Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #59

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Chapter 59

Everyone was stunned at first and then burst into laughter.

“In this era, there can only be one genius, and she is worthy of being the stepmother Shi Zhi,” she said exactly what she said.

Ning Jiachi didn’t give up and wanted to save himself. He shouted to Shi Zhi upstairs, “Genius is lonely, Sister Shi, you can’t just chop me down like this. If you chop me up, who will chat with you? How about relieving your loneliness?”

Xiao Zhi is moved by emotion and driven by reason.

Shi Zhi looked at Ning Jiachi quietly and said, “No need, I just enjoy this kind of loneliness.”

“Also, call me the Queen.” Who should you call sister?

At this time, Ning Jiachi’s expression was particularly soulful, and the cameraman also recorded this moment. It was very good and can be used as the cover of the latest video.

Empress Shi Zhi waved her hand and greeted the other guests.

“Why is he still here? It’s too noisy. Drag him out quickly.”

Behead, do it quickly.

When the guests responded and cooperated, Lu Dajun covered Ning Jiachi’s mouth, closed his microphone, and dragged him aside with Tian Hong.

They looked at Ning Jiachi’s miserable appearance and laughed mercilessly like a barbell. They were thankful that they had spoken a beat slower. Otherwise, if they had read the symbol quadrant, Ning Jiachi’s fate would have been their end.


The program team did not expect that Zhi Zhi would contribute a laugh when she first came on and the evil stepmother would be online again.

After laughing and joking, the atmosphere became more exciting. We had not seen each other for a while, and there was no sense of unfamiliarity. The director said a few words to get to the point.

The theme remains unchanged. It still promotes traditional culture, introduces local specialities, and promotes tourism development. Everyone still needs to pass the customs in groups.

This time, the winning program team will build a road in the local mountainous area in their name.

It’s still very meaningful.

But this time, the first reaction of many guests was the same.

“Can we not divide into groups?”

How dismal the previous groupings were. Everyone remembers that Shi Zhi was an absolute power user, which directly made Annie’s team unable to dodge. In the end, they gave up treatment. It made no difference whether they were divided into groups or not.

According to Shi Zhi’s speed of clearing the level, we can basically win with her, right?

Tian Hong also started planning, “I feel like it won’t be a PK, and it won’t affect our sharing and experience.”

“Just a group of six people. Let’s do the tasks together. It will be so lively.” Why do we have to do so many things: fight, kill, and deceive each other? It’s not good.

Even the words “it’s lively because of the crowd” are forced out.

Annie kept nodding. She was really stupid at that time. Fortunately, she was smarter and kept moving closer to Shi Zhi, so she got a little shot.

Shi Zhi held her hands.

It doesn’t matter. She can do it.

Director: That makes sense.

Just when Tian Hong and the others saw some signs, the director shook his head, but, “No.”

How can we not group into groups? It is absolutely impossible not to group into groups. He just likes to see comparisons. Anyway, at this time, he can only wish everyone good luck. Let’s be more European and be drawn into the same team as the capable person Shi Zhi.

According to Ning Jiachi’s idea, the best arrangement would definitely be for him, Sister Shi and Bai Wu to continue in the same team.

However, this time, the god of luck did not favor him. He was drawn with Lu Dajun and Tian Hong.


Annie joined Shi Zhi’s team. Her hands were shaking when she saw the draw. Then, when she learned about the grouping, she burst into cheers and almost cried.

Thank you to my parents, the program team, Sister Shi, and Ning Jiachi.

Annie first showed an innocent expression to Ning Jiachi.

“Brother, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to steal your position. I got it by drawing lots.”

Then Annie smiled and said.

“But don’t worry, I will make my sister very happy.”

The green tea girl is practicing tea art again.

Ning Jiachi: “…” It was a bit sad not to be in the same group as Sister Shi, but now it’s even worse.

Bai Wu made a gesture of taking care of her former teammates. She couldn’t help but live a good life. She was so lucky to be with her favorite Shi Zhi.


In the beginning, the six were not separated, and the reason for not being separated was still the same.

Can’t tell the difference between north, east and south.

Ning Jiachi took out a compass at the beginning.

