[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 26. (1/2)

Spy Special

Compared with No. 2 tearing off No. 3 with his bare hands, he is indeed more likely to win the duel with No. 1.

No. 6 took a deep breath and agreed, “I’ll do as you say.”

Xu Jia’s right hand tightly grasped No. 6’s name tag as if she would risk her life to protect him. Unexpectedly, the next second, she quickly tore off the No. 6 name tag! The movements are completed in one go, extremely decisive, and without any sloppiness!

Number 6: “……”

He looked confused and stared at No. 2 blankly. For a moment, he didn’t know whether this girl was too stupid and accidentally injured her teammates or if she had another purpose and deliberately tricked him.

No. 3 did not know that there were two spies on the field. Seeing that No. 6 was eliminated, he gloated and smiled, “Please ask for the psychological shadow of No. 6 at this moment.”

Of course, Qi Yuan didn’t know the extent of No. 6’s psychological shadow, but he could let No. 3 feel it for himself.

The left hand grasps the arm of No. 3, and the right hand removes the name strip. The whole set of movements is clean and neat.

No. 3 heard a strange movement behind him. When he looked back, he was stunned.

A bolt from the blue!

Qi Yuan asked seriously, “Do you know how big the psychological shadow of No. 6 is now?”

Number 3: “……”

He doesn’t want to know.

The announcement sounded, “White team player No. 6 is OUT, white team player No. 6 is OUT. Black team player No. 3 is OUT, black team player No. 3 is OUT.”

Xu Jia walked up to Qi Yuan with a smile and praised, “You look so handsome fight with No. 4.”

The No. 4? Does she mean Flying Cross Solid?

Qi Yuan looked back quietly, with a smile on his lips, and asked, “Say it again.”

Xu Jia didn’t know why, so she repeated, “You look a bit handsome fighting No. 4.”

“Say it again.”

Xu Jia: “…”

It’s not that this guy didn’t hear it at all, but he just wanted her to praise him repeatedly, right?

Xu Jia turned her face away and said angrily, “No more talking.”

At this time, the black watch on the right hand made a beep sound.

Xu Jia lowered her head to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game.]

[Congratulations to the spy team for their complete victory (both survived).]

[Your current player level is lv2. If you win four subsequent games and the game-winning rate is above 30%, your level will be upgraded to lv3. (Currently, your winning rate is 100%. Participated in a total of five games and won five.)]

[The watch can view information about players whose level is lower than yours. Currently, you can view lv0 players and lv1 players.]

[After thirty seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players.]

“It’s over.” Xu Jia sighed with emotion. Before the game started, she thought it would be difficult to win. Unexpectedly, as the calculations continued, the opponents were gradually eliminated…

Xu Jia felt that she might have underestimated herself.

As for the MVP… Although it’s a pity that she didn’t get it, the flying cross is really amazing, and it is completely deserved to give the MVP to Xiao Yuan.

“Let’s go.” Qi Yuan greeted her.

As soon as he finished speaking, the surrounding scenery changed, and Xu Jia returned home. She fell asleep until nightfall.

The first thing you do when you wake up is, of course, check your account balance.

The first text message——

[The income (winning bonus) from your card with the last number 1234 is 500,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 500,000.00 yuan.]

The second text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (win bonus) is 100,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 600,000.00 yuan.]

The third text message——

[The income from your last number 1234 card (bonus for killing players: 20,000 bonus for each kill) is 40,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 640,000.00 yuan.]

The fourth text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (level bonus: 640000*0.1=) is 64000.00 yuan and the balance is 704000.00 yuan.]

700,000! That’s a huge sum of money! Xu Jia woke up at that time. She held her mobile phone and ran to her neighbor’s house, knocking on the door.

As soon as the door opened, the smell of barbecue wafted out of the room before she could say anything.

Xu Jia took a deep breath in the smell of meat and felt hungry. She became increasingly dissatisfied and expressed condemnation with her eyes, “You eat alone.”

Qi Yuan didn’t bother to argue, stepped aside and said, “Come in.”

Xu Jia was not polite. She closed the door and walked to the dining table to start eating!

Qi Yuan couldn’t help but sigh deeply as he watched someone shoot from left to right, eating and drinking without paying any attention to her appearance in front of him. She liked money and skewers, but she just didn’t like him. Why on earth could he not think when falling in love with such a girl?

“What do you want from me?” Qi Yuan lowered his eyes. The frustration in his heart was indescribable.

“Are you free recently? I would like to invite you to travel.” Xu Jia replied.

Qi Yuan raised his eyebrows, a little surprised. Traveling?

Xu Jia continued, “Didn’t you massage and treat my sprain before? The ointment is almost used up. Let’s go on a trip and buy some more.”

Qi Yuan was in a mixed mood. So he was lucky enough to be invited because of the ointment?

After calming down, he asked, “Are you free to travel? No need to train?”

“It doesn’t matter if I rest for a few days.” Xu Jia seriously said, “After the last round of the game, I finally figured it out – if I can handle it, I can use my IQ to solve it; if I can’t, two or three days of training will not be enough. It takes at least half a year to train.”

“In the last round of the game, your performance was indeed very good,” Qi Yuan had to admit. He had just told her to separate the two members of the white team as much as possible and to protect herself, but he knew nothing about her plan to tear No. 6 apart.

“Don’t always want to take me flying! In fact, I am also a big boss, with a 100% winning rate!” Xu Jia has long wanted to discuss this: “If we seriously cheat each other, we may not know who will win and who will lose.”

Qi Yuan remained silent, thinking to himself that he was crazy to trick the girl he liked.

“Wouldn’t it be better for the two of us to work together like this time?” Xu Jia was very puzzled.

He wanted to protect her from the wind and rain, but she said she wanted to fight alongside him. Qi Yuan laughed, “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Then you promise me that we will take care of things together in the future.” Xu Jia further requested.

“Okay.” Qi Yuan agreed.

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