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Chapter 70

Kidnapper B is very interested in entertainment news. Shi Zhi’s poverty has been on the hottest search. Didn’t she let the studio artists work together to put together costumes and scenes? Specialty bracelets given as gifts are still made of plastic.

It’s not that they’re afraid of trouble. It’s a bit troublesome to tie up a public figure, but that’s okay as long as there’s a high return.

It doesn’t matter if you are poor. The point is still to make a living.

In summary, it is not necessary to tie up Shi Zhi.

The other kidnappers lost interest when they heard that she was poor, and some people also remembered that they often saw her on TV, shouting desperately.

Forget it, it’s boring.

Shi Zhi only heard——

She is so poor.

And if she is not mistaken, they clearly have contempt and disgust.

Who are you calling poor? Are you really talking about her, the richest man?!

Shi Zhi: She is rich now. She is just a little thrifty and doesn’t want to waste too many resources.

But no one believed it.

She never thought that one day she would be rejected by the kidnappers because she was too thrifty. They wouldn’t kidnap her as she stood here.

Can you bear it?

Shi Zhi: Yes.

This unexpected person’s establishment is quite good, and it actually has such benefits.


The kidnappers acted very quickly. They tied the panicked, rich second-generation into the car and quickly left the scene.

The rich second generation who was showing off in front of Shi Zhi not long ago was tied into a centipede, leaving only Shi Zhi and the bodyguards who came over.

“What should I do?” the bodyguard asked Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi almost didn’t think much, “Call the police!”

If you have difficulties, go to the police. Don’t be a personal hero. The collective strength is stronger.

Shi Zhi didn’t know the kidnapped person, so calling the police was the best option. She originally just went out to buy a roast duck, but she didn’t expect to encounter such a situation.

Shi Zhi is not worried about the personal safety of the rich second generation. They are there for money and will not fight for the time being.

Su Xue has been waiting for news about the rich second generation. She doesn’t know if he is sure of his plans. She revealed to the rich second generation that Shi Zhi was so excited when she saw money that she went crazy thinking about money. She didn’t know if the rich second generation would go to court. Launch an offensive in that direction.

In fact, even if she doesn’t reveal it, it is still the other party’s usual method.

After waiting for a long time, Su Xue didn’t even wait for the rich second generation to reply to her.

Su Xue: It shouldn’t be.

Su Xue simply contacted him herself, but she still couldn’t get in touch. However, Su Xue also found someone to keep an eye on her. She wanted to know how Shi Zhi was progressing with the rich second generation.

The person she was looking for was called Su Xue.

Su Xue asked, “How are the two of them?”

The voice on the other side was frightened, “Master Lu…was kidnapped by kidnappers.”

Su Xue: ???

What the hell? Didn’t he go to find Shi Zhi? Why was there a kidnapping before the relationship even started?

The love channel turns into a legal channel in seconds.


Because Shi Zhi called the police in time, the rich second generation was rescued in time. Apart from being a little frightened, there was no other harm.

The police also made an unexpected discovery. The group of kidnappers committed crimes across provinces and participated in planning many kidnapping cases. Most of them had been arrested before, and only a few of them were left. During the hiding process, they had squandered all their money and were about to find the target of the crime. The second generation of rich people showing off their wealth caught their eyes.

It’s also a coincidence that the second generation of rich people are not very lucky.

This time, the criminal gang was wiped out immediately.

Shi Zhi actually called the police, provided clues, and made a note, and that was it. Later, when she found out that the kidnapped person was not injured, she forgot about it.

But she put it behind her, and no news would be revealed unless she proved it.

A photo of Shi Zhi taking notes was taken, and someone broke the news.

“Do you know about the rich second-generation kidnapping case? It was Shi Zhi who called the police, and Shi Zhi was a witness at the scene…”

The kidnapping case of the rich second generation has been spread in the news. From the incident to the rescue, it took more than an hour. But what everyone didn’t expect was that this was actually related to Shi Zhi?

Netizens found the scene thrilling when they thought about it, and Gardenia even broke out in a cold sweat. However, doubts soon came.

“I’m convinced, why does Shi Zhi have to get involved in everything? Is she a little crazy about marketing, and she still wants to take advantage of such a serious matter to hype it up?”

“Shi Zhi was at the scene? Then why did they only kidnap the rich second generation and not Shi Zhi? The kidnappers were stupid.”

