Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 3. (2/2)

Meng Lianying and the policemen fell silent and looked longingly at the things in Gu Fan’s hands.

Gu Fan smiled: “Of course good things are more expensive. This bottle costs 10,000 points.”

The beast-avoiding elixir was of a higher grade than the muscle-building and blood-replenishing elixir, and Gu Fan couldn’t refine it. The inventory in her hand was all exchanged for the sect’s contribution points.

This bottle of the beast-avoiding elixir is also the last bottle of elixir in the backpack.

Ten thousand points made all the police give up.

Firstly, they can only earn more than 3,600 merit points by working diligently for a year, and the price of 10,000 is too high. Secondly, they don’t have to leave the base, so they don’t need beast-avoiding pills.

Meng Lianying could afford it, and just as he was about to speak, someone said from behind him: “I want it.”

Gu Fan looked up and saw Lu Ya’s cold and awe-inspiring face.

Having never seen it with her own eyes, Gu Fan didn’t know how powerful these S-level warriors on the Earth were, but Lu Ya’s aura reminded her of the swordsman who wiped out their sect. With just one sword, the mountains collapsed. It cracked, and hundreds of people died.

She didn’t dare not sell it to Lu Ya, and no one dared to compete with Lu Ya. The two of them delivered the goods with one hand and transferred the money with the other.

When Gu Fan lowered his head to verify the amount of merit points, a friend request popped up. The applicant: Lu Ya.

Today, after Meng Lianying and Officer Wang, this is the third person who wants to be her friend.

The Cultivation Continent also has a communication jade token, something similar, right?

Gu Fan casually agreed to Lu Ya’s application.

After all the medicine was sold, Gu Fan followed Lu Ya and Meng Lianying out of the police station. A black off-road vehicle was parked outside. Even if Gu Fan didn’t know how to drive, he could tell that Lu Ya’s car was faster than the mercenaries. It’s much newer and much better.

Like the top cultivator uses high-level magic weapons, the bottom cultivator just uses flying swords.

Gu Fan realized that this Earth is no different from the cultivated continent. There will be a gap between rich and poor as long as there are people.

Lu Ya had a dedicated driver and sat in the back seat.

For a rare guest like Gu Fan, Meng Lianying couldn’t let her sit in the passenger seat, so he left the seat next to Lu Ya to Gu Fan and went to the front.

Gu Fan didn’t understand the etiquette of riding in a car yet, so she sat down calmly.

Night has already fallen, and the street lights are sparsely lit. Looking around, there are tall buildings, one after another, in the distance.

Meng Lianying lay on his seat and talked to Gu Fan: “Have you been following the old man around outside? Have you never been to any base?”

Gu Fan nodded: “Grandpa has a weird personality. He doesn’t want to go to crowded places. He only likes to look for herbs to make medicine.”

Lu Ya: “How to practice?”

It turned out that he was also interested in her affairs. Gu Fan glanced at him and whispered: “Actually, grandpa and I are both wood and fire elements. There is no electricity outside and we cannot use high-tech instruments. Grandpa found an alchemy furnace and made his own method for refining alchemy.”

Meng Lianying looked at her more enthusiastically: “You are also of both wood and fire elements. Did you also learn alchemy from your grandfather?”

Gu Fan smiled: “My qualifications are not good. Grandpa said I am C-level. At present, I can only make hair growth pills and scar removal pills, which are useful for ordinary people but not useful for people with superpowers.”

Meng Lianying quickly encouraged her: “Who said these medicines are useless for people with superpowers? Many people with superpowers are bald. Scar removal pills will also be sought after by female superpowers.”

Gu Fan: “I hope so. I just want to find a place to settle down and sell medicine to support myself.”

Meng Lianying: “That’s easy to say. We still have vacancies in our villa, and we’ll give it to you for free.”

Lu Ya glanced at him.

Meng Lianying’s expression changed. He left Gu Fan and discussed with Lu Ya with a grimace: “Cousin, I’m an adult now. I know what I should and shouldn’t do. Can you stop treating me like a child? I know you are doing it for my own good and are afraid that I will be in danger, but I am also an A-level superpower after all. Why can you take people who are not as strong as me to go out to live and die, but you want me to stay in the base as a Coward?”

“Cousin, you are humiliating me.”

“Cousin, eagles are all tempered. I don’t want to be a flower in the greenhouse.”

As he talked, Meng Lianying became increasingly excited, and spitting stars flew out. 

Gu Fan turned his head in time, approached the car window, and kept a distance from his mouth.

The black windowpane illuminated her face and also a little of Lu Ya.

Regardless of what Meng Lianying said, Lu Ya had no expression, looking indifferent and indifferent.

Gu Fan felt a little sympathetic to Meng Lianying. Although she had no backer, no one restricted her freedom.

After an unknown amount of time, a black SUV stopped in front of a villa.

Meng Lianying nestled in the passenger seat dejectedly.

Lu Ya got out of the car expressionlessly. Before closing the door, he said to the driver in front of him: “One more trip to take them back.”

Before Gu Fan knew where he was going, Meng Lianying, in front, suddenly jumped up, stretched his neck, and shouted at Lu Ya: “My cousin is wise!”

After he finished shouting, he even gave Lu Ya a “kiss bye” with all his strength.

Gu Fan looked confused. What did he do?

Sometimes, these people on Earth are normal. Sometimes, they are weird.

The author’s side story:

Xiao Meng: Pouting = blowing a kiss.

Gu Fan: What is a blowing kiss?

Xiao Meng: Well, cousin, show her how to do it.

Lu Ya: ……

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