Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #84

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Chapter 84

Shi Zhi handed the greasy big liar to Gao Fan.

This is Gao Fan’s stage. If he doesn’t perform well in the field he is best at, then Shi Zhi can only say that the leader is very disappointed in you.

Shi Zhi didn’t dare to stay in the house and also kindly reminded the program staff not to listen.

But it aroused the rebellious psychology of the cameraman.

He thought.

He likes this kind of unknown excitement! Since you are pursuing excitement, you must follow through to the end!

Soon after, the cameraman came out with goosebumps and a pale face.

Shi Zhi understood, “Excitement is not so easy to pursue.”

She had already given a friendly reminder, but he didn’t listen.

The cameraman did bring the results of the competition. Gao Fan won as “Oil Field” and lived up to Shi Zhi’s expectations.

Gao Fan is relatively young and strong, with more breath and can maintain the bubbling sound for a longer time.

The big liar was defeated and was sent away by Gao Fan in disgrace.

The other parties have already started to experience various heartfelt chats, the artists’ confusion and “complaints” about the agents, and the agents revealing how much pressure they are under.

It’s Shi Zhi’s turn.

Artists: “Our President Shi is the best in the world. She always remembers us. Our President hired professionals for us, and arranged food and accommodation. Now there are jobs looking for us. We have fans, so we are especially happy!”

It is impossible to complain. After experiencing President Xu, we know how good Teacher Shi is to them.

As the artists at the bottom, a beam of light suddenly shone in, telling them that they had not been abandoned.

The staff of the program group can see that they are sincere and not just blowing rainbow farts.

Shi Zhi: “Pressure, there is no pressure…” The cats are all very competitive. They have started to solve their cat food problem, and everyone is also practicing well.

“I’m sorry, I should have said I was under pressure, right? I’ll change my words if necessary.”

As she spoke, she felt that she seemed a little arrogant. She had to follow the program’s thinking, and it was generally appropriate to have some pressure. This program gave her the opportunity to promote artists, so she still had to cooperate.

Shi Zhi: It doesn’t matter. She is a professional actor.

“I am under a lot of pressure.” After a pause, “But you have to give me the script.”

No script.

The program team told Shi Zhi, “Don’t worry about us, Teacher Shi, just follow your own rhythm.”

There are still some thought-provoking and clashing points, which started when Ye Ziwen told Shi Zhi that someone seemed to be in a bad mood.

Shi Yan strolled around and finally caught the target person in the corridor next to the dance studio.

He sat in the corridor in a daze.

“Dong De.”

Shi Yan called out his name before he introduced himself.

“President. Shi?!”

Dong De actually didn’t expect Shi Zhi to call out his name. This is not to say that the President. She doesn’t care about them, but mainly because President Shi seems to have a certain barrier to names.

Lu Zeming suffered from this and once became Lu Ze’an.

Dong De, “President. Shi, how did you come here?”

He wanted to get up while talking, but Shi Zhi had already stopped him and sat on the stairs like Dong De, side by side with him.

Dong De: “President. Shi, do you know my name?” Touched.

Shi Hua nodded, “Last time when we bought fried rice at the company gate, you bought the last one and I didn’t get it.”

Dong De: !!!

So that’s it, so the boss remembered the fried rice that was snatched away unconsciously?

The smile of Brother Quan next to Shi Zhi collapsed. If there was no camera, he would have stopped Shi Zhi and had a good talk. Why did it become a little bit weird at the beginning?

Shi Zhi also felt that she seemed to be holding a grudge by saying this, so she asked Dong De to relax a little. She didn’t want to eat fried rice that much, and she wouldn’t hold a grudge.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Everyone said you were in a bad mood, so I came to see you.”

Dong De was a little embarrassed, “Is it Ye Ziwen?”

“I… I feel like I have walked into a misunderstanding, and I have been particularly confused recently.”

Shi Zhi pretended to listen, “Tell me about it?”

Dong De: “I am not a good singer, and I am not learning dance that fast, I seem to be a little overwhelmed… Mainly dance, the one I am learning, I can’t learn it completely.” This made him feel like a waste, like a piece of garbage.

Shi Zhi also watched the original video that Dong De released. It really looked very difficult, and the movements were very complicated, she thought about it.

