One Can’t Judge by Appareance #21

Chapter 21 – Interview

The party ended in an atmosphere of joy for the guests and hosts. When Yan Xi and Song Hai left the Zhou family, most of the Zhou family was sent off to Song Chao. The Zhou family’s son-in-law sent the father and daughter out.

“The Zhou family’s attitude is too much,” Song Hai said to Yan Xi after getting in the car. “Even if you ask for help, you still need self-respect. Being too diligent is not the best way to seek cooperation.” There were a lot of guests at this party today. Although Boss Zhou was enviable when he joined the Song Family, his groveling appearance also fell into the eyes of others, which inevitably gave people a feeling of being “too cartilage-headed.”

“Everything is too much,” Song Hai said. Rather than analyzing Boss Zhou, it was more about teaching Yan Xi the truth of being a man. “It’s the same for doing business. You can bend over, but you can’t bend your knees. If your knees are bent down, it’s not so easy to stand up.”

Yan Xi nodded obediently. The city is bustling and noisy, but behind the prosperity, She doesn’t know how many people’s sweat and blood are there.

“Dad, I think the name Song Chao is quite familiar to me. I should have heard of it somewhere,” Yan Xi thought back hard in her mind, “Have you mentioned it to me before?”

“If his name is Qin Chao (Chao = Dynasty) and Tang Chao, you will feel familiar with it.” Song Hai thinks that Song Chao’s parents are very scheming to name their children. When they go to school, they must be easily remembered by teachers and classmates. They are all born with Song’s surname, but his name is not as catchy as others, “Who hasn’t heard of the two words Song Chao?”

“It makes sense…” Yan Xi was persuaded by her dad.

After the holiday, Yan Xi had to collect news with colleagues at the station to find material. Perhaps it was because the previous episode attracted a lot of attention. The station also specially established an official blog for their show called “Those Things Around Us.” However, apart from grouping together to warm up with several other shows on TV stations that no one paid attention to, this official blog didn’t even have a single fan who liked their post.

Chen Pei looked over, discussed with Director Jin, spent a few hundred yuan on buying some zombie fans, and occasionally asked the navy to pretend to click on a few likes and comments. This desolate official blog finally didn’t look so bleak.

After Yan Xi finished recording the show, she was stopped by Director Jin as soon as she left the studio. Director Jin suggested that Yan Xi also open a Weibo to bring the masses closer and better understand the hobbies and interests of the younger audience.

Yan Xi:…

Official blogs rely on the purchased zombie fans to maintain their false dignity. Does she, the host with no sense of existence, have to buy fans from her pocket?

Facing Director Jintai’s long-awaited eyes, Yan Xi couldn’t say no. She decided to build an account later and spend dozens of yuan to buy some zombie fans. The effort is enough.

After lunch at noon, Director Jintai came to ask Yan Xi about opening Weibo again. Yan Xi had to register Weibo under Director Jintai’s nose and set the photo on her work permit as her avatar.

“Not bad, not bad,” Director Jintai repeatedly nodded when he saw Yan Xi set the photo of her work permit as her avatar, “Xiao Yan’s work attitude is very correct.”

Yan Xi felt there might be some misunderstanding between her and the director. If her work attitude is correct, she should choose a photo with a PS as beautiful as a fairy and then rack her brains to increase the attention and raise the topic for the program group instead of being superficial.

Therefore, things like the generation gap are sometimes unsolvable.

After being praised by Director Jintai, Yan Xi was embarrassed to leave her Weibo blank. She contacted the zombie fans seller to swipe her fans to more than 1,000 and posted on Weibo.

Yan Xi was registered: Today, a prosperous and very lucky day, it is advisable to open Weibo [Smiling dog face].

She did not ask the zombie fans to like and comment on herself because it was expensive. She had to save her salary to prepare a 50th birthday gift for her father.

The bottom-level host doesn’t earn much, but fortunately, Yan Xi is still a popular amateur illustrator on the Internet. Otherwise, she would have to take the money her father gave and use it to buy gifts for her father.

After posting on Weibo, Chen Pei walked in before she quit the webpage: “Xiao Yan, I just received a message from the station that an employee in the Changfeng branch building not far from us is going to jump off the building. You and Zhao Peng go to the scene. Take filming on it.”

“Huh?” Yan Xi was taken aback for a moment, “Will this affect the work of the police on the scene?”

“You can interview the crowd outside the police cordon,” Chen Pei laughed. “If this didn’t happen at Changfeng Branch, you and Zhao Peng wouldn’t have to go this way.”

Yan Xi suddenly understood that what is topical is news, and no one cares about things that are not topical. Sister Chen is eager to let her, the host, do the job of a reporter, not because she cares about the person about to jump off the building but because this matter can involve Changfeng Company.

“I see,” Yan Xi picked up the bag and hurried out with Zhao Peng. Yan Xi asked the driver to drive her car instead of the van with the TV station logo at rush time.

