Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #54

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Chapter 54

Ballet and music are perfectly integrated. There is no doubt about the performance of the two dancers. The fairy dances. What everyone didn’t expect was that Shi Zhi actually pulled Erhu so beautifully.

It’s not a drag at all. It’s the icing on the cake.

The dance is more intense when they repeat the second main tune, Some people are starting to expect more from The fairy dancers.

Are there any other tricks?

In fact, when this person thought of this by himself, he felt that he was thinking too wildly. Shi Zhi’s Erhu was already powerful enough, and what kind of performance did he want?

But Shi Zhi moved, she put down Erhu in the gap, and took out Suona and the audience was filled with Suona’s voice. If the Erhu just now was straight into the sky, then Suona made people tremble even with their souls.

Now the taste is really strong enough, the poignant and wonderful dance, coupled with Suona, instantly  injected the soul.

Can you do some other tricks, can you be stronger?

The facts Shi Zhi shows at this moment is that it is possible to arrange.


The ballet was successfully matched with Erhu and Suona, and the comfort matching reached 100%.

There is no doubt that this is a brilliant performance. After the performance is over, applause is endless, and even the latter performances have begun. Everyone is still immersed in the situation just now.

Everyone knows that the duo ballerinas are strong, but they didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be so strong!

Shi Zhi’s agent: He also wants to know.

Shi Zhi playing Erhu, he’s the one who made the decision for her to come over. Brother Quan specially sent Shi Zhi’s video playing Erhu to the program team, and determined Shi Zhi’s guest assistant, but Suona was Shi Zhi’s own idea. After working with the duo ballerina dancers, she suggested adding it.

How about the effect, the audience’s response is enough to explain.

The audience could not shoot videos, but the program team could not control their spoilers, and the program group did not hate this spoiler.

So on the day of the end of the recording of Shi Zhi episode, news began to report on the Internet –

The new show will feature Shi Zhi as a guest. It’s so great!

As for why it is great, they just hold their breath.

The effect is perfect.

Netizen: We can’t wait.

Gardenia: WWhat, has Princess Shi Zhi finally returned to the arena?

Shi Zhi is busy filming. The gardenias all know it, and they are also looking forward to the TV series that Shi Zhi will cooperate with the director, but the production time is a bit long, and they were really hungry for Shi Zhi content. They have started to play the games that Shi Zhi endorses. There is no show, so it is good to shoot some advertisements and get some endorsements.

So when they know that Shi Zhi is a guest, the expectation value is not general.

However, some people are looking forward to it, and some people question.

“Shi Zhi, she probably hype it up by herself… I’ve seen that show, and I don’t have anything to say about what an actor can do to assist in the performance.”

But at this time, the audience who watched the full episode under the stage without saying anything came out to prove it.

Admission tickets and group photos with the program group cards can all show that they are a real audience.

If this still means that she is a navy, then…fight.

Shi Zhi didn’t give her money anyway, so let this netizen give her.

Netizens who have watched the show on the scene also came out and said that Shi Zhi was really fairy this time.

As soon as the quarrel broke out, the heat came out. Everyone who saw it was curious. What did Shi Zhi do? Dare to boast like this, are you not afraid of backlash?

After all, it was not that some celebrity hadn’t been praised before, but the final result was unsatisfactory and that person was directly ridiculed.

Of course, when everyone is anxious to wait for the show, after finally broadcasting, most people have only one idea –

Praise her to death!

What happened to netizens before, can you be bolder?


In the show, Shi Zhi was wearing a white fairy skirt, and the lights were lit, and all the beauty values were lit, which made people want to shout. This is the princess!

If the princess did not reach out to take out the Erhu.

If the princess did not take out the Suona after the Erhu.

Originally thought that the Erhu had been great enough, she actually came out with another large “killer” Suona.

Erhu plus Suona, it is almost invincible.

Ah is not the princess, this time is another vest of Shi Zhi.

Uncle Shi.

Shi Zhi Erhu plus Suona’s version of “Jiu’er” is fascinating just by listening to it. The whole performance is complete and smooth, and the whole process is explosive, making people not take their eyes.

“This video is not very good-looking, I just watched it five times.”

“Damn it, Shi Zhi actually knows Erhu and Suona. I was so surprised…”

“The fairy pulls Erhu and blows Suona. It’s really good for you, Uncle Shi. This makes me dream of returning to the time when Shi Zhi was dressed like a campus goddess and read delicious food at the book club.”