The director team was also shocked. Why did Ning Jiachi still have a compass?

Shi Zhi asked while standing next to Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi: “Didn’t I make preparations earlier and be self-reliant?”

He learned from his previous experience and asked his agent to prepare a compass for him to identify the direction if he didn’t end up with Sister Shi. He didn’t expect it to be that possible.

The director team also confiscated Ning Jiachi’s compass and prohibited the use of cheating props.

Ning Jiachi: “…” If he had known better, he wouldn’t have brought it with him.

Now, he began to feel that the fact that he was not in the same group as Shi Zhi might have something to do with the compass, which was quite heavy.

There is no other choice but to follow Shi Zhi first.

There were ancient buildings nearby. Shi Zhi discussed it with Bai Wu and Annie and decided to stick to the principle of proximity. The two of them had no objections, and it was fine.

The six of them arrived at the nearest place, which was a house. There were couplets posted on the door. They all stopped to look at it.

There was already an NPC waiting at the door. The NPC began to introduce to them, “Couplets are also one of the traditional cultures, and there are other names, such as pair couplets, which have a long history…”

Ning Jiachi became interested and volunteered to read.

“The hong is a bird by the river, and the silkworm is an insect in the world.”

Ning Jiachi felt that his voice was pretty good. After he finished speaking, the NPC girl kept looking at him, which made Ning Jiachi a little miserable. Can he gain fans by just reciting a couplet?

“You can get a sign, but it will have to be later.” Mainly recording shows.

Shi Zhi shattered Ning Jiachi’s dream and told him ruthlessly.

Why does the NPC girl keep looking at Ning Jiachi?

“You read it wrong!”

Ning Jiachi read it wrongly, and it should be from right to left. “Silkworms are insects in the world, and hongs are birds by the river.”

However, this is also an excellent place to popularize science for the audience. Ning Jiachi has just become a negative teaching material.

Shi Zhi had already speculated through the couplet, “Is this related to silkworms?”

The local textile industry was developed, and silkworms were in the couplets, so Shi Zhi guessed correctly. It was indeed related to silkworms. There were many silkworms raised here to spin silk. Later, the silk spun out by the silkworms could be used to make silk or silk quilts. Their task at this level was to make silkworms. When the quantity is the same, see which of the two groups collects more silk.

“Are there any methods or techniques for this?”

Bai Wu looked at these silkworms and started to have a headache.

It’s not just Bai Wu who has a headache. Everyone is confused.

After all, things like diabolo candy painting are not simple, but they are controlled by themselves no matter what. They can present the dishes directly, but the silkworms spinning silk are beyond their control!

Faced with such a request for help, the NPC added a very literary statement after describing the temperature and the environment suitable for them to spin silk.

“Give them love.”

Guest: ???

Don’t fool us just because we are laymen.

Shi Zhi took out her mobile phone, and the cameraman also came over and saw that Shi Zhi was searching on the web. He couldn’t see the details clearly but vaguely saw a few words.

Silkworm babies…eat…

Shi Zhi’s idea for searching on the web was that she wanted to see if she could increase the silk-spinning rate of silkworms by asking what they eat.

Annie had a similar idea to Shi Zhi. She had already taken out the mulberry leaves nearby and fed them there. In fact, they were already silkworms about to spin silk, so they didn’t eat much.

There was no other way. After everyone looked at the silkworms with big eyes and small eyes, they decided to give their love.

Annie moved towards Silkworm heartfully, sending love and pulling Bai Wu together.

The sweet girl is still very pleasing to the heart, the whole picture is pleasing to the eye, and combining two beauties with different styles is double happiness.

Tian Hong, Ning Jiachi, and Lu Dajun also followed the same method and showed their hearts crazily, but Lu Dajun’s approach was even wilder.

He muttered to the silkworm baby.

“Baby, grow up quickly and spin silk quickly. Mommy loves you.”

Program staff: ???

Tian Hong and Ning Jiachi also lost face. They joined the “mom group” one after another, looking at the silkworm babies with motherly looks on their faces.


Don’t want a male mother! Don’t want a male mother!

From the moment the male mother appeared, it already showed that the guests were really going crazy.