“Why don’t you teach me? I haven’t learned these.”

Dong De danced better than her, anyway. Shi Zhi’s purpose was simple, which was to let Dong De regain his confidence through teaching.

Dong De: “Okay.”

After knowing that Shi Zhi was a novice in dancing, Dong De tried his best and indeed felt that he was not that bad, after all, he was in the position of a teacher.

“President. Shi, don’t worry, this dance is really not easy…”

Then Dong De saw Shi Zhi learning it in a serious manner, “Is that so?”

Brother Quan, “…”

cameraman, “…”

Dong De, “…”

Shi Zhi: Sorry.

Originally, Shi Zhi wanted Dong De to teach her to dance and regain his confidence. Still, it had the opposite effect, and Dong De wanted to cry even more.

Shi Zhi, “Actually, I am the Queen of Dance in the Universe.” Believe it or not?

When recording a variety show before, Ning Jiachi said that he was the King of Dance in Asia, and Shi Zhi was the Queen of Dance in the Universe at that time.


Dong De obviously didn’t believe it, and Shi Zhi urgently stopped teaching this time, trying to pretend that nothing had happened.

Dong De opened his heart, “Mr. Shi, I’m a little sad, I see that Ye Zi and others are very popular now…”

“I’m not jealous of Ye Zi, I’m very proud of my friend’s achievements, Ye Zi deserves it, but I feel that I’m not good enough.”

This circle is like this: a few months ago, friends who were still arm in arm, shouting when they would be popular together, may become popular idols or popular actors a few months later.

The studio gives everyone equal opportunities. Dong De also participated in the trainee selection but was eliminated because of his own reasons.

“President. Shi, do you think that if the ugly duck works hard, it will become a white swan?”

Dong De looked directly into Shi Zhi’s eyes. He looked very fragile.

The cameraman have already thought of a good speech for Shi Hua.

Of course, if the ugly duck works hard, it will become a white swan, so don’t give up. Come on.

Have a cup of spiritual chicken soup.

Shi Zhi also said, “From a realistic perspective, the ugly duck will only become an ugly big duck when it grows up.”

The cameraman nodded. Yes, Shi Zhi is right, so don’t give up. There is a future and a tomorrow.

Then he realized quickly —

Fuck, it’s totally wrong.

Shi Zhi, this isn’t spiritual chicken soup. This is poison soup!

Dong De was already about to burst, and now facing the truth, he couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Ugly duck.

Dong De, “I don’t want to work hard anymore…” Since working hard will turn him into an ugly duck, does he still need to work hard?

Shi Zhi, “If you don’t work hard, you will become a roast duck!”

You will be eaten.

Dong De, “…”

Shi Zhi, “And if the duck doesn’t work hard, it will starve to death because of lack of food.”

“If you don’t work hard, are you willing to just give up and leave?”

Shi Zhi asked Dong De.

Dong De opened his mouth but said nothing.

Shi Zhi continued, “You can leave. If you really don’t want to do it, no one can stop you. But you have to ask yourself, “What is the deepest thought in your heart?”

Dong De was thoughtful. Shi Zhi said, “Think about it carefully.”

She knew that she had to give Dong De some time alone.

“But you should not sit on the steps of the corridor. Even if you sit, take a cushion. You may get sick when you get old.”

It’s too cold.

Although Dong De looked very decadent, he was still a fashionable and handsome guy in this line of work. He looked very hip-hop, and his boss, President Shi, told him seriously that he would get cold legs when he got old.

Dong De: I was very sad at first, but now I am not that sad anymore. I even want to hurry up.

After separating from Dong De, Shi Zhi said to the camera, “I know what everyone wants to hear. I can also tell him that the ugly duck will turn into a white swan, but what is the practical significance?”

What help will it provide to Dong De?

Dong De only disappeared for a short time, and he found Shi Zhi again in the afternoon.

This time, the pain on his face was wiped away.

“President Shi, I’ve figured it out.”

“I’ll keep working hard. I still like this place and the stage.”

“I think I’ve gotten better at dancing than before. I’ll slowly find the way if I calm down…”

It’s not that you can’t die, but you can’t be crushed by death. You still have to move towards your dream.

Shi Zhi: Just figure it out.