“I advise Shi Zhi to stop in moderation. You have managed to gain some popularity with passers-by. If you continue like this, you will overturn.”

“I’m just waiting for Shi Zhi to overturn. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Shi Zhi?”

Gardenia picked it up, “Yes, only you.”

You’re just a weirdo. Are you happy like this?

But in fact, Gardenia didn’t want to make this matter a big deal. After all, they didn’t know whether it was true or not, and it was normal to raise questions.

Why only tied up the rich second generation and not Shi Zhi, if Shi Zhi was also present.

Until the second-generation rich man’s circle of friends’ posts were screenshotted by his friend and posted.

A victim who did not want to reveal his name said, “Thank you for everyone’s concern. I am still alive and haven’t spent a penny… I’m really convinced. It’s the first time I encountered such a weird thing. Shi Zhi and I were obviously talking about this. Yes, We were together, and then they took me away without Shi Zhi, saying she was poor…”

There are other random thoughts.

The person who posted the screenshot has a lot of followers on Weibo. He usually spends time on Weibo eating, drinking, shopping, and having fun. It can be seen that her family is well off.

Soon, the authenticity of the screenshot she sent was confirmed.

Shi Zhi was indeed at the scene. She was the one who called the police. As for why only the rich second generation was kidnapped, Shi Zhi was also able to solve the case without kidnapping.

Because Shi Zhi was poor.

Being despised.


Is it okay to be disliked for being poor?

Netizen: So pitiful, so lucky, and… so funny!

Words like Shi Zhi and poor have become hot searches again.

Everyone else is a flower of wealth in the world, the old lady perfume. As a female star, Shi Zhi is still a beautiful and glamorous female star, but she is always linked to her uncle’s title and her poverty.

(the old lady perfume, I looked about it- but the one I got probably meant. Everyone has this girly and nice smell. Meanwhile, Shi Zhi looks pretty but smells like an uncle- not fragrant like a flower. Old lady perfume The term is generally applied to perfumes launched between the 1920s and the 1980s. It likely comes from a previously popular type of fragrance called ‘ ‘chypre,” which often uses rose in its composition. It’s strong and earthy — a truly acquired smell.)

In order to protect the person who called the police, the official did not publicize it in a big way. However, the relevant departments found Shi Zhi. They asked her if she was interested in recording a video to popularize the law.

Shi Zhi was calm in the face of danger and called the police as soon as possible after facing such an emergency, which also shortened the rescue time for the kidnapped hostages. They just needed to shoot a video to popularize the law, and they felt that Shi Zhi was quite suitable.

One second, Brother Quan was still feeling scared, and the next second, he said, “It’s worth it.”

The video of the popularization of the law is impressive at first glance. Not many people in the industry are actively invited like this, which is a good thing.

Brother Quan became excited when he encountered this situation. Shi Zhi ignored Brother Quan and went on to inquire about the form.

Over there, “Actually, it’s just chatting and popularizing law. Don’t be too nervous, just relax.”

Shi Zhi: “Am I the only one?”

No way, Shi Zhi looks too monotonous by herself, so she will find a few more amateurs.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, “Then can I recommend a few?”

Whether the artists in her studio are good or not, they are not very famous, but they don’t have any jobs, and there is no appearance fee. They will be very interested in these and full of curiosity.

The other side agreed that Shi Zhi was the key point.

Shi Zhi posted in the WeChat group, “There is a shooting that can be broadcast on provincial channels. It seems that it will be broadcast in public places, subways, buses, etc., does anyone want to sign up?”

Studio newcomers: !!!

Mr. Shi is too good, thinking about them all the time.

Everyone was very enthusiastic; he (she) could do it!

Later, when Shi Zhi took several young artists to interview and record, the newcomers were intimidated.

This shooting video… seems to be a little different from what they imagined.

It turns out that this is the way to go to the provincial level?


Everyone behaved honestly in front of the staff, with their hands on their knees, just like primary school students. After the staff learned that they were interested in law, they continued to cue them.

Newcomer at Shizhi Studio: …More reserved.

Reticent jpg.

Compared with the newcomers, Shi Zhi behaved calmly, and the video shooting of the law education went smoothly.

Later, it appeared on the provincial TV station and was broadcast on a loop on the subway and buses.

