Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #77

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Chapter 77

Shi Zhi felt indignation as if she were really a fan of Huo Xing, but towards the end, he felt something was wrong more and more until the word quit appeared, and Huo Xing could no longer calm down.


“The Strongest Idol” is not a rubbish show. On the contrary, this show brings together outstanding trainees from many companies. Youzi Channel is very strong and has put even more effort into promoting this show.

Of course, the response has been great. A pilot film has received high ratings and Weibo discussions. It is already a guaranteed hit.

Huo Xing opened his mouth, and the manager next to him opened his mouth for him.

“Teacher Shi Zhi… you really know how to joke.”

Huo Xing’s manager smiled ugly. They planned to force the program team to give more scenes and give some special treatment. They had no plans to quit!

Play hard to get. What does it mean? Do you want to catch someone before you adopt an ambiguous attitude?

Good guy, Shi Zhi is going to fire them directly.

Huo Xing’s agent stated, “We are still very sincere about the show, and there is no need to stay in a five-star hotel.”

Shi Zhi showed a disapproving expression, “Who said I was joking?”

“Huo Xing, he just wants to stay in a five-star hotel. Only a five-star hotel is worthy of him!”

Manager Huo Xing wiped the sweat from his forehead, “…No, no, no, there’s really no need.” Why was Shi Zhi so persistent?

Shi Zhi continued, “He practices 25 hours a day. Even if he has a 40-degree fever, he still practices unremittingly. He has turned down so many good resources, even famous directors’ plays, just for this piece of garbage. When the show comes, it’s a rubbish show that doesn’t even have special features. How can it be said?”

Someone picked up.

“It doesn’t make sense.” The voice was gentle and clear.

Shi Zhi paused and looked around: Huh? Who is talking to her?

Everyone: It’s not them. They are busy suppressing their laughter.

Shi Zhi had already seen the man who was talking to him. The man was wearing a suit and sitting among the crowd. He was so good-looking that he seemed to be glowing. Shi Zhi didn’t notice him just now and focused on talking.

When their eyes met, he smiled at her.

Cheng Yu.

Shi Zhi smiled. She wasn’t done yet. “I don’t think it makes sense either.”

She smiled at Huo Xing, “Huo Xing flies bravely, and his fans will always be with him.”

“Leave this rubbish show and quickly go to film with a famous director. You won’t be the best actor next year. I will be the first to disagree.”

“This rubbish program cannot delay a generation of movie stars.”

Huo Xing: “…”

Agent Huo Xing: “…”


This is indeed what Huo Xing’s fans say. How busy and hard-working their brother is. He even turns down a famous director’s role in this show. Of course, anyone with a discerning eye knows it is impossible for a famous director to find Huo Xing unless he is blind. Eyes, still blind for decades.

The shoulders of the staff member who brought Shi Zhi in were trembling. She wanted to laugh so much. Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi just checked and memorized what the fans said.

The director of the program team had been pestered to death by Huo Xing before, so he was in a state of panic. The bosses of other companies did not want to offend anyone, so they were all in a wait-and-see mode. They did not expect Shi Zhi to be so tough.

Although they were called a rubbish program crew, they were still very happy.

Shi Zhi really didn’t see what was good about Huo Xing. In her opinion, all the trainees in her company were more distinctive than the other trainees, let alone Cheng Yu, who was immortal.

Hang and beat.

There are so many things going on, so hurry up and leave.

Shi Zhi shouted, “Come on, come on.” Then she felt it was time to finish. She was tired from standing and wanted to find a place to rest, completely ignoring how bad Huo Xing and his manager looked.

What does it have to do with her? When he has a good face, he is mediocre in appearance, and she doesn’t want to talk to him when he has a bad face.

The most familiar person at the scene was Cheng Yu. Shi Zhi also found that the seat next to Cheng Yu was empty, so she told Cheng Yu.

“I…” Can I sit here?

The sound stopped suddenly because Cheng Yu had already pulled the stool open for her before Shi Zhiwen could speak.

Shi Zhi: Comfortable. jpg

“Why are you here, too?” Shi Zhi sat down beside Cheng Yu and whispered to him, her face turned sideways. Cheng Yu belonged to the noble category, so he looked handsome no matter what.

Pleasing her eyes.

Cheng Yu also looked at Shi Zhi and told her, “I invested in this show.”

Shi Zhi participated in the investment, and Cheng Yu also participated in the investment. Why Cheng Yu appeared here is explained.

Because Shi Zhi had just spoken and asked Huo Xing to withdraw, she received the whole audience’s attention. The heads of various companies also naturally noticed that Shi Zhi was calling Huo Xing a master of yin and yang one second, sarcastically, and the next second, she was sitting on Cheng Yu. The person suddenly spoke softly and looked directly at the other person. The contrast was huge. There were actually two faces.

Picking up girls on the spot?

Do you have to pay attention to the occasion? After all, you are serious now!


When the program director saw the other bosses’ expressions change, he coughed twice, temporarily interrupting their conversation.

He invited Huo Xing and his agent out. Now, it is up to the program team to discuss with the investors how to deal with it more appropriately.

Shi Zhi’s attitude was clear: “If he continues to make trouble, withdraw from the competition and give him freedom.” It’s so nice to be simple and straightforward.

