One Can’t Judge by Appearance #22

Chapter 22

Yuan Yi thought he was hallucinating in his ears. Still, when he turned his head and found that Yan Xi was interviewing the firefighter officers and policeman, he turned his feet to the side of the car. He walked in the direction of Yan Xi.

The people who sent Yuan Yi off saw that Yuan Yi suddenly changed his way and then looked in the direction of the Second Young Master. Could it be that he planned to drive the reporter away? Since the branch’s general manager was scolded, the others easily did not dare to speak and followed Yuan Yi honestly.

Yan Xi turned off the microphone and turned around to see Yuan Yi standing behind her. He was followed by a group of company executives. She took a step back with the microphone in her arms: “I am interviewing firefighters and policemen.”

And I didn’t say anything wrong about your company.

“Can you think of something in your mind? Yuan Yi turned to the executives behind him and said, “This is a friend of mine.”

When the executives saw that Yuan Yi might have something to say to the female reporter, they spread out very wisely without disturbing their conversation. When Men initially have no business with a woman but then take the initiative to talk to her, that person always has a little bit of thought. Of course, they understand.

Zhao Peng recognized Yuan Yi as the man who took Yan Xi to see her foot injury last time. He didn’t expect the executives of the Changfeng Branch to respect him so much last time. Could it be that this person is the manager of the head office?

He was still thinking about Yuan Yi’s identity. Still, Yan Xi had already seen that Yuan Yi did not object to her interview behavior. Suddenly, a flattering smile appeared on her face, “Then what, are you busy now?”

“Huh?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows at her coldly.

“If you are not busy, give me an interview,” Yan Xi stretched out her left hand and opened her five fingers, “Five minutes is enough.”

Yuan Yi stared at her white, tender, well-proportioned hands without speaking.

“Handsome Guy Yuan, do me a favor.” Yan Xi doesn’t want to use this building jumping accident as a news point but just highlights the firefighter officers and policemen. This news may not be able to pass. But if she catches Changfeng’s senior management, it will be 100% vetted.

She turned her head and glanced at the firefighters who had packed up various rescue tools behind her and took a few steps in front of Yuan Yi, “I want to do a show about firefighters, but I’m afraid that the station will not be reviewed. If you accept the interview and praise them for a few more words, it will be 100% guaranteed.”

“Just talk, just talk, and suddenly being so close all of a sudden makes me startled,” Yuan Yi took a step back and turned to see a firefighter who was less than 20 years old, sweating profusely, carrying an air cushion to the car, with a layer of ash on his shoes. He raised his chin slightly, “That’s okay. I’ll give you five minutes.”

“Then you must be sincere and touching,” Yan Xi said with a flattering smile. “okay.”

Yuan Yi, who hadn’t agreed to the interview invitation from a well-known national radio talk show, faced the pitiful face in front of him, her face flushed by the sun, showing impatience: “I promise to give you a flower compliment. Just start it.”

Facts had proved that when Yuan Yi seriously praised people, he was still very reliable. He didn’t use words that were too hypocritical, but these firefighters were cute and respectable in his mouth. Obviously, he didn’t say a word of thanks, but there was gratitude in every word.

At the end of the interview, Yan Xi glanced at the time secretly, and it took nearly fifteen minutes, ten minutes more than what was said. At this moment, she felt as if she had picked up a big bargain, and she felt that Yuan Yi was twice as pleasing to the eye as fifteen minutes ago.

“Thank you, Mr. Yuan, for accepting our interview, “Yan Xi thanked Yuan Yi repeatedly, “You really helped me a lot this time.”

“It doesn’t matter if you say thank you,” Yuan Yi glanced at the time, “it’s almost time for dinner.”

Yan Xi felt that she was a little blind, and that Mr. Yuan was as unlovable as he was fifteen minutes ago. “Mr. Yuan, there is a saying that kindness is not rewarded…”

“What, my testimony is not worth a reward for kindness?” Yuan Yi put his hands in his pockets, and when he saw Yan Xi staring at him with wide eyes, he almost couldn’t help touching his chest with his hands. He suspected that bugs were crawling in his clothes. How could it be so numb?

Yan Xi took a deep breath and handed the microphone to Zhao Peng, “Brother Zhao, just go back to the station with the driver and park my car in the station parking lot.”

“Okay,” Zhao Peng agreed very readily. Xiao Yan was in her twenties, and a young man with a lot of money asked her out. He, a senior, can’t hold her back, “Don’t worry, no problem.”

Seeing his expression, Yan Xi knew that he might have misunderstood something and said helplessly: “Don’t overthink, just ordinary friends.”

“I know.”

Which couple were not ordinary friends in the first stage?

A friend becomes special, but they start as a friend. He has been there before, and his vision is clear.

Yan Xi didn’t bother to explain anymore. She walked up to Yuan Yi: “Let’s go.”

When the two walked to the side of the car, the driver had already opened the car door for them. Yuan Yi, who was about to bend over and sit in, suddenly stopped, turned to look at Yan Xi behind him, and made a gesture of invitation.

“Thank you.” Yan Xi sat in without hesitation.

Yuan Yi coughed dryly, followed her into the car, removed his suit jacket, and fastened his seat belt.