It’s the same thing. Hasn’t anyone seen the video of her reading delicious food at the book club? Then hurry up and come in and harvest your appetite… No, it’s happiness!

Following fishing and playing chess, after this series of uncle’s hobbies, everyone unlocks new skills, Erhu and Suona.

Shi Zhi, why do you have a different painting style from others?


It’s not just that the style of painting is different. After Shi Zhi finished recording the show, the host interviewed Shi Zhi as usual.

“Shi Zhi, aren’t you an actor? Why do you have so many skills… Erhu, Suona can actually do it.” She was really surprised. 

Shi Zhi in the camera, “Life is not easy so be versatile, with multiple skills and multiple paths to life.”

“If you lose your job in the future, you can still go to the streets to sell art for a living.”

What Shi Zhi said was serious, and the host was confused. Is it true?

Shi Zhi’s life is not easy, it’s reappeared again. Last time, she got a customs clearance card from the NPC uncle by fishing.

A serious nonsense, with the confused expression of the host, is also very tasteful..

Netizen: So Uncle Shi plans to sell art on which street, we can squat at an address, do we hold the number card to listen to her playing Erhu and playing Suona?

Street art shouldn’t be available for the time being, but Sister Shi can do the same type of program. Isn’t there a musical instrument PK program next door? Without Sister Shi coming as a guest there, it doesn’t make sense.

Someone has begun listing other program group -related program groups.

Gardenia originally thought that Shi Zhi could appear beautifully, but they didn’t expect Shi Zhi to surprise them again.

It’s a treasure girl, right!

Take the opportunity to come out to advertise, friends who are fans of Shi Zhi. There are new discoveries every day, beautiful, strong, safe and reliable.

It really added new blood to Shi Zhi’s fan base.

And their title has increased again this time. Following the variety showcase fans, there are more fans of Shi Zhi non -famous performers.


Shi Zhi was found by the butler.

Although the butler still had a standard signature smile on his face, he had a little disapproval in his tone.

“I saw the interview where the eldest lady said that she was going to sell art on the street after losing her job.”

“Although it is important to fight for the cause you love, the eldest lady may be too busy to forget the fact that she is the richest person. There is a lot of money waiting for you to spend… Do you want to temporarily let go of your busy but passionate career and feel the unpretentious and boring rich life a little bit?”

Of course, selling art on the street is not real. Shi Zhi was attracted by the unpretentious and boring rich life.

What kind of boring rich life is it?

For example?

Shi Zhi thought for a while and told the butler, “I want to have a snack, but I don’t want to eat what the chef made at home.”

The pastry chef at home is also excellent, but the flowers in one’s garden cannot match the fragrance of wild flowers. 

(Idiom The flowers in one’s garden cannot match the fragrance of wild flowers means the grass is always greener on the other side.)

Shi Zhi stared at the butler with expectant eyes. She was thinking about what the butler would do to get it for her. Is he straight out of the country on a private jet?

Shi Zhi knew that recently, many people wanted to show off their wealth and went to other countries by plane to eat what they wanted to eat. It would be even better if it was a private jet. As the richest person, she still has a private jet and a private airport.

The butler had an expression that I had expected.

“The most famous for making small snacks and desserts is France, which has the title of the Kingdom of desserts, and Italy is not bad. Their representative is macarons…”

Shi Zhi nodded.

Butler:  “I have invited ten award-winning dessert masters in these two countries to airlift them to our villa at an indoor temperature that is most suitable for humans at 18 degrees Celsius and air humidity between 30% and 40%… They are now waiting for the eldest lady to order with the fullest spirit and the most sincere enthusiasm.”

Shi Zhi:, “…” She lost.

It turned out that it was not a private jet, nor was it air -transported ingredients, but the desserts master directly.

Shi Zhi is more puzzled, “Why do you have to be accurate to the temperature and humidity around them.”

Is this eating dessert or eating … dessert master?

The answer is, in order for them to serve her with full spirit and sincere enthusiasm.

Butler: “Not only the dessert master from France and Italy, but also invited Russian masters, because considering that the young lady may want to eat Dalieba.”

Daleba or Lieba. 

(Dalieba or Lieba is a Chinese bread similar to Russian rye bread available in Northeast China.)

