One Can’t Judge by Appearance #88

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Chapter 88

Even if Yan Xi is a fool, she can guess that Yuan Yi may have done something for her behind the scenes, but she doesn’t know it at that time.

In front of other people, Yan Xi didn’t directly ask Yuan Yi what he had done behind her back. She smiled at Shen Xingyan as if she didn’t know that Shen Xingyan had deliberately revealed this sentence in front of Yuan Yi. She just listened.

Shen Xingyan is an extremely smart and thoughtful woman. She will never violate what she has promised to others. But she wanted to tell her about it, so she just “accidentally” leaked it in front of Yuan Yi.

Turning her head to look at the man with a slightly uncomfortable expression beside her, Yan Xi smiled and said, “Sister Shen, you’re joking again.”

“I can’t help it. Who is President Yuan? If I can be more than ten years younger, I’m afraid I will grab this man from you.” Shen Xingyan shook the wine glass in her hand and said with a smile, “You two play slowly. The gift in the lottery tonight is very interesting. I hope you are lucky.”

Yan Xi smiled wryly. She doesn’t know if it was because she was lucky in other aspects, but it is difficult to win the lottery. She didn’t even have a “one more bottle” that had a winning rate of 30% during a promotion of a certain drink a few years ago.

After Shen Xingyan left, several high-level executives came to greet Yuan Yi. Yan Xi seldom sees Yuan Yi interacting with people on official business. Now seeing his words and deeds, he seems to be as elegant and calm as a textbook description and suddenly understands the mood of some female compatriots who like to show off their boyfriends.

At this moment, she also wanted to take out her mobile phone, take a short video of Yuan Yi, and then send it to her circle of friends. Her family’s nest grass is simply the most shining and handsome man in the audience; no one can refute it.

“Aren’t you bored?” Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi looked at him silently and dismissed a manager who had a business relationship with him. He lowered his head and whispered in Yan Xi’s ear, “Let’s go to the seating area to adjust the seats first. If your leader talks too much, it will be uncomfortable to stand up.”

“Don’t worry. With so many big bosses here today, the leader will definitely not talk for too long.” Yan Xi pulled Yuan Yi to pick out a fruit plate, took two forks, and sat down nearby. A fancy-dressed girl saw Yuan Yi and wanted to come over to say hello and make her look familiar. Still, when she saw the two of them eating fruit on the same plate, they suddenly stopped thinking about getting close.

Don’t they say that rich and powerful men are all playboys? Why is this one so devoted to Yan Xi?

Yan Xi’s guess was right. Normally, one person can talk with the leader for half an hour later in a meeting. Today, on stage, besides wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year, he told a joyful but not vulgar joke. Amidst the laughter of everyone and step down.

The most indispensable thing in the TV station is the host. After the leadership, the famous funny host on the station will liven up the atmosphere. The staff gave out a number plate to everyone present and then waited for the lottery.

There are probably more than one hundred winning places for various awards. Still, knowing that all the awards had been drawn, Yan Xi and Yuan Yi did not win any prizes or consolation prizes. Looking at the rows of winning numbers on the big screen, Yan Xi put her hands on her face and sighed: “I knew I couldn’t win.”

“Maybe it’s because you didn’t wash your hands when you went out?” Yuan Yi not only showed no sympathy but also ruthlessly made fun of Yan Xi, making Yan Xi pout so angry that she didn’t want to talk to him.

“You’re so stingy. You’re angry again.” Yuan Yi stood up, “Wait for me.”

Seeing him walking towards the bathroom, Yan Xi got up and threw the number plate in the trash can, and sat down on the chair beside her to get angry. No wonder others say that when men and women are together for a long time, they lose their freshness, and men will become more and more superficial towards women.

The bastard Yuan Xiaoer didn’t even bother to be perfunctory.

“Isn’t this host Yan?” Zhao Wantong walked over with a male host on the stage, looking back and forth at Yan Xi’s side, “President Yuan didn’t accompany you today. Your boyfriend is negligent.”

Here we go again.

Yan Xi looked up at Zhao Wantong, who was wearing a black one-shoulder evening dress today, a little sexy.

Zhao Wantong was looked at inexplicably. What’s the point of not talking and just staring at her? Could it be that she had a fight with Yuan Yi? She frowned, turned her head aside, and said, “Last time you were taken away by that young master of the Song family, didn’t anything happen?”

“You saw me being taken away last time?” Yan Xi remembered that she and Zhao Wantong left at the gate that day. It is possible that Zhao Wantong later discovered that she was forcibly taken away and took photos.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for me, you would have just waited to cry.” Zhao Wantong let go of the male host’s hand and sat down beside Yan Xi, “That Song Ci is not a good thing. From now on, I will be your savior, be polite to me.”

The male host doesn’t like to listen to women’s gossip. Zhao Wantong let go, smiled awkwardly at Yan Xi, turned around, and got together with other male colleagues.

She obviously helped her, but her tone sounded like a street fighter collecting protection money? Yan Xi laughed, “Thank you, my savior. May I treat you to dinner tomorrow?”

