Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #61

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Chapter 61 

In the process of negotiating with the other party, Shi Zhi’s patience was constantly exhausted, and talking to fools was a waste of energy.

Patience-1, patience value-10086.

She has been teaching him to do things, and she almost doesn’t understand how to teach him hand in hand, and he still says that it is difficult for him?

If that’s the case, don’t do it and just retire. Anyway, he seems to be a bad guy with some bad ideas.

Shi Zhi narrowed her eyes and said in a lazy tone, “It’s getting cold, let the Wang family go bankrupt.”

The Wang Group got defeated.

Shi Zhi didn’t care about the company before. She had almost forgotten about the company, but she couldn’t stand the company acting like a monster and loved dancing in front of her.

Brother Quan is actually still confused, but this does not prevent Brother Quan from continuing, “The boss’s surname is Xu, and it’s summer now.”

Shi Zhi looked at her manager and, “…” She was silent for a second.

“Then it will be hot and it will break!”

“I don’t care what his last name is, whether it’s hot or cold now, just go bankrupt.”

Then he took Brother Quan and walked away. Brother Quan originally wanted to say something to Mr. Xu, but he felt that Shi Zhi was also offended, so he let it go.

Mr. Xu was left with a confused look on his face.

He suspected there was something wrong with his ears.

It’s always been other artists under his banner who flatter him, but this is the first time someone has asked him to stop doing his job. Isn’t this really a role reversal?

“What are you doing?”



[The host, please follow the plot seriously, pull Bai Wu, and win a big international brand]

After Shi Zhi exited the company president’s office, the system’s voice rang in her mind.

Shi Zhi automatically blocked the system a long time ago. It beeps as much as she likes, but she does whatever makes her happy.

On the eve of her arrival in this world, the system happily assigned tasks to her. Later, when Shi Zhi discovered a loophole, and she left, the system had no control over what happened next.

She doesn’t know if it’s because Shi Zhi didn’t follow the plot, so many plots couldn’t be connected. The system gradually appeared less and less, but now it pops up again, letting Shi Zhi step on Bai Wu.

Shi Zhi: Pull-on Bai Wu

She completely ignored the system and ignored the worried Brother Quan. She had something to do.

The weather is getting hotter.

Shi Zhi approached the butler.

The butler was very happy to see Shi Zhi. Is there anything he needs to do?

Shi Zhi asked, “I don’t like the boss of my current company, and I want to replace him. Would it be too much?” Of course, it’s not about Mr. Xu but about the butler. Wouldn’t this be more troublesome?

She is the wealthiest man, so she should be able to be more willful, right?

The butler showed a disapproving expression, “Miss, why do you think this is too much?”

“Not at all.”

“It’s easy to replace the boss. I’ll let professionals acquire the rest of the shares now, and I can replace him soon.”

He has wanted to do this a long time ago, but the eldest lady loves to start from scratch. Now, it is not too late to be happy. The butler wants to know why the eldest lady suddenly changed her mind. Is there an inside story?

“Have you been wronged in any way? Do you need me…”

Became a certain Taoist godfather again.

Shi Zhi stopped the butler, “That’s not a big deal, it’s just that the other person is a bit stupid in what he does.”

As for Shi Zhi, who felt that the acquisition might be a bit intrusive and that buying the company would be a waste, the butler quickly made her worry-free.

“Thank God, thank you Master… you finally remembered to spend money. There are countless increasing amounts of money waiting for you to spend every day. You must also give them a chance to show off.”

The butler was particularly moved, even with tears in his eyes.

“For a company like that, if the eldest lady buys one every day, it would probably take hundreds of years to spend all the money.”

“That company is still a bit small, but it’s enough to rest there.”

Shi Zhi: Okay, that company occupying a building is not a problem.

She felt at ease.

The butler had absolutely no sympathy for Mr. Xu, who was about to be demoted from the boss position.

Mr. Xu just lost his position as CEO, but the eldest lady has to remember his name, how many brain cells must be damaged.

He feels sorry for the eldest lady. The eldest lady has suffered. That Mr. Xu is a very old man, but he is really ignorant.

The butler asked the nutritionist to prepare a nutritional meal for Shi Zhi to replenish the damaged brain cells.


Mr. Xu had no idea that he had become an old and ignorant person in the butler’s eyes. After Shi Zhi left, he became angrier. He felt that Shi Zhi was drifting away.