They didn’t expect that the program team would be so damaging. Although they felt quite stupid, what else could they do besides doing this? This Silkworm was so disrespectful that only a little bit of silk had been spun out so far.

The scene was extremely chaotic for a while.

The director wanted this kind of effect, and they came up with it carefully. Look, it’s so fun now, and the audience will definitely laugh to death when it’s broadcast.

“…What is Shi Zhi doing?”

The director had returned to the monitoring room and did not see Shi Zhi.

Why didn’t she join Bai Wu and Annie’s refill team? If the three of them showed their heart, it would be an absolute feast.

The camera turned to Shi Zhi’s side.

Shi Zhi talked about something to Silkworm Baby, and the director and cameraman pricked up their ears. Is she also pursuing a path of warmth?

They must say that Tian Hong’s male mother is very attractive, but Shi Zhi’s is very eye-catching here.

The premise is that you didn’t hear the chat between Shi Zhi and Silkworm Baby.

“You must spin the silk obediently. If you don’t spin the silk carefully, you will be fried…”

Shi Zhi used her beautiful face and gentle voice to say the scariest words and the warm scene instantly turned into a horror movie.

The director couldn’t help but feel angry.

After hearing Shi Zhi’s remarks, they finally knew what she was searching for online.

Silkworm babies…eat…

It’s not necessarily what silkworms eat, but can silkworms be eaten?


Shi Zhi’s painting style was the weirdest, and the director shouted at her.

“You can’t intimidate silkworm babies!”

Be a human being, Shi Zhi. You are really a pure devil.

Shi Zhi: OK.

But it sounds like metaphysics. Shi Zhi’s silkworm baby actually started to spin silk explosively as if it could understand. With its small body, it worked extra hard.

Male mothers: “…” So, is this kind of love what silkworms like?


Somehow, Shi Zhi still completed this set of tasks very quickly. Shi Zhi once again took advantage of her previous advantages and could easily get started with a little learning.

The program team kept their eyes open because Shi Zhi contributed a famous scene where she sneaked into an NPC and directly obtained the level pass. They thought someone would take advantage of the loophole. In fact, this was also the case. Lu Dajun tried to join the ranks of NPCs shortly after the show started and wanted to learn from them, but Shi Zhi cleared the level directly.

Then, he was mercilessly picked out by the NPC.

Ning Jiachi tried it later and was more flexible than Lu Dajun. After all, he was inspired by Shi Zhi. He tried to sneak into the NPC while going to the bathroom, but the director still discovered him.

“Shi Zhi, Lu Dajun and Ning Jiachi both want to sneak into the NPC…”

While doing the task, Bai Wu told Shi Zhi about this situation.

Shi Zhi was not surprised after learning that they all failed.

It’s normal. Last time, the program director shouted that her photos should be distributed to all local NPCs. This time, there must be precautions.

The director tried to capture some emotion from Shi Zhi’s face, but Shi Zhi acted very naturally throughout the whole process.

During the rest period, Shi Zhi’s cameraman discovered that Shi Zhi was missing.

“Where is Teacher Shi Zhi?”

Annie: “Maybe she went to the bathroom.”

The cameraman still vaguely felt that something was wrong. After all, Lu Dajun and Ning Jiachi were there first. Shi Zhi, the one who created this “school”, should not do it again, so after searching for Shi Zhi without success, he decided to be more cautious and reported the news to the director.

The director was just drinking water when he learned that Shi Zhi had also disappeared. He didn’t panic this time and looked like he had a chance to win.

“This time we are not as prepared as before.”

Said to the staff next to him.

“Hurry up and ask all parties at the mission point to observe if there are any strange people around you, and find out Shi Zhi.” They want to clear away the shame.

Staff: “OK.”

Unlike the director, who imagined that Shi Zhi could be picked out quickly and directly, the staff at each mission point conducted an investigation and did not see Shi Zhi.

The director was shocked, “How is that possible?”

He couldn’t laugh this time. Could it be that Shi Zhi also knew how to escape from the earth and become invisible?

Of course, Shi Zhi doesn’t know how to use the Earth Escape and Invisibility Technique. She is actually sitting in a cabin dedicated to the director’s team.

