Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #17

Chapter 17 (part 2/2) I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day seventeenth.

It was not life-threatening. Chen Baichuan drank a few sips of pond water and was frightened, but he didn’t leave the show. On the contrary, his fans reacted a lot, brushing his distressed brother while crusading against the program group.

The director of the program group was scolded quite speechlessly.

He watched the video, and it was clear that Chen Baichuan wanted to be handsome and walk improperly.

He just wanted to ask- normal people who walk such a steep slope with a straight waist and don’t hold the things around him for safety. Does he think of filming an idol drama?

He never dreamed that an adult would slide into the pond.

The director regretted agreeing to Chen Baichuan’s team and letting him be on the show. In fact, Uncle Shi Zhi’s food show was good enough. The director had already given up on his idealism and admitted that this was a food show. After all, ratings are king.

However, Chen Baichuan noticed that the director was in a bad mood and took the initiative to apologize for the fans behavior. For this reason, he was also a victim, and the director would not be able to pursue anything.

He fell into the pond and was rescued by a filming crew, and it was broadcast live. This is not a good thing for Chen Baichuan. It is impossible to say that he is not embarrassed. Chen Baichuan was hit hard by this accident. He had to think that he might really not have any contact with Shi Zhi in the show, but he didn’t expect that there would be bright flowers in the dark.

(Bright flowers in the dark = Opportunity)

Shi Zhi actually took the initiative to talk to him.

First, Shi Zhi and Ning Jiachi went to the mountains to pick some edible wild fruits. When they returned, they found Chen Baichuan sitting on the sofa. Shi Zhi stopped and walked in front of Chen Baichuan.

“Do you eat fruit?”

“The one I just picked has been washed.”

This is considered the first interaction between Chen Baichuan and Shi Zhi, except for the indispensable greeting after they first met. This Shi Zhi was the first one who approached Chen Baichuan.

Chen Baichuan’s fans have been obsessed with their brother’s “handling” the rumor between him and Shi Zhi ever since Chen Baichuan was on the show. Now they finally see it.


[Come on, let me just say that Shi Bitch can’t pretend for long, now it’s exposed, why doesn’t anyone believe that Shi Bitch likes our brother.]    

[Knowing that you don’t even avoid suspicion during the live broadcast, just ask if you are cheap or not.

[Bah, who wants to eat your fruit. Danger area]

[Shi Zhi biatch, climb for the lord]

[My brother has hinted many times before that he is very troubled. Was there such a shortage of men at the time? Please, let Chen Baichuan go.]

Some people feel that this is not necessary.

[??? Didn’t Shi Zhi just give Chen Baichuan fruit to eat? She also gave it to the rest of the people. You also said that it is polite for Chen Baichuan to find Shi Zhi, but when Shi Zhi gave the fruit, she was interested in him.]

Chen Baichuan was taken aback when he faced the fruit handed over by Shi Zhi but quickly picked it up.


The corners of his mouth wanted to rise, but he suppressed them. He knew that many people were staring at this scene.

It’s done. Just a few words. He can already step on Shi Zhi to hype it up again.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

Chen Baichuan thought it was over after Shi Zhi gave him a piece of fruit, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi didn’t leave, but instead stared at him, raised her eyebrows, and said this.

Chen Baichuan hesitated for a moment.

What does Shi Zhi mean?

Is it…

Overwhelmed by his charm?

Chen Baichuan hadn’t thought about Shi Zhi before. The entertainment circle position between him and Shi Zhi was too big at the time, so he just regarded Shi Zhi as a high-ranking prop person.

Now, Chen Baichuan looks at the woman in front of him. Shi Zhi is beautiful. There is no doubt about this. When the contestants talked about topics between men, many popular contestants said they liked Shi Zhi.

Even if she was dressed casually, her face was still exquisite and flawless, and her figure was even better. Chen Baichuan suddenly felt that the fruit she handed him in his palm was slightly hot.

Chen Baichuan’s fans exploded even more.

[Ah, ah, so shameless!]

[Does anyone else want to scold this Shi Zhi bitch? This is not the scope of politeness and impolite, right? Can’t you leave after giving it? You have to stand next to it and wait for Chen Baichuan to eat. What does this mean?]

The original audience in the live broadcast room was also scratching their heads. What did Uncle Shi Zhi mean? It’s not that the previous rumors are true, is it?

“Eat it, eat it.” Shi Zhi was still urging, and her eyes kept staring at Chen Baichuan.