Dong De, “President. Shi, why are you so good to us?”

She also gave them advice.

Before Shi Yu could say anything, Dong De boldly said, “Is it for money?”


Dong De, “Although I can’t make as much money as others now, I will definitely make a lot of money for President Shi in the future!” He clenched his fists and spoke firmly.

And a cushion was delivered.

Dong De sewed it himself. The big man dressed in hip-hop clothes had surprisingly good needlework. Shi Zhi showed it to the camera. This talent must be shown to the audience.

Brother Ge finally breathed a sigh of relief. Such a happy ending was okay.

Shi Zhi sent Dong De away, but her mind was full of fried rice. When she saw Dong De, she thought of the fried rice she hadn’t eaten before. It was impossible for her to say that she didn’t remember it.

Shi Zhi asked the secretary to go down and take a look at the fried rice stall downstairs. It was not open today. She was even thinking about the possibility of finding a butler.

As the richest person, why can’t she eat fried rice?!

Shi Zhi received Cheng Yu’s message, and the two chatted for a few words. Cheng Yu asked Shi Zhi what she was doing, and Shi Zhi replied that she was thinking about how delicious fried rice was.

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything, and ten minutes later told Shi Zhi, “Can I come up now? I brought you fried rice.”

Shi Zhi wanted to ask Cheng Yu if he was an angel.

After staying with Shi Zhi for a long time, the director girl felt as if she was in heaven.

There are too many good-looking boys.

Shi Zhi deliberately let everyone get more shots and show more. The director girl also found that not only the six who debuted were excellent, but also the newcomers who did not appear on the show were excellent.

I want to be a fan of this one, and I want to be a fan of that one, too.

She has already followed more than a dozen people on Weibo. I heard that the other groups don’t have this visual enjoyment.

The director girl felt like a butterfly in a sea of ​​flowers and wanted to fly happily.

The assistant of the studio also said that this time, Sister Shi didn’t need to go to KTV to eat fruit plates. There were enough handsome guys in the studio, and each of them was natural and talented.

The director girl was still immersed in the happiness of the pink little brother. The wall kept changing. Suddenly, she turned around and saw a tall, long-legged nobleman.

Very good, her wall is going to change again.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, is this also from your studio?” What is Weibo? She wants to follow it immediately!

Shi Zhi looked up and saw Cheng Yu walking towards her with a lunch box. She didn’t expect that Cheng Yu was mistaken by the director as an artist from her studio. She joked, “No, he is personal.” She can’t be a fan of this guy.

Shi Zhi went to meet Cheng Yu and told the cameraman, “Don’t take pictures of him, we are just friends.”

“If you want to take pictures, just take pictures of me.”

She felt that Cheng Yu, as a businessman, would not be very willing to be on camera.

The cameraman were indeed taking pictures of Cheng Yu. After all, he was good-looking and his type was completely different from the artists in Shi Zhi’s studio. However, he still gave Shi Zhi a face and let it go, although it was a bit of a pity.

Shi Zhi whispered to Cheng Yu, “Don’t worry, I will ask the director to cut out the pictures that have been taken.”

Cheng Yu was actually not worried about being on camera. He didn’t care about these things. All his thoughts were on Shi Zhi, who was very close to him, and that sentence—

It’s personal.

His heart was beating very fast, and the words kept echoing in his mind, and then because of the echoing words, his heart beat even faster.

Ignore the amateur friends automatically, and Shi Zhi probably means the personal assistant.

Shi Zhi didn’t have that much time to stay with Cheng Yu, after all, she was still filming, and she hurriedly ate and went to continue recording.

“Are you okay by yourself?”

Cheng Yu, “Don’t worry about me, work is more important.” He said righteously.

Shi Zhi: It turns out that you are a very strict fan.

Cheng Yu is an adult, and Shi Zhi really has nothing to worry about.

He didn’t want to stay in an office room and watched Shi Zhi continue to record the show. He stayed at the edge, and ShiZhi had already said hello to the cameraman so he wouldn’t be photographed.

The variety show of the manager was more ordinary, and Shi Zhi was still dazzling in Cheng Yu’s eyes.

When Cheng Yu was there, there would be other people who would say hello to him.