Taking advantage of the break, when no one else noticed her, she quietly changed into the clothes of a program staff member and went to the cabin.

You don’t even need to do more disguises. The more you do, the weirder it becomes. You just need to wear a hat that many staff members wear.

The most dangerous place is the safest place.

Shi Zhi watched as the director asked people from the program team to find her, and she followed suit and contacted the NPC at the mission point.

“Hey, hello, have you found Shi Zhi?”

Shi Zhi heard some of the director’s arrangements in the cabin. Her main interest was in the screen in front of the director. Many camera positions were visible there, but now they were almost all at the mission point where the guests were. Shi Zhi wanted to wait and see. Move somewhere else.

It was because of greed that Shi Zhi was discovered.

“Are you Teacher Shi Zhi?”

Still anxiously negotiating with the director, who was struggling to find Shi Zhi, the staff saw a beautiful profile face at a casual glance. The owner, with a familiar, beautiful profile face, raised her head and stared at the machine, her eyes sparkling.

“Isn’t it Shi Zhi they are searching for, or who is it?”


With these words from the director staff, all the staff in the cabin stopped what they were doing, and all eyes were focused on Shi Zhi.

When Shi Zhi was discovered, she immediately lowered her hat and then also looked angry.

Where are the people?

Director: “…stop pretending.”

It’s so evil! How did she sneak in so quietly?!

When they thought that Shi Zhi had done something unnatural by sneaking into the NPC and secretly thought that they had figured out Shi Zhi’s tricks and would definitely not do a cheating act this time, Shi Zhi actually stopped pretending to be an NPC and instead pretended to be a staff member of the program team.

Knowing that the situation was over, Shi Zhi said, “Oh”, and took off her hat.

What a pity. If she had known better, she would have kept a lower profile.

The director couldn’t laugh or cry, “Have you upgraded, Hu Youyou? Is it you, Hu Youyou?

Shi Zhi shook her head and pointed to the work card hanging in front of her neck, which read “Shi Xiaodi.”

Today is not Hu Youyou but an undercover agent.

Director: She actually has a new little vest!

Arrogant, too arrogant.

The Dao is one foot high, and the demon is one foot higher.


Shi Zhi was “invited” out of the hut by the staff, and this time, the hut was also under strict supervision. In addition to being alert that Shi Zhi would sneak into the NPCs, they also had to be careful that she didn’t get into the staff.

Shi Zhi’s cameraman tells Shi Zhi, “I will not leave you for even one step.”

Even if he has to leave for special reasons, someone will take over his job.

“… Don’t be so nervous.” Shi Zhi decently persuaded the staff.

She’s not that big of a threat.

Of course, no one believed what Shi Zhi said.

Shi Zhi felt that it was a pity that she had not seen the situation at other mission points, and the program team would probably change the little things she had snooped out. Annie and Bai Wu felt that Shi Zhi was already mighty, and they would probably be a fool if it were them. Can not go in.

To be precise, such thoughts would not arise at all.

The trio of Tian Hong, Ning Jiachi, and Lu Dajun did not get a pass.

Tian Hong told them.

“We can’t go on like this, it won’t work.” It’s embarrassing.

“You have to use some strategy and use your brain.”

Suppose there is a competition between Shi Zhi and who can get started faster. In that case, winning is almost impossible, so you need to use your brain.

Three men were discussing quietly behind the backs of three female guests.

Tian Hong’s Cameramen: How could he remember that when Teacher Tian Hong shouted in front of them not to divide into groups, he also said that he hated intrigues and wanted peace.

The director is happy to see the results.

Pk, does it need to be a little unexpected to be interesting? Guests should fight among themselves. It is completely undesirable to be like Shi Zhi, who always wants to mess with the program team.

The director felt that it had already begun to have an internal taste.


The Tian Hong trio formulated a strategy.

First, make an attack in the east and attack in the west.

Tian Hong deliberately shook his head in front of Bai Wu, trying his best to reveal the information casually, “We are going to the west mission point.”

But in fact, their target is the east mission point.

Secondly, the beauty trap.

