[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 35. (2/2)

The next day, Xu Jia crossed her arms and interrogated someone, “I heard that you don’t have a girlfriend and have been single since birth? You are very skilled in kissing people.”

Qi Yuan paused and looked at his friend in surprise. So that kiss was not a dream? Did he really kiss?

Xu Jia looked unhappy, pursed her lips, and looked very unhappy.

Qi Yuan quickly relaxed and spoke lightly, pretending to be calm, “Why are you so serious? Haven’t you kissed me? Just on the cheek.”

Xu Jia was speechless. Of course, she had kissed him. When they were playing house when they were young, he was kissed by her again and again, just like a young wife who was kidnapped into a bandit’s nest.

“But I know it was you I kissed! Yesterday, did you think I was someone else?” Thinking of this possibility, Xu Jia was immediately furious.

To fool her, Qi Yuan said something nonsense: “Well, maybe I think you are my mother.”

Xu Jia’s face turned cold, and she immediately rushed over, intending to strangle this unfilial son.

Qi Yuan reacted quickly, hugged her in his arms, restrained her movements, and said helplessly, “Are you angry?”

Xu Jia’s face was wooden, “Do I have to act happy when you kiss me as if I were someone else?”

Qi Yuan lowered his eyes. What if he told her that he only wanted to kiss her? How would their relationship change?

“I didn’t think you were someone else.” Qi Yuan let go of her hand and said half-truthfully, “Suddenly, I remembered my childhood. You kissed me several times, and I think I should kiss you back.”

Xu Jia, “…”

She had nothing to say.

Qi Yuan tilted his head and looked at her, “Are you calmed down?”

“It’s just a kiss on the cheek. With our relationship, it’s nothing.” Xu Jia said casually that it didn’t matter.

Qi Yuan’s expression suddenly became intriguing. If it was nothing, why was she angry just now? Was she angry that she was mistaken for someone else, or was she angry that he might have been so intimate with someone else?

Xu Jia felt uneasy when he was seen and couldn’t help but emphasize, “It’s all because you kissed me too suddenly, which scared me!”

Qi Yuan looked innocent, “So if we said hello in advance, we could kiss each other?”

Xu Jia: “???”

Qi Yuan coughed lightly and asked seriously, “So now, can I kiss you?” It was as solemn as kissing the bride at a wedding.

“Kiss you, you big-headed ghost!” Xu Jia was so angry that she slammed the door and left.

Qi Yuan smiled happily.

He used to think he was stupid. He knew the relationship would not have a result, but he still loved her persistently for over 20 years. He knew he was too stubborn but couldn’t persuade himself to change his mind. But now…

“Could this guy have a negative EQ and not even know who she likes or cares about?” Qi Yuan muttered to himself.


For several days, Xu Jia was a little absent-minded. Somehow, she couldn’t help but think of Qi Yuan kissing her.

Although it was on the cheek, and although they often kissed each other when they were young, she still cared inexplicably.

“Is it because I feel I was taken advantage of, so I can’t let it go?” Xu Jia’s face was solemn, and she thought very seriously, “Or should I kiss him back?”

But what if both of them were unwilling to suffer a loss and took turns kissing each other back… The picture was so beautiful that Xu Jia almost felt suffocated.

Shaking her head, she decided to let go of her obsession, cover her head and sleep, pretending that nothing had happened.

Three days later, the watch received a notification that a new round of games would start the next day. Xu Jia was in high spirits and waited for the game to start.

On the day of the game, when the time came, Xu Jia was teleported into the game on time. But this time, she was not alone in the safe zone.

Eight people stood together, including her. One of them looked very familiar: the childhood sweetheart who had just kissed her not long ago.

As the players stared at each other, a golden letter appeared on the wall, “Welcome to the ‘Infinite Variety’ game. Please complete the sorting within five minutes.”

As soon as the system finished speaking, eight cards were refreshed in front of everyone. The cards were marked from 1 to 8. Whoever got the card would have the corresponding number.

Xu Jia frowned and thought. She didn’t know whether the eight people would cooperate or fight against each other. She didn’t know how to sort it out.

Everyone hesitated.

At this time, Qi Yuan stood out from the crowd and took cards 4 and 5 without hesitation. Then, he kept card No. 5 and gave card No. 4 to Xu Jia. He said, “I want these two cards. You can divide the others.”

A burly man grinned and said, “What a coincidence? I also think card No. 5 is pretty good. How about giving card No. 5 to me, and you pick another one?”

Qi Yuan glanced at the big man and said a few words softly, “I refuse.”

The burly man approached further, with an aggressive tone, “What if I insist?”

Qi Yuan restrained the big man and pressed his arm back, then announced regretfully, “Then you will be beaten.”

The big man: “…”

Looking at the thin body, how can he fight so well? This is different from what he imagined!

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