Shi Zhi shouted to the butler, “Wait, is it the Daleba who can smash the walnut twice and PK with the baguette who is more suitable for hitting people?”

The butler told Shi Zhi, it seemed to be.

Shi Zhi: “…” Then she doesn’t want to eat it.

The butler also provided new ideas for Shi Zhi. After eating, you can do nails. There are already 20 top nail artists who are ready to go.

Shi Zhi calculated it, good guy, her fingers and toes add up to exactly 20 nail covers, and the arrangement is clear.

“What if I want to go under the Eiffel Tower to feed the pigeons, but I don’t have time to do it.”

Shi Zhi suddenly had a strange thought and gave the butler a problem.

The butler finally fell into thinking, and what made Shi Zhi feel amazing was that the butler actually thought about her ridiculous idea! Not only did he think about it, he also gave directions.

“This can be negotiated with the other side. If the negotiation is successful, the things can be shipped back, but the chance should be very small. Maybe…you can make a one-to-one imitation and wait for it to be installed directly behind the villa, so that you can get up every day, open the window, you can see the Eiffel Tower, miss, what do you think.”

Shi Zhi felt that if the Eiffel Tower could be impersonated, it would probably complain: Is there anything wrong with you?

This is not a small chance, this should be beaten.

However, the butler gave Shi Zhi confidence. The life of the rich is really unpretentious and boring. She loves this kind of boredom.


Shi Zhi happily enjoyed the unpretentious life of the rich for a few days, and then had to work.

Director Shi Tao of “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” looked for Shi Zhi on WeChat and asked if she had time to make a cameo in his new drama.

Director Shi Tao had a great impression of Shi Zhi. After all, he listened to Shi Zhi’s suggestion and changed the script of the sisters to delete their dog blood plot. The drama exploded, Shi Zhi had the visual look, had acting skills, and was not a demon.

In fact, he wanted to continue to cooperate with Shi Zhi when he was filming a new drama, but his friend Wang Mingchun was one step ahead. Shi Zhi was out of schedule, and the script itself was not very suitable for Shi Zhi, so he had to give up.

But guest appearances can still be possible.

Shi Zhi had a good relationship with Director Shi Tao, so she did not hesitate. When there was a guest appearance, she made a guest appearance.

“What theme is this?”

Director Shi Tao, “Ancient costume mythology theme.”

“There are many beautiful characters in it, Chang’e, Jiutian Xuannü…” It’s a pity that with Shi Zhi’s appearance but there is no showing it off. He also clenched his fist and wanted to leave a beautiful screen image for Shi Zhi. 

Even if it is a guest appearance, it is beautiful and eye-catching.

Shi Zhi had a general understanding. Facing Director Shi Tao’s analysis, she asked, “Is there any White Bone Demon spirit?”

(Chang’e is the woman on the moon. She was the wife of a heroic archer who was rewarded for his services to the gods by a gift of the elixir of immortality. In her husband’s absence, she stole the potion and drank it herself. And Jiutian Xuannü – she is a goddess of war, sex and longevity. She is associated with victory, warfare and power, as well as long life, vitality and sexuality.)

“I want to play the White Bone Spirit.”

Director Shi Tao: What?

Although he once wanted to retire and quit because of the dramas he was filming one after another, he has not had success. In fact, he has never questioned his body, age or anything like that.

But looking at the screen now, his heart suddenly tightened. Could it be that he was really old and had presbyopia?

How could he see the words that Shi Zhi wanted to play the White Bone Spirit?

Director Shi Tao even asked the assistant director next to him to check if he had made a mistake.

The assistant director told Shi Tao that he was right. Shi Zhi really wanted to play the role of the White Bone Spirit.

(Baigujing is a demon from the 16th-century novel Journey to the West. The name is translated into English as White Bone Spirit in the William John Francis Jenner translation. Baigujing is a shapeshifting demoness, and in her true form, she is depicted as a skeleton.)


At that time, Shi Zhi lied that her first drama was the White Bone Spirit in “The Monkey King Three Fights the White Bone Spirit”, and a small number of Gardenias later found out about it.

Shi Zhi saw someone in the group asking where they could watch Shi Zhi’s White Bone Spirit.