“Do you really think that because you are famous, you are something?”

“I want her to see who has more say and who is the real leader.”

Shi Zhi is now famous, but if he wants to hide Shi Zhi, she is nothing. So what if she has fans. She is vulnerable in front of the capital. Needless to say, He hid her for three to five years. After half a year, does anyone remember her?

Of course, Mr. Xu has no intention of actually hiding Shi Zhi for half a year, but it is still okay to teach her a lesson. Again, let her know who the real leader is!

——The real leader is Shi Zhi.

Before Mr. Xu could put it into practice and make Shi Zhi pay the price of her contempt for the leader, he was notified.

The stocks in the hands of the company’s other shareholders were quickly bought up. The total number of stocks in Shi Zhi’s hands was more than what he held. Shi Zhi became the largest shareholder. Compared with Shi Zhi, he was a small shareholder.

Mr. Xu: ???

Damn it, why didn’t he know that Shi Zhi, his subordinate, was so capable.

Of course, Shi Zhi is no longer under his banner.

Shi Zhi asked Mr. Xu to stop working not long ago. Mr. Xu thought that Shi Zhi was crazy, and then he really didn’t need to do it anymore and was asked to leave the president’s office.

As the person next to Shi Zhi, Brother Quan naturally knew that the person in charge of the company had suddenly become Shi Zhi.

He looked at Shi Zhi, who was playing Landlords and fell into confusion.

He doesn’t believe it.

“How did you do it?”

Brother Quan was still thinking about what to do when Shi Zhi and Mr. Xu first started clashing. Brother Quan expressed his dislike for the business endorsement from the bottom of his heart. Shi Zhi finally stood firm. This was not a good choice for her.

But just like Mr. Xu threatened Shi Zhi to pay sky-high compensation, and if she offended the company later, the company would make Shi Zhi miserable.

No need now.

Shi Zhi thought about it and felt that she had to give a reasonable explanation. Shi Zhi didn’t want to pretend to the people around her anymore, so she put down her phone.

“Actually… I am the richest person.” She said seriously.

Brother Quan originally pricked up his ears, wanting to know what the secret was, but then he heard this unexpectedly.

Shi Zhi raised his eyebrows. Are you excited?

Brother Quan, “Just bluff me.”

Do not believe.

Compared with Shi Zhi becoming the richest man, it was more reliable that Shi Zhi won the lottery and won a super large amount.

Brother Quan felt that Shi Zhi was too involved in the drama “After Inheriting the Richest Man” and was confused.

But immediately, Brother Quan felt that he was the most pitiful because he was completely unable to acquire the company.

Shi Zhi had already said everything, and he could do nothing if Brother Quan didn’t want to believe her.

Shi Zhi will definitely not accept the micro-business endorsement. Now that there is no longer pressure from Mr. Xu, Shi Zhi can also decide on her own. Brother Quan, the press release about Bai Wu has also been deleted; Shi Zhi contacted Ding Yi again.

She has no intention of getting involved in any so-called big-budget TV series. She just wants to make what she wants to make.


At that time, Shi Zhi immediately posted on Weibo, saying not to use that micro-business brand, which had reassured Gardenia. They were also very capable, and during this period, they had actively started to help Shi Zhi explain.

First, the purpose was the same as Shi Zhi: to popularize science about how bad the micro-business brand products are so that everyone should not believe it, buy it, and not spend money on such junk products, and then post a screenshot of Shi Zhi’s Weibo.

“Everyone, wait a moment for an explanation. Shi Zhi probably doesn’t know.”

This is obviously something the company is doing, and Shi Zhi is not happy about it. In fact, not many people can be as tough as Shi Zhi and stand up to the company.

Gardenia trusts Shi Zhi’s character. How can a person who can give up an advertising audition just because the drink tastes bad to become a micro-business spokesperson?

However, even though Shi Zhi has expressed her stance, some netizens still refuse to believe it.

“Anyway, if Shi Zhi still endorses this micro-business, no matter whether she is happy or not, I will still block her.”

This is what Gardenia is worried about. What if an unreliable company insists on letting Shi Zhi endorse it?

What should I do if my arms can’t twist my thighs?

What they can do is send a private message to the company where Zhi Zhi works. However, they themselves know that it is probably useless.