Ye Ziwen took the water, drank it, and asked Cheng Yu, “Mr. Cheng, do you want a bottle?”

Cheng Yu acted politely and refused.

Shi Zhi did not ignore Cheng Yu during the filming process. After she found out about this, she came to him with a bottle of water.

Shi Zhi said to Cheng Yu, “You don’t seem to have had anything to drink.”

Cheng Yu explained, “I will be more careful when I’m outside. Maybe it’s because of my family education that I have a higher awareness of prevention.”

Shi Zhi: Look at this realization! I’ve said many times that boys also need to pay attention to safety when they go out. Didn’t Chu Batian get into trouble because he didn’t take it seriously?!

I admire Cheng Yu more and more.

Shi Zhi: “Then I…” This bottle of water will not be given to Cheng Yu.

Because Cheng Yu was sitting in a seat and Shi Zhi was standing in front of him, he needed to look up. His eyes swept over the mineral water in Shi Zhi’s hand and continued Shi ZHi’s words.

“Are you going to give it to me?”

He smiled, “Thank you, I’m thirsty.”

He took it naturally, opened the bottle cap without hesitation, and drank it.

Double standard.

Ye Ziwen, who was guzzling water, was confused the whole time.

What’s going on? Is it necessary? Isn’t this a water bottle?

And he and Teacher Shi obviously got it from the same place.

Shi Zhi was still using Cheng Yu to teach Ye Ziwen. She wanted to start studio education, “You should also pay attention and learn from Mr. Cheng…”

Ye Ziwen looked at Cheng Yu, who had almost finished half a bottle of water and became more and more confused.

When Shi Zhi mentioned this, Cheng Yu nodded to Ye Ziwen and agreed, “You have to be careful.”

Before, because of Annie’s interaction with Shi Zhi, the green tea girl on the Internet was also popular for a while, and Ye Ziwen studied it tirelessly at that time.

Now, he always feels that President Cheng’s various performances seem to have a bit of tea flavor.

Still the high-level kind.

However, Ye Ziwen looked at Cheng Yu’s appearance and temperament and felt that he might have thought too much.

Cheng Yu still had his own things to do, so he naturally couldn’t stay with Shi Zhi all the time. After leaving Shi Zhen’s studio, he asked his assistant.

“Ye Ziwen, did you see him?”

Assistant, “I saw it.” He recognized Ye Ziwen, after all, he was very popular, but he didn’t know why President Cheng asked this.

Cheng Yu felt a little awkward, but he still spoke.

“Who is more handsome, me or Ye Ziwen… or the trainees that Shi Zhi just signed?”

Assistant: Is this what you learned from the textbook? Who is more handsome, me or Xu Gong from the north of the city?


Shi Zhi has changed from an actress to a boss. Netizens only know that she has become a boss, but they don’t really know how she gets along with the artists. Basically, they still have the impression that she leads the artists to the hot search list.

Before the show started, it caused a lot of discussion. As the most well-known and a star, Shi Zhi was mocked again.

“Shi Zhi is a boss, so she is just a hands-off manager. What experience does she have in managing people? I advise her to just be an actress and a variety show star. There is really no need to do this.”

“It feels like ShiZhi is rising again. She was doing well before. Why is she doing this?”

“Ahhh, I’m afraid. If you are an outsider, don’t mess around.”

Of course, Shi Zhi does have some fans and popularity now, but some people hold opposing views.

“I remember when Shi Zhi was on a variety show, everyone seemed to say that she shouldn’t be on a variety show. But every variety show she was on afterwards seemed to be quite exciting.”

“There is no experience to learn from. I don’t think Shi Zhi is reckless. She has already become an idol of several artists from her studio.”

“Let’s wait and see.”

The girls are generally quite calm about Shi Zhi’s career change and her participation in such a show. After all, the people they are fans of are quite calm.

Queen Shi Zhi can always give them endless surprises. They don’t need to be normal. They just need to wait and watch the show.

“Hello, Manager” wants everyone to quarrel. The more intense the quarrel, the more popular it is. And with this quarrel, the popularity has indeed risen. It has become one of the most anticipated shows by the audience before it even starts.

Amidst the quarrel, “Hello, Manager” was broadcast.