They can’t watch it because she has never acted in it. It just so happened that director Shi Tao was looking for her to make a guest appearance on a mythological subject. Shi Zhi thought that she could arrange the role of the beautiful, miserable and strong white-bone spirit. Of course, it would be fine if director Shi Tao did not have this role in the film.

He is okay with her request.

Director Shi Tao: “But there is a problem.”

Shi Zhi: “What’s the problem?”

Director Shi Tao: “The scene is very low.”

“Not much appearance to show,” he originally planned to find an extra.

Shi Zhi: “I was shocked. What did I think it was? When will I join the team?”

Director Shi Tao: “…” Isn’t this a big problem?


Shi Zhi had no role, and the faceless White Bone Demon was shot very quickly, only half a day and 90% of the half day was spent on makeup and equipment.

After the filming was completed, Shi Zhi was satisfied that the role of White Bone Spirit had been achieved. √

After Shi Zhi took off her makeup and returned to the van car, Brother Quan couldn’t wait to tell Shi Zhi that a new program was coming. This time, it was not he who found it for Shi Zhi but a netizen who came out for Shi Zhi.

Netizens gave Shi Zhi a list of resources, so let’s ask… who else in the entertainment industry has the same treatment!

“Actually, when you were on the show and played the Erhu and Suona. Netizens said you were suitable for “The Musical Instrumental” and they all wanted to watch it.”

Shi Zhi’s hand made many people sigh and be surprised, then said it was not enough! So they spontaneously went to the official V of “The Musical Instruments” to leave a message, recommending Shi Zhi. “The Musical Instruments” also paid attention to Shi Zhi’s song “Jiu’er”. Shi Zhi’s discussion was very popular, and they won’t let go of such a talent who can increase ratings. They want to invite her.

Brother Quan played “Good Days” on the spot.

“Your crossover is really a bit powerful, Shi Zhi, you are the most beautiful girl in among celebrity crossover! You don’t know how many people outside are jealous of you!”

Shi Zhi, the most beautiful girl in the crossover, “…” She just wanted to ask, can she refuse this title?

The previous title is still the most beautiful and cost-effective one among female celebrities.

The team members were also excited.

The assistant said: “Sister Shi, if you fail again this time as an actress, we can develop in this direction and make a living!”

Shi Zhi: Look at how children can be prepared for danger in times of peace.

Brother Quan stopped the assistant: “It’s outrageous, Shi Zhi will definitely be prosperous.”

The assistant also felt she had said the wrong thing and nodded in affirmation, “Yeah!”

So the team went crazy again, ecstatic that Shi Zhi had become the most beautiful girl in the crossover profession.

Shi Zhi was mainly responsible for BGM in this kind of carnival. Anyway, she was idle. She used Suona to play “Good Day” to Brother Quan.


When Shi Zhi participated in “The Musical Instruments”, she still recorded one episode in other shows when she was an assistant star. In this show, she was a guest star. It still did not take a lot of time and would not affect the filming of “Yin Yang Snack Bar”.

Shi Zhi paid great attention to this aspect, and Brother Quan also knew the seriousness of the matter.

The atmosphere of the “The Musical Instruments” program is very strong. The program director especially welcomed Shi Zhi and took her to participate in their scene equipment.

They are very attentive and have a special room with musical instruments that can be used by the contestants and guests of the show.

Shi Zhi’s eyes fell on the large items.


“Can this be knocked?” Shi Zhi pointed and asked.

The director was stunned for a moment, then said yes, everything here can be used normally, and then quickly asked the staff to bring Shi Zhi a long stick specially used to ring the chimes.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, do you know how to do this?”

This is too surprising.

The director has already thought that if Shi Zhi could play, then this would be another explosive point. Shi Zhi replied, “A little bit.”

Even Brother Quan looked at Shi Zhi with expectant eyes. When Shi Zhi said a little bit, it was usually a hundred million points.

The director also felt that Shi Zhi was being modest, probably because he had seen Shi Zhi’s Erhu and Suona performance of “Jiu’er”. The director still had some professional knowledge. In his eyes, Shi Zhi now exudes the aura of a big shot.

The director also told the cameraman, “This must be recorded.”

The official filming has yet to start, but this part is wonderful. The director is even thinking about adding a chime to Shi Zhi’s official recording. The scene will be breathtaking and set the whole audience on fire.

People from Shi Zhi’s team also took out their mobile phones and took pictures of Shi Zhi.

