Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #55

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Chapter 55

Shi Zhi left the show after having a friendly exchange with the contestants of “The Music Instrumental.” She only crushes one venue… no, it’s not really crushing. It is just an example.

Of course, being friendly may just be her own idea, and the players may not necessarily think so.

In fact, these professional players still had some doubts and prejudices against Shi Zhi. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have thought about softening to her.

In real PK, there will be no such mentality. Treating each other equally is the greatest respect for the opponent.

From the players’ point of view, how great can a non-professional Shi Zhi be? Her erhu and suona versions of “Jiu’er” were astounding. Still, she may have practiced them many times, and they are unsure if she even modified them later.

Now that we are competing face-to-face with Shi Zhi, everyone is really convinced.

This uncle’s Shi Erhu and Suona are really amazing!

With a beautiful face, a beautiful body, and an uncle’s heart, Shi Zhi hugged her beloved big erhu and climbed into the van car without any sense of disobedience.


The contestants participating in “The Musical Instruments” are basically amateurs. For them, Shi Zhi is the most intimate person they know in the entertainment circle. Friends around them are also eager to know more about Shi Zhi.

Players answer questions from their friends.

“She plays erhu and suona at a professional level.”

“Ah, you asked me what Shi Zhi looked like, but I didn’t look carefully…” I just listened to Shi Zhi’s performance.

“Anyway, she is a capable person. She can make a living from this craft. She doesn’t have to be an actress. I don’t care about other things that are being criticized online. But if the performance of Shi Zhi’s musical instrument is fake, then I will be the first one not to let it go.!”

To say that he has become Shi Zhi’s fanboy is not enough. He will defend to the death the authenticity of Shi Zhi’s musical instruments.


He almost didn’t interrupt. The other party was too excited, and he didn’t say anything bad about Shi Zhi. It was obvious that before recording this boy, it was probably Shi Zhi’s water army.

Friend, “What if Shi Zhi’s performance is fake and it’s her saying it?”

Player: ??? How could Shi Zhi say that her performance was fake? This logic was wrong.

Are you playing brainteasers with me?


Shi Zhi posted a video on Weibo.

As you can see from the video, Shi Zhi stands in front of several rows of chimes.

Everyone began to wonder why Uncle Shi still rings the chimes?

After Erhu and Suona, there are actually new discoveries! Isn’t this a treasure girl, or what?!

Someone replied: Uncle Treasure (Dog Head).

“…” What nonsense are you talking about?

But their attention is still on the video——

Shi Zhi’s posture was elegant and unrestrained. Following her movements, majestic and historical music continued to sound.

The whole picture is magnificent.

After finishing, Shi Zhi asked everyone in front of the camera, “Do you think my play was okay?”

Not only did Gardenia give her face, but other netizens also gave her a great face.

“Exceptionally good.”

“So professional!”

After all, it’s just a matter of fact, but this is the first time that Gardenia has seen Uncle Shi actively asking for praise.


In the video, Shi Zhi waited for a while with a smile on her face, as if interacting with everyone from a distance. After they finished all the compliments, Shi Zhi spoke again.

“I think it’s a good play, because it’s not me who plays it, it’s the master who plays it.” Does it sound good? It’s not her who knocks it.

Netizen: ???

Shi Zhi has already begun to show, “If you want to achieve the same effect, you only need to pretend and then add music later. Isn’t it very simple?”

She also taught.

Everyone finally understands this time. Thank you, I learned.

But why do they want to learn this kind of thing? Shi Zhi, do you have the air of being a female star? Can you tell this kind of “trade secret” casually?! As expected of you, Hu Youyou.

Netizens reacted quickly.

[Shocked, the popular female artist Shi Zhi chime ringing was fake. Is it a lack of humanity or a loss of morals?]

[Remember this face? Shi Zhi pretended to hit her with a hammer but still smiled. Everyone called her too arrogant.]

Everyone can directly go to work in the UC department.