The branch office is not far from the TV station, and there are no rush hours for commuting. It only took Yan Xi and the others about 20 minutes to reach their destination. There were ordinary police, community staff, and firefighters on the scene. Everyone performed their duties and paid attention to the suicidal person.

The office building is covered with anti-collision air cushions, and the cordon is surrounded by people watching the excitement. They have mobile phones in their hands and take pictures at the top of the building. There are even people who use mobile phones to broadcast it live. When it was said that the person who jumped from the building was a staff member of the Changfeng Branch, they smelled a scandal about this.

Changfeng Company is not easy to enter. The employees who can work in it are more or less capable. This gloating onlooker doesn’t know if they are mocking the jumper or watching Changfeng’s excitement.

“Mom, let’s tell him not to jump, okay? It will hurt to fall when he climbs high and jumps down.” A little boy with a bandage on his hand was anxious in the crowd, his white and tender face wrinkled into a ball.

His voice made other onlookers discussing why this person wanted to jump off the building a little embarrassed, and the discussion around him was a little quieter.

“Don’t worry, little boy, uncles will save him,” the firefighter in charge of pulling the cordon heard this, turned around, and touched the little boy’s head, “Why did you hurt your arm?”

“I climbed high and fell…” The little boy’s voice seemed a little guilty.

“Then don’t be naughty again next time,” the firefighter marshal squatted in front of the boy and smiled at him. “It hurts to be injured.”

“Well,” the little boy touched the wound on the back of the firefighter’s hand, “Uncle, did you also climb high and fall?”

“Yes”” the firefighter looked back at the rescue scene, spreading out his palms to let the little boy see more clearly. On this rough hand, there are thick calluses, cut wounds, and two blood blisters that have not been picked out. “Uncle just didn’t listen to Mom and Dad, so he felt like this.”

“Uncle is so good, he didn’t cry when he fell like this,” the little boy said admiringly. “No wonder my mother told me Uncle firefighter is the most powerful.”

Yan Xi, standing aside, did not come forward to disturb but asked Zhao Peng to film the scene.

In the firefighter, she saw responsibility and tenacity; in the little boy, she saw kindness, innocence, and hope.

The firefighter and the jumper were in a stalemate for nearly half an hour. At this time, there was a noise from the crowd. Several men in suits opened the crowd and let the people behind them squeeze into the cordon surrounded by crowd onlookers.

“Every firefighter comrades have worked hard, I am the person in charge sent by Changfeng Head Office,” Yuan Yi glanced at the ongoing rescue work above the building, “May I ask if there is anything that needs the cooperation of our company, we will do our best to cooperate.”

Yuan Yi actually came in person?

Seeing Yuan Yi’s appearance, Yan Xi was a little surprised. When companies encounter this kind of thing, senior leaders can’t wait to hide them all so as not to get fishy. Yuan Yi, the second master and the youngest director, personally came to deal with the problem, which was rare.

Yan Xi was far away, and she didn’t know what the firefighter said to Yuan Yi. Still, the firefighter took Yuan Yi into the building after a while. Within two minutes, she found the suicidal person sitting by the window. Turned his head and said something to the inside of the house.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the firefighter with a safety rope climbed down from the upstairs window and kicked the suicidal man into the house!

Seeing that the suicidal person was rescued, there was warm applause at the scene. Some people praised the police at the scene, some were thankful that this person’s life was saved, and others bought water out of their own pockets for the firefighter to drink. Still, the firefighter did not dare to pick up the people’s things. In desperation, he switched to distributing the water to the people watching the excitement.

Although they gossip and have some inferior roots to small citizens, no matter what, they still hold more kindness than malice in the face of life. So this group of onlookers is a bit annoying but sometimes cute.

Yan Xi walked through the crowd, preparing to interview. When she approached a few firefighters, she discovered they were all very young, and almost all were younger than her. Walking in front of a sweaty firefighter, she took out her work permit. After explaining her intention, the young firefighter’s face turned red, and he was embarrassed to look at the camera.

After asking his age and name, Yan Xi learned that this young man was only nineteen years old and was a contract worker for the fire brigade. When it came to the content of their work, the somewhat shy big boy barely became comfortable.

“We have done fire extinguishing and unlocking, saving people, cats and dogs, emergency repairs, poking hornets’ nests, and cleaning rural animal enclosures.” The big boy touched the sweat on his face, smiling heartlessly.

Obviously, there was no sensational word, but Yan Xi was very moved to hear it.

Yuan Yi walked out of the office building and saw a cameraman on the scene. He turned to the branch’s general manager and said, “The reporter is here too?”

The general manager secretly complained in his heart: “I will send them right away.”

“Everyone is here, and if you send people away, you will be guilty. Don’t make trouble if you have nothing to do,” Yuan Yi frowned, “Just let them.” He heard the reporter talking to a fire policeman walking down the steps.

“Thank you for accepting my interview, and I wish you peace and health.”


Hearing the familiar voice, he paused. Yan Xi?

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