Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #60

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Chapter 60

Ning Jiachi: “…”

Tian Hong and Lu Dajun were both stunned, and they all showed masks of pain.

They were thinking that they would finally stand up and rise again. They didn’t expect their team members to give Shi Zhi the customs clearance card so soon. Shi Zhi’s team was happy to pass the level without any effort.

They seriously suspected that Ning Jiachi was actually an undercover agent!

Shi Zhi’s new vest, Shi Xiaodi, should be lent to Ning Jiachi for use.

The program team did not expect Ning Jiachi to give the pass directly to Shi Zhi.

The happiest ones were Bai Wu and Anni, who all went to Shi Zhi to clap their hands.


Ning Jiachi himself was very embarrassed and apologized to his two teammates.

Confession, this damn habit, he had always been on the same team as Shi Zhi before. Ning Jiachi was so excited, and Shi Zhi acted so naturally; Ning Jiachi really couldn’t react at that moment.

Of course, Ning Jiachi didn’t argue too much and was honest.

“I was wrong.”

It was Shi Zhi who helped Ning Jiachi explain.

“He is not my undercover.”

Ning Jiachi called Shi Zhi “Sister Shi…” Touching jpg.

Although Sister Shi took away his card, Sister Shi still cared about him for fear that he would be disliked by his teammates.

Shi Zhi’s next words were righteous, “There is no way we have such a stupid undercover agent in our team!”

Ning Jiachi: Sister Shi, have you seen his heart? Now, it breaks.

Shi Zhi was ruthless again, “My undercover is not that stupid.” There are no brothers on the battlefield. This is the lesson she taught Ning Jiachi.

The director said with emotion: “It’s so wonderful.”

They simply recorded a variety show and turned it into a spy movie. Thirty-six strategies were used in several ways. It would be better if Shi Zhi didn’t mess with them.


Ning Jiachi: In this case, he will temporarily forget their brother-sister relationship!


However, Ning Jiachi later showed with actual actions what it means to think too much.

When he turned black, he didn’t burst out with much fighting power. In the face of absolute strength, those people were just scum.

Ning Jiachi is actually quite flexible in his mind. After much hard work, he won two levels, which can be regarded as making up for his previous mistake of sending the card back.

Tian Hong and Lu Dajun actually didn’t really blame Ning Jiachi. If nothing else, the variety show was full of effects.

Everyone has experienced sericulture, learned about the production and processing of silk fabrics, and even knitted Chinese knots… The local specialty tea snacks and ramen are also very famous, and a large number of people went to the store to experience new items.

The program team has already greeted the noodle shop, so they can start directly. After finishing, they can also have lunch directly.

The director believes there shouldn’t be any famous scenes in this area. Even if it’s a serious promotion, he can’t stay in the surveillance area 24 hours a day. After saying hello to the other staff, he went out for a while. Stand for a while.

After returning, the director asked, “Did nothing happen?”

All the staff in the room were lying in front of the screen.

One of the staff members turned her head when she heard the director’s words, with a naive smile on her face. She was still wiping the tears from her laughter.

“Shi Zhi…”

Director: It’s Shi Zhi again.

What happened to Shi Zhi?

The staff member concluded, “Because Shi Zhi’s business ability is too strong, the boss’s mother saw it, and his mother said that she would keep Shi Zhi as a supervisor.”

Is it okay for a guest to almost become a restaurant manager?


Shi Zhi was quick to do things. She already had cooking experience, so she could start making ramen and tea quickly.

The others also did well.

Bai Wu also advertised for Shi Zhi.

“Shi Zhi plays the role of a snack bar owner in “Yin Yang Snack Bar” that she is currently filming. I heard that everything is made by herself. When it starts airing, everyone can go and watch it.”

The choreographers next to him were the CP fans of Bai Wu and Shi Zhi, and they felt that they had hit sugar on the spot again.

Why is it so sweet? The white paper is real!

Shi Zhi was working hard like everyone else, and quite a few customers were in the store. The arrival of the artists was even more popular. The staff of the program team greeted the customers in advance. They just took photos with their mobile phones and did not come up to disturb the normal recording.

The person who unexpectedly caught the scene is the owner’s mother. She has gray hair, but she is very energetic. She worked hard to build this store. Later, she could no longer work, so she passed the store to her son, the boss at the moment.

Although it was passed down to her son, she would visit often.

She happened to see a new person in the store, so she watched for a while. Shi Zhi thought the person was a customer, so she helped greet her and poured hot water for her.

The old lady stopped Shi Zhi and said to Shi Zhi, “Young lady is so neat at work. I’ll give you a promotion and become the supervisor of the store.”

