illegal here, it is not a serious crime.

The police car is getting closer and closer to the main urban area of the base.

The elixir could not be sold, so Gu Fan leaned back on the chair, tilted her head, and looked quietly at everything outside the window.

She is not from this world.

She comes from a cultivated continent.

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