One Can’t Judge by Appearance #11

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Chapter 11. Imperial Capital No. 1 High School

The colleagues at Imperial Capital Station 8 don’t know these social elites. Still, they subconsciously know that these people’s identities are not simple, so they don’t even want to raise the volume of their voices too high. Seeing that her colleagues didn’t know these people, Yan Xi didn’t plan to greet this second young master. She glanced at Yuan Yi, then got into the crowd and pretended not to see him, wanting to sneak out with her colleagues.

Noticing her little movements, Yuan Yi turned to the people behind him and said, “You don’t need to send me. My car will be parked outside.”

“Mr. Yuan, you are too polite,” everyone laughed together. They hated that they couldn’t say a few more words to him. How could they not send him away? Yuan Yi didn’t refuse anymore, took a few steps forward, and suddenly turned his head to look at Yan Xi, “Why are you here too?”

The colleagues around did not expect that Yan Xi knew the leader of this group of people. They looked at Yan Xi curiously and saw her smile politely, guessing the relationship between them should not be too close.

“Come out for dinner with colleagues, “Yan Xi pretended not to see the colleagues’ staring eyes and nodded to Yuan Yi, “Good Night, Mr.Yuan.”

“Good Night. “Yuan Yi nodded, looking very reserved.

The people that were eager to please Yuan Yi secretly watched Yan Xi. Who is this person?

“Are you going home? “Yuan Yi glanced at the time and then went to see the men and women behind Yan Xi. If young people have too much fun, they can easily do bad things.

He has seen those messy relationships between men and women.

This kind of nutritious conversation is called “greet” in the Chinese exchange culture. Yan Xi didn’t take it to heart and replied casually, “Go home and sing a nursery rhyme.”


Yuan Yi didn’t know what she was thinking. He raised his eyebrows, turned around, and walked out. When he passed by Yan Xi, he whispered a word.

“Girls, don’t run around outside at night. It’s not safe.”

It was originally a word of concern, but from Yuan Yi’s mouth, there was a taste that women should stay at home safely to be safe.

Yan Xi raised the corners of her lips when she heard the words, “Men should also go out less at night. Bad guys will not pity you because you are a man.”

“You……” Yuan Yi felt a bit stifled in his chest. When did a man get hooked on pity?

Seeing Yuan Yi’s face turn green, Yan Xi smiled more gently, and she quickly stepped back a few steps: “Mr. Yuan, please first.”

“Mr. Yuan.. Mr. Yuan,” the escort thought that the strange woman had said something that upset Yuan Yi, and worried that Yuan Yi could not control his anger and act on the woman, so she nodded and bowed forward, “Exit here, please. Come with me.”

Joke aside, if there is news that the second young master of the Yuan family is beating a woman in a restaurant, not only will the Yuan family be embarrassed, but they, the escorts, may also be angered by the Yuan family. She turned her head and glanced at the quiet young woman next to Yuan Yi. In her heart, she had already made up a story about the evil young man’s coercion against the girl from the good family. The girl of the good family was not afraid of power. After angering the bullies, she was tortured by the bullies. A bloody drama.

Alas, you still have to have a conscience to be human. If you can stop it, stop it.

Yuan Yi glanced at Yan Xi coldly, then turned around and strode out without looking back.

Everyone who accompanied this live interaction breathed a sigh of relief and walked out in a swarm.

“Xiao Yan,” one of her colleagues swallowed, looking at the door with fear, “Who is that person? It doesn’t look easy to offend.”

“The young master of the Imperial capital,” Yan Xi whispered, “The thighs that our family can’t even be brave to hold.”

“Ah…” The girl felt that the conditions of Yan Xi’s family were already very good, but to think that even the thighs that Yan Xi’s family couldn’t hold, how thick should this leg be? She patted her chest, showing a frightened expression, “I thought he was going to hit you just now.”

“Puff,” Yan Xi shook her head and laughed, “You are thinking too much.”

When others saw that Yan Xi didn’t care, they didn’t take this matter to heart. When they walked out of the restaurant, they saw the restaurant manager standing at the door to see off the big man just now. They were all a little curious, what is this person’s identity? He has such a big face.

“It seems that I can’t sing a song tonight,” Yan Xi’s cell phone rang, and seeing the caller ID on it, she gave everyone a wry smile, “My dad called and urged.”

Listening to Yan Xi’s repeated promises on the phone to go back in an hour after she hung up the call, Chen Pei said with emotion: “Xiao Yan, your father is so worried about you. When you have a boyfriend, how can you date him?”

“Who knows which corner my boyfriend is still hiding in, is he blind and won’t come to me at this time,” Yan Xi put the phone back in her handbag, shook her head, and sighed, “Single dogs don’t experience this kind of trouble for the time being. .”

After bidding farewell to her colleagues, Yan Xi went to find her car.

“Single dog with the surname Yan,” Yuan Yi stopped a few steps behind her, “Did you drink at night, or should I send you back?”

What, this person eavesdropped on them? Yan Xi twisted her face: “Thank you, Mr. Yuan. I didn’t drink alcohol, so I can drive by myself. I appreciate your kindness.” 

What’s wrong with a single dog? Am I eating your rice and drinking your water?

