Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 55 (2/2)

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Chapter 55 (2/2)

Student, husband.

The two faces appeared in Jiang Miao Miao’s mind, and she compared them. The more she thought about it, the more headache she got, and she pushed his hand.

“Don’t be ridiculous. You can rest well at home. I’ll be right back after I get off work.”

Lu Qiming became a stubborn piece of chewing gum. She couldn’t push him away or kick him away. He was stuck to her body.

She was so entangled by him that she had no choice but to call the elementary school and kindergarten to ask for leave for herself and Meimu.

The moment she put down the phone, Lu Qiming happily kissed her.

“You’re so good! I love you so much. Just lie down, and I’ll make you breakfast.”

After speaking, he excitedly got out of bed and dressed. Jiang Miao Miao asked puzzledly, “Aren’t you tired?”

He spent more energy than she did last night.

Lu Qiming raised his chin and entered the kitchen wearing a pair of big pants.

Jiang Miao Miao always thought that her cooking skills had improved a lot. She couldn’t even make dumplings before, but now she can make a decent meal with limited ingredients.

However, after drinking the porridge cooked by Lu Qiming, she had to admit that cooking requires talent.

The same rice, the same pot, the other party’s finished product is more fragrant than hers.

It seems that in the future, whether for laziness or enjoyment, she will let him cook more.

She had already begun to think about how to squeeze him while Lu Qiming was still asking for compliments stupidly, looking at her expectantly.

“Is it tasty?”

Jiang Miao Miao showed an enigmatic smile and gave him a thumbs up.

“very delicious.”

Lu Qiming brought the pot happily, “If it’s delicious, eat more. I cooked a lot.”

After breakfast, the two prepared to take Meimu out for a walk. After all, Lu Qiming has been staying in the laboratory for several years and has been separated from the natural environment for too long.

But the idea is great, but it’s too difficult to implement.

When changing clothes, the two couldn’t help but kiss each other, and they went to bed while kissing.

By the time it was over, it was already lunchtime.

Lu Qiming seemed tireless and took the initiative to make lunch again.

Jiang Miao Miao took a bath, lay on the bed, and played with the dog with a towel while waiting for food. She felt that this kind of life was really great.

With food, drink, a man, and no need to work, she could live for ten years… no, a lifetime.

Lu Qiming had been holding back for several years and finally got the opportunity to show off his cooking skills. He couldn’t hold back and used up all her meager ingredients.

At noon the next day, they could only eat white rice and noodles.

Jiang Miao Miao stood in front of the rice bucket, wondering whether to get another supply.

Supplies are distributed per person. Logically speaking, we should receive more supplies if there are more people.

However, when receiving supplies, children must show their student ID cards, and adults must show their work certificates so they cannot be taken in vain.

Lu Qiming has nothing. He is like a gangster, which is a bit troublesome.

She was still struggling when suddenly someone knocked on the door.

Lu Qiming went to open the door, looked up and saw a familiar face, and frowned.

Gu Changzhou rubbed his nose in embarrassment, “I am sent by the government to solve your life problems.”

Lu Qiming suddenly realized it, whistled, and turned around and shouted:

“Miao Miao, come and meet an old acquaintance.”

Gu Changzhou is in an awkward situation now.

Before returning to the city, he had a high position and great power. He led the rescue operations well and had a high reputation in the base.

But after returning to the city, some of the bad things he had done were uncovered by several old enemies.

For example, using public funds to build a private shelter, taking advantage of one’s position to complete private affairs, assisting as a threat when zombies break out, blackmailing officials, etc.

In the past, when he started his own company, no one would dare to have any objections to doing this kind of thing.

But holding public office is different, after all. After returning to the city, the country also needs to reorganize the power system. It cannot retain people who have too many talking points.

He was demoted, left with a false reputation, deprived of real power, no longer managing soldiers, and instead doing auxiliary work.

The person assigned the task probably had a grudge against him, so the first task was contacting Lu Qiming.

Gu Changzhou thought about quitting and starting his own business as before.

But thinking about the current social situation, there is no room for starting a business. If you are caught, you may even go to jail, so you have to endure it.

Lu Qiming welcomed his arrival. After learning that his job was to solve all their difficulties, he immediately asked him to get ingredients and solve their feeding problem.

Gu Changzhou ran for over two hours under the scorching sun at noon to obtain a certificate for him, handed it to the community administrator, and received enough food.

Lu Qiming took the bag in his hand and nodded with satisfaction.

“Not bad, not bad. It would be better if it were faster. I look forward to your next performance. You can get out now.”

