One Can’t Judge by Appearance #61

Chapter 61

At the Racecourse, Yan Xi came out after changing her riding attire. There were a few guests who came here to play horses on the racecourse. She couldn’t see what these people looked like from a distance away. With her circle of friends in the imperial capital, even she could see them clearly. She probably didn’t recognize the face of the person.

“Yan Xiaoxi,” Yuan Yi rode on the horse, walking in front of her without haste, “come up.”

This time Yan Xi didn’t challenge the difficult moves. She just stepped on the stool. She climbed onto the horse’s back, and then she found that the horse was the same as before, but the saddle seemed to have been changed, and it was much more comfortable to sit on today than last time.

She didn’t expect Yuan Xiaoer to be quite careful. This saddle was especially changed for her, right?

“Let’s walk slowly for two laps first,” Yuan Yi inexplicably felt that it was a bit awkward for Yan Xi to hug him from behind. He should let Yan Xi sit in front of him. 

He wanted Yan Xi to change position, but he was afraid that Yan Xi would see that he had another plan, so he held back this sentence, “The racecourse is still a little smaller, but in order to maintain the original pattern of the other garden, the building next to it cannot be demolished.”

“Small?” Yan Xi looked at the extremely spacious racetrack and was speechless for a while. How could he tell that it was small?

“Yuan Xiaoer, you will be beaten if you say such things in front of outsiders.”

“Don’t tell outsiders, it’s okay to tell you.” Yuan Yi’s ears started to turn red again, “You are different from those people.”

“What’s different?” Yan Xi asked with a smile, “Is it because I’m more beautiful?”

Yuan Yi: …

Sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with his heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys, eyes, and brain. Why did he just fall in love with such a woman? Why can’t she hear such obvious ambiguous words?

Just as he was thinking, his waist was gently twisted by Yan Xi: “Yuan Xiaoer, they say that it is more dangerous for people who can’t ride a horse to sit in the back, why don’t you change seats with me?”

Yuan Yi stopped the horse, turned over, dismounted, and said to Yan Xi, “Sit forward a bit.”

“I don’t dare to move,” Yan Xi opened her eyes wide, looking at Yuan Yi mistily, “You, you support me.”

When Yan Xi said he didn’t dare to move, Yuan Yi had already held her hand, supported her waist, and helped her move forward a little bit. Yan Xi’s waist was as soft and slender as he imagined, and after helping her up, he felt the urge to hold her in his arms.

But there is a very good saying, love is respect. If you love someone but can be controlled by your desire at will, then you are not qualified to say whether you love or not.

He skillfully climbed onto the horse’s back, wrapped his arms around Yan Xi’s back, and took the horse’s rein. This gesture was like taking her into his arms. At this moment, he suddenly understood why someone would say, “If you own your person, you own the whole world,” he used to think this saying was hypocritical and vulgar.

Still, now he felt that there was no other sentence that could be like this: Describe his mood perfectly.

“Riding the horse may be a little cold when running,” Yuan Yi carefully folded his arms a little bit, “If it’s cold, remember to tell me.”

“Yeah.” Yan Xi looked down at the arms encircling her and nodded with a smile.

The horses were not walking fast, and people passed behind them occasionally. Still, she didn’t know if it was Yan Xi’s illusion. She found that those who passed seemed to secretly look behind after running a certain distance. At first glance, it seems that she and Yuan Yi are some rare cultural relics.

“Yuan Xiaoer, what do you think we look like now?”

“Like what?” Yuan Yi was a little distracted. He was full of thoughts. Yan Xiao Xi’s hair was so fragrant, her neck was so white, he thought. He wanted to touch her face, but he didn’t dare.

“Like the prince and princess in a fairy tale,” Yan Xi laughed first, “It’s just that you don’t look like a prince.”

Yuan Yi: …

Forget it, forget it. He doesn’t care about women’s things.

Anyway, at the end of the fairy tale, the prince and princess will live happily together, and he doesn’t mind being made a few jokes by her. Seeing Yan Xi leaning against his arms, Yuan Yi had the illusion that the two of them were already lovers.

“Yan Xiaoxi, I…”

“Yuan Xiaoer,” Zhu Han rode over and said cheerfully, “I said it looked like the two of you, but I didn’t expect it to be right…”

Yuan Yi squinted at him, he’s not afraid of opponents like gods but teammates like pigs. At this critical moment, this kind of pettiness can be avoided.

“By the way, I remembered that there is a friend who is going to pick me up, so you play slowly,” Zhu Han quickly reacted, turned his horse’s head, and ran away in the blink of an eye.

Yan Xi looked at his back as he went away. The behavior style of the rich and noble sons are all so… eccentric?

“Your friends are very interesting,” Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing, “No wonder you have such a good relationship.”

Is this to praise him or hurt him? Yuan Yi mustered up his courage for a long time, but he let it go again after being interrupted like this. As the saying goes, once you work hard, you will fail again and be exhausted three times. He is afraid that after he expresses his feelings to Yan Xi, Yan Xi will not even be friends with him.

“Drive!” He patted the horse, and the horse, which was still walking slowly, started to run.

“Run faster, horse, Yuan Xiaoer will take you to eat grass after running.”

“What nonsense are you singing?” Yuan Yi was in a slightly depressed mood, and after Yan Xi made such a fuss, he could no longer be depressed, “Be serious.”

“Facing you, I can’t be serious,” Yan Xi said confidently, “It’s scary for me to be serious.”

“How terrible?” Just running to the upper wind, Yuan Yi was worried that the wind would be too strong, so he raised an arm to block Yan Xi’s cheek to help her block the cold wind, “Why can’t I make you serious again?”.”