Netizens know that “The Musical Instruments” heard everyone’s voices and asked Shi Zhi to play in the gym. Audiences who have watched the show will also be familiar with this chime bell… So, can you hear what Shi Zhi plays in the latest “The Musical Instruments ” episode?

For a moment, they felt a little itchy and wished they could urge “The Musical Instrumental” to play earlier.

Bai Wu and Zhong Jiaxin are now considered “connected households”. They also saw the video posted by Shi Zhi, so they can just contact Shi Zhi directly without waiting.

Zhong Jiaxin really feels the joy of chasing stars. The happiest thing is that she still knows Shi Zhi. She has no lofty ambitions and doesn’t want to be the best actress. She still has some sense of her acting skills. Entering the industry is purely a matter of a strange combination of circumstances.

However, Zhong Jiaxin now seems to understand instantly. She was let into the circle secretly just so that she could ask this sentence when chasing stars –

“Shi Zhi, what on earth did you play?” She was so anxious, so anxious! Save this child.

Shi Zhi didn’t show off and replied to Zhong Jiaxin and Bai Wu.

“Little Swallow”.

Zhong Jiaxin and Bai Wu: ???

Although they already knew from Shi Zhi’s video that the background music was not played by Shi Zhi, “Little Swallow” still exceeded their expectations.


Of course, the director of “The Musical Instrumental” knew everyone wanted to see this section and kept it intact. However, this time, Shi Zhi did not have post-production music, and her original version of “Little Swallow” was presented to the audience in its entirety.

The audience was stunned for a moment, and then they shouted, “It’s very important.”

The private ward, which had been quiet for several months with the occasional slight conversation, was now filled with the sounds of suona and erhu, making it festive and lively.

Ning Jiachi was sitting next to the ward watching his sister Shi appear on TV. His aunt was also there, but she didn’t scold him for leaving things around and disturbing his cousin’s cleanliness this time.

Because his cousin was lying on the hospital bed, wearing a device that could capture the movement of the eyeballs. The device could project light beams that happened to fall on the ceiling. His cousin listened to Sister Shi’s suona while controlling the two light beams. Shaking from side to side.

Ning Jiachi’s cousin woke up but had not fully recovered his bodily functions because he had been lying down for too long. Still, even this could not stop his cousin from expressing his love.

Even if you can’t move your hands and feet, even if you are still lying on the hospital bed, you still have to work hard to support yourself!

What kind of heart-warming fan love is this?

Ning Jiachi really didn’t realize that his cousin actually liked Sister Shi’s style… Ning Jiachi reacted quickly and said sorry to Shi Zhi in the air.

He didn’t mean to say anything bad about Sister Shi. He was tired of saying that Sister Shi was awesome. He just felt that an elite like his cousin would only like numbers.

Ning Jiachi felt the eyes of his cousin, who was still trying to call him just now, and he moved towards him happily, “Cousin, do you want to tell me something?”

Before his cousin fell into a coma, he had a normal relationship with his cousin and had no other problems. His cousin had been someone else’s child since he was a child. When he was squatting and playing in the mud, his cousin was already learning multiple languages. Ning Jiachi has always admired him.

Having the opportunity to stay with his cousin for such a long time is rare. Has his cousin suddenly felt the tie between their bloodlines? Do you want to get close to him?

The middle-aged lady could tell her son’s thoughts immediately. She told Ning Jiachi, “Your cousin said that you should step aside and don’t block the TV.”

The middle-aged lady originally had no understanding of Shi Zhi, nor did she intend to understand her. However, after this period of time, she also became a little fan of Shi Zhi. She looked at Shi Zhi with her face in her hands, and the more she looked at her, the more rare she felt.

Ning Jiachi: “…”


“Yin Yang Snack Bar” continues to be filmed, and every day the boss played by Shi Zhi will wait here, as always, to welcome guests from both worlds.