Gu Changzhou was sweating profusely: “…”

Jiang Miao Miao felt a little sorry and asked proactively: “You haven’t eaten yet, right? Can you stay and eat together?”

“Have a meal?”

Lu Qiming said first: “He is a government employee and cannot accept bribes. Otherwise, he will be fired.”


“Of course, let’s go cook.”

Lu Qiming put his arms around her shoulders, gave Gu Changzhou a victorious look, and closed the door with his foot.

His clothes were wet with sweat, and his stomach was growling.

Gu Changzhou clenched his fists, took a deep breath, and walked away, resigned to his fate.

Half an hour later, Lu Qiming called him.

“I need a double-size bed, the sturdier, the better, for my lunch break.”

He had just arrived at the cafeteria, grabbed some leftovers from other people’s meals, and sat down to enjoy it. His buttocks were not even hot from sitting, so he held back his temper and asked:

“Can you wait half an hour?”

Lu Qiming said: “Who is your superior? Give me the number. I want to complain.”

“…… I’ll go now.”

Gu Changzhou hung up the phone, finished the meal in three mouths, and ran out while chewing.

The requests kept coming.

“We want to watch the commendation ceremony and get two on-site locations.”

“We would like some beef. Please bring it before dinner.”

“We need a refrigerator.”

“There are mice in the house. She and I are both scared. Come and catch them.”

You go do this… you go do that…

In just one month, Gu Changzhou lost fifteen pounds, and his former subordinates did not dare to recognize him when they saw him.

One day at two o’clock in the middle of the night, after delivering the new underwear that Lu Qiming asked for, he stood downstairs in an empty residential building. He finally couldn’t help it and kicked the car’s wheel hard.

Jiang Miao Miao chased him out and said apologetically:

“He’s not that difficult to maintain. He just can’t hold back his anger. He was really deeply hurt by you.”

Gu Changzhou laughed at himself: “Yes, I deserve it all.”

Everything has to pay a price, and it’s time for him, a businessman who is accustomed to taking advantage of opportunities, to suffer retribution.

Jiang Miao Miao suggested: “If you can’t bear it, you can apply for someone else to come.”

It’s good for each other.

Gu Changzhou shook his head, “No.”


“You are my only family member. As long as I can see you often, it doesn’t matter if he embarrasses me.”

“…I have already said that I am not your daughter.”

“You mean it’s not true if you don’t believe it? I think you are very similar.”

“We can do a paternity test.”

Gu Changzhou smiled with a hint of cunning on his tired face.

“I won’t do it. As long as I never do it, you will always be my daughter.”

Rather than believing that his daughter had passed away long ago, he wished she was still alive.

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t recognize him, and it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t live with him.

He will be satisfied if she lives happily and has enough food and clothing.

Jiang Miao Miao, who is good at finding fun for herself, is very suitable for this role.

After hearing this, Jiang Miao Miao finally understood why he refused to do the appraisal. She felt indescribable in her heart, and she didn’t know what to say for a long time.

Gu Changzhou rubbed her hair.

“It’s getting late. He wants to eat soup dumplings tomorrow. The cafeteria won’t make them. I have to rush back to make it right away. Get some rest early. See you tomorrow.”

“……See you tomorrow.”

Gu Changzhou opened the car door and got in. The car lights flashed twice, and he slowly left the community.

The next morning, a steaming soup dumpling was placed on the breakfast table for the two of them.

The buns were in rough shape, and the person who made them was obviously a novice.

But the ingredients are sufficient, the meat is abundant, and it is fresh, which is really commendable.

Lu Qiming scooped one up with a spoon and wanted to feed Jiang Miao Miao.

The latter hesitated, “How about… stop torturing him in the future?”

Lu Qiming curled his lips, “He deserves it. You don’t need to feel bad.”

“I don’t feel sorry for him. It’s just that it’s been so long. We should start living a normal life, right?”

She has been asking for leave this month and has never been to work for a single day.

Lu Qiming didn’t start looking for a new job either.

Nowadays, everyone must go to work and school, and they can’t just eat free meals.

In this atmosphere, she was really embarrassed to eat, drink, and have fun every day.

Lu Qiming lowered his eyes and thought for a moment, then nodded.

“You’re right.”

“And you……”

“You resign.”


He put down the spoon, stood up, walked to the window, and looked out.

There are many people on the road in the community.

People who ride bicycles, drive cars, and walk are all rushing to complete today’s work, like a group of busy ants.

He didn’t want to be one of them.

