One Can’t Judge by Appearance #10

Chapter 10. Praise 

As the show host, she has never been on any platform news, but after a car accident, she wandered around on Weibo. Yan Xi expressed doubts about her professional level.

When she went to work at the station the next day, her colleague saw her change her car, “Have you changed to a new car again?”

“This is my dad’s car. There was something wrong with my car. I sent it to the store for maintenance, so I borrowed his car to drive. “Yan Xi didn’t mention the car accident. She went to the locker room and changed into a formal suite sponsored by a clothing store. She doesn’t know which one. Sit on a chair and let the makeup artist do makeup for her. “I will pay him back in a few days.”

Chatting with her was Li Tong, the host of the Channel 9 news program. He intends to make good friends with Yan Xi. He is usually very enthusiastic about Yan Xi. “By the way, I haven’t had time to congratulate you. The ratings of your show are getting higher and higher. Today, some viewers specially called the station to praise you.”

“Really?” Yan Xi smiled happily, “Really praise me?”

“Yes, it’s still an elderly old lady,” Li Tong couldn’t help but think when he saw Yan Xi’s expression of joy. Although Yan Xi had some skills as a host, she was still a young girl. With this thought, he felt a bit reserved by her family background, 

“You have to cheer and strive to make more than half of the old ladies in the Imperial Capital like you.”

“Then the station gave me a name, master killer?” Yan Xi laughed out loud, “That’s pretty good, too.”

Li Tong was amused by her, and there was still a bit of jealousy, but now it had disappeared without a trace. Some people are probably born with an audience, and her hosting ability is good, so it is unsurprising that someone can pay attention. A person like him, who has been working in the station for several years and has not had a splash, is embarrassed to even be jealous.

“Xiao Yan, are you ready?” Zhao Peng knocked on the dressing room door, “ready to shoot?”

She is the only host of the entire show “Those Things Around Us,” so she is the host of the indoor and outdoor scenes. At this moment, she will make up the indoor recording. Of course, Zhao Peng was the only one filming.

“I’ll be fine soon, Brother Zhao, wait for me for a while.”

Zhao Peng did not urge anymore and went back to the corner to send a WeChat message to his wife. The others in the station were also lazy and absent-minded.

During the show’s recording, Chen Pei looked at Yan Xi on the monitor and said to a colleague next to her: “It is a pity that Yan Xi stayed in our station.”

With a dignified manner, clear words, and a precise rhythm of speech, if such a good seedling is brought by a powerful senior and boarded on a good platform, she may be able to make some achievements in the hosting industry.

“Hey, Sister Chen, you have been with Xiao Yan for a long time, and you have the heart to cherish talents,” the colleague next to her was relatively open. “Now that the competition is so fierce, she can directly enter the stage as the host. Good fortune-telling. Many of her colleagues are still behind the scenes or have changed their careers. Our bowl of rice depends on the starting point.”

It was almost noon after the program was recorded, and Yan Xi was about to go out to eat with her colleagues. There was a notice that the directors and presenters of non-satellite channels were required to attend the meeting at one o’clock in the afternoon. Pay deductions for being late or absent from work.

“Why don’t the host of the satellite channel be required to be present?” Yan Xi was a little puzzled. It stands to reason that the satellite channel is the top priority for this kind of conference.

“Satellite channels host all wrists,” Zhao Peng said indifferently, sitting on his legs and being careless. “These big names have some filming, some are participating in variety shows, and some are participating in commercials. How can they come to this kind of meeting? What is there in the station? The resolution has already been told to their agents, so they don’t need them to run around. Except for the annual festival to get them together, other meetings want to see them all by luck.”

(The possible meaning here is someone very important, the wrist in Chinese people was the most crucial part of the body in ancient times- when someone wanted to diagnose someone’s health issue. The doctor read their patient wrist first)

“Brother Zhao still knows a lot.” Yan Xi suddenly realized she turned to her mobile phone to order a takeaway. This kind of big-name treatment has nothing to do with her.

Zhao Peng nodded helplessly when he saw her unmoved and uninspiring. The newcomer was ruined by the atmosphere in their channel, and she was not even motivated.

Yan Xi was still a little excited the first time she participated in a large-scale meeting at the station. Still, when she followed Director Jin and saw the dense crowd in the conference room and the small back corner of the seating area allocated to them, most of her heart’s excitement disappeared instantly.

The staff in charge of the sign-in saw the work badge on their bodies and asked them to sign in before they went in.

Yan Xi didn’t take a few steps when she heard the person in charge of sign-in greet someone enthusiastically, and she looked back curiously.

“That’s the deputy director of the satellite channel advertising department,” Chen Pei whispered in her ear, “They are all the people above.”

Seeing this scene, Yan Xi understood the truth. The so-called “I would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail” are all deceptive. As the chicken head, Director Jin is not as respected as this deputy director.

After the meeting, the leaders above spoke about a lot of things, focusing on a few programs on the satellite channel.

“Of course, other channels cannot achieve the results of satellite channels due to limited conditions, but recently there have been several shows that have been well received by our local people. For example, one station’s “Marriage Contract Match,” three stations’ “Moved,” and 8 stations’ “Those Things Around Us” have done very well. Other channels…”

Director Jin, who has long been accustomed to being a transparent cabbage, didn’t react for a long time when he heard the leader of the main station praise their station’s program. Did he have auditory hallucinations in his ears just now?