The movements and expressions of the newcomers at Shi Zhi Studio also attracted everyone’s attention.

“Look, does it look like you did in class?”

Well-behaved and serious, dare not say a word.

Shi Zhi and the newcomers always appear in front of everyone in various unexpected ways.

She suddenly made a video to promote the law. In fact, it was verified from the side that it was Shi Zhi who decisively called the police. Gardenia: Princess Shi Zhi, that’s great!

Even though they were considered poor, they really couldn’t bear it, and their desire to spend money for Princess Shi Zhi burned again.

Can the endorsements be more effective so that there is a place to spend the money?

Endorsement: Although we have worked hard, the key is that Shi Zhi often refuses to accept invitations.

Shi Zhi’s team is focused on conducting various evaluations, whether it’s money or not. If they don’t spend hundreds of millions, as Sister Shi said, then it doesn’t matter. Sister Shi only focuses on the quality of the product itself.

The team has conducted many various evaluations, and this account can be used as a public evaluation account.


Su Xue has been paying attention to the whole process. She did not expect that it would develop like this.

Su Xue actually didn’t have any bad thoughts; she just misunderstood that Shi Zhi was related to Chu Batian and thought that if someone pursued Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi would have no time to interact with her Ba Ba.

No one would have thought that a group of kidnappers would come out halfway.

If Shi Zhi is kidnapped…

Su Xue shivered, and she began to be afraid. In fact, the kidnapper was a complete accident. She also told herself that it had nothing to do with her directly, but she couldn’t cope with it psychologically.

After Su Xue was awakened from her sleep again, she made a decision——

Pay off Chu Batian’s debt.

Didn’t Shi Zhi say that Ba Ba owed her money? Su Xue decided that she would pay it back.

“It’s just that she doesn’t have that much money now…”

Su Xue and Shi Zhi joined each other on certain social apps, and she immediately apologized to Shi Zhi and explained her purpose.

Shi Zhi: Why does this girl always think weird?

In fact, when the rich second generation blocked her, Shi Zhi also had a guess. Still, she didn’t expect that the fiancée of the male protagonist in the original novel would actually want to pay off Chu Batian’s debt.

In fact, there is no real debt.

Shi Zhi asked, “Wasn’t there five million before?” She still remembered that check.

Su Xue: “Someone else’s…”

She doesn’t have that much cash on hand. Although her family has money, it was restricted some time ago because she spent too much without restraint.

Shi Zhi finally understood why Su Xue took out the check so quickly that day. It turned out to be a loan.

Su Xue: “How much money does Ba Ba owe you… I will try my best to pay you back.” The worst is to sell bags and jewelry.

Shi Zhi said, “Why don’t you use yourself to pay off the debt?”

Su Xue: ??

She was still typing seriously and was already looking for friends to ask about the process of selling on second-hand luxury goods platforms. She was caught off guard by what Shi Zhi said.

In fact, Shi Zhi’s mind has been buzzing for a while, constantly adding information about Chu Batian’s plot. It just so happened that he was telling the heroine with evil charm, “Pay off the debt with your body,” and Shi Zhi also sent it out.


Chu Batian and Su Xue’s QQ accounts are connected to each other.

Of course, this was not Chu Batian’s fault, nor was it consistent with the status of a tyrant. It was Su Xue who pestered Chu Batian, and Chu Batian was annoyed, so he followed Su Xue’s request.

Anyway, he doesn’t use QQ very much.

Chu Batian has absolutely no feelings for this fiancée. Their families are family friends, and they grew up together. Chu Batian regards Su Xue as his sister.

Su Xue was very good at checking on him and basically visited his company at a certain time every day. Chu Batian knew what she was thinking, but he never responded.

Today, Su Xue didn’t come.

Chu Batian frowned. Something happened?

Chu Batian saw a lot of messages on his mobile phone. He sneered. He was not the kind of person like Su Xue, who liked to pry into people’s privacy.

Then, Chu Batian clicked in.

He is very open-minded. Looking at Su Xue, what else is Su Xue hiding from him?

The purpose of entering was to pay off the debt with her own body. A few hours ago, Su Xue had made an appointment with Shi Zhi at the studio.

Chu Batian: !!!

Shi Zhi, is she the successor of socialism?

Shi Zhi’s promotional video for promoting the law was still playing aside. When Chu Batian saw the news, he just wanted to sigh.

