[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 40. (1/2)

Star Wars

“12 players, I don’t know how many are from Mars and how many are from Mercury.” No. 1 muttered.

Xu Jia laughed in her heart. She didn’t want to guess right, but judging from the current situation, the possibility of guessing right was very high.

No. 1 turned his head and said solemnly, “I am really a Mars resident. If I say I am a Mercurian right now, I am lying to them, you know?”

Xu Jia nodded in understanding, “You must be a comrade from Mars, otherwise you would have attacked me now, right? Pretend to be a Mercury person lurking in the enemy camp, I understand.”

No. 1 felt that his friend was very smart, and he was very relieved.

The two continued to walk, but three people came towards them. One was close to the left wall, one was against the right wall, and one was four or five steps behind. They were on guard against each other.

Xu Jia took two steps back and looked at the people vigilantly.

No. 1 stepped aside and asked in a deep voice, “Which planet are you from?”

No. 12 pursed his lips and said nothing.

No. 11 sneered, “Why don’t you explain it clearly first?”

No. 10 said nonsense, “I am a resident of Jupiter.”

No. 1 laughed angrily, “Mercury and Mars are at war, where does Jupiter come from?”

No. 10 continued to talk nonsense, “Jupiter is a neutral planet, I came here specifically to be a referee and will not participate in the fight.”

Xu Jia watched coldly, and the onlookers were suspicious of each other.

No. 1 smiled slightly and then suggested, “Let’s get rid of the irrelevant people first? Who knows if Jupiter is a spy!”

That makes sense.

No. 12 silently grabbed No. 10’s left hand, and No. 11 quietly grabbed his right hand.

No. 10, “!!!”

What did he do wrong? Why did he have to be the target?

“What if I tear the wrong person?” No. 10 shouted.

“Then I will feel very sorry.” No. 1 announced in a heavy tone.

No. 10, “…”

There’s no point in feeling sorry! He can’t be resurrected!

He turned his head and complained, “Why did you listen to him? This guy doesn’t know his identity.”

No. 12 said indifferently, “I don’t know which camp No. 1 is from, but you are from Jupiter, so you are definitely not a companion. It’s okay to tear you apart.”

No. 11 smiled and said, “Let’s just tear one apart and see what happens.”

No. 10 was deeply annoyed – he shouldn’t be naughty and mean. He hurriedly changed his words, “Okay, okay, I’ll tell the truth, I’m a Mars.”

At this point, he couldn’t care less about hiding it and had to confess. He just hoped that among the five people present, more teammates could save him.

Mars? No. 12 was a little moved, and his hand loosened slightly.

No. 11 still held the man and asked half-doubtfully, “Mars? Is it true? Are you talking nonsense?”

No. 1 strode over, tore open No. 10’s name tag, and said firmly, “It’s too late to lie now!”

Lie to your sister. No. 10 glared at No. 1 fiercely and said in a bad tone, “Did you do it on purpose?”

No. 10’s name tag had the word “Mars” written on it.

No. 1 was stunned, with an expression of disbelief on his face, and couldn’t wait to ask, “Didn’t you say you are a Jupiter player?”

No. 10 was a little crazy. “You believed the obvious refusal? You deliberately seized the opportunity to eliminate the Mars player? You must be a Mercury person.”

“No…” No. 1 opened his mouth, unable to speak. He looked at No. 10, then at the name tag in his hand, with an expression of being in trouble.

The broadcast sounded at the right time, “No. 10 Mars resident OUT.”

Before disappearing, No. 10 still roared in despair, “My Mars companions must avenge me!”

Xu Jia laughed in her heart. She seemed to understand what was going on. No. 1 seemed to be resolute and decisive, but in fact, he was a fool with a single-minded mind.

She said she was a Marts, and No. 1 believed it quickly.

No. 10 said he was from Jupiter, and No. 1…seemed to believe it…

This is how misunderstandings are caused. Probably in No. 1’s view, since they are not in the same camp, who cares which planet he is from? Just tear it off.

As for No. 10’s later change of words, No. 1 no longer believed it.

No one believed it when he was honest, but he was taken seriously when he was talking nonsense. No wonder No. 10 thought No. 1 was doing it on purpose.

No. 12 silently grabbed No. 1’s left hand, and No. 11 quietly grabbed his right hand.

“Misunderstanding.” No. 1 hurriedly explained, “I didn’t know he was telling the truth when he admitted that he was from Mars.”

“Stop pretending! You clearly want to eliminate the Mars players, so you deliberately make excuses!” No. 11 accused righteously.

No. 12’s eyes moved slightly, revealing a suspicious look, “Why do you dare to tear someone apart when you don’t even know each other’s identities? Could he be a spy sent from another planet?”

No. 1 rolled his eyes and asked, “Isn’t No. 10 suspicious? Then why did you help me clamp him down?” After tearing him apart, he found out that it was his teammate and started to blame him again as if everything had nothing to do with them.

…Wait! No. 1 suddenly raised his head and looked at No. 11 and No. 12 in surprise – angry because they tore a Mars player apart. Are these two also Mars?

“Tell me, which planet are you from?” No. 11 asked.

“Mars.” No. 1 confessed honestly.

No. 12 sneered and said casually, “What’s there to ask? Will he tell you the truth? He is a Mercury resident at first glance, just tear him apart.”

“Hey!!” No. 1 raised his voice to protest.

At the critical moment, Xu Jia stepped out and said something fair, “No. 1 should be a Mars, don’t tear it up yet.”

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