“Who cares?” Zhao Wantong didn’t expect Yan Xi’s reaction to be so soft. It felt like a fist was hitting the cotton candy, it was soft and sticky, and she had nowhere to strike again.

Turning around and seeing Yan Xi still looking at her with a smile, Zhao Wantong held back for a long time before saying: “I heard that the police came to you a few days ago? Song Ci is really harmful because of his wealth and power. He can do everything.” She lowered her voice and said to Yan Xi, “You should be more careful recently. I heard that after Song Ci was rescued, although his life was not in danger, his feet didn’t seem to recover completely. He repeatedly insisted that someone was trying to kill him. But after repeated inspections by the police, the accident was purely accidental.”

“How do you know this?” Yan Xi, the person who was questioned by the police, didn’t know where the case was going, but Zhao Wantong knew it clearly.

“A lot of people know about the grievances of the rich. It’s not like you. You have a good father and a good boyfriend, and you don’t worry about anything except doing the show.” Zhao Wantong’s tone was a bit sharp, “You come and go in the wind and rain for the show. By doing this, your fans are not half as much as mine, and your real fans are those old men and old ladies. Your hosting ability is really in vain.”

“I thought I didn’t have the ability to host in your eyes.” Yan Xi smiled more gently, “I didn’t expect you to have such a high opinion of me.”

“Who, who thinks highly of you, shameless!” Zhao Wantong’s expression was very uncomfortable. At first, she looked down on Yan Xi, only thinking she was a rich young lady who relied on the backstage to get her position. She even invited the Internet out of selfishness, making trouble for Yan Xi. Later, after watching the content of the program hosted by Yan Xi, she gradually understood why Shen Xingyan chose Yan Xi.

Because the program she hosts is very clean and pure, which she cannot do but admires.

Zhao Wantong wanted to taunt Yan Xi, but when she turned her head and saw Yuan Yi walking towards her, she closed her mouth sleepily.

“Xiao Xi.” Yuan Yi walked to Yan Xi’s side. Yan Xi turned her head and ignored him.

“Still angry?” Yuan Yi laughed and put his hand in front of Yan Xi.

“What?” Yan Xi stared at the hand in front of her with wide eyes. What was he trying to do with a clenched fist?

The fist slowly opened, and there was a number plate inside. Yan Xi remembered that the number Yuan Yi received was different from this number.

“Take it to receive the prize.” Yuan Yi stuffed the number plate into Yan Xi’s hand, “You are so stingy, no one can stand you except me.” He said disgusting words, but those eyes looked at Yan Xi Full of tenderness.

“How did you get it?” Yan Xi smiled, holding the number plate in his hand, “Did you just ask someone else for this?”

“I don’t have much free time, it’s just that someone else didn’t want it, so I took it here.” Yuan Yi took Yan Xi by his hand, “Let’s go. I will accompany you to receive the award.”

“It’s not easy to get the number plate for the first prize.” Yan Xi stood up and put her arms around Yuan Yi’s arm, “Isn’t it?”

“If you accept the prize, you will accept the prize. There are so many words.” Yuan Yi saw that Yan Xi’s eyes were bent into crescents when she smiled, and he snorted softly and put his arms around Yan Xi’s waist, letting her walk smoothly in the crowded hall.

Zhao Wantong, who was obviously sitting next to them but seemed to have never existed from the beginning to the end, stared at the figures of the two walking towards the award-receiving place and suddenly sneered.

Some people are born with a good life. Envy is not used. She looked down at her well-maintained hands. It should be said that during this period of time, she often had trouble with Yan Xi, and Yan Xi never took revenge on her, so she was lucky.

“There are so many gifts for the first prize.” Yan Xi held a handful of gifts, and she couldn’t hold the half-human plush doll, so she stuffed it into Yuan Yi’s hand.

Yuan Yi is tall and big, holding a chubby plush doll. There is an indescribable cuteness in contrast, the people on the nearby TV station see this scene, and they all smile knowingly, “Yuan Xiaoer,” Yan Xi hugged something else and lightly bumped Yuan Yi’s arm twice, “There are some things we don’t need, why don’t we give some to my colleagues.”

“You don’t need to tell me such a small matter.” Yuan Yi held the tail on the plush doll’s buttocks a little inexplicably.

“Of course, I have to ask you to agree first. This is the winning number you especially found for me. If I give away some prizes without your consent, I feel like I’m wasting your mind.” Yan Xi seriously explained, “It’s not things that are precious but about your love for me.”

“I, I’m not that calculated. Do you think I’m as stingy as you?” Yuan Yi blushed, and the stuffed animal’s tail in his hand had been pulled into a ball.

“Yes, yes, you are the good one.” Yan Xi looked around, stood on tiptoe and quickly kissed Yuan Yi on the cheek, and ran away with a lot of things in her arms. A small gift box fell.

Yuan Yi reluctantly followed behind her, picking up the box that fell on the ground. She looks like a big person, but sometimes she still looks like a child.