Gardenia didn’t have to wait long. The company’s Weibo post that linked Shi Zhi to those products was deleted, and they clearly stated that she would not be an endorser.

Gardenia knew that they had indeed seen the right person and that Princess Shi Zhi had won in a way that they did not see.

The scene is probably tense and intense, right?


They thought too much, and Shi Zhi didn’t put much effort.


Not only did Shi Zhi receive concern from Bai Wu, but other close friends in the entertainment industry also found Shi Zhi.

Ning Jiachi sent a WeChat message.

“Sister Shi, what’s going on over there now?”

“You idiot, this company is not a good person. It is using you as a cash cow. If they cheat the first time, they will cheat the second time. If it doesn’t work, then terminate the contract.”

“If the money to terminate the contract is not enough, I will lend it to you first. I can help you find a company, or you can sign with our company and let my agent take you. She will be happy to do so.”

Ning Jiachi was still very reliable at this critical moment, and Shi Zhi was quite touched.

That is, “Brother Quan is not happy.”

Manager Ning Jiachi was happy, but Brother Quan had to cry.

Shi Zhi told Ning Jiachi that she would no longer be cheated in such a situation because the previous boss had resigned, and she was now the boss.

She can tell Ning Jiachi about this.

Ning Jiachi also expressed the same doubts as Brother Quan.

Shi Zhi answered, “Actually, I am the richest person.”

Through her agent, Shi Zhi already knew that no one would believe her. However, Ning Jiachi’s reaction still exceeded her prediction.

He sent a voice message. For a full minute, Shi Zhi thought it was something, but when she clicked on it, there was a shocking sound, “Hahaha——”

There is no other content; everything is, hahaha.

Shi Zhi, “…”

Is it so funny?

She was already on the verge of assassinating Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi was completely unaware that he was seeking death.

“Sister Shi, I didn’t expect you to tell me such a joke… Actually there was someone on WeChat before, she said she was the daughter of the richest man, but asked to lend her two hundred yuan. I called the police.” 

“Sister Shi, do you think what I did was right?” Do you think what I did was right?

Shi Zhi looked at the WeChat page, and some things seemed to suddenly come together at this moment.

When she first came to this world, she didn’t have taxi money, so she randomly asked someone to borrow money on WeChat and was taken away by the police… Later, she met Ning Jiachi during the recording of “Our Village,” Ning Jiachi took the initiative to join her WeChat but found that she was his friend, but Ning Jiachi deleted her.

The case was solved.


“Is it you, Ning Jiachi?”

“You are gone.”

Ning Jiachi: ? ??

Did he do something wrong?

Ning Jiachi felt a chill on his back. He sent a message to Shi Zhi again to ask but found that he had been blocked.

Shi Zhi blocked Ning Jiachi, which was fair, and she would release Ning Jiachi later.

And she not only received a message from Ning Jiachi, but also received a message from his cousin.

“Need help?”

Shi Zhi said, “No need.”

Over there, “Okay.”



[Attention, host, the plot has seriously deviated from the track. Please adjust immediately, step on Bai Wu, and win a major international brand! ]

When the system sound rang again, Shi Zhi was standing in the president’s office. The place was very bright and Mr. Xu was always a person who liked to enjoy things.

Shi Zhi felt that the butler’s statement that this place was just for resting was too shabby. This was still a CEO’s office, and she could skateboard in it, right?!

Shi Zhi did indeed bring her own skateboard, and she had the final say on her territory.

Shi Zhi acquired the company and directly turned it into Master Shi without fanfare. She slumped on the sofa and enjoyed the life of a rich man.

The door was knocked twice. No one else was in the room except Shi Zhi, so Shi Zhi shouted, “Come in.”

She didn’t stand up. She still kept her stretched position. After all, this place was hers now.

“Mr. Xu, I’m here to find you…”

Lu Yingying opened the door and walked in with a swaying look, carrying a lunch box in her hand. She firmly supported Mr. Xu’s stinky feet. She also had an ambiguous relationship with Mr. Xu, and Mr. Xu greatly helped Lu Yingying.

However, when Lu Yingying entered Mr. Xu’s office, she realized something was wrong.

She didn’t see Mr. Xu but saw Shi Zhi slumped on the sofa.

“Why are you here?”

Lu Yingying was a little embarrassed and looked unkind.