Here is not only Mr. Qu, who was overwhelmed by work and life and wanted to end his life for a moment but also a male student who waited for his lover day after day and year after year. His appearance never changed. But his girlfriend gradually grew up, graduated, and started working…

The male students would greet her energetically, sometimes with “good morning” and sometimes with “good evening.” When his girlfriend complained to her friends about gaining weight, he would look her in the eyes, smile, and tell her.

“Not fat at all.”

Even if the other party can’t hear him at all, it doesn’t prevent him from talking to her from a distance.

After a few years of being idle, the female student got a new boyfriend. The ghost guests who knew the story of the two of them were all sighing. The yin and yang were separated, and they were destined to have no results. The poor boy.

They all thought they would see the male student’s devastated look, but they didn’t expect the male student to smile happier than ever before.

He looked at his previous girlfriend and his new boyfriend sitting opposite her.

“I’ve been waiting for this day.”

“Xiaoying tends to hide things in her heart. She looks very strong, but in fact she has been feeling sad. I am sincerely happy for her. She finally came out.”

She has found a new boyfriend. The new boyfriend has been observed by male students. He is gentle and upright. He looks at Xiaoying with love in his eyes. His considerate behavior cannot be deceived.

The male student told the boss, played by Shi Zhi, “Sorry to bother you before, I have to leave.”

He was relieved, and it was time to start a new journey.

The boss asked, “Do you need me to send you a rose?”

The male student smiled brightly, “Is that okay?”

The boss chose the biggest, reddest, and most beautiful rose and gave it to the girl. The girl was so surprised that she covered her mouth with one hand and couldn’t help but look at her new boyfriend beside her.

The new boyfriend thanks the boss.

The male student took one last look at them and left, and the bell on the door rang loudly.

Not only people to people but also people and pets.

The woman in the dark sweater is quite old. She is also a regular visitor here. She likes to eat hand-made noodles. She doesn’t like talking to others, but she showed it when she saw the puppies led by other customers. She showed great interest in the puppy, praised the puppy, and, with the owner’s consent, touched the puppy’s head.

“Do you also have a dog?” The young girl with the puppy asked casually, but the old woman became the chatterbox.

“I also had a dog named Bobo. Bobo was a golden retriever. I picked it up from the street. He was sick and someone else threw it away. I didn’t want to keep a dog, but it followed me all the time. It was such a small ball that I couldn’t bear to not take it home…”

“Bobo, if you raise it right, he is such a good dog. I think it can understand what I say…”

The old woman talked about Bobo in high spirits. Where she and the young girl couldn’t see, the golden retriever squatted obediently at the owner’s feet, wagging its tail and clinging to her feet as usual.

It wants to use its own body to warm the owner’s feet. The old woman’s hands and feet will get cold in winter.

Although she doesn’t feel it now.

The boss communicated with the mournful ghost guest, “She will feel the warmth.”

Bobo, the golden retriever, seemed to understand and wagged its tail towards Shi Zhi.

Its owner is right. It is very smart and seems to be able to understand speech.


The golden retriever is also one of the important actors and has been around Shi Zhi since the filming.

The team members started flattering mode again.

“Sister Shi, you are so lovable. Even the dog likes you. When we call it, it ignores us.”

Shi Zhi hit the nail on the head, “Because I have dog snacks in my hand.” Showing the props in her hand.

Don’t set up a charming persona for her. Does the golden retriever like her? No, it’s mainly because the dog is greedy for the snacks in her hand.

When you take snacks, they will follow you.

“However, it’s fair. It’s greedy for my snacks, and I’m greedy for its fur. It’s such a realistic money transaction.”

Shi Zhi handed snacks to the golden retriever: Is there a money transaction?

The golden retriever waggled its tail happily and put its head on Shi Zhi’s hand. It felt that it could do it a few more times.

Shi Zhi ruffled the golden retriever’s fluffy hair and worried, “I feel like I have degenerated. Do I look like the kind of bully or villain who wants to use money to get beautiful women?” The beauty is a golden retriever, and she is a bully.

Assistant: “…Sister Shi, that’s not the case.”