“The country is encouraging everyone to engage in agricultural production. How about we find a farm with beautiful scenery, grow some vegetables and raise some chickens, be self-sufficient, and send the rest to the city?”

They want to have a small building with a yard full of flowers and vegetables.

Work at sunrise and rest at sunset. If you are tired, no one will care about you. Just lie down at home together.

There is no need to be controlled by others, and there is no need to use your brain to deal with relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Jiang Miao Miao had been going to class day after day for several years. She was tired of it and was ready to move after being talked about by him.

“Is that possible? But where can we find a farm like that?”

Lu Qiming turned back and smiled, “This is simple. Let Gu Changzhou find a way.”

With a phone call, Gu Changzhou rushed to them and accepted a new mission to find farms for them all over the world.

During this period, Jiang Miao Miao submitted her and Meimu’s resignation applications.

Unexpectedly, her application was approved very quickly, but the Meimu was never approved. It took a lot of effort, and she promised to take it back to school to play when she had time in the future so that it could regain its freedom.

Lu Qiming began to prepare for the farm and walked every day, trying to get some seeds, eggs, etc.

Almost a week later, Gu Changzhou brought good news.

The farm was found.

It’s not far away, just outside the city, about two hours’ drive.

The terrain is high because it is in a mountainous area, so when the city was ravaged by floods, it narrowly escaped disaster.

According to Gu Changzhou’s description, the farm covers an area of several hundred acres.

There are orchards, fish ponds, rice fields, simple processing workshops, etc. The scale is not very large, but it is definitely enough to be self-sufficient.

They packed up their belongings that day, took a lot of things Lu Qiming collected for the farm, and drove there.

Jiang Miao Miao sat in the car’s back seat with Meimu, a little worried.

“Can we really use that farm? What if the owner comes back in the future, or the government wants to take it away?”

Lu Qiming glanced at Gu Changzhou.

“Don’t worry. If it is taken away, we will let him find another one. It will be fine, right?”

Gu Changzhou grabbed the steering wheel, ignored him, and answered Jiang Miao Miao’s question.

“I asked someone to investigate and found that the original owner died when the zombies broke out. The country is now encouraging everyone to invest in agricultural production. I will help you get a certificate in a few days. From now on, this will be your property.”

She felt relieved after hearing this, turned to look out the window, and couldn’t help but exclaim.

“What a beauty!”

The car drove into a mountain col. The trees and grass in midsummer grew lush and green like a huge green wave rushing towards the face. The scenery was so beautiful that it was like a massage for the eyes.

The road has been neglected for too long, and weeds have crawled into the middle of the road.

The wheels rolled over it, crushing the grass blades, and the air was filled with the refreshing fragrance of grass and wood.

The breeze blew into the car and rolled up the ends of her hair.

The two men in the front row raised their eyes at the same time, trying to see her reflection in the rearview mirror, but accidentally met each other’s eyes. Each snorted coldly and looked away again.

At ten o’clock in the morning, they arrived at their destination.

From among the dense ivy, they found the rusty iron gate of the farm.

There was originally a large copper lock on the iron door, but it had been removed by Gu Changzhou when he came last time.

He parked the car, carried large and small bags, kicked open the iron door, and walked in front to lead the way.

Two people and a dog followed behind, curiously stepping into this new home.

The farm is located between two mountains and is very open in front and back.

On the left and right slopes are orchards, where bayberries and pomegranates are planted. There is a pond in front and a rice field behind.

A small stream winds through the front of the mountain, making water very convenient.

The main body of the farm consists of three houses.

One building is a processing workshop, which can press oil, pluck cotton, shell rice, etc.

One building is a warehouse where harvested fruits and grains can be stored.

The last building is a residence. It has only two floors and is very small but has a kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc.

There is also a shack used to raise chickens and cows, but now they don’t know where it went.

After everyone visited all the facilities, Gu Changzhou looked at Jiang Miao Miao expectantly.

“How’s it going? Not bad.”

Jiang Miao Miao frowned, “It’s good, but it’s been abandoned for too long. There is grass everywhere, and the house is leaking. It will take a long time to clean it up.”

“What are you afraid of? We have a general here, and he does the dirty work all by himself.”

Lu Qiming leaned on Jiang Miao Miao and raised his chin towards Gu Changzhou.

“Right, Xiao Gu?”

Don’t be angry… don’t be angry… It’s for the kids.

Gu Changzhou took several deep breaths, suppressed his emotions, smiled and said:

“Miao Miao, please rest. I’ll take care of it.”

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