Many people felt that what Shi Zhi said was quite refreshing, but these people did not express their stance. Those who expressed their stance were those who held opposing opinions.

One of the middle-aged men stood up.

“When I was young, I was still too young and too radical. Maybe you were an actor and just became a boss, so you didn’t understand.”

Again, I eat more salt than you eat rice. I relied on my old skills to show off my old team and even stepped on Shi Zhi’s head, saying that she was an actress and that being the boss was just a fool’s errand.

Shi Zhi felt that the tone of this speech was similar to that of Mr. Xu. Of course, Mr. Xu was already crying in the company.

The middle-aged man began to speak.

“Our show has just started, and peace is the most important thing. We must admit that Huo Xing does have a lot of fans. If his fans make trouble, the show will not be good to watch, and it will be difficult to handle. He has few shots, so give him more shots. It doesn’t really matter, right?”

Shi Zhi: What kind of silly criticism is this?

“Mr. Sun Zhi, he has a good relationship with the boss of Huo Xing Company.” Cheng Yu introduced Shi Zhi at the right time. Shi Zhi originally didn’t know anyone, but now she knows.

Emotions say we know each other, so I understand.

Three rounds of applause interrupted the middle-aged man, and the one applauding was Shi Zhi.

Middle-aged man: Is there anything to applaud?

“Xiao Shi, what are you doing?” he asked Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi looked at Mr. Sun Zhi and said, “I was touched.”

She looked at Mr. Sun Zhi with longing eyes, and his scalp suddenly felt a little tight.

Shi Zhi said, “Mr. Sun, you are so kind… I don’t have much money, can you give me some money?”

When they were begging on the spot, Mr. Sun Zhi said that Huo Xing had few lenses, so he would give Huo Xing some lenses. At this moment, Shi Zhi still thought that her money was so little, so could Mr. Sun give some?

Cheng Yu raised the corner of his mouth but quickly stopped his words, just watching Shi Zhi next to him.

Mr. Sun Zhi: “…” He was indeed aroused by Shi Zhi. How could she still be like this?

Shi Zhi continued to argue with Mr. Sun Zhi. She said that she could find ten flaws.

“You said Huo Xing has few lenses…”

Shi Zhi looked around. She needed some props. It wasn’t that she couldn’t continue, but she just felt uncomfortable. The key was that she wasn’t prepared at the time.

Cheng Yu pushed the computer in front of her.

He had just been doing these things on his laptop. When Shi Zhi took a closer look, she saw it was the statistical chart she wanted.

Cheng Yu made a fan-shaped statistical chart and put everyone’s lens proportions into this circle. It can be clearly seen that Huo Xing’s lens accounts for nearly 8% of the total.

There were more than a hundred people in total, and Huo Xing accounted for 8% of the total in the pilot film. In Shi Zhi’s opinion, this number of scenes was too much.

Cheng Yu said that Shi Zhi could use it casually, but Shi Zhi directly showed everyone the screen and even used a projection.

This fan chart was also reflected on the big screen in the conference room.

Shi Zhi: Look, what is this?

Mr. Sun Zhi: “…”

For the rest: “…” is very straightforward.

Shi Zhi said, “Give Huo Xing more shots and less for the other trainees.”

“Huo Xing already has a congenital advantage. It’s quite pitiful to meet other trainees with no foundation like this. Now we have to continue to give Huo Xing more shots. Mr. Sun, who do you want to sacrifice to Huo Xing?”

Shi Zhi’s smile faded. Facing Shi Zhi’s questioning, Mr. Sun Zhi’s eyes began to dodge.

He said nicely that it didn’t matter if he was given more shots, but the actual operation was to give Huo Xing more shots, and the others would have less chance to show their faces.

Shi Zhi: “There must be artists in your company participating in the talent show, otherwise we will give their footage to Huo Xing, what do you think?”

Mr. Sun Zhi blurted out: “No!”


Of course not.

Mr. Sun Zhi spoke to Huo Xing because he was a partner with him, but he couldn’t let his company’s trainees sacrifice themselves to the gods.

Shi Zhi spread her hands.


It sounds grand, but isn’t it actually for your own benefit?

Mr. Sun Zhi was defeated. He couldn’t blame Shi Zhi, and she was not reasonable.

Some people still want to continue to reverse the situation and point out the father who has invested the most, but he hasn’t spoken yet.

Whoever pays more has the final say. Shi Zhi is a glib person, but if the eldest father comes out to object, even if he wants to give Huo Xing the camera, Shi Zhi can’t do anything.

Shi Zhi: …Then she is really not the eldest father.

She didn’t invest much, and even if she had money, she didn’t. She felt that it was about the same, but today, she was a little unhappy because she didn’t get her head position.

Who is the father?

The eldest father is Cheng Yu.

In the eyes of others, Cheng Yu seemed to have turned into a repeater, “Shi Zhi is right.”

No matter what Shi Zhi said, Cheng Yu always said, “Shi Zhi is right.”

Didn’t you change the lines?

There is a change.

Cheng Yu looked at the boss, who raised the question seriously: “What do you think Shi Zhi said is wrong?”

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