Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 3. (1/2)

Gu Fan found it strange that Lu Ya was just standing in front of Meng Lianying’s cell without saying anything. Meng Lianying, who was pretending to be asleep on the wooden bed, couldn’t lie down anymore. He rubbed his head and sat up with a look of “surprise” on his face. Looking at Lu Ya: “Cousin? When did you come?”

Lu Ya got out of the way and signaled the people from the police station to unlock the door.

Meng Lianying stopped acting and raised his chin towards Gu Fan: “She is Gu Fan, a retail friend I met outside. I want to take her away with me.”

Lu Ya looked at Gu Fan: “Retail investors?”

Gu Fan understood his suspicion, pointed at the hole in Meng Lianying’s right trouser leg, and said, “I am a wood-type superpower, and I healed his injuries.”

Most water and wood cultivators will look more watery; the same goes for superpowers.

This statement can explain why Gu Fan, as a retail investor, has such good skin and perfectly hides her muscle-building and blood-tonifying pills.

Meng Lianying raised his right leg in cooperation.

Lu Ya glanced at him and asked Gu Fan, “How did you get in?”

During the previous phone call, he only told the police not to touch Gu Fan’s backpack and had no time to inquire about the inside story.

Gu Fan said sheepishly: “I set up a stall to sell medicine, and the police decided that I was a drug dealer selling fake medicine.”

Meng Lianying continued cooperating and introduced Gu Fan’s grandfather, a fictitious S-level wood superpower, to Lu Ya.

Lu Ya: “So, the medicines in your backpack are all real?”

Gu Fan nodded.

Lu Ya asked someone to unlock Gu Fan, and he took Meng Lianying and Gu Fan to find Officer Wang.

Officer Wang was already handling other cases. When he saw Lu Ya, Officer Wang stood up abruptly. Before he retired, he was a member of the Lu Family Army, so he naturally respected Lu Ya very much.

When negotiating with Officer Wang, Lu Ya was just a decoration, serving as a deterrent. Meng Lianying stood beside Gu Fan and spoke for her.

Hearing that Gu Fan had a grandpa who was an S-level wood-type boss, Officer Wang was finally shaken and asked someone to get Gu Fan’s backpack first.

The backpack returned to Gu Fan’s hand. Gu Fan kindly poured out a hair growth pill, handed it to Officer Wang, and said, “Try it, I really don’t need to lie to you.”

Police Officer Wang: …

Although her words are very convincing, the effect of this medicine is still too miraculous to be true.

“Try it. If it’s fake medicine, you continue to follow the procedures.” Lu Ya suddenly said.

His words were military orders to Officer Wang. He no longer hesitated, took the black pills, and threw them into his mouth, looking forward to death.

The effect of the medicine will be fully effective in an hour. During this hour, Lu Ya went to find Bureau Zhao. Officer Wang took Gu Fan to the archives department to register and sent Gu Fan a communication bracelet. This bracelet integrates identity authentication, merit point account, and communication within the base. Every citizen and foreign retail investor in the base can apply for it once for free. It is non-transferable and cannot be stolen.

Gu Fan wore a jade storage bracelet on her left wrist and put the communication bracelet on her right wrist.

After all, she is also a cultivator with a flexible mind, and she quickly mastered several uses of the communication bracelet.

Looking at the bare amount on the account, Gu Fan asked Meng Lianying: “Does a thousand points still count?”

Meng Lianying smiled: “Of course it counts.”

After saying that, he transferred the money to Gu Fan.

Gu Fan was very happy. According to the information she collected, one thousand points was enough for her to live frugally at the base for three months.

At this time, Officer Wang felt something strange on his head. It was very itchy but also strangely comfortable.

“It’s grown, it’s grown!”

Meng Lianying was the first to notice the changes in Officer Wang. On the white scalp that was illuminated by the lights of the police station, a layer of jet-black stubble slowly sprouted out like bamboo shoots after rain. At the same time, the rest of the hair also changed. After just ten minutes, under the watchful eyes of several police officers, the bald police officer Wang suddenly gained a head of thick shawl black hair, making him look ten years younger!

“Really, it actually works!”

“Miss Gu, do you still have it? I’ll buy it too!”

“I’ll buy it too!”

“Why are you joining in the fun? You’re not bald!”

“My wife is losing her hair. Giving her a hair-stimulating pill is more effective than giving her a diamond!”

The hair growth pills were snatched away by a group of policemen. Gu Fan was very kind and did not increase the price because of the large number of people. She still set the price of one bottle for 100 merits. Unfortunately, she only put ten bottles in her backpack. She could not take the inventory from the jade bracelet in front of everyone. Nine bottles were sold in one go, and the last bottle was snatched away by Meng Lianying, who casually transferred a hundred points to her.

Gu Fan looked at the top of his head. Did he lose his hair at such a young age?

Meng Lianying said confidently: “I’ll save it for later use!”

The pressure to survive in the apocalypse is too great. Who can guarantee that they will never lose their hair? Only by being prepared can you be safe!

“Miss Gu, are the effects of this medicine permanent?”

“Under normal circumstances, it is, but if you have bad living habits or you pull it out deliberately, the hair that grows back will continue to fall out.”

“When will Ms. Gu still have the goods?”

“I’m not sure, just wait for my notification. After I settle down at the base, I will open a medicine…store. You can go to the store to buy it in the future.”

“Miss Gu, what other medicines do you have in this bag?”

When Lu Ya came down from the second floor, he saw Gu Fan surrounded by police, who kept buying things from her backpack. Meng Lianying was also following suit.

“This bottle is for treating wind and cold. Yes, it’s a cold. No matter how serious it is, the medicine will cure the disease and make you recover immediately. The price is 100 points.”

“This bottle reduces noise and eliminates fire.”

“This bottle removes scars and acne.”

“This bottle is laxative.”

Lu Ya watched from a distance and noticed Officer Wang’s thick hair. He frowned slightly. Is there really such an effective medicine?

“This bottle is more powerful. It’s called the Beast-Repelling Pill. If you don’t want to attract the attention of monsters, you can take it in advance before taking action. It can mask the human body’s scent. The effect can last for exactly twenty-four hours. No matter what level of monster, it is impossible to find the location of the pill taker based on the smell.”

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