The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 68. (1/2)

This Brother doesn’t want to kiss her, does he?

With so many people watching, this person doesn’t know how to hide it.

Bai Qing Qing was secretly happy, pretending not to see anything, and asked, “When will we go find Li Jin?”

Fu Chen said: “Wait another half hour before setting off.”

Xu Meng walked over and said, “I got separated from them in the mall yesterday. If they are still alive, they should return to their original place of residence.”

After the superpower team entered the foggy city, they have been trying to find a way out. However, it is easy to get in but difficult to get out. They can’t find the way out at all. In addition, the foggy city is full of zombies, and they don’t dare to run around.

The team escorting Li Jin had been trapped in the foggy city for over half a month. The food they carried had been exhausted. They were trapped by zombies in a residence above the shopping mall and had no way to find food.

There are seven people on the Yaoyang team. She and Li Jin have a superior-subordinate relationship, and the rest are superpowers responsible for protecting her and Li Jin. After being trapped for over half a month, they can only share the bread.

If you don’t think of a way to find supplies, you will die in the Fog City before you get to the City of Death.

Yesterday, they chose to break out again. First, they encountered a group of zombies. During the breakout, they alarmed a huge monster and killed someone with powers. When she was trying to escape, she met the Thunder Team.

These people came from Yaoyang Base, and their mission was to find Li Jin. Therefore, she regarded these people as subordinates and wanted to gain their admiration and support just like she ordered the superpowers of the Yaoyang Team.

She didn’t expect that none of these men would pay attention to her.

Xu Meng snorted in her heart. If they want to find Li Jin, the team must not abandon her. After finding Li Jin, they will understand how attractive she is compared to the other two young girls.

“I will guide you.” She gave the men a charming look and said, “You must remember to protect me. If anything happens to me, you will definitely not be able to find Li Jin.”

Several men looked indifferent and exchanged glances with each other. This woman was right. No matter how much you hate her, you must protect her.

Fu Chen ordered: “Follow Xiao Yang, he will protect you.”

Xiao Yang looked as ugly as if he had eaten a fly and said directly: “Brother Fu if you want me to protect her, you might as well let me kill zombies.”

Xu Meng’s face turned red and white, filled with anger, and finally endured it.

Shen Mingxuan boasted: “It’s my job to open the way. The captain told you to protect important people. You must obey the arrangement.”

Fu Chen raised his cold black eyes and looked at Liang Zhiyu: “Bai Tian Tian leaves it to you.”

Liang Zhiyu nodded lightly and had no objection.

Xiao Yang was furious. Why should he protect that woman who was afraid that nobody didn’t know she had breasts? She called herself a scientific researcher’s assistant, and he suspected she was just using relation.

Xiao Yang guessed right. Xu Meng had another identity. She was Li Jin’s girlfriend. She had the identity of a scientific researcher’s assistant because of her boyfriend.

Li Jin was thinking about doing research every day. He didn’t realize that Xu Meng and the men in the Yaoyang Team were not clear about each other, and they gave him several cuckolds.

Before Shen Mingxuan went out, he whistled at Xiao Yang and walked to the corridor with his long legs. The rest of the people followed in groups.

Bai Qing Qing followed Fu Chen at the back. She was held by Fu Chen’s hand, and they quickly went downstairs together.

Shen Mingxuan did not use a gun to clean up the zombies. There were too many zombies in the foggy city. Using a gun to make noise would attract more and more zombies.

Bai Qing Qing released the modified car from space, and everyone quickly got in. Shen Mingxuan jumped onto the car’s roof, and the modified car quickly drove into the fog and passed through one street after another.

Zombies will suddenly appear from the fog along the way, and Shen Mingxuan will kill them all with ice powers.

The car drove for over half an hour in the thick fog and finally arrived at the place Xu Meng was talking about. The towering commercial residences were shrouded in the thick fog, and the formerly bustling commercial streets were desolate and neglected.

The air was filled with the sour smell of rotten meat, like spoiled milk and rotten eggs, making people feel sick and nauseous.

Xu Meng had a look of horror in her eyes and said in a trembling voice, “We lived here a few days ago.”

Originally, she didn’t want to leave the survivor base but was forced to follow Li Jin on a mission. She never expected to be trapped in this monster city when she arrived.

That lunatic Li Jin still wanted to go to the even more terrifying zombie paradise, the City of Death. She didn’t want to go to that kind of place. After finding Li Jin, she asked the team to send her back.

The Yaoyang Team actually has the idea of returning. These people are not fools, and there is no way they must die.

Occasionally, the roars of zombies can be heard in the thick fog. The horrifying and terrifying sounds make people’s scalp numb, fearing that a zombie will suddenly pounce on people and bite their throats.

Fu Chen’s spiritual powers unfolded like a flood. He frowned and searched and soon sensed another source of heat.

Xu Meng did not lie. There were living humans in the building, and there were also many zombies. It was not easy to go up and rescue the people. The team had to break through and find the survivors first.

“Let’s go!” Fu Chen ordered.

Everyone entered the building through the gate quickly and vigilantly, turned around the small door, and took the stairs from the back.

Bai Qing Qing worked hard to climb the stairs; her breathing was difficult, and she still couldn’t keep up with her physical strength. After Bai Tian Tian and Xu Meng reached the fifth floor, their faces turned pale, and they could hardly walk.

Suddenly, a zombie pounced from somewhere, and Bai Tian Tian and Xu Meng screamed in fright at the same time.

At the most thrilling moment, a ray of ice penetrated the zombie’s head.

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