“Xiao Yan, we saw it.” Xiao Yang was staying with a few colleagues from Channel 8. When she saw Yan Xi coming over, she teased, “Hurry up and bribe us with something, or… hehe.”

“I’m afraid.” Yan Xi put all the boxes on the table, took two of them, and said, “These are all for you, brothers and sisters. Please forgive me.”

“Teacher Yan, there is a mobile phone in here. Don’t you want it?” Yan Xi shook her head: “I remember that two days ago, the children of Brother Zhao’s family seemed to say they wanted to buy a new mobile phone. This mobile phone is suitable for young people. This mobile phone should be regarded as a gift from me to the children.”

Unexpectedly, what he said casually, Yan Xi still remembered in his heart. Zhao Peng smiled and took the phone: “It seems that my child will call you a sister again in the future. I can’t stop it.”

“Your child is called her Sister Yan. It’s you taking advantage.”

“No, it’s all a generation taller, so it’s a good deal.”

While chatting with her colleagues, Yan Xi looked back frequently, and when a colleague saw it, he made fun of her, “Teacher Yan is in Cao Ying, and her heart is in Han. Although she is here with us, her heart has already flown to Mr. Yuan’s side.” Let’s go quickly, the dance will start later, and we don’t want to be light bulbs.”

(In Cao Ying, the heart is in Han. This idiom comes from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” one of the four famous works. In the allusions, Cao Ying refers to Cao’s regime during the Three Kingdoms period; Han refers to the regime of Liu Bei or the Eastern Han Dynasty that did not perish at that time in history.)

Seeing Yan Xi running back quickly, Yuan Yi asked, “What are they laughing at?”

“They laugh that we have a good relationship.” Yan Xi raised the two small gift boxes in her hand, “I keep this especially.”


“Couple brooch, one for you and one for me.” Yan Xi tugged at his sleeve, “Come on, let’s go and put things away first.”

“Are you happy?” Yuan Yi noticed that the smile on Yan Xi’s face never faded from the beginning to the end.

“I’ve always had the physique that it’s not easy to win the lottery. Now I finally got a lot of prizes. Although you got it in exchange, I still won the lottery.”

Yan Xi stuffed the plush doll into her storage cabinet forcefully. After closing the door, she turned around and wrapped her arms around Yuan Yi’s neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth and then a little bit of lipstick-stained Yuan Yi’s mouth.

“Haha.” Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing and reached out to help Yuan Yi wipe his lipstick.

“Ahem.” Director Jin came out from the corner, covered his face with his hands, and said, “Go on, I’m old, and my eyesight is bad, so I didn’t see anything.”

“Pfft!” Yan Xi buried her head in Yuan Yi’s arms and laughed out loud. Yuan Yi took out his handkerchief, wiped his mouth silently, and sighed helplessly.

This woman, Yan Xi, should be renamed Yan three years old by now. When the two went back, the dance party had already started. Men and women were coming and going on the dance floor. Although the dancing postures were not necessarily standard, the lively atmosphere still infected Yan Xi.

She grabbed Yuan Yi’s hand and pulled him to the dance floor, “Yuan Xiaoer, let’s go too.” Yuan Xiaoer was pulled into the crowd stiffly by Yan Xi, like a chick falling into a flock of little yellow ducks, at a loss for what to do.

“I didn’t dance with women.” Facing Yan Xi’s expectant eyes full of joy, Yuan Yi told the truth, “I’m not used to it.”

“It’s okay.” Yan Xi tiptoed and whispered in his ear, “I’m willing to be your first woman.”

Yuan Yi only felt that his ears were burning badly. The laughter of other people around him seemed to have disappeared from this world, leaving only this woman in front of him, a woman who was obviously very serious but could speak some nasty things in front of him.


“What?” Yan Xi smiled and looked at the man in front of her, who was blushing, his ears were red, and even his neck was a little red, his face full of innocence.

“I not only want you to be my first woman, but I also want you to be my last woman.” Yuan Yi hugged Yan Xi into his arms and slowly stepped on the beat according to the melody of the music, “Even if you are fifty Years later, eighty years from now, whenever someone mentions us, they will think of another one of us.”

The lingering love words and the romantic dance floor should have been a good time for a proposal, but it’s ruined by her stepping on his feet.

“Accident, it’s really an accident.” Yan Xi knew that high heels would definitely hurt if she stepped on someone, so she patted Yuan Yi’s waist: “I must be careful and try not to step on your feet.”

She just walked away for a while. She suddenly thought if, decades later, she and Yuan Xiaoer were still together, he would still be awkward and cute. She had nothing to argue with, dragging him to play and entertain with friends and brothers. Such a future is also very exciting.

“The high heels you women wear are not shoes. They are lethal weapons.” Yuan Yi gasped in pain, “If you step on two more feet, I will be useless.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re useless. I’ll take care of you.” Yan Xi smiled. Yuan Yi stared at Yan Xi for a long time, then suddenly put his head on Yan Xi’s shoulder.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yan Xi was a little dazed by his actions.

“I’m injured, and I need you to support me to survive for a lifetime.”

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