Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 23. (1/2)

There are too many monsters and time on the battlefield is precious and urgent. For any seriously injured psychics, the accompanying high-level wood-type medical soldiers will only treat them to a short-term level that will not be fatal and then immediately send them to the rear. The wood-type medical soldiers will save their psychic powers and try to save more lives before their mental power is exhausted.

The specific treatment and post-care work is mainly concentrated on the rear medical team.

Gu Fan’s medical team is located northwest of the base. It is responsible for receiving the wounded on the northwest battlefield.

The “0186” team has 36 people responsible for 120 beds.

As the battle continued, the beds on their side were soon filled.

In this wave, Gu Fan was assigned to four patients.

One B-level psychic and three C-level psychics.

The B-level psychic was attacked by a fire monster, and half of his body was burned black. The frontline medical soldiers healed his neck and eyes and ignored the rest. It’s not cruel, but too many injured people are on the front line. Suppose the medical soldiers delay the time to concentrate on treating one person. In that case, it will cause others to die due to inefficiency.

Three C-level psychics, one had his calf bitten by a monster, one was stabbed in the eye by a soil thorn, and one had his right arm bitten off by a wolf monster.

Four people were lying on a bed, looking in pain, grabbing the bed board, or twitching in pain, but no one was wailing.

Not only them but all the wounded sent here tried their best to endure the pain and not make any sound if they could.

Gu Fan first walked to the B-level psychic, who was burned by the fire. He was a man in his forties, of medium height but strong and sturdy. When he saw Gu Fan, his intact right eye even smiled at her.

This enthusiastic, strong, and optimistic person has a guard base.

Gu Fan herself is timid, but she admires such a good person.

The wood spirit power was running, and Gu Fan performed a “healing spell” on him.

The burns were large, but they were all superficial injuries. Modern medicine might be troublesome in treating them. However, for Gu Fan, this kind of burn was much easier to deal with than the six blood holes on Lu Ya’s body. With just one healing spell, all the man’s burned skin was scarred, a dry and hard layer like the scales of a monster.

The man looked at Gu Fan in shock.

He didn’t feel any pain!

He didn’t feel any pain after such a serious burn!

In fact, if Gu Fan continued to perform, she could let this layer of scab fall off and grow new skin, but three wounded were waiting for her next to her, and more were on the way. She couldn’t abuse her spiritual power. Gu Fan set herself the treatment requirement of relieving the pain of each wounded.

“Rest first. If you have enough energy at night, I will try to treat you further.”

After simply comforting him, Gu Fan walked towards the second wounded.

This C-level psychic was in his thirties. His eyes were pierced by earth thorns, and his face was covered with blood. The frontline medical soldier saved his eyeball.

The wound was in a dangerous position, but the area was not large. Gu Fan used healing magic to completely heal the other party’s wound.

The man was so shocked that he jumped up!

Gu Fan didn’t want to be too high-profile. Like an ordinary medical staff member, she checked the third person’s injuries and reminded the young man who had just been cured: “The wounds are all healed; return to the battlefield.”


The young man was obviously not scared by the thrill just now. He saluted Gu Fan and ran out.

The third wounded person was a woman in her forties. The two rows of teeth marks left by the monster on her right leg were deep enough to see the bone.

Gu Fan also considered it a minor injury and healed it in one go.

“Thank you.”

The female psychic was calm and not as excited as the one. After thanking her, she set off to return to the battlefield by herself.

The fourth wounded man looked the youngest, maybe only 20 years old, and lost his right arm. He didn’t whine, but his face was full of tears. He was immersed in his own pain. He didn’t even pay attention to the treatment process of the three wounded beside him. He didn’t wipe his eyes with his left hand until Gu Fan came over.

“Does it hurt?” Gu Fan asked.

The young man shook his head, smiled at Gu Fan with tears in his eyes, and said self-deprecatingly: “I just feel useless.”

He was a gold-type mutant. He thought he could be as powerful as the young marshal, but he didn’t expect to become a cripple in his first expedition.

The first three were very strong. Only this young man gave Gu Fan the opportunity to ask a question: “Will you regret it?”

He could have stayed in the base and enjoyed peace. Still, he had to run out to kill monsters for the 20 million unrelated ordinary people in the base and paid the price of an arm. He was still so young. Would he regret it?

The young man did not expect the medical staff to ask this. After a few seconds of silence, he answered with tears in his eyes: “No regrets, I killed twenty-seven monsters. It’s not in vain.”

Gu Fan understood and healed him.

She couldn’t heal the broken arm, but she healed his wound.

The disappearance of the pain made the young man’s tears stop. He sat up in disbelief and lowered his head to check the wound.

For a superpower, a broken arm only means that some hot weapons can no longer be used. Superpower attacks are not affected, so he can still stay in the army and even return to the battlefield immediately like the first two recovered wounded soldiers.

“You, you are a B-level medical soldier?” The young man asked Gu Fan in surprise because he knew that C-level medical soldiers did not have such an efficient treatment speed.

Gu Fan smiled and said: “C-level, practice makes perfect.”

The young man’s eyes lit up. Practice makes perfect. If he continues to improve himself, is it possible to exceed the attack level of C-level?

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