One Can’t Judge by Appearance #12

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Chapter 12. Is she a woman?

After dinner, Yan Xi got along more naturally with her colleagues. In addition, the program she hosted was praised by her superiors, and the station finally had some motivation to do a good job in the show.

Usually, the station receives various reporting calls from the masses, some of which are troublemakers, and some provide news clues. The station will reward the informant with a news fee ranging from 100 to 500 if it is a useful clue. Still, because of the station’s viewing rate and the small number of funds, no one has ever received a reward of 500 yuan.

In the past few days, Yan Xi felt that the content of the program was not explosive enough. Chen Pei suggested to her that if there is no good content, it is better to do another issue related to traffic regulations. After Yan Xi’s first traffic program was broadcast, it was well-received by many old audiences.

“Let me think about it again.” Yan Xi flipped through the record book of mass news reports and saw that there was a note saying that a child in a certain community was kept at home by his parents and was often beaten and starved. He hoped that TV reporters would expose the matter and let the child be rescued.

She recorded this address and said to Chen Pei: “Sister Chen, I want to go and see here. If the news is true, we can also save this child.”

Chen Pei also has children herself. After seeing the content of the report, she became a little bit compassionate: “I would rather choose the news to be false. Alas, you can go, but pay attention to safety. Such irresponsible parents may be dangerous.”

In the past, a reporter at the front desk exposed the use of waste oil in a restaurant. Later, the car was smashed, and the person was beaten up by community gangsters. He stayed in the hospital for two or three months.

“Don’t worry, Sister Chen, I have practiced sanda for several years,” Yan Xi patted her white and tender arm, “it’s okay.”

“At a young age, it’s shameless to brag,” Chen Pei couldn’t help but touch Yan Xi’s arm. It was tender and slippery. At first glance, she totally looks like a spoiled grown-up child. How could the family be willing to let her practice sanda?

After the two discussed the work process, Yan Xi called Zhao Peng, and the driver rushed to the community’s address provided by the informant.

After arriving at the community, Yan Xi discovered that this was an old community built in the last century. The building next to the gate was only six stories high, and the walls were covered with green vines. Several elderly people sat at the stone table and chatted, and the children ran around in the yard, full of life.

“Hello, uncle,” Yan Xi walked to the doorman’s office and said to the old man who was watching the door, “I am a reporter from station 8 of the Imperial Capital. Can I ask you something?”

In this kind of old community, the relationship between neighbors is relatively close, and there is a lot of gossip. The janitor glanced at Yan Xi carefully several times and suddenly said cheerfully: “I have watched your show. My old lady and I like watching your show very much. The last episode of the program about the lonely and widowed elderly was very touching. My old lady cried after watching it.”

Yan Xi didn’t expect that she actually had a fan. Although this fan was a bit old, Yan Xi was still a little touched by the fact that someone liked her show. Originally, she came to be the host because she couldn’t find a job she was interested in for the time being, so she came to get some work experience. But listening to the old man talking about how much they likes her show and how meaningful the show is, she has an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Everyone who does media knows that if you want to gain fame and fortune, you still have to target young people likeness because they are the main force of consumption and the main force of public opinion at the moment, but some unpopular shows have to be done by someone.

She smiled and talked with the old man, and finally, Yan Xi explained her intention. 

“You are talking about the family on the fourth floor of a second unit?” As soon as Yan Xi finished speaking, the old man who watched the door knew who she was talking about, “At my age, I have never seen such a parent. The Father is addicted to alcohol and gambling. The mother is not at home for three days, then will beat the child when she goes home.”

“The child is almost four years old, and he is not sent to kindergarten. Sometimes people in the community see that the child is pitifully hungry and secretly stuff things for him to eat, and that couple scolds them for doing this. The last time Madam Zhang stuffed a few apples for the child, she was scolded for half an hour. How do you think there is such a person in this world?”

“Didn’t you call the police?”

“I reported it. Why didn’t I report it,” the janitor said helplessly.

“When the comrades from the police station came, they made various promises that the children would be able to live a good life, but just for two days, and it would be the same later. This month alone, the staff of the police station and the street office have been here three or four times.”

The community is full of people who live in peace. Where would they dare to offend such a hooligan? Everyone would not dare to care about the child.

Yan Xi was in a heavy mood. She and Zhao Peng came to the child’s house and heard the child’s intermittent crying. After knocking on the door for a long time, no one answered inside.

After a long time, no one opened the door. Yan Xi thought for a while and raised her voice: “Little friend, are you okay?”

Then she heard the sound of footsteps, and the child was crying from hunger. The crying was much louder than before, as if Yan Xi outside the door was his hope and salvation.

“Brother Zhao, let’s call the police.”

Yan Xi felt very uncomfortable when she heard the child crying more, felt urgent, “I am afraid that something will happen to the child.”

Children who are three or four years old do not have any independent ability to survive. It will be very dangerous if they touch electrical appliances or climb windows. Guardians should not leave them at home alone.

