[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 21. (2/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

Si Hai tried her best to stretch her neck and asked, “What’s in the treasure box? Let me have a look.”

No. 11 was on guard like a thief and firmly refused, but his back was still exposed to the air.

Because he was worried, Le Lin came to see the situation, especially: “…”

He had to admit that the randomly selected allies were indeed not very good, and their IQ was not impressive.

However, as the last remaining competitor, intelligence and toughness can be considered an advantage. Because this shows that in the late game, you can eliminate your opponent without spending too much effort. Without paying attention, Le Lin’s thoughts went astray.

No. 12 was just about to pull away from the sea of thoughts. Le Lin put his arm around No. 12’s shoulders first and complained, seemingly falsely, “You didn’t say anything about finding the treasure box? It’s so uninteresting! You know, we are allies!” Try your best to cover for your teammates.

No. 12 said in his heart, yes, alliance, the least valuable kind.

Si Hai became increasingly clingy, and finally, she stood on tiptoes behind No. 11, looking like she was trying to peek. But in fact, she quietly took out the water gun from her pocket, pointed it at the name strip No. 11, and shot.


One hit, and it hits.

No. 11 was still focusing on the treasure box and hadn’t realized what happened. No. 12 did not see it with his own eyes but heard the shooting. His pupils suddenly tightened, and he immediately started struggling violently.

As a result, the two brothers’ hug immediately turned into a confrontation between the two.

Le Lin firmly grabbed No. 12’s arm and shouted to Si Hai, “Move quickly.” Physical strength was not his strong point, and he couldn’t hold on for long.

Si Hai understood it and walked quickly behind No. 12 to shoot. Soon, the special solution stained No. 12’s name strip.

“Player No. 11 is OUT, player No. 12 is OUT.” The broadcast sounded like a death knell.

No. 11 looked confused and disappeared without recalling what was going on.

No. 12 was full of unwillingness.

Le Lin spread his hands and sighed helplessly, “In a game, no one can guess what will happen in the next second.”

At some point, Si Hai returned to Le Lin’s side and stood back.


In a very short period of time, shooting sounded for the third time.

Le Lin was stunned on the spot and turned around in disbelief.

Behind him, Si Hai raised the corners of her mouth and showed a very shallow smile, “Thank you for coming to help. Thank you for your hard work. Go out and rest.”

No. 12 suddenly laughed, “Sure enough, no one can guess what will happen in the next second! Hahahaha!”

Before bursting into tears from laughter, he was teleported away.

Le Lin was completely petrified, staring blankly at Si Hai, seemingly unable to accept the facts.

Si Hai simply showed mercy and let her companions understand, “I know No. 2 is difficult to deal with, but there’s nothing I can do about it. We’re on the same team, and we can’t eliminate her with our own hands.”

Le Lin: “…”

At this moment, he felt like a beeping dog.

Because he cared too much about Xu Jia’s existence, he didn’t do anything serious after entering the game. Although Si Hai angrily said that she would act separately, of course, he couldn’t just watch his only teammate fall into danger, so he naturally chose to help.


What stupid things has he done? It’s better to continue looking for people all over the world. Le Lin thought with a dull face.

“Everything is as expected.” Si Hai muttered to him.

At the same time, a broadcast sounded in her ears that only she could hear, “Triple kill! Congratulations to player No. 3 for completing the triple kill.”

“There are three more people.” Si Hai put the water gun back into her pocket, and her expression returned to indifference, like a ruthless female killer.

The OUT broadcast spread to all directions and was repeated continuously.

No. 6 was overjoyed, “The snipe and the clam are fighting, and the fishermen will benefit. That’s good. Let’s wait until they’ve almost torn it apart, and then we’ll take action.”

Xiao Yin frowned and counted on her fingers, “How many people have been eliminated?”

“Just now, No. 1, No. 9, and No. 10 were eliminated (the black team was completely destroyed), and now No. 4, No. 11, and No. 12 are eliminated (the yellow team is completely eliminated), so the remaining players are No. 2 (Xu Jia) and No. 3 respectively (Si Hai), No. 5 (Xiao Yin), No. 6, No. 7, No. 8.” No 6 analyzed.

Xiao Yin’s eyes moved slightly. So far, she hadn’t heard any mention of spy elimination on the radio. In other words, all three Musketeers survived, and three male players survived.

Glancing at No. 6 without a trace, Xiao Yin’s smile became increasingly unpredictable. Now, let No. 6 experience how she got to level 2.

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