Shi Zhi and President Sun Zhi didn’t know that the recording had actually started since they met, which also meant that President Sun Zhi and his friends made sarcastic remarks, saying Shi Zhi was not a professional and had no experience. That remark was also recorded.

The director naturally would not let go of such a bombshell material, and the team did put it directly.

The program team still gave President Sun Zhi and his friends a little face and edited it. Still, President Sun Zhi and his friends were not very gentle throughout the whole process. No matter how they edited it, the meaning was there.

Shi Zhi was made difficult, and President Sun Zhi and his friends boasted in various ways, thinking of themselves as seniors…

Not to mention that Shi Zhi fans were already uncomfortable, and the others also felt uncomfortable if they put themselves in their shoes.

Live chat screen.

[Especially like those old people in the unit who have worked for many years, they gave me a hard time as soon as I graduated and started working, saying that I was not good enough… Of course, I found out later that they were even worse than me.]

[Shi Zhi is a bit pitiful. If it were me, I would probably cry on the spot.]

[Who is the one who said that he brought many superstars? Oh, I checked it out. The superstars did not do well when he brought them and were basically hidden. Later, they immediately rose to prominence after changing their agents.]

In fact, what President Sun Zhi and others said is essentially no different from those who are bad mouthing Shi Zhi on the Internet, except that they appeared directly in the video, the smell of gunpowder is stronger, and they are also bragging.

Netizens have begun to sympathize with Shi Zhi. What can we do?

Faced with these so-called “seniors”, can Shi Zhi still refute them?


Shi Zhi was smiling at first, and then she acted like a Versailles.

“Everyone can be considered my senior. I am indeed not a professional agent. I have just started managing artists and I don’t have any methods or skills. In the eyes of my seniors, I am just messing around…”

“It’s interesting to talk about it. You should have watched “The Strongest Idol”…”

“I am a wild man, messing around, but six trainees have debuted, and three of them are at the top.”

Netizens: !!!

They finally understood. It turned out that Shi Zhi’s forbearance in front of them was not forbearance. What forbearance was forbearance? She was reading a note there, waiting to enlarge it!

Not only President Sun Zhi was dumbfounded, but also netizens. Then, looking at the dumbfounded President Sun Zhi, they felt refreshed.

Shi Hua is really bold. She is beautiful and wild, and her reputation is well-deserved.

Back at the company, Shi Zhi was equally excited. The audience saw various new faces performing their talents.

Live chat screen [I suspect that Shi Zhi participated in this program to promote new artists.]

[Don’t doubt it; be bold. You are right. This is indeed something Shi Zhi can do. ]

The program group director also asked about it, and Shi ZHI admitted it.

Others let popular artists appear on camera and perform various dramas. At the same time, Shi Zhi tried hard to make up excuses and make casual sitcoms just to let newcomers show up more.

Have you worked hard?

Too hard!

The price negotiation with the partners was also very devilish. The partners tried to use Zhi Shi’s public figure, use her image, kidnap her morally, and try to package the artists of her studio at a low price.

Shi Zhi negotiated the price, and the higher it got.

[As long as I don’t talk about morality, you can’t kidnap me. (Not true)]

[Are you dumbfounded? I don’t care about my face at all!]

[Light candles and burn incense for the partners. Did he not watch Sister Shi’s variety show? This woman did not consider herself a star at all. He did not know her well enough and made a mistake.]

Shi Zhi was able to make the best use of people and things.

When Gao Fan, a man of great talent, appeared, he left a deep impression on the audience.

No matter how President Xu promoted Gao Fan, he even asked Shi Zhi to lead him, but it did not make him popular. However, Gao Fan received unprecedented attention because of this episode.

Shi Zhi and Dong De’s ugly duckling is also the highlight of the whole series. Dong De looks like a cool guy, but he is actually good at sewing. This kind of tiger sniffing roses is also a contrast that makes a group of people cute.

Netizens: The show is really good and amazing! I don’t want to watch the rest of the episode. I want to stay here with Shi Zhi’s scene.

Other celebrity groups in the entertainment industry: They seem to have discovered some great secrets…

The mastermind behind Shi Zhi’s promotion, that master, couldn’t it be Shi Zhi herself?

There was also a group of star-chasing girls who took a tentative step and shouted at Shi Zhi.


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