Chen Baichuan “Okay.”

As if filming an advertisement, he gracefully and contrived to take a bite of the red fruit in his hand. Then his expression was distorted for an instant, but he quickly recovered.

Shi Zhi was still asking, “How is it, is it sweet or not?”

Chen Baichuan squeezed out a word, “…sweet.”

“Really? Shi Zhi expressed disbelief and said to Chen Baichuan, “Since it’s sweet, why don’t you eat more and take a few more bites.”

Under Shi Zhi’s gaze, under the attention of the live broadcast camera, Chen Baichuan barely smiled and took another bite.

Then his face twisted into a mask of pain, and even his eyes narrowed.

Across the screen, everyone felt it――


[It’s not sweet, it has to be sour.]

[I already have a sense of substitution, and my teeth are starting to hurt.]

Shi Zhi nodded when he saw Chen Baichuan’s reaction and said to Ning Jiachi next to her in a declarative tone, “It looks sour, don’t eat it, and tell Xiao Luo not to eat it either.”

As if completing a task, the two of them left Chen Baichuan, who was looking for a paper towel and planned to spit out the fruit.

Audience: ???

They finally remembered why Shi Zhi took the initiative to find Chen Baichuan and handed him the wild fruit without saying anything. They had to stand and wait for him to taste it.

You said this is taking Chen Baichuan to try “poison”?

It must depend on the effect of trying “poison”! If you leave, how can you see the effect?

In front of the truth, the previous Chen Baichuan fans scold Shi Zhi for seducing their brother, brainstorming and searching for other comments to say. Looking at this situation, it seems very funny. 


The live broadcast room is already laughing too much.

[Chen Baichuan: Shi Zhi, are you devil?]

[Sister Shi: That’s right, I am.]

[Ahahaha, I can’t laugh anymore. Sister Shi’s devil can’t be set down. I know that Sister Shi is different from others; how could she be ambiguous with Chen Baichuan.]

[Chen Baichuan just now will not be making any rumors about Shi Zhi like him. There is a thought of a sentence: he is so ordinary but confident.]


Shi Zhi tried the wild fruit with Chen Baichuan, and when she came to the conclusion that it was not delicious, she threw it away. The “little mouse” Chen Baichuan’s sourness did not slow down for a long time. He really didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be able to do this kind of thing.

Facing Chen Baichuan’s bad eyes, Shi Zhi’s conscience was completely painless. The guests who recorded the show together were all familiar, and she was not willing to let them taste it. Since Chen Baichuan hyped the original body and ate the bonus, let him taste whether the fruit was sour or not. What’s the matter?

Chen Baichuan came to the show with the task of interacting and playing games with the guests to give them the ingredients, and it was finally his turn for this session.

Shi Zhi said, “If it’s a brother, come and cut me.”

Ning Jiachi, next to her, heard it, avoided the camera, and leaned over, “Sister Shi, what do you mean?”

He didn’t understand.

Shi Zhi explained to Ning Jiachi, “Haven’t you seen those web game ads? If you are a brother, you will cut me. If you cut me, you will have the tools falling. We succeeded in the challenge. Didn’t the ingredients fall?”

Shi Zhi didn’t actually think this was that funny. It was just as funny as it was. Meanwhile, Ning Jiachi thought about it seriously, and then he laughed directly like a dog. There was no such as guarding his image at all. Shi Zhi wanted to stay away from him.

In fact, to engage in interactive challenges, according to the idea of the guard Shi Zhi team, Shi Zhi is best not to do this.

Do not have any contact with Chen Baichuan, do not give each other a look so that people have no chance to make up rumors!

It’s just that even if they think so, the program team won’t let it. Everyone has to interact with Chen Baichuan because they can’t escape. If the challenge is successful, there will be two catties of pork as a reward.

Shi Zhi told Ning Jiachi, “I can.”

She moved her wrists and ankles and tied her hair with a clean ponytail.

“I’ll cook you a barbecue tonight.”

Wu Luo responded loudly, “Okay!”

Shi Zhi participated in the book club and studied the practice of barbecue. At that time, many netizens were greedy, but meat was a scarce ingredient in the show. It was okay for Shi Zhi to fry a dish, but making a barbecue was still very difficult.

Now that two catties of meat are in front of them, someone has already yelled for Shi Zhi to hurry up. They also ordered takeaway in advance and ate together later.

Fans of Chen Baichuan jumped out with a judgmental mind of Shi Zhi: Hehe, it seems that he will definitely win.