The taste of the evening meal should not be too heavy. Yan Xi and Yuan Yi finally had dinner at an old soup shop. After finishing the meal, Yan Xi said to Yuan Yi tactfully: “Mr. Yuan, last time you said to invite me to dinner, why not this time…”

“You invited me this time, and I will invite you next time. What’s the problem?” Yuan Yi wiped the corners of his mouth clean and looked at Yan Xi seriously, “Making a promise and counting it are my rules for being human.”

What could be wrong?

That must be… no problem.

Seeing Yuan Yi’s calm face, Yan Xi couldn’t help blurting out the words in her heart, “What does this have to do with the rules of being a human being?”

Yuan Yi said, “Of course there is.” He asked casually, “Have you ever met a man who doesn’t count when promising something before?”

Thinking of her scumbag ex-boyfriend, Yan Xi felt that this question was a bit uncomfortable, and she subconsciously asked, “You are such a serious and principled man. Are you always counting on your promise to your girlfriend? Have you ever had a girlfriend?”

Come on, hurt each other!

“No,” Yuan Yi said blankly, looking at Yan Xi with a curious expression, “Women are too troublesome. I have never had a girlfriend.” Women just like to inquire about gossip. If other women asked him like this, he would have been too lazy to pay attention, but now Yan Xi asked him.

There is a saying called “cannibalism has a soft mouth.” He didn’t understand it much before, but now he thinks it makes sense. He always feels that he will panic if he doesn’t answer the other person.

It seems that he needs to invite her back sooner so that he won’t be soft-spoken.

Yan Xi was silent, then smiled and said, “Then you must be a very cold person.”

A man who can’t speak in front of a woman is under-trained. Don’t have emotional intelligence when they talk. Most of them are just taking a girl a few more meals. The only good thing is that this man doesn’t need her to dress up.

“I don’t think you look like you have ever had a boyfriend.” Yuan Yi felt as if he had been mocked. This woman is different in her appearance. Which man can stand her?

“Tsk, Tsk..” Yan Xi raised her chin, “Would a beautiful woman like me have no ex-boyfriend?”

“Having an ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean that you have a boyfriend. As a single dog, are you still proud of being single?” Yuan Yi felt that he was even more uncomfortable and irritable and didn’t know if it was because of a stomach problem.

“Yuan Yi, you asked me to treat you just to make it difficult for me?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows and finally couldn’t hold back her violent temper, even though she was already trying hard enough to not expose her short temper!

“Believe it or not, I stuffed a bowl of soup into your stomach and made you speechless?”

Yuan Yi was silent. He had heard his eldest brother say that when some women get angry, they don’t talk and do things logically. For example, as long as he doesn’t want to, the remaining half can of soup will not be able to be stuffed into his stomach, so this threat is entirely ineffective.

But for some unknown reason, he felt guilty and short of breath and couldn’t say a word.

Walking out of the store, Yan Xi squinted her eyes at Yuan Yi, making her tone as murderous as possible, “For the sake of your helping me, I think I should tell Mr. Yuan Yi a trivial matter. If you want to pursue your sweetheart in the future, remember to talk less and do more things. Don’t argue with her if you have nothing good to talk to. Even if you win, you will be unlucky.”

After Yuan Yi had been silent for a long time, he slowly said, “There are still many women who want to marry me. I don’t need to spend time on this kind of thing.”

“Then you are quite proud?” Yan Xi put her hands around her chest, “Then tell me, do they like your face, figure, or character?”

Yuan Yi: He’s not a woman. How does he know?

But he didn’t dare to say this out. It was really evil. He was taught by a woman and didn’t dare to speak back. Tonight’s meal was not correct.

“You can’t tell, can I? Seeing that he didn’t speak, Yan Xi nodded in satisfaction, “In fact, you have an excellent nature, but you have a little bit of a problem,” she compared the distance of the nail cover, “just a little bit.”

A man who respects grass-roots staff rushes to the scene without fear of rumors because of the suicide of his subordinates, donates money to the welfare home, drives carefully, and obeys the traffic rules will definitely not be bad.

It’s just that some stinky problems are not very likable, and some are undereducated.

Yuan Yi: Is he so unpopular?

“What about that,” Yan Xi felt she had said too much. Among ordinary friends, the most taboo thing is to talk deeply. She and Yuan Yi are probably not even friends. These words are beyond the scope of their friendship. “What I just said is a joke, don’t take it to heart. You are handsome and rich, have a distinguished family, and have a kind heart. People who like you can go from the Imperial capital to Haicheng.”

Yuan Yi watched her show a flattering smile to him. His heart did not fluctuate, and he even wanted to reach out and pinch her face, which looked very tender. He put his hand in his trouser pocket and behaved very generously, “Many women like to nag. I won’t take your words to heart. Get in the car, and I will take you back.”

Yan Xi:…

She felt that what she had just said was all in vain.

A few days later, when Yuan Yi rushed home, he heard Aunt Li stop him in surprise: “Second young master, you are on “Those Things Around Us!”

What is there to be proud of on a show with few viewers?

Yuan Yi walked to the sofa and sat down. Sure enough, he saw himself on the screen. The program team gave him the identity of Changfeng’s senior management, Mr. Yuan.

“Second young master, why did you come in without changing your shoes!” Aunt Li then noticed that Yuan Yi was still wearing leather shoes on his feet, so she hurriedly picked up the slippers.

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