Knowing people but not their hearts, Shi Zhi has the nerve to make a video to popularize the law. Is it okay to know the law and break the law?!

Chu Batian had no feelings for his fiancée, but he was still offended. He felt that his head was a bit green now that Shi Zhi actually stole the woman from him.

Of course, Chu Batian couldn’t bear it, and in the mood to rescue Su Xue, he rushed to Shi Zhi’s studio.

On the way here, Chu Batian looked serious. He thought it might be a done deal after a few hours.

“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“You don’t have a reservation, so you can’t barge in.”

Facing the obstruction of the staff, Chu Batian said, “Get out of the way!”

What a joke! Do you need to make an appointment to catch a cheater?

When Shi Zhi held her thermos cup, she didn’t know what Chu Batian was doing.

Chu Batian: “Shi Zhi, where is Su Xue?”

“Ba Ba, why are you here?”

Su Xue held the broom and saw that Chu Batian’s tone was still full of surprise.

Chu Batian looked at the lively Su Xue, and his eyes fell on the broom in her hand, feeling that he might have misunderstood something.


Shi Zhi “paying debts with one’s body” refers to asking Su Xue to come over and clean the office. Today, the cleaning lady asked for leave.

Su Xue didn’t complain at all, and she swept the floor very energetically. This also diluted the guilt in her heart. If Shi Zhi really didn’t let her do anything, she might still have insomnia for a while.

Chu Batian wanted to take Su Xue away, but Su Xue didn’t want to leave. No one should stop her from working!


After going back, Su Xue finally had a good sleep, but it wasn’t enough. Later, she asked Shi Zhi again, “Do you still need someone to clean the office?”

She can.

She slept so soundly. She used to take health supplements, melatonin, every day, but the effect was not as good as Shi Zhi’s studio’s ability to sleep soundly after she swept the floor.

Shi Zhi told Su Xue, “Actually, you clean your own home for the same reason.”

She gets sleepy when she’s tired. Su Xue just didn’t move before.


Shi Zhi stayed in the mountains for several months to film “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.” During this period, she never appeared on other variety shows or programs. Although she vlogged and formed it as a variety show by herself, it was not serious.

She came back and rested for a few days.

If this had been the case, other teams would have been anxious a long time ago. “Yin Yang Snack Shop” is still on the air. It is a TV series with strong power, and its ratings are higher than Shi Zhi’s last TV series.

Brother Quan said earnestly, “You really have to go out for a walk.”

He was really in a hurry.

With such a good drama being aired, how could Shi Zhi not go out and show off!

Okay, actually, it was Brother Quan who wanted Shi Zhi to go out and show off.

It’s not just vanity. Brother Quan dragged out the Gardenia.

“They think so too.”

Shi Zhi has been reading private messages on Weibo these days, as well as the anti-fan groups that she accidentally joined before. The thing that Gardenias asked the most about is——

Do you want to take on a variety show?

While you’re not filming, why don’t you do a variety show?

Shi Zhi thought it was okay.

“Do you already have an idea?”

Shi Zhi felt that Brother Quan might have found someone.

Brother Quan smiled.

“That’s right, have you ever played the game of raising cubs?”

Shi Zhi shook her head.

In fact, after Brother Quan asked about it, he also remembered Shi Zhi’s style. She preferred to play mahjong and fight the landlords… When she was bored, she would play a few rounds of the landlords.

Brother Quan said it didn’t matter. He could explain to Shi Zhi, “Players raise cubs online, dress them up, complete tasks, and experience the fun of raising cubs…”

“Don’t you still have a game endorsement? This program was developed by them.”

Shi Zhi is still the spokesperson for online games, the one she wants to kill. It’s quite a pleasure to work with them.

With her pretty appearance, Shi Zhi attracts not only gardenias but also many passers-by and netizens; while there are few things to do in online games, with plenty of money and things to do, Shi Zhi mainly remembers them to take pretty photos.

Shi Zhi quite liked the free photo shoot.

So when the game team wanted to launch a new variety show, the first thing they thought of was Shi Zhi, who had endorsed their game.

Brother Quan also thinks Shi Zhi can be the spokesperson.

The main reason is that the concept is very interesting, and Brother Quan thinks it will be popular.

Shi Zhi nodded, understanding a little bit.

“So, this show requires me to raise cubs?”

Is she going to raise a cub?