Shi Zhi put on inflatable equipment, and Chen Baichuan, in the distance, was also wearing the same thing.

This level is a confrontation. That is, everyone has to collide with each other. Wearing inflatable equipment avoids physical contact between the two sides, and secondly, it also plays a protective role.

After the sour fruit incident, Chen Baichuan completely dispelled the unrealistic idea that Shi Zhi might be interested in him. However, he could still smile at the camera as if there had been no unhappiness between the two sides.

He said to Shi Zhi, “This activity is a bit of a loss for girls. Girls’ physical strength is worse than boys, and they are much weaker. I will save some effort in a while.”

After Chen Baichuan said this sentence, all his fans in the live broadcast room brushed his sentences like his brother’s true gentleman.

Bai Wu, who had the best temper, wanted to roll her eyes.

It’s too pretentious. He still had time to say this kind of thing!

When Ning Jiachi found out about this just now, he wanted to volunteer to switch with Shi Zhi. It was up to him to PK at this level with Chen Baichuan. When the director refused, Chen Baichuan stood next to him and didn’t take the initiative to agree to change it. Ah.

Bai Wu looked at Shi Zhi a little worriedly. Shi Zhi was not short among girls, even much taller than Bai Wu, but she looked petite in front of Chen Baichuan.

Chen Baichuan said a lot of nonsense, but some think his saying is correct. Girls do suffer in terms of physical strength.

Shi Zhi’s expression was very light, and she praised Chen Baichuan.

“Such a gentleman?”

“It should be.”

Shi Zhi, “Then, you’d better do your best, be serious, because I’m not a good person.”

Chen Baichuan: ???

Program Director:???

The audience in the live broadcast room laughed again.

The gods are not really good people. Why didn’t they expect that Shi Zhi actually made most of the jokes on this show and took the initiative to certify that she was a bad person?

Sister Shi! Not a good person. Shi Zhi, I’m in love.

Shi Zhi told Chen Baichuan that he really had to do the task seriously. After all, two catties of pork were related to whether she could add food to everyone at night.

Chen Baichuan smiled reluctantly, “Senior Shi Zhi is really funny.” Shi Zhi debuted earlier than Chen Baichuan, and according to the rules, he has to call it that.

Shi Zhi could see that the other party disapproved, but she had said it anyway, whether Chen Baichuan believed it or not.

After a brief exchange, a competition was ushered in. Chen Baichuan prepared his posture. Even though he said that he wouldn’t use all his strength, he actually planned to do the opposite.

Shi Zhi gave him sour fruit, which made him look ugly. He also put the blame on Shi Zhi for sliding into the pond before. Chen Baichuan wanted to teach Shi Zhi a lesson.

The two rushed out at the same time with a whistle.

“Sister Shi Zhi, come on!” Wu Luo shouted.

Bai Wu and Tian Hong also shouted, “Shi Zhi, come on!”

The soul of the guest group is sufficient.

Shi Zhi collided with Chen Baichuan, and a cruel smile flashed in Chen Baichuan’s eyes. But, suddenly he saw that the distance between himself and Shi Zhi suddenly widened, farther and farther, and then he fell heavily to the ground, rolled in, then became two circles distance.

Chen Baichuan: ???

It seemed that something was wrong, but the caudal cervical spine that was a little painful told him that there was nothing wrong.

He was hit by Shi Zhi and flew away.

He was hit by Shi Zhi and flew away?!

Both the on-site staff and the audience in the live broadcast room could clearly see this scene. Chen Baichuan collided with Shi Zhi, and Chen Baichuan flew out directly.

Shi Zhi was wearing a big inflatable props costume, rushing forward like the wind, crossing the obstacle of Chen Baichuan, and running to the opposite end but still thinking about something.

The director was first blinded by the scene of Shi Zhi hitting Chen Baichuan, and then he was attracted by Shi Zhi’s broken thoughts. He asked, “What is Shi Zhi talking about?”

When the choreographer heard this, he laughed, “She is talking about barbecue.”

To be precise, it’s barbecue meat.……

Because she ran with the wind, the sound of the wind became fragmented and broken as soon as the wind blew, and the last word seemed to be repeated.

Shi Zhi had a sports camera on her head that could be shot, so the audience in the live broadcast room felt the beauty crit for the first time, and even the appearance value of vigorous exercise did not collapse. Seeing Shi Zhi’s eyes shining, and the sentence of barbecue meat, meat, and meat……

[Damn! Uncle Shi Zhi is a little bit cute!]

