[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 18. (1/2)

On the advanced civilization Alpha Planet, Qian PD, who is the person in charge of the world’s most popular variety show, “Infinite Variety Show,” has a sad look on his face.

Logically speaking, in recent years, the ratings of “Infinite Variety Show” have continued to hit new highs, with countless fans and constant praise, so he should be more energetic.

What’s more, the “Infinite Variety Show” stars alien friends in their true colors, has novel themes, and often has twists and turns, making every episode very interesting. Not long ago, the program’s ratings even hit a new high of 25%!

But success is also Xiao He. Failure is also Xiao He.

(Success is also Xiaohe, failure is also Xiaohe is a proverb. It is a classic generalization of Han Xinsheng, the hero of the founding of the Western Han Dynasty. Meaning both success and failure boil down to the same source.)

Half a month ago, the “Zombie Special” aired and achieved the highest ratings in the show’s history. Therefore, PD Qian thought, why not continue to put No. 1 and No. 2 in a game and watch them fall in love and kill each other.

Who would have thought that this would stir up a hornet’s nest!

In the “Super Power Special,” Qi Yuan actually backed down and didn’t hide anything at all!

PD Qian glanced at the comments from people online and felt like he was going bald with worry.

“Why on earth do he, Qi Yuan, my male god, have to let go! He obviously has a chance to win, right? I’m crying.”

“Actually, even if he tears his sweetheart to pieces, Qi Yuan can’t win, right? No. 8 is waiting for a sneak attack. I would say the ending is just right. Anyway, the one who wins is my family, Qi Yuan wins or Xu Jia wins, that’s pretty much it.”

“It’s worse, okay! I believe that even if someone attacks me secretly, I can definitely dodge it with my male god’s fighting ability!”

“How did Qi Yuan win? He tore his little girlfriend to pieces and was immediately kicked out. I think the unluckiest person was No. 8, who obviously had a chance to win. Logically speaking, the process should be that Qi Yuan tore up No. 2 and was reflected Out. No. 2 lost her superpower and was successfully attacked by No. 8. This script is right!”

“Qi Yuan looked so pampered when he was torn apart by Xu Jia! To be honest, I became a fan of them.”

“That’s why I hate playing games with couples. To be honest, it’s just a game. Isn’t it better to put aside your feelings and play seriously? If you are so flirtatious again in the future, I really don’t want to watch them anymore.”

“I don’t want to chase the number 1. The little sister can obviously win by strength, so why must her boyfriend back down?”

“Which eye upstairs saw that the young lady asked Qi Yuan to back down? She obviously didn’t want to tear it apart!”

“A hot chick came and ruined my male idol.”

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