She tried to poach Shi Zhi’s makeup artist when she was doing better than Shi Zhi. She originally thought that Shi Zhi would never become famous in her life, but she didn’t expect Shi Zhi to get better as she got better; instead, she got worse as she got worse. She felt very sad.

Her manager was at odds with Shi Zhi’s manager, and she and Shi Zhi thought they were not friendly, and it was obvious.

They saw that Shi Zhi and Lu Yingying didn’t want to be female stars in the superficial social life, and there was no one else.

Especially when Shi Zhi was alone in the president’s office, she had bad thoughts. Hence, the smell of gunpowder in her tone became even stronger.

“Why are you still sitting like this? Do you think this is your home?”

Shi Zhi glanced at Lu Yingying in surprise.

She originally guessed from the other party that she might be here to see Mr. Xu and wanted to tell her that Mr. Xu was not here, but now Shi Zhi wanted to play tricks.

This is not her home, but this is her company.

Shi Zhi didn’t change herself because of Lu Yingying’s accusation, “What’s wrong with me sitting like this? I’m willing to sit like this.”

She got up and reached for a banana from the fruit bowl on the CEO’s desk.

She also eats bananas.

Not only did Shi Zhi eat bananas, but she also took out her skateboard. She started skateboarding in the president’s office.

Lu Yingying: ?

With her head full of questions, Lu Yingying was almost dumbfounded as she watched Shi Zhi complete the entire operation. Then, she was about to explode with anger.

This is a provocation. It must be a provocation.

Lu Yingying felt that compared to Shi Zhi, she must be more familiar with Mr. Xu. She didn’t even sit like this in the CEO’s office, and bring a skateboard!

“Just wait, don’t leave.”

Who is afraid of whom?

After Lu Yingying said these cruel words, she angrily walked out of the president’s office.

Shi Zhi would not leave; even if she did, it would not be her. She was quite curious about what Lu Yingying was going to do.

A few minutes later, Lu Yingying came up with the ball. She slapped the ball in front of Shi Zhi in the CEO’s office.

Doesn’t Shi Zhi bring her skateboard? She can shoot a ball.

Do you feel how powerful she is?

Shi Zhi stared at Lu Yingying, “Why don’t you shoot basketball?”

Shooting a ball is something only children do.

Lu Yingying, “I want you to take care of it.” The truth is that she can’t shoot basketball very well.

The person who interrupted Lu Yingying from continuing to shoot the ball was the secretary who pushed in the door.

Mr. Xu has stepped down and no longer has to work, but the secretary has not been changed. The secretary is also one of the few people who knows the situation.

She just went to make tea for Shi Zhi.

“Master Shi, your wolfberry tea has arrived.”

The secretary looked at Lu Yingying shooting the ball in surprise, not quite understanding what was happening.

“Ms. Lu, what are you doing in Master Shi’s office… Please don’t disturb Master Shi’s rest.”

Lu Yingying originally wanted to complain to her secretary about where Mr. Xu had gone and why Shi Zhi was allowed to skateboard alone in the CEO’s office. Then the secretary opened her mouth to Master Shi and closed her mouth to Master Shi.

Lu Yingying: Shi…what boss?

With Lu Yingying stunned, Shi Zhi sat on the office chair behind the desk and looked at her with a smile.

Master Shi, you are talking about her.

Lu Yingying felt that she had experienced a social death, and her expression was as if lightning struck her.

How come she doesn’t know anything? Why has everything changed?


Although Mr. Xu has quietly stepped down from the position of president, his evil intentions remain. This is reflected in the fact that he is still paying attention to the company’s affairs. After all, he still holds some stocks.

However, after seeing what Shi Zhi did, he almost sold the stock on the spot.

Mr. Xu found Shi Zhi.

“Did you let Wu Liang go?”

Mr. Xu was furious.

Shi Zhi had just become the boss when Wu Liang left.

Shi Zhi searched who Wu Liang was in her mind, and she quickly got an impression.

Wu Liang is a male artist with good development in the company, and he lives in film, television, and music circles.

Shi Zhi didn’t deal with these things too much. It was the process that the company’s relevant staff reported to her. Shi Zhi acquired the company and felt happy for a while. After the acquisition, she found that there were quite a lot of people, and it seemed that there were still many things that she needed to do.

“Wu Liang’s contract has expired.” Shi Zhi remembered this.