This commander spoke to the hearts of many people.

She is so cute too!

Suddenly their heart was hit as if they could shout three words to Uncle Shi Zhi――

You can win!

[The fish uncle is so beautiful!]

[Warning! Braised warning!]

[What can I do? It’s great to be online, to be able to dream… Actually, I can do it too, Shi Zhi supports me. 】


There is no doubt that Shi Zhi, who ran with the wind, got a reward, two catties of pork. Chen Baichuan had been sitting there without getting up after he was hit by Shi Zhi. After he got up, Shi Zhi had already carried the pork hanging from a rope and went to share the joy with her companions. As for Chen Baichuan.. who cares about him? he is just a prop person who has “chopped” it.

A group of artists who have many fans and can be named in the entertainment circle, face these two catties of pork with simple joy on their faces.

Ning Jiachi; “I can’t run away from the barbecue tonight.”

Wu Luo; “Actually, I want to eat braised pork too.”

Shi Zhi weighed the meat and said that both barbecue and braised pork can be arranged.

Chen Baichuan, who was hit by her, stood behind them and couldn’t laugh. He didn’t expect Shi Zhi to have such a great force.

Chen Baichuan fans have already begun to swear and scold. The overwhelming accusations made the old audience in the live broadcast room completely silent this time.

Can’t you afford to play? The rules are such rules, and Shi Zhi has already told Chen Baichuan to get serious.

An audience member added in a low voice, “The point is that I think Chen Baichuan has a lot of strength, and he didn’t really let Shi Zhi pass, but he could still be hit and fly.”

Chen Baichuan, there are hundreds of millions of points of failure.


Chen Baichuan finally got what he wanted on the hot search and got attention, but this time Chen Baichuan and his team were not happy.

Because the hot topic is #Chen BaiChuan has a billion points of failure#

A man is not willing to be named with the word failure, just being usually joking still made someone angry. Not to mention the traffic idols like Chen Baichuan, and it’s directly on the hot search.

Before people clicked on the video, the netizen was: I don’t believe it.

After clicking on the video, netizens: He really is not strong, it’s time to make up for it. He is only in his twenties and like this. What will happen from then on?

And accidentally discovered that Shi Zhi’s whole person seemed to be reborn, how could she be so likable?

The whole person is like a retired old man. She has excellent fishing skills and makes a good meal. When it’s time to fight people, she will fight directly. At that time, the actor dubbed the fish and laughed at Xiong Baojie. The scene definitely will be famous, she can make people laugh and vomit in madness. For her little partner to eat barbecue, rush forward in a props costume.

“Also, I do think I have to clean up Shi Zhi’s name. I followed the hot search clip to observe “Our Village”, but I didn’t see that Shi Zhi liked Chen Baichuan at all. ”

A blogger posted such a Weibo and began to give examples.

The first time Shi Zhi interacted with Chen Baichuan was to “test poison” him with sour fruit. Do you call this liking?

Shi Zhi played a game with Chen Baichuan and knocked Chen Baichuan out. Do you think this behavior is like someone?

If you call all of this an act of love, you need to see the eye doctor. Who likes a person with this kind of attitude, terrifying love.

“Shi Zhi loves two catties of pork more than Chen Baichuan.”

There are also netizens in the comments who have released a comparison of the pictures. If you don’t look at it, you don’t know. It’s absolutely amazing.

Shi Zhi looked at the pork with shiny eyes and affectionate eyes. Looking at Chen Baichuan without any emotion, was like looking at a stone.

love? dislike? Right here?

“How did that news come from? Why do you think Chen Baichuan was dancing there by himself? Just a few photos and I didn’t see that she was really enthusiastic about Chen Baichuan at the time.”

(Dancing there by himself = making a move alone)

“It was during that period that Chen Baichuan was known to the public. This time, he has been on the show and has been on the side of Shi Zhi. Let’s take a closer look at Shi Zhi.”

After a closer inspection, they felt that something was wrong, and smelled a bit of porcelain from the inside.

The wind direction is now tilted towards Shi Zhi all the way, and the video is placed there. Shi Zhi’s performance is definitely not like a person who likes someone, and the black fans that made Shi Zhi suffer the last time finally leave her alone.

The reason for the one-sided wind direction is not only that Shi Zhi’s performance is too obvious, but also that Chen Baichuan’s fans with super combat power have not come too far.

