The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 73. (1/2)

Bai Qing Qing ran over when she saw Shen Mingxuan suddenly fall to the ground motionless.

She and Shen Mingxuan have always been at odds. This man is aloof and arrogant, and he is either sarcastic or coldly ridicules her.

In fact, after defeating him, she had considered getting rid of Shen Mingxuan and letting him experience the feeling of being looked down upon by others. She never expected that he would be infected by the zombie virus because he had saved her.

Reason told her that she had to stay away from Shen Mingxuan, who would mutate at some point. She had no choice but to give up on him. It was important to save her life.

With complicated emotions, Bai Qing Qing knelt down to observe the man. His face was a strange red color, which was abnormal at first glance and would mutate in a short time.

The female zombie had been carrying her for more than ten minutes before, far away from the original stronghold. The surrounding area was filled with thick white fog, making it difficult to see exactly where she was. Occasionally, there were eerie zombie roars.

Bai Qing Qing took out tools from the space, struggled to lift Shen Mingxuan, threw him up, tied him up with a rope, and dragged the cart along.

The huge fog is like a veiled steel forest. The girl dragging the car walking on the street looks so small. The silent apocalyptic world is desolate and terrifying.

Bai Qing Qing gritted her teeth and dragged the cart, complaining as she walked. Shen Mingxuan was so heavy, it was like she had moved a big mountain, and she had to use all her strength to drag him.

It was not night yet, and she didn’t know when zombies would come. She had to find a safe area to stay in as soon as possible.

“Roar!” A zombie suddenly appeared and rushed toward her. The wisteria tree suddenly stretched out from the space and penetrated its head, violently tearing it apart.

Bai Qing Qing looked disgusted and quickly changed lanes.

She didn’t know how long it took, but she finally saw a gate through the white mist. It was an abandoned factory. It was better than having no place to stay. She dragged the cart and walked in.

Bai Qing Qing released the little purple grass and ordered: “Go and take a look at the surrounding situation. If there are any zombies, destroy them.”

Although she didn’t think there would be zombies in this wilderness, it was better to check just to be on the safe side.

There are also places to live in abandoned factories. She stopped downstairs and looked at the man lying on the cart. His handsome and feminine face was frowning as if he was suffering from some great pain.

Bai Qing Qing has never experienced infection, but she has seen the look on someone’s face after being bitten by a zombie. The process of mutation is horrifying and terrifying, and people who experience mutation must endure great pain.

She sighed, looked up at the floors several floors above, and muttered, “I really owe you.”

He saved her life. Whether it was for repayment or a mission, she could not leave him alone.

Bai Qing Qing squatted down and grabbed the man’s arms. She carried him on her back and climbed the stairs with difficulty. She didn’t sit on the ground until she reached the third floor, breathing heavily.

Shen Mingxuan rolled down from her back, his messy hair blocking his eyebrows, making him look lifeless.

Bai Qing Qing opened the door of an office, dragged the person in, locked the door, and lay down on a brown leather sofa to rest.

She lowered her eyebrows and looked at Shen Mingxuan, who didn’t know whether he was alive or dead. After thinking about it, she tied him up and threw him into a tea room to see the situation first.


Shen Mingxuan opened his eyes in confusion. He felt like insects were biting into his blood, and the pain was unbearable. His head felt like it was being stirred by a razor blade, and the pain made him unconscious.

He found that he was tied up and locked in the room, and he saw someone opening the door and coming in.

“Are you awake?” A surprised voice said.

Shen Mingxuan’s throat seemed to be blocked by something, and he couldn’t open his mouth. He stared at the girl with red eyes and let out a vague roar.

How could she? His reason was burned to a blur, and he felt like he had seen an illusion. She clearly hated him the most. He was about to turn into a zombie. Doesn’t she understand? Get out of here.

When his sanity completely disappeared, many fragments flashed through his mind like a lightbulb. It would be great if he…

Bai Qing Qing was startled by the man’s roar and found that his pupils were full of bloodshot eyes. The veins on his forehead were tight, as if he was suffering from some extreme pain, and he couldn’t even speak.

She took a small step back, feeling heavy. She was originally glad that he would not become a zombie, but she did not expect that he would not be able to escape the fate of becoming a monster in the end.

Bai Qing Qing saw the man with his head hanging down as if he had completely passed out, so she left the room and locked the door.

She sat on the sofa, frowning, thinking about what to do next.

In a hotel.

Everyone gathered in the suite. Everyone’s clothes were messy, their faces and bodies had some minor injuries, and they looked slumped and looked bad.

Liang Zhiyu came out of a bedroom and said, “I have bandaged Xiao Yang’s wound and injected him with medicine. It should be fine.”

Fu Chen sat on the sofa with a gloomy expression, his handsome face tense and his black eyes staring at the ground.

The sudden arrival of zombies disrupted the team’s plan and scattered everyone. 

Another strange zombie monster appeared. Several people worked together to attack and lead the people to escape.

The huge monster’s skin was so strong that it was difficult to attack. Several people worked together to use their superpowers without damaging their fur. The two superpower users from Li Jin’s team were devoured alive.

Later, a fifth-level intelligent zombie appeared and suddenly abducted Bai Tian Tian. Shen Mingxuan went to chase her, but he never came back.

If Xiao Yang hadn’t been trying to save Bai Tian Tian, he wouldn’t have been bitten by the mutated rabbit on his arm. Fortunately, Liang Zhiyu reacted quickly and was able to save him. It still depends on whether he is alive and whether he can survive.

The team faced this crisis before they reached the City of Death, disrupting his original plan

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