Is this how money transactions are used? How many dollars worth of money transactions? Isn’t it just a big dog?

Although it did sound like that in Shi Zhi’s description, the assistant planned to define it as a love affair between you and me.

Haven’t you seen that golden retriever quilts are also very comfortable?

Shi Zhi said, “It turns out that this is how it feels to be a bully. It’s a bit refreshing.”

Basking in the sun and stroking the big dog’s fur is so relaxing.

Shi Zhi did not continue to be a bully. After all, it was not in line with her values. She could take on villain roles in the future to enjoy herself.

The bully, Shi Zhi, lets the beauty and the golden retriever go to play. Eating too many snacks is not good for the pet’s health. On the contrary, the beauty kept trying to pester the bully.

Shi Zhi held the dog’s face in her hands and said, “Be good, you have to match your personality.”

As a little white flower who is entangled by bullies, even if you pretend to be submissive, you still have to be strong and unyielding.

Golden Retriever: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just a dog.

Shi Zhi was lying on a bamboo chair, opening letters from fans and reading them.

Gifts are not accepted, but letters can be sent. Shi Zhi’s team receives many letters every day, and Shi Zhi will open them whenever she is free.

After getting along with each other during this period of time, many people in the crew have a great impression of Shi Zhi. Moreover, Shi Zhi often holds up fan letters to read them, and even he wants to become a fan.

However, someone noticed that Shi Zhi was looking at the letter, took out a pencil, and circled something on it.

What are you doing?

Shi Zhi: “Typo.”

Shi Zhi circled all the typos in the fan letter.

An actor who originally wanted to become a gardenia: Sorry to bother you.

Brother Quan: “Don’t just read the letter. When you have time, interact with everyone on Weibo, flip through cards and so on.”

Shi Zhi also liked this part very much and took out her mobile phone.

Come, let her see if any Gardenia wants to learn and urgently needs her likes as motivation. She will definitely click them without hesitation.

Shi Zhi: In high spirits jpg.


Brother Quan stared at Shi Zhi, who was looking for the “victim.” He felt that the little white flower character might have collapsed, but Shi Zhi’s devil character was definitely stable.


Shi Zhi scrolled down through the super words, which contained various confessions to her, including harsh words such as that if Shi Zhi replied to her, she would lose ten pounds in a month.

Shi Zhi was flipping through the pages and arranging them, but her eyes stayed on a certain one, the other party said.

[I feel like my days are almost unbearable. I don’t know what I am busy with every day. I can only feel a little happier if I look at Shi Zhi every day… Shi Zhi’s Erhu is awesome. Now I am going to do it for the whole family. It’s time to work, and everyone is urging me. Maybe I live to work for the whole family.]

Maybe living is to work for the whole family.

This sentence made Shi Zhi pause while stroking her phone, and she clicked on the other party’s Weibo homepage.

From the avatar and the other person’s words, you can feel that she is not the kind of carefree little girl. After clicking in, the other person’s Weibo has a total of more than a dozen followers, and they are all zombie followers.

By reading through the other person’s thoughts, Shi Zhi seemed to have entered another person’s world.

Born in a rural area, my family favored boys over girls and paid little attention to education. I went out to work early to build a house for my younger brother to get married without reading much.

There is no such thing as love or not. At a young age, I married someone of the right age in the village. I gave birth to two children. I was raised as a widower, and my husband still has someone outside.

[Like a cow, as long as you open your eyes, you will never have time to relax.]

This is what she said on her Weibo homepage.

She probably regarded Weibo as a tree hole for herself. She talked casually about her life and more of her love for Shi Zhi.

She wanted to make mahua for Shi Zhi, and the mahua she made was particularly fragrant.

(Mahua or Fried Dough Twist is a Chinese dough twist that is fried in peanut oil. It has a shiny and golden look. It is prepared in various ways with different flavors, which range from sweet to spicy, and usually has a dense and crisp texture.)

Shi Zhi held her phone and read the other person’s thoughts. The assistant also came over to take a look.

