Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 2. (1/2)

In the cultivation continent where Gu Fan originally lived, cultivators all pursued immortality. In addition to refining some life-saving or life-threatening elixirs, high-level alchemists also liked elixirs that improved their cultivation, such as foundation-building elixirs and knot-building elixirs. These are the most valuable, but there are also good things that low-level alchemists like Gu Fan can’t even practice.

Cultivation limits the level of elixir refining. Take Gu Fan for example, the most powerful life-saving elixir she can produce is this red muscle-building and blood-tonifying elixir. As the name suggests, as long as no bones are injured, any flesh-and-blood wounds, such as bleeding and tearing, can be cured by taking muscle-building blood-replenishing pills. One for minor injuries works, and a few more for serious injuries.

High-level cultivators look down on this muscle-building and blood-replenishing pill. Low-level cultivators with no background must prepare several copies whenever they go out for training. In the eyes of ordinary people, the muscle-building and blood-replenishing pill is simply a panacea.

According to Gu Fan’s understanding, humans on Earth are all mortals. Except for those with wood powers, all other powers must take medicine or surgery to treat injuries, let alone ordinary residents without powers.

Therefore, Gu Fan is confident she can live a prosperous and comfortable life on this base with her alchemy skills.

Lying on the wooden bed, Gu Fan thought about her future life while waiting for the muscle-building and blood-tonifying pills she had just given to take effect.

In the cell opposite, Meng Lianying was leaning on the bedside, looking at Gu Fan with a complicated expression.

He suddenly regretted it.

Could this seemingly beautiful and harmless woman be sent by his enemies to harm him? How could there be a magic medicine in the world that can heal wounds and remove scars in an hour?

It’s all his cousin’s fault. If his cousin hadn’t come to pick him up and hadn’t been afraid of being laughed at and hurt by his cousin, he wouldn’t have impulsively taken a red pill of unknown origin.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he became, and then he felt uncomfortable all over his body. Sometimes, his neck felt itchy; sometimes, his throat felt tight, and even his vital parts began to feel warm.

Meng Lianying scratched his head secretly and looked at his watch again.

It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, three hours before six o’clock.

If the medicine was poisonous, could he still hold on until his cousin came to save him?

Meng Lianying touched his watch, preparing to ask his cousin for help and asking him to arrange for medical staff to come first.

But, if this medicine really works, he will make his cousin and medical staff work in vain, and won’t it be even more shameless to spread the word?

Meng Lianying scratched his hair, almost going crazy.

Time passed minute by second, and suddenly, there was a strange itch on his right leg where the monster bit him. Meng Lianying sat straight, bent his knees, and lowered his head. Peeling away the edge of the armor bitten by the monster, his eyes widened. Staring at the bloody place.

The blackened blood slowly dripped down like a sponge squeezing water and did not stop until the color completely turned bright red.

Next, the fuzzy flesh and blood began to slowly heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Meng Lianying:…

As if someone had tapped his acupuncture points, Meng Lianying hugged his knees and watched the wounds heal for over half an hour.

In the end, the place where the monster had bitten him was actually fine, except that the skin color was too pink.

Meng Lianying jumped out of bed, kicked, and jumped several times in the open space. His movements were completely unimpeded as if his right leg had not been injured.

“Hey, where did you get this medicine?”

Walking to the fence, Meng Lianying stared at the woman on the wooden bed and asked.

Gu Fan rubbed her eyes, sat up slowly, and tilted her head to look at him: “Is your injury healed?”

Meng Lianying nodded, staring intensely at her armor pocket: “Who are you? How much of this medicine do you still have?”

Gu Fan smiled and started to lie: “I am a retail investor, and the medicine was made by my grandfather. He is an S-level wood-type superpower. Now he is going to do something big. Before leaving, he sent me to the Jiangnan base. .”

After the great radiation, not all humans gathered in the three major bases. Those humans who were wandering around and had not registered their identity at any base were collectively called retail investors.

Gu Fan knew that her alchemy skills would arouse the covetousness of the forces in the base, and they might even capture her and force her to make medicine and do hard work. Therefore, before figuring out the situation in the base, Gu Fan needed to make up a grandfather for herself.

On Earth, wood-type superpowers are not very powerful in combat, but they can save people’s lives and are worth wooing.

With the backing of a mysterious S-level wood superpower, she believes no force will act rashly against her.

Meng Lianying firmly believed in Gu Fan’s words, and he looked at Gu Fan politely.

“I see, then before your grandpa comes over, you should come with us first. Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Meng Lianying, a metal superpower. I also have four friends with A-level strength. We formed a group together. A mercenary group, if you stay with us, we will ensure that no one in the entire Jiangnan base dares to cause trouble for you.”

Gu Fan’s thoughts changed, and she showed an unbelieving expression: “You are really so powerful, how could you be injured and be locked up here?”

A blush of embarrassment quickly flashed across Meng Lianying’s fair face. He rubbed his head and explained: “We are really powerful, but this time, when we went out to do a mission, we encountered a tiger lion with strength close to S-level. I was bitten, but I still escaped. As for why I was locked up here, it actually has nothing to do with my strength. It’s all my cousin’s fault. He controlled me tightly. When he found out that I was out of the city, he deliberately let the defenders at the entrance of the base lock me up and punish me in this way.”

“Your cousin, is he the one who communicated with you just now?”

“Well, he is S-level. He looks down on me because he is great and treats me like a child.”

Gu Fan was shocked.

Before coming to the base, the mercenary whom she interrogated alive said that there were five S-class strongmen in the Jiangnan base. Out of awe and caution for the strong, Gu Fan carefully inquired about the situation of the five S-class strongmen. Four of them were over fifty years old, and only one was only twenty-seven years old this year, which should be this Meng cousin.

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