You are beautiful and have eyes. If you don’t get promoted, who will get promoted?

Shi Zhi: “Huh?”

She also didn’t expect that a domineering grandma would give her a promotion.

Bai Wu: Not only was Shi Zhi treated as a regular employee, but she was also promoted to supervisor.

At the critical moment, Zhi was still thrilled, “Really?”

Passers-by who were eating in the store were full of questions when they first saw this moment. After realizing it, they almost cannot stop laughing.

Someone has quietly begun to spread the news in social circles that Shi Zhi recorded “Super Challenge” and was regarded as a real employee by the boss’s mother in the restaurant. She was even promoted and paid a raise.

Both gardenia and passers-by are itching.

Ahhhh, when will it be broadcast? I want to watch it.


In the end, Shi Zhi took the initiative to tell the old lady that although she was very moved, she was recording a program and could not be a supervisor.

The restaurant owner had also discovered what his mother was doing, and he covered his face and explained to her dumbfounded.

These strange faces in the store are all stars on TV.

The old lady still doesn’t believe it, really? Then why does this girl do so well?

But she does look like a celebrity.

She could only give up the idea reluctantly. She was still lamenting that it was a pity when Shi Zhi was about to leave. If Shi Zhi had stayed as a supervisor, their business would definitely be booming.

The restaurant owner’s mother took good care of Shi Zhi. When Shi Zhi left the city later, she even gave her a silk quilt.

Previously, Shi Zhi bought 100 kilograms of tea to support local tea. This time, she purchased 100 silk quilts and gave one to each guest participating in the show.

The butler was already very calm after receiving the large packages of silk quilts. He asked Shi Zhi directly, “Is this for each employee at home?”

Shi Zhi replied to the butler, yes.

I also want to give it to the team members as a bonus. The quality of the silk quilts here is pretty good.

Shi Zhi finished recording the latest episode of “Super Challenge” and told Brother Quan after returning home.

“I want to meet the director of this play.”

Refers to the story about the survival of women in the mountains that she watched before recording the show. Shi Zhi took the time to stay up all night in the past few days to watch it. After watching it, Shi Zhi decided to pick it up.

Brother Quan met Shi Zhi and heard she was interested in a new drama. He was happy at that moment. He gave Shi Zhi a lot of good scripts. Shi Zhi put them down after reading them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big production or not. Famous director or not, even Shi Zhi accepted the “Yin Yang Snack Bar” role after reading the script.

Very picky.

Now that she has taken the initiative to take on the role, how could Brother Quan be unhappy?

Until he saw the script.


“You’re really interested in this… I don’t think it’s very reliable.”

It’s not a big production and doesn’t have a good director, so it would not be an excellent choice, no matter how you look at it.

But when Brother Quan met Shi Zhi’s black-and-white eyes, he swallowed back everything he wanted to say.

“Okay… I’ll contact the director of this show.” He compromised.

As an agent, Brother Quan is not the most capable agent. His abilities are even average compared to many of his peers. However, there is one thing that Shi Zhi likes. He will respect the opinions of artists.


After hearing that Shi Zhi was interested in his script, he immediately made an appointment with Brother Quan on a time and place. He could do it at any time. The key was to check Shi Zhi’s time, and he could also wait.

From here, they can see how much the director wants to work with Shi Zhi.

The director’s name is Ding Yi. As Brother Quan said before, he is not well-known and has no relatively good works. The abjection he carries is different from that of Director Shi Tao.

Fortunately, director Shi Tao still made several popular classics. Still, he entered a bottleneck period later, and Ding Yi never got ahead.

When he cast the script for Shi Zhi, he didn’t even think that he would be selected. He could still weigh a few catties or taels. Shi Zhi is now turning red and so busy. In fact, he was unsure even when Shi Zhi was hacked by the whole network.

When he submitted a script to Shi Zhi, he didn’t even think that he would be chosen. Shi Zhi is now famous and very busy. In fact, even when Shi Zhi was blacklisted by the entire Internet, he was not sure he could work with Shi Zhi.

After meeting Shi Zhi and chatting for a while, Ding Yi felt more and more that Shi Zhi was very suitable for the role in his project.

Although her appearance doesn’t resemble the heroine, the main thing is her energy and understanding of the script.

Brother Quan almost ran away with Shi Zhi on his back.

He felt it was unreliable initially, and now that he met the director, he felt even more unreliable. He didn’t even find investors and dared to find actors directly. He felt that this young director also dared to think!

Shi Zhi and Ding Yi were chatting happily, and she agreed, “I’ll take it.”

“But I have to wait until I finish shooting.”