It is normal for artists to leave when their contracts expire.

But Mr. Xu was about to explode, his face turned red, “Are you an idiot…”

Shi Zhi said, “Shareholder Xu, please pay attention to your words.”

The secretary also reminded, “Shareholder Xu, please pay attention to your words, or we will call the security guard.”

Mr. Xu, “…”

In order not to be thrown out by the security guard, he could only hold back the insults.

“Wu Liang creates a lot of wealth for the company every year, and the money is not a small amount…”

Shi Zhi said, “But the contract has expired.” Can you listen to what others say?

Mr. Xu: “The contract has expired, you can think of other ways.” He used kindness, power, and any means to find excuses as threats. Mr. Xu has done this before.

He was a little discouraged when he met Shi Zhi.

“I’ve eaten more salt than you’ve eaten rice. I don’t think you’re doing this right.”

Shi Zhi has always disliked people who rely on their elders and show off to them.

“You ate so much salt, why didn’t it kill you to death?”

“I don’t want you to think, I want me to think, are you the boss, or am I the boss?”

Mr. Xu: “…” Shi Zhi made him speechless.

In the past, he used his power to bully others, but he didn’t expect that it would be someone else’s turn to use their power to suppress him so soon.

Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, Shi Zhi is indeed the boss.

The secretary on the other side said nothing, but her shoulders had already begun to shake.

She never thought that Mr. Xu would have such a day.

Mr. Xu threw away his sleeves and left. When he left, he told Shi Zhi, “Sooner or later, the company will be finished under your leadership.”

Shi Zhi didn’t care. She had money anyway.

The butler also said that even if she acquires one such company every day, she can build it for hundreds of years.

Shi Zhi was just a little worried and muttered to Brother Quan.

“How to arrange the company’s artists?” This is a big problem.

Brother Quan doesn’t know either. He is just a manager and only manages artists.

But there is another way, which is to ask the butler to select talents and let professionals come to take care of it. She can continue to focus only on herself.

Shi Zhi herself also thought about doing this.

However, Mr. Xu just came up and handed her a pillow when she was sleepy.

In Shi Zhi’s opinion, he is a good person!


Mr. Xu sold off all the remaining stocks and then took away a group of artists to start his own business. He really felt that he could not follow this madman Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi hates Mr. Xu’s ideas, but there are always people who still pursue Mr. Xu’s way of advocating for the superior and suppressing the inferior in the adult world.

Shi Zhi looked at the list that Mr. Xu gave her. These people had already discussed it with him and would not be here even if they left their hearts.

“Are they sure they want to go with you?” Shi Zhi asked.

Mr. Xu was very proud, “Master Shi wouldn’t let them go. She was quite happy to let Wu Liang go before.”

Shi Zhi was inspired, and she made a reluctant expression, “They are all my relatives, and I have feelings for them…”

If any artists on the list were here, they would probably be extremely confused.

Why didn’t she (they) know that they had a good relationship with Shi Zhi and were family members.

“But since they have decided to leave with you, I also know that forcefulness is not sweet… please pay more.”

Shi Zhi wiped away the nonexistent tears and happily added the next three words.

“There should be a lot of liquidated damages and so on, right?”

She was asking the secretary.

Mr. Xu’s heart is very dark. He also dug a sinkhole for artists regarding liquidated damages, which are absolutely high.

At that time, he just wanted to cheat artists, but he never expected these contracts to cheat him one day.

[Attention, host, the plot has seriously deviated from the track. Please adjust immediately, step on Bai Wu, and win a major international brand! ]

The system was still beeping in Shi Zhi’s mind more and more frequently. Shi Zhi could also hear a bit of frustration from this mechanical sound. She still ignored the system and was still learning about the sky-high liquidated damages.

[The plot line of Shuangwen’s heroine seriously deviates]

[The emotional line is seriously deviated]

[Get tested; the possibility of getting back on track is zero]

[The system has collapsed; choose suicide]


Shi Zhi:? What the hell?

The system committed suicide?

This time, Shi Zhi finally had time to pay attention to the system, and then the system no longer existed in her mind. There was only a “suicide note”. As for why Shi Zhi knew it was a suicide note, what was written on it.

In addition to these two words, there are three more words. This is what the suicidal system finally wants to say to Shi Zhi.

You, well, are poisonous.

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