They sent Lu Dajun as a honey trap. To be precise, they didn’t send Lu Dajun, but Lu Dajun himself volunteered.

The program team staff almost screamed like pigs, Lu Dajun, what’s the matter with you, beauty trap? Neither of these two words suits you.

It would be OK if Ning Jiachi was doing this task. You are five or three thick. What are you doing?

Lu Dajun also has his own ideas.

“Jiachi and Shi Zhi are already very familiar with each other. Shi Zhi will not be confused by him at all, but I am different. I have a sense of freshness.”

“Who said that a beauty trap requires a good-looking face? Can it be done if I have special talents?” In a narrow sense, the beauties on Charming King not only have a beautiful face but also have other talents.

Lu Dajun’s special talent was to block Shi Zhi’s path, and then, at the corner, he stretched out his foot enchantingly.

He is working hard on the concave shape.

Have you been charmed?

Shi Zhi was unprepared and stepped on Lu Dajun’s enchanting foot.

Lu Dajun let out a scream.

Shi Zhi stepped down and realized something was wrong. She quickly took two steps back. She also saw Lu Dajun.

“Are you OK?”

Lu Dajun only had a little pain in his feet, but it didn’t hinder him. He quickly adjusted his condition, “It’s OK…”

He still remembered his mission and winked at Shi Zhi again.

Shi Zhi was silent for two seconds: “Princess, are your eyes cramped?”

This frequency is a bit abnormal.

Lu Dajun: “…”

The cameraman, who knew what Lu Dajun was doing, said, “Hahaha.” They are professionals and will not laugh easily unless they can’t help it, but the wink that Lu Dajun performed just now really looked like an eye cramp.

Lu Dajun was a little desperate. He didn’t know what to do. Shi Zhi made a guess based on Lu Dajun’s movements.

“Were you using a beauty trap on me just now?”

Lu Dajun: I didn’t know whether to be happy or shocked when I was discovered.

“Queen, let’s talk about fifty cents?”

Anyway, let’s hold Shi Zhi off first.

Shi Zhi readily agreed, “OK.”

“Do you have fifty cents?”

If she could come up with fifty cents now, she would talk to him. Of course, Lu Dajun couldn’t come up with it, not even a penny.

Shi Zhi ran away.

She has basically determined that Lu Dajun’s team may have gone to the east mission point. According to this time, the mission card is probably obtained, and there is no need to go to the east again. Shi Zhi has already seen Bai Wu and Annie and plans to greet them at other mission points.

While the rest of his teammates were busy making plans, Ning Jiachi successfully got the pass.

Lu Dajun and Tian Hong were so happy that they almost jumped up.

Sure enough, the strategy is still effective.

No matter how powerful Shi Zhi is, they are not afraid. As long as they unite and use the thirty-six strategies, they can win!

After getting a pass card, their group was already going to be in awe.

Crush Shi Zhi and become a capable person. The dawn of victory is right in front of you!

As soon as Ning Jiachi came from the mission point to clear the level, he saw Shi Zhi, and their eyes met.

Shi Zhi called out to Ning Jiachi in a natural manner, “Did you get the pass?”

Ning Jiachi: Got it, got it.

He ran towards Shi Zhi with brisk steps and put the pass card into Shi Zhi’s hands.

“Sister Shi Zhi, keep it. Don’t lose it. Let’s run away.” Subconsciously, he forgot to remember who he wanted to hide from.

Shi Zhi looked at the pass card in her hand and nodded solemnly, “Don’t worry, I won’t lose it.”

The two started running together, but Shi Zhi ran in the opposite direction of Ning Jiachi.

Tian Hong used his voice to attack the East, Lu Dajun used a beauty trick, and Shi Zhi’s current strategy was to steal the sheep (card).

Ning Jiachi ran for a few steps but didn’t find anyone following him. When he turned around, he only saw Shi Zhi’s back getting further away. He shouted to her, “Sister Shi, you are running on the wrong side…”

No, Shi Zhi didn’t run on the wrong side. Ning Jiachi reacted belatedly.

He and Shi Zhi are not in the same group. The person he subconsciously wants to hide is clearly Sister Shi!

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