“Xiao Yan, if the child’s parents pursue this matter, you will be in trouble.” Zhao Peng couldn’t help but persuade.

“The irresponsible behavior of their parents is inherently wrong. If they want to find me, they can find me.” Yan Xi took out her mobile phone, dialed the police number, and specifically explained her identity.

The police came quickly. After they violently broke through the door, Yan Xi smelled a disgusting smell in the room. The living room was in a mess, empty wine cans and mineral water bottles were piled in the corners, and mosquitoes were flying in the room.

The child standing behind the door was thin and small, with tears on his black face and sunken eyes. He looked like a pitiful monkey, talking about hunger and thirst.

Yan Xi hurriedly took out the mineral water from her backpack, unscrewed the bottle cap, and fed it to the child’s mouth. The child held the mineral water bottle and drank heavily, swallowing quickly. Worried that the child was choking, Yan Xi stretched out his hand and patted him on the back. When he saw the child drinking water frowned. Her hand trembled and gently lifted his clothes.

The dense wounds were exposed to everyone’s eyes, shocking.

“Comrade police, the child’s parents have committed serious child abuse,” Yan Xi took a deep breath. “Let’s take the child to the hospital for an examination now.”

These new and old injuries indicate that the child’s parents abused the child more than once.

The child was quickly taken to the hospital. The preliminary examination results showed that the child not only had a skin injury but also the index finger of his left hand was also broken, and his nutrition was seriously poor. He sat on the hospital bed and ate all the nutritious porridge Yan Xi bought, showing that he was hungry and panicked.

Yan Xi didn’t know how long he had been hungry, so when she saw that he was not full, she didn’t dare to give him any more food and handed the child the toys she had bought on the side of the road.

His thin little hand touched the toy and then quickly shrank back. He looked at Yan Xi timidly, not daring to reach out to pick it up.

“Take it, sister gave you this.”

The child put the toy in his arms and dared not speak more. These toys that ordinary children are tired of playing with, but this child is regarded as a baby.

The policewoman nearby saw the child like this, her eyes red, and she whispered to Yan Xi: “Comrade reporter, we have found the child’s father, and we are going to arrest him now.”

Yan Xi touched the child’s head lightly: “Can we follow and record it?”

This is not a case that needs to be kept secret. After the female police officer notified her superiors, she agreed to Yan Xi’s request.

The child’s Father is nicknamed the big monkey. He usually gambles and has fun with local gangsters. If he has no money, he goes home and beats the children. If he has money, he spends time in bars and casinos. He has not been home since he went out yesterday. His wife didn’t want to worry about the children either, so she made an appointment with her little sister to go out and play, then left the child at home and sent him a text message.

The big monkey was so excited that he had forgotten the child long ago. How could he still remember that his child had not eaten or drunk water for nearly a day?

When the police came to him, he thought he had been discovered by the police breaking into someone’s house and stealing, so he immediately ran outside the door. The police didn’t expect the big monkey to react so violently, so they turned their heads and chased after him.

“Grab him, don’t let him run.”


As soon as Yan Xi got out of the car, he saw a young man with weed-colored hair rushing out, followed by two uniformed policemen.

“Stop, don’t run.”

Upon seeing this, Yan Xi bent over, removed her high heels, and smashed a shoe while chasing after him, but she missed it.

Unexpectedly, Yan Xi had this reaction. Zhao Peng was taken aback for a while, carrying the camera and chasing after them.

“Ouch, I’ll go,” Yan Xi quickened her pace. After getting closer to the monkey, she threw out the microphone in her hand. This time, she hit the opponent on the back. Unfortunately, the opponent dared to run without stopping and continued to run all the way.

The police watched the petite female reporter take off her shoes and chase him. They were both moved and embarrassed. If they didn’t catch him in this way, they would lose face.

“Fuck,” Zhang Wang watched the scene of the police chasing the prisoner downstairs and hurriedly asked a few friends to come and watch the excitement, “Come and see, there is a woman who took off her high heels to help the police catch the bad guys. This is simply a hero among women!”

Several people stretched their heads to the window when they heard the words, and Yuan Yi, who happened to be sitting by the window, also turned his head to look at the street downstairs.

On the pedestrian street, a woman in a light-colored slim-fit dress was running barefoot. Under the bright sun, her legs were white and tender, which caused several young men who watched the excitement to praise her.

Yuan Yi pursed his mouth and frowned as he listened to what they said about “playing with legs.”

“Still running!” Yan Xi threw out the last shoe in her hand and hit that person’s calf. He tripped on his foot and finally fell to the ground. Yan Xi took the opportunity to step forward and cut his hand behind his back.

The police quickly chased after and handcuffed the big monkey.

The big monkey’s face was pressed to the hot ground. When he was dragged up from the ground by the police, the sweat and dust were mixed, and he looked extremely embarrassed. He grinned and stared at Yan Xi and cursed.

“Fuck, are you a fucking woman?!”

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