Ding Yi knew that Shi Zhi was filming a new movie directed by a famous director. This was not a problem. He was just chatting and suddenly felt inappropriate.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, do you want to think about it carefully? We really haven’t found an investor here… Of course, I will try my best to find it.”

He explained the situation to Shi Zhi again. Although he was depressed, he was very magnanimous.

He has been preparing for this movie for five years. He himself knows how rare this opportunity is. If Shi Zhi is really determined, then Shi Zhi’s sign board is here, and it is easier to find investors, but he still has to give Shi Zhi a reminder.

Shi Zhi smiled at the other party and said, “It will be there soon.” She was sure that the investors would come.

When she turned around, Shi Zhi contacted the housekeeper.

After Ding Yi and Shi Zhi separated, he was all fluttering when he walked, and his mentality was no less than winning a jackpot.

Shi Zhi gave him a lot of trust, and he couldn’t let the other party down, so he once again prepared to find investors. He had frequently hit a wall before. Even if others did not directly refuse, it was vague.

Ding Yi decided to try again.

Unexpectedly, he received an email.

A company with a good reputation in the industry and strong strength actively extended an olive branch to him.

Ding Yi: !!!

He jumped up excitedly. The successive good fortunes came to him, which made him completely confused. He had bad luck before, but his luck changed after he met Shi Zhi?

After Ding Yi confirmed it was correct, he told Shi Zhi and the team the news.


Shi Zhi said: “I understand.”

She is always at ease when the butler does things.

She didn’t plan to spend a penny in the circle…but she didn’t regret it either.

Shi Zhi continued to read fan letters during the break. Gardenia from all over the world shared their life and growth. Shi Zhi was also happy about their achievements and shared their joys and sorrows.

But that didn’t stop Shi Zhi from taking a pencil and marking the typo on it. She was happy, but she still had to correct the typo.

Brother Quan rushed out at this moment and asked Shi Zhi, with an ugly face, to follow him to the side to avoid the crew.

Shi Zhi rarely saw Brother Quan with such a solemn expression and had a vague suspicion.

After waiting in the van car, Shi Zhi said, “Let’s talk.”

Brother Quan indeed confirmed Shi Zhi’s guess.

“Something happened.”


Shi Zhi’s career has been going smoothly during this period, with a variety of shows, movies, and TV shows blooming. Even if some peers attack Shi Zhi, it will only be a waste of heat for Shi Zhi and will not have any impact.

But this time, it’s different. The problem lies with the company.

Brother Quan, “The company has received a micro-business endorsement for you, and it has been revealed that you will be the ambassador. That micro-business brand is not small, but it has a bad reputation and has had many problems…”

This is just one of them.

“Also, I saw a press release on the Internet, and I suspect that it was also done by the company. Bai Wu is currently in contact with that luxury brand, but Mr. Xu has revealed before that he wants to get that Luxury brand for you, later I saw that Bai Wu was in contact with them, so I didn’t think much about it.”

“Who doesn’t know about this rotten brand? How many people have been cheated, Shi Zhi has already made bad money and you are still defending her. Why don’t you understand? She is counting money and having fun now. Anyway, this micro-business is really generous, maybe they really smashed her with hundreds of millions.”

“The world is as black as crows.”

Everyone in the anti-fan group that Shi Zhi joined before is having a heated discussion.

Gardenia believes in Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi would not do such a thing. Someone has already gone to calm down the more excited netizens.

Shi Zhi understood the ins and outs of the whole thing, so she posted a Weibo message first.

Shi ZhiV: Don’t buy it !!!

There are three big exclamation marks after it. She is mainly afraid that fans who don’t know the situation will buy these rubbish, bad-looking products because of her.

Then Shi Zhi stopped arguing about something online and put down the phone for now.

She told Brother Quan, “You have already contacted the company, right? What did the company say?”

Brother Quan has contacted the boss. The company wants to accept this endorsement for Shi Zhi. After all, it is profitable. Brother Quan’s words are useless.

Shi Zhi: “I’ll go talk to him personally.”

In this case, she should talk about it in person.


“Teacher Shi Zhi, Mr. Xu is not here.”

Shi Zhi first made an appointment with the president’s secretary to meet the company boss, but the appointment failed. He clarified that he had avoided Shi Zhi and had not planned to see her. Shi Zhi got tired of waiting and rushed directly to the floor where the president’s office was located.

Very good, she caught the person directly this time.

Shi Zhi: “Isn’t he here?”

Secretary: “……”

Shi Zhi didn’t intend to embarrass the secretary. After all, she was just a person paid to do things for others.