(The possible meaning of transparent cabbage here is the neglected person)

His current mentality is like an abandoned woman who has been hidden by the emperor for ten years in the cold palace. He suddenly heard the emperor turn over his sign and was so excited that he doubted the authenticity.

Towards the end of the meeting, the leader of the main station praised two or three more channels, saying that they had implemented the policies issued by their superiors very well, and Channel 8 was one of them.

When the meeting ended, Director Jin fluttered when he walked, and his eyes were so kind when he looked at Yan Xi as if he were looking at his daughter.

“Director Jin,” Chen Pei glanced at Yan Xi with a smile, “The leaders above praised our show by name. Should you invite us to dinner?”

“It should be. I will invite colleagues in the station who don’t need to go to work to eat tonight,” Director Jin said joyfully. “This time we won’t go to the food stalls, but Baixiangchun!”

“The director is truly a director, so arrogant!” Lest Director Jin regrets it, Chen Pei took Yan Xi and ran out, “I will inform other colleagues of the good news now.”

“Wait! “Director Jin looked at the backs of the two of them. He just talked casually, feeling a little desperate. How would he report to his wife when he got home?”

For colleagues to have dinner, hot pot is more lively. Young people nowadays are not hard to please and simple at all, they just want to eat a big meal!

What he said must be realized with blood and tears in his eyes. Still, thinking of the promotion evaluation after half a year, Director Jin gritted his teeth and ate. 

As long as the enthusiasm of these colleagues can be mobilized, eating a meal is not a big deal. It’s a big deal to go back and contract an extra month of housework!

Bai Xiangchun is also considered a well-known hotel in the Imperial Capital. It is said that the chef in this restaurant used to be an imperial chef. He doesn’t know whether it is true or not, but the style here is still very touted by some people.

Except for those who can’t get away from work, a group of ten people from Channel 8 of the Imperial Capital just squeezed a table. Director Jin’s eyebrows twitched with pain when Yan Xi saw her colleagues heckling and ordering.

Then Yan Xi mercilessly ordered a large pot of spicy crayfish, golden pork ribs, and squirrelfish, which received enthusiastic applause from his colleagues.

“Xiao Yan did a good job. Order a few more.”

“Enough is enough, what can you do if you order so much, you can’t finish it!” 

Director Jin stretched out his hand to get the menu list, but Zhao Peng took it away first.

“We can pack up if we can’t finish eating. We have to respond to the situation,” Zhao Peng ordered a few more dishes, which made his colleagues laugh. The food has not been served yet, and the atmosphere is lively.

“Mr. Yuan, please go here.” The waiter guided Yuan Yi to the VIP room inside. When passing a box in the corridor outside, Yuan Yi heard the noise of laughter coming from inside. He paused and frowned.

He has never liked noisy environments.

Upon seeing this, the waiter hurriedly explained: “Our restaurant has a very good sound insulation effect. As long as the door is closed, you can’t hear any sound outside.”

Yuan Yi didn’t speak and raised his foot to leave.

“I don’t drink when driving, and I don’t drive when drinking. Don’t let any of you get drunk with me today. After I get drunk, what should I do if I, such a delicate little girl, encounter a bad driver?”

Does this sound familiar? He heard the voices of men and women inside, and he didn’t need to look to know how chaotic it was.

“Mr. Yuan,” the door of the VIP room opened, and a middle-aged man with glasses walked out with eagerness on his face, “Mr. Yuan, you are here, please, please.”

Yuan Yi walked into the door unhurriedly. When the waiter was about to close the door, he raised his eyebrows and said, “Leave a gap for the door, the air is good.”

The waiter wanted to say that the ventilation system in the room was very good. Still, facing Yuan Yi’s unattainable appearance, she didn’t dare to say a word and obediently followed his instructions.

Rich and powerful people have many hobbies, she understands.

Yan Xi relied on “I can’t breathe” and “I’m allergic to drinking,” so she didn’t drink a drop of wine. Her colleagues knew she had some background and didn’t dare to pour her wine, so this matter passed. 

She knew in her heart that if she was a newcomer with no background, she would not be able to push these wines today. At this time, she couldn’t help thanking her father in her heart again.

“Xiao Yan,” Director Jin was slightly drunk, “Not long after you entered the station, the host of the show was named and praised by the leaders above. In the future, we will work hard to adjust to the top. You are still young and have a lot of room for development.”

He dares not say this to others, but Yan Xi is different. She has a rich and well-connected father. Even if she can’t take shortcuts, at least she wouldn’t be cut off.

“Do a good job,” Director Jin said solemnly, “The future is boundless.”

Other colleagues have mixed feelings in their hearts, but they have also strengthened their minds to befriend Yan Xi.

It’s nothing to not make good friends when someone is not well-developed, but when others climb up, it’s a shame to mention that this person and I were colleagues.

Compared with the excitement here, the atmosphere in the VIP room is very serious.

“I will consider the plan you proposed,” Yuan Yi glanced at the time, “It’s already late, so I won’t participate in other activities.”

The guests take a look at the time. It’s less than nine o’clock in the night. It’s when the nightlife just started. Is it late? However, seeing Yuan Yi get up to leave, they didn’t dare to stay, so they got up one after another to send each other away.

As soon as Yan Xi and her party walked out of the box, they met these social elites in the corridor.

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