“Because you’re my boyfriend.”

Yuan Yi’s heart thumped.

“Although it’s fake.”

The beating heart seemed to have climbed up the ten-meter diving platform, crashed into the water with a bang, and suddenly became much quieter.


Yan Xi, who was sitting in the front, secretly smiled and leaned back slightly, like a bird curled up in a warm nest, “Yuan Xiaoer, you said before that you like girls with big breasts and long legs, then you can find a suitable girl.” Do you have any other type?”

Yuan Yi: …

He just said it casually. How could she remember it? If he had known that he would fall in love with Yan Xi blindly, he would never have said such a thing at the beginning to hit himself on the foot.

“What big breasts. If it wasn’t for making you feel at ease in my car, I would have sacrificed my image to say something like this?” At a time like this, the smartest thing to do is to beat himself to death and refuse to admit it, although Yuan Yi didn’t talk about it. He has been in love before, but at this moment, he has grasped the essence of all men’s wit in dealing with crises. Probably this habit of not admitting to death is imprinted in men’s genes, so they can learn from each other without a teacher.

“Appearance and figure are not the most important thing, what is important is feeling,” Yuan Yi said solemnly, “Before meeting the right person, no one can guarantee what kind of person they like.”

Like himself.

How could he have thought at the beginning that he would fall in love with the woman who bickered with him and made his whole school report criticism?

This is life.

“That’s true. I used to think that I liked fair-skinned, beautiful, and gentlemen, but before Song Chao threatened me with my father’s career, he actually fit my taste.”

Yuan Yi’s hand holding the rein tightened, and his temper was not going well.

“But it’s really hard to describe things like eye margins.” Panting after speaking, Yan Xi shook her head and said with emotion, “I don’t even have any feelings for Song Chao. Could it be that I have seen his essence through phenomena?”

The mood turned from gloomy to sunny. Yuan Yi nodded: “It seems that your eyes are better.”

“Thank you for the compliment,” Yan Xi patted his arm, “I think so too.”

“Mr. Xiao yuan, you are welcome. If you need anything in the future, just say it. I will definitely go through fire and water and will not hesitate.” Mr. Wang led the way with a smile, “I heard that Mr. Xiao Yuan likes to ride horses. There is also a racetrack here.The equipment is relatively complete, and you must choose a good horse for a run later.”

“President Wang is very polite,” Yuan Bo greeted the other party politely, without telling President Wang that this villa is owned by his own brother.

A group of people walked through the corridor to the racetrack. Yuan Bo, who was talking to someone, suddenly stopped and blinked in disbelief.

“Mr. Xiao Yuan? Mr. Xiao Yuan?” Seeing that Yuan Bo suddenly stopped talking, and his eyes were still fixed on the couple on the racecourse, Mr. Wang was secretly a little surprised. Does Mr Xiao Yuan know this couple?

Just when he was curious, he saw the horse carrying the man and woman running in gradually, and he heard Mr. Xiao Yuan speak.

“Yuan Yi!”

Yan Xi was talking to Yuan Yi about the Imperial High School. She had only been studying in this school for a few months, so she didn’t have much memory. She only remembered the books in the school, and there seemed to be some statues.

“The statue is gone,” Yuan Yi said casually, “My family donated money to re-sculpt it.”

“Why do you want to re-sculpt…”

“Yuan Yi!”

Yan Xi’s words were interrupted. She turned her head and looked to the side. There were several men in suits standing in the corridor. The head of the man looked familiar. It seemed to be… Yuan Xiaoer’s brother?

“Cough.” She still wanted to take advantage of today to settle the relationship between the two. Still, she didn’t expect that her plan would be killed halfway, and her plan might have to be postponed.

“Brother,” Yuan Yi felt that he probably didn’t read the almanac when he went out today, and the light bulbs become brighter and brighter, just to spoil the atmosphere.

Yuan Yi helped Yan Xi get off the horse, took off the protective cap, handed it to the staff, and led Yan Xi to Yuan Bo: “Brother.”

“Well,” Yuan Bo nodded and smiled politely at Yan Xi, “You must be Miss Yan. Nice to meet you.”

“Hello, Mr. Yuan,” Yan Xi shook hands with the other party, and both parties were very polite.

Only then did the people behind Yuan Bo realize he was the second young master of the Yuan family. No wonder Xiao Yuan would take the initiative to say hello.

“Hello, Second Young Master Yuan.”

Yan Xi heard that they called Yuan Bo Mr. Xiao Yuan. Still, they called Yuan Yi the second young master Yuan. Hence, she knew that in the eyes of these people, Yuan Yi was just an accessory of the Yuan family. She turned her head to look at Yuan Yi and found that he seemed to be used to this kind of address, and there was no trace of dissatisfaction on his face.

Although Yuan Yi didn’t care, she felt a little unhappy in her heart.

The Yuan Xiaoer of her family is so capable and owns so many properties. Are these people blind?

(The Yuan Xiaoer of her family = Yan Xi means here, not literally family by blood but more like using the word ‘our’ for someone we close enough)

“My younger brother is the boss of Hengtai Company. Everyone can call him Xiao Yuan. 

You don’t have to be so polite,” Yuan Bo said in a calm tone. “The one next to him is his…girlfriend, Ms. Yan.”

Yan Xi: Hey, is she meeting his parents now?

Is this speed a bit fast?

Turning to look at Yuan Yi, he smiled kindly as if he agreed with Yuan Bo’s way of introduction.

Very good.

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