“Forget it.” Yuan Yi seemed a little unhappy when he saw Yan Xi and felt that the emotions of a creature like a woman were inexplicable. Suddenly she was unhappy with him for no reason.

Forget it if she doesn’t appreciate it. He doesn’t have much free time anyway. He has very little time to contact women, and he doesn’t care about women’s interests and hobbies. Some people used to say that women are the Book of Heaven that men can’t finish reading for a lifetime, and he scoffed. It is only now that he understands that a woman is an inexhaustible book of heaven. Still, to him, this one is clearly an alien book that he cannot understand.

It is too polite to say that they are heavenly books.

“Song, Song Yan.” A voice of surprise and nervousness came over.

Yan Xi followed the sound of the voice, and a woman in an off-white dress got out of the car. The two of them were less than five meters apart. This woman looks familiar as if she was at one of the parties she saw when she first returned to the Imperial Capital to have tea with friends.

Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t speak, Xu Zhen’s expression was cramped and embarrassed: “I’m so sorry for what happened back then.”

That video went viral and made the whole Internet know what Xu Zhen did. She hadn’t been out for more than a month. Now that she saw Yan Xi, this embarrassing memory gushed out again.

“Sorry,” Yan Xi glanced at this strange woman and the man with good facial features beside her, “I don’t remember you doing anything sorry for me.” In fact, she doesn’t even remember who this person is.

“My name is Xu Zhen, and I am your classmate. When you were in Imperial Capital No. 1 High School, someone wrote to you, but I…”

The kind of secret love mixed with sweet and sour feelings in her girlhood and unspeakable jealousy made her do this kind of thing that she still felt ashamed of, even in the past nine years. Now that she sees the person and says the apology, although she feels embarrassed, she breathes a sigh of relief.

Yan Xi remembered a popular Internet video more than a month ago. School grass entrusted this woman with her “best friend” for sending his love letter, which made countless melon-eating netizens sympathize.

She only studied at Imperial Capital No. 1 High School for half a year. At that time, she was only fifteen years old. She didn’t know how to love. Even if the love letter was sent to her, based on her character, she would not be interested.

Yuan Yi stood quietly aside without any intention of leaving. He is stuck in a place like a nail, leaning against the sculpture outside the restaurant, expressionless as if watching a boring end-of-life TV series.

It wasn’t until Xu Zhen mentioned the imperial capital high school that his eyelids moved.

“I know you don’t care about such trivial matters, but this matter has been hidden in my heart for too long. Every time I recall it, I feel very ashamed,” Xu Zhen walked up to Yan Xi, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, anyway. I don’t know who that school grass is,” Yan Xi was a little embarrassed when she saw Xu Zhen apologize to herself so solemnly.

When Xu Zhen heard her say this, she felt even more than her jealousy back then was absurd and ridiculous. She had forgotten what the school grass looked like back then but still remembered a name.

“The school grass back then was the senior of our third year of high school. It seems to be called…Song Chao.” She can remember this name because it is easy to remember.

“That’s a good name,” Yan Xi replied smoothly, “it’s easy to remember.”

Yuan Yi looked up at Yan Xi, his brows furrowed tighter and tighter as if he had remembered something.

“Song Yan,” Xu Zhen saw Yuan Yi behind Yan Xi, “is this your boyfriend?”

Boyfriend, who?

Yan Xi looked back, puzzled, and when she saw Yuan Yi standing next to the statue, she couldn’t help but take a step back: “Mother, you haven’t left yet?”

“I don’t have a daughter your age, and I can’t be your mother.” Yuan Yi stood straight, glanced at Yan Xi several times, then turned and left.

Yan Xi was seen inexplicably by him, staring at his back for a long time, unable to recover.

Seeing that she had made a mistake in the relationship between a man and a woman, Xu Zhen was even more embarrassed: “Sorry, I thought…”

This man looks like he is not easy to get along with, and standing with Song Yan was indeed not a good match.

“It’s okay,” Yan Xi glanced at the man next to Xu Zhen, “I won’t bother your date. Goodbye.”

“Wait, can you leave me contact information?” Xu Zhen stopped Yan Xi. “Sorry, it’s a bit inconvenient for me now.” Yan Xi smiled politely.

They didn’t have much friendship back then and had such a past, so why bother to leave contact information to be embarrassed now? Yan Xi felt that this was unnecessary.

Xu Zhen was startled slightly and reluctantly smiled and said, “Well, you go slowly.”

It’s okay not to leave contact information, and the two of them don’t have to be embarrassed by each other.

“Zhen Zhen, your high school classmate seems to be very rich,” Xu Zhen’s male companion pointed to the front and whispered, “She drives four circles of high-end models.”

“The conditions in her house have always been very good,” Xu Zhen glanced at the car, slowly driving out of the parking lot in front of her, “Let’s go. The movie is about to start.”

The male partner appeared with a happy vibe but had a straight face.

Xu Zhen thought of her ex-boyfriend, who was mixed up with her best friend on two boats and then looked at the man who was pursuing her by her side and smiled.

(Two boats are from the idiom “One leg step on two boats” is used to describe the action or state of being double-minded. However, it is used as an idiom for cheating, in which the cheater essentially ‘boards two boats’.)

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