They held their breath and magnified their moves as they waited.

The chimes are neatly arranged in several rows. They are simple and textured. They look majestic. They are worthy of being classical palace instruments. They exude a sense of high-end. Standing in front of them is Shi Zhi, who looks like a boss.

What kind of collision will happen when Chime Bell and Shi Zhi collide? They have begun to look forward to it, preparing to witness this visual and auditory feast.

Shi Zhi raised her hand, very professionally.

She struck the first blow very professionally.

A piece of beautiful and cheerful music sounded along with the beating of gardenia, and the onlookers watched with smiles.

That is–

“Why does this music feel strange and familiar to me?”

“What a coincidence, so am I. Did you hear it in your dream?”

“Maybe the wonderful thing about music is that it’s interconnected.”

Someone made a summary.

Shi Zhi had already stopped and revealed the answer, “Haven’t you heard of it? 

“Little Swallow”.” She thought everyone was familiar with this song.

Everyone: ???

Is it the little Swallow that wears floral clothes and comes here every spring?

Shi Zhi said: “Yes.”

Everyone is familiar with it, but they didn’t expect that Shi Zhi could use the chime to ring the little Swallow!


Playing this musical instrument with a long history and culture like a master and playing a cheerful song called “Little Swallow”, They want to ask Shi Zhi if you are childish or not.

Are you the same person?

(Little Swallow is a Chinese nursery rhyme/children’s song.)

The director urgently withdrew the idea of letting Shi Zhi go on stage to play the chimes. If the song “Little Swallow” was really played on the stage, it would indeed be a beautiful scene, but it would have another meaning.

After Shi Zhi finished playing “Little Swallow”, she put the wooden stick where it should be. Then, she went over to watch the video recorded by her assistant with her hands behind her back.

“It can be done at a later stage.” She commented after watching it.

The level is not enough, so she’ll try to do it later. She didn’t lie. She only knows a little bit about this.


As a participant, Shi Zhi felt a strong smell of gunpowder during the show’s recording.

The contestants in the show have a wide variety of instruments, such as piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, flute, sheng, pipa…

Many of them have professional backgrounds. Many of them have studied under famous masters and won various awards. They have their own specialities in terms of skills and emotions.

They actually knew that Shi Zhi played Erhu and Suona. However, when Zhi really took out these two instruments, everyone still felt a sense of dissonance.

Some people are even thinking about whether to give Shi Zhi some slack. They are quite brutal in their competition, but they don’t want to break the pretty girl’s mentality.

Soon, they learned from practice that they thought too much!


Shi Zhi: Crush them.


Shi Zhi: Crush them.

Learned from famous masters.

Shi Zhi: Crush them again.

Anyway, no matter what instrument is used or how superb the technique is, Shi Zhi relies on the Erhu and the Suona.

Crush, crush, crush, crush, and that’s it.

No skills or emotions are useful in front of Erhu and Suona!

The opponent could easily cover up all the sounds of their musical instruments. Some people even suspected that if everyone in the audience played instruments together, the sound they would hear would still be the sound of the Suona.

When the Suona is played, it is either great joy or great sadness. Together with the Erhu, it is indeed the famous “music flow mang”. Shi Zhi still has two “music flow mangs” in his hands, doubling the power.

(Mang Meaning: to deceive, to cheat. I’m not quite sure- but as far as I search about it, the music flow mang, meaning music flow cheats. Shi Zhi is playing two divine instruments already- doubling her power to win.)

They were about to be sent away by Shi Zhi.

The most tragic thing is that some people are not determined and are led astray by Shi Zhi, directly becoming Shi Zhi’s accompaniment.

The one who led astray: Sure enough, this is even more right. What he was playing before, forget it. He is so happy now!

Shi Zhi discovered the problem and gave a friendly reminder, “You are in a different tune from me.” Wake up, big brother.

The other person: No, he still needs to be immersed in happiness; don’t wake him up.

Now, no one regards Shi Zhi as a weak female star. It is clearly them who are weak. The weak and helpless musical instrument students cannot stand up today.

Is your mentality broken?

It collapsed.

Their mentality collapsed.

Some people really couldn’t go on and asked the program team aggrievedly, “Director, is Shi Zhi here to highlight the show, or is she here to ruin it?”

When he asked, it was already confirmed that Shi Zhi was 100% crushing it.

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