It’s not like she hasn’t raised one before. Shi Zhi brought Duoqi to the last variety show before.

That kid sounds like a paper man. The other should be easier to take care of than Duoqi, right?

Brother Quan: “No!”

He laughed at Shi Zhi, “Actually… you are the cub.”

Shi Zhi: ???

Shi Zhi is a cub raised by a player.

A kid in her twenties is okay.


Shi Zhi felt that Brother Quan was really unreliable this time. Who would want to raise her? The news had just leaked out a little bit, and before it was said that Shi Zhi was going to have an endorsement, Gardenia was boiling.

“Ah ah ah, Shi zhi, look at Mommy!”

“I must invite Princess Shi Zhi to participate in this. I want to experience the fun of raising Princess Shi Zhi and join the manual Aite program group.”

Brother Quan: “I just said everyone wants you to be on this show.”

“What’s wrong with the 20-year-old child? Among the confirmed guests, there is still a 40-year-old child.”

Shi Zhi: “…”

Brother Quan: “I also said over there that I want you to experience the joy of having money. There are gold coins, silver coins, and virtual coins in it. You will have many, many gold coins and silver coins in it.”

In fact, it was not only because Shi Zhi had endorsed their game, but also because the kidnappers who saw Shi Zhi were so poor were disgusted by it. Forget it! In the virtual world, Shi Zhi can do whatever she wants. As long as she wants, or as long as the person who raises the cubs helps, she can have countless wealth!

In fact, after Brother Quan said it, he felt that he should participate in this variety show.

After all, Shi Zhi was in front of him, but he could tell his boss to stop working if she disagreed with him.

Brother Quan: He wants to go, but others don’t want it either.

Shi Zhi is actually quite interested in this format. All the Gardenias are looking forward to it, and the agent and team also want her to join. It’s quite a pleasure to work with them, and the other four are also very interested. There are cubs over ten years old.

Shi Zhi also agreed.

After she confirmed her participation in the show, the official announcement was made directly.

Then everyone around her began to eagerly join the cub-raising plan.

The program has a good guest lineup, with a total of six guests.

The child, who is in his forties, is an actor in the movie King Level, Zhou Changxing. He is well-maintained. Time has not left many marks on the handsome boy’s face. On the contrary, he looks more attractive than the younger man.

He acted very friendly and took the initiative to say hello to Shi Zhi.

“I’m watching your “Yin Yang Snack Shop.” It’s very good. My family and I like it very much.”

Shi Zhi thanked Zhou Changxing.

Another big hit in the program group is Zhao Qian, a popular niche actor who has acted in fairy tale dramas and is a hit. He behaves politely and distantly to everyone. He doesn’t dare to have too many scandals when he is on the rise. Suppose he has more frequent contact with people. In that case, it will be misinterpreted, and he has been favored by an ambitious female star before, so he looks at people more cautiously.

Shi Zhi also knows people, including Geng Can of the YU group, with whom She participated in the Star Games and later stayed in a secret room in another show, and Lu Dajun, who is also a regular resident of variety shows.

The program team is still very generous and has secured a huge area where the guests will be nurtured. They will be nurtured by the audience outside the live broadcast.

Now that the live broadcast has started, many barrages have started.

“With all my words, I will love you forever.”

“Zhou Changxing’s 20-year-old fan came here uninvited. Xing child is the best.”

“Princess Shi Zhi, come on, my wallet is already thirsty!”

The program team did not just tell the rules when they came up but asked everyone to draw lots and decide the initial identity first.

The background is the West, and everyone’s initial identities include nobles, wizards, knights, civilians…

Everyone stepped forward to draw lots one by one to decide the initial identity. This is not the final result. The identity can be changed later by everyone’s investment in raising cubs. However, if you draw a good identity, you will naturally have more fun.

Gardenia was curious, “What did Gardenia draw?” I hope it’s noble. Princess Shi Zhi is so beautiful, and she must be very beautiful in a little dress!

What is Shi Zhi’s initial identity?

The director also cued Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi turned her cards toward the director. Geng Can had a good relationship with Shi Zhi, so she got close to her.

Shi Zhi’s card says –

Slum poor.

Shi Zhi read it out herself.

Shi Zhi: “…” I promised unlimited gold coins so you could experience the fun of spending money in the game.

She was so poor that she seriously doubted whether there was something shady.

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