Mr. Xu is a bit fat. He smiles when he meets someone. He looks very kind, but there is a glint in his small eyes.

Shi Zhi came up to ask questions and exposed the lie about his absence. He didn’t panic. He was confident and even joked with Shi Zhi.

“The big star is here.”

“Tea or coffee?”

Shi Zhi said, “I won’t drink.”

She came here for one purpose: to understand the situation.

“You sent the draft of pulling on Bai Wu, right?”

“And why did you accept a micro-business brand? Using that brand will ruin the company’s face. You didn’t notify me when you accepted the endorsement. I didn’t agree at all.”

Brother Quan followed Shi Zhi. Every time he heard Shi Zhi say a word, he started to break into a cold sweat.

Too fierce.

It’s not at all diplomatic.

However, the company’s management is not authentic and a bit disgusting. It’s better to get straight to the point.

Mr. Xu is a relatively discreet businessman. Although he had watched Shi Zhi’s program team and she had a tough fight with the program team, he didn’t expect that she had just come to him now, and even he was stunned for a moment.

He didn’t deny it this time.

“Shi Zhi, don’t get excited.”

“I know you have a good relationship with Bai Wu, but what’s the use of a good relationship? Can you be the spokesperson of a luxury brand?”

“Don’t be too impulsive. I’ve seen this kind of thing a lot. This world is like a vanity fair. One second you are brothers and sisters, and the next second you start to stab each other. Red is the last word.”

“There is nothing wrong with micro-business brand endorsement. Don’t believe the nonsense of those people on the Internet. They can’t be embarrassed. They are very sincere and have contacted us many times. They just want you to help guide them. It’s good, the money given is really quite a lot.”

“When the time comes when you are holding a luxury brand and counting the money given by the micro-business, think about it, is it beautiful?”

Shi Zhi looked expressionless and replied to him, “I think your thoughts are quite beautiful.”

Mr. Xu: “…”

Shi Zhi said, “You don’t have any friends, do you?” He had no friends, so he said such nonsense.

“How about you put it on your face and see if it hurts your face?” If it hurts his face, he won’t be so understated.

Shi Zhi: “Delete those press releases and don’t post anything similar in the future, don’t use Bai Wu name.”

“Also, I won’t accept micro-business endorsements.” She expressed her attitude.

Mr. Xu: “If you don’t accept, who will?”

Shi Zhi: “You.”

“Whoever accepts the endorsement will be the spokesperson.”

The smile on Mr. Xu’s face completely disappeared. No matter what endorsement he wanted, even if he wanted to endorse it, they wouldn’t let him.

“Shi Zhi, are you teaching me how to do things?”

When he plays ruthlessly, it feels like a storm is about to come, and the building is full of wind.

Brother Quan has already begun to think about how to help Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi looked directly at the other party, “Did you just see it?”

Mr. Xu: ???

Shi Zhi actually admitted that she was teaching him how to do things.

Mr. Xu stared at Shi Zhi for a few seconds and said, “You are still young, I don’t care about what you say.” He made an expression as if an adult doesn’t remember the faults of a villain.

“You don’t want to accept a micro-business endorsement, but you have already agreed to it. If you refuse, you will have to pay a large amount of liquidated damages.”

Shi Zhi is being threatened.

“By the way, I also found a big-budget movie for you but you recommended the movie you want to make… What kind of cooperation team are they? Shi Zhi are ignorant, and you are also ignorant?”

Mr. Xu looked at Brother Quan.

Brother Quan’s heart skipped a beat.

Did the company push the movie that Shi Zhi had always wanted to make?

Brother Quan couldn’t help but look at Shi Zhi. Her expression was normal.

Mr. Xu: “The company has been considering plans for each artist. It took a lot of effort for you to become popular. You should know how hard it is when you are not popular.”

“The company is also working hard to push you to a higher position. Don’t care too much about netizens’ comments. The company will provide you with public relations, control reviews, and Good resources and good endorsements will be given to you.”

After the threat has passed, begin to appease.

Give both grace and power.

When Mr. Xu saw that Shi Zhi didn’t speak, he thought his combination of punches was working. He really felt that the company was very attentive to Shi Zhi. She came over and screamed about something. Many artists in the company wanted this kind of opportunity but couldn’t get it.

He wouldn’t care about her if it weren’t for Shi Zhi’s good momentum and prosperity.

Mr. Xu: “You also have to understand my work. Although I am the boss, it is not easy for me…”

“Why don’t you stop doing it.”

Mr. Xu: ???

This sentence was not what he said.

Shi Zhi said this sentence, and she repeated it impatiently. She looked at Mr. Xu and said word by word, “Why don’t you stop doing it.”

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