“She’s having a hard time, and her husband is really nothing.”

“Why do I think her tone reveals depression?”

In fact, the other party did not exaggerate her own suffering too much. Still, as the assistant said, one can feel a sense of suffocation from the words, just like a rope that looks intact on the surface but actually falls apart.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, it’s about to begin.”

The steward was called Shi Zhi. It was her turn to play.

Shi Zhi replied to the other party, “Come right now.”

She put down her phone, but she was still thinking about something. She had memorized the other party’s ID, so she went in and looked around when she had nothing to do.

The other party’s page was very calm, and she also liked her program. Shi Zhi was slightly relieved but saw a new Weibo post.

[Cows are also tired and can’t hold on any longer. I came up to look at Shi Zhi, but my mood had not improved. I don’t want to have another life, and I don’t want to suffer anymore.]

Shi Zhi sent an urgent private message to the other party.

“Hello, I’m Shi Zhi. I saw you mention me before and said you wanted to see me. I want to ask… is it convenient now?”

If you’re not happy when you see Shi Zhi’s photos and videos, what if you could meet Shi Zhi in person?


Shi Zhi replied quickly. She must have just logged into Weibo. Before she could log off, she was full of disbelief and even wondered if it was a fake account.

Convenient, of course convenient.

Can she really meet Shi Zhi in person?

She was also worried about delaying Shi Zhi’s work. Shi Zhi replied, “What a coincidence. It’s very close. I happen to be filming nearby.”

I lied, but actually, I traveled across several provinces.

Shi Zhi first asked the director how long she could stay away since she had finished filming all the scenes.

The filming tasks of “Yin Yang Snack Bar” have been relatively heavy recently, and everyone has begun to work overtime.

Director Wang Mingchun made an estimate and said, “It won’t take more than half a day.”

“Is there something urgent during the hour?”

“If there is something urgent, I can wait for you.”

Shi Zhi shook her head and said no.

Don’t delay the crew’s progress with your personal schedule.

It’s too late.

Shi Zhi’s matter couldn’t be completely hidden from the team. Brother Quan only felt that it was too hard for Shi Zhi, but he couldn’t say anything against it.

After all, if something really happens, life is at stake.

The assistant who booked Shi Zhi’s flight was about to burst into tears.

“Sister Shi, there are no flights…”

How can she click here but click back?

Time is tight, to begin with, and there are no flights, so I might as well tell the director and ask for a leave or something.

Shi Zhi said, “You don’t have to worry about it, I’ll do it myself.”

She has a private jet.


The fan Shi Zhi contacted was named Zhang Mingxia. She looked older than her normal age because she was busy working all day.

She especially wore new clothes, carried large and small bags, and walked out.

“Mingxia, what happened to you?”

Zhang Mingxia was a taciturn person. Her neighbors did not have a deep impression of her. They only remembered that she was very capable. They rarely saw her looking so happy.

Zhang Mingxia’s husband came out of the room drunk and yelled at the neighbors before Zhang Mingxia could say anything.

“She said Shi Zhi wanted to meet her… As for the TV star, Shi Zhi, don’t you guys think it’s funny.” He had already started laughing.

“She’s just crazy. A star can make so much money every minute. How could she possibly meet an uneducated rural woman like her? She even made Mahua for Shi Zhi. How can stars like your crappy stuff…”

Zhang Mingxia’s face turned red, but still said, “She just wants to see me.”

Her husband waved his hand, indicating he was too lazy to listen to her.

It’s the same every time. He never listens to what she says. He only belittles her infinitely, suppresses her, and laughs at her. Some men are born with pua and don’t have much ability. They are submissive outside but are superior to their loved ones.

Zhang Mingxia left the house with big and small bags in her hands while laughing at him. When she arrived at the place where she had made an appointment with Shi Zhi, she was actually in a daze.

Shi Zhi, will you really come?

Then, she was tapped on the shoulder, and Shi Zhi appeared behind her.

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