Because their idol body was on the hot search, many Chen Baichuan fans immediately left the fandom. After all, they were all girlfriends. They were originally greedy for Chen Baichuan’s body, but now they’re not interested anymore. Oh, just wipe the tears and change to another idol.

Anyway, there are countless star-chasing girls, and with the type of fan love that Chen Baichuan had it is easy to find a substitute.

The new brother is more handsome! The new brother is in good health, with eight-pack abs, and runs in the gym every day!

Chen Baichuan’s girlfriend’s fans are like sand, and they disperse when the wind blows.

The Chen Baichuan team probably didn’t expect that their original intention was going to rub the heat of Shi Zhi and suck the blood again, but now it is directly sucked back, and he has lost powder, meanwhile, Shi Zhi is very busy.

 Shi Zhi became the biggest winner.


Shi Zhi sent away the person who had lost the ingredients and props, and arranged for everyone to eat the two catties of pork in exchange, and “Our Village” also ushered in the end.

For the separation, everyone is very reluctant.

The main thing they do care about is the meals made by Shi Zhi. After all, everyone is in a circle and they will always meet each other, but it is difficult to eat the meals made by Shi Zhi every day.

Shi Zhi showed off a lot of craftsmanship in “Our Village”. The audience couldn’t eat it. They just stared at the screen and drooled every day, eager to rush across the screen and taste it.

Now, no one questioned whether the food made by Shi Zhi was really delicious. After all, everyone’s food intake was put there every day.

“Sister Shi Zhi, let’s add a WeChat.”

Ning Jiachi is relatively close to where Shi Zhi lives, and he said that he can still go to dinner often in the future.

Of course, this was unilaterally done by him, and Shi Zhi did not agree.

At Ning Jiachi’s strong request, Shi Zhi became friends with Ning Jiachi, and then something embarrassing happened.

Shi Zhi has Ning Jiachi’s WeChat here, but Ning Jiachi has blocked Shi Zhi.


They stared at each other, should she get an explanation?

Ning Jiachi’s mind is full of capital letters-danger!

He really didn’t know when he had blocked Shi Zhi. He did have the habit of blocking people, and now it fell on Shi Zhi, which was particularly embarrassing.

Shi Zhi; “Don’t add it, don’t add it, I’ll block you too now.”

Ning Jiachi repeatedly stated that he was wrong, and finally became a valued WeChat friend of Shi Zhi again.

The rest of the people also interacted with Shi Zhi, changed their contact information, and Weibo was also closed to each other.

It caused a lot of emotion from the audience, “Shi Zhi’s popularity seems to be quite good. ”

Bai Wu looked at the camera before going to bed and wondered, “Am I fat?”

Suddenly, I felt that the flesh on my face seemed to have become more.

Before the separation, each agent came to lead their own artists. Ning Jiachi’s agent came the earliest. Ning Jiachi hadn’t woken up yet and called his agent angrily.

“Ning Jiachi, your figure…”

The agent was also calling Ning Jiachi’s name, and then suddenly looked at him, hesitating in tone.

Ning Jiachi Tsk-tsk, “ I know we are on live broadcast right now, don’t praise me.” He knows that he is in great shape, but it’s not good to sell and boast in front of everyone.

Ning Jiachi Agent, “Are you fat?” Even the edges and corners of the face are not so obvious anymore.

Ning Jiachi: ??? Who are you talking about?

Look at his eight-pack abs! He wants to prove himself!

Ning Jiachi fans in the live broadcast room saw Ning Jiachi lifting his clothes with his hands on the spot, and shouted excitedly, “Hurry up, hurry up!”

The rest of the audience didn’t expect Ning Jiachi’s fans to be as generous as their artists. If it is their idol, they would definitely have to shout no to others. Thank you for not treating them as outsiders.

Ning Jiachi’s clothes were lifted open, revealing his… six-pack abs!

Eight packs are two packs less.

Ning Jiachi panicked. He didn’t believe in this evil turnover at first. After he found the mirror and counted his abdominal muscles three times, it was still six instead of eight, he had to believe in this evil fact.

From eight to six, his fat abdominal muscles lost two pieces.

There was a scream from Ning Jiachi’s room.

Tian Hong, who came to hear the news, also lifted off his clothes, revealing a large piece of abdominal muscle.

That is the belly.

He said to the camera, “I still have abdominal muscles, believe me.”

Facing Tian Hong’s clothes, the audience behaved very truthfully, “Brother Tian Hong, it’s cold, cover the clothes, we believe it.”

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