One Can’t Judge by Appearance #98

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Chapter 98

Love is not a necessity in life but a luxury.

Song Chao looked at the bronze invitation card in his hand, rubbed the handwritten signature on it with his slender and fair fingers, and threw the invitation card aside with a sneer. The invitation card was turned over and fell lightly on the ground.

Turn on the computer, and the pages are full of stories about how Hengtai’s newly developed games are popular among female gamers, why the game industry should not discriminate against women, and what game manufacturers should learn from Hengtai and respect women.

It’s just to promote their own games under the banner of respecting women.

Accidentally clicked on an interview video. Yuan Yi was personable and admitted that the original intention of developing this game was to give his fiancée a gift because he saw a beautiful woman in her, so he decided to make such a female inspirational game.

Listening to Yuan Yi praising the virtues of women in the video, Song Chao was a little impatient. When he was about to close the video, he found that the camera turned, and Yan Xi appeared in it. He paused with his fingers and did not press the left button.

“Miss Yan, are you satisfied with the present Mr. Yuan gave you?”

Surrounded by countless flashing lights and cameras, the woman was wearing a suit and a work badge, as if she was surrounded by reporters just after she got off work. There was a smile in her eyes like autumn water: “The lie is that I am very satisfied. The truth is that I have not started to play this game. But the gift is not important. The important thing is that I am very satisfied with this intention.”

The barrage on the interview video is crazy. There are so many barrages, such as “hahaha,” “I have never seen such a straightforward girlfriend,” “For this honesty, I want to play a game,” and so on. Almost covering her face in the video.

Song Chao turned off the barrage and leaned on the back of his chair, lazily looking at the woman on the screen. It’s a pity that the interview video was very short and it ended in short. He held the mouse, but before he could move, the secretary knocked on the door and came in.

“Mr. Song, Mr. Song Ci said he wanted to see you.” The secretary glanced over the invitation card that fell on the floor and looked back as if shocked by electricity. In the whole company, no one knows about the past between the boss and the fiancée of Hengtai’s president. Still, it’s a pity that King Xiang Xiang has a dream, and the goddess has no intentions. This incident once caused many people to watch it. Now that the president of Hengtai is going to marry his fiancée, the invitations have all been sent to his door. No wonder the boss has such a big reaction.

“No.” Song Chao turned off the video, adjusted his glasses, and said coldly, “The company is not his home. If he does this again next time, he will call the security directly.”

“I’m just worried that people outside will say…”

“Our Song family’s gossip, people outside don’t talk about it?” Song Chao looked up at the secretary. His eyes had no warmth, “I want to teach you again, huh?”

“I, I understand.” The secretary’s heart trembled; she left the office, and after hastily closing the door, the tension in her heart did not diminish much. Recently, the Song family began to open up new fields. There were praises and criticisms outside, but no matter the result, the boss took the opportunity to take the company’s power into his own hands. It’s useless for others to intervene.

Some people said that the boss was not taken seriously in the Song family. He went abroad at the age of 18 and stayed outside for nine years before returning. So, after taking control of the family power, he began to take revenge on those relatives who treated him badly. Some people even said that Mr. Song’s death in the hospital was caused by the boss, and even Song Ci’s limp in a car accident was caused by the boss.

Just as she was thinking, a figure rushed over behind her. Before he could react, this person had already passed her and pushed open the door of the boss’s office. She was startled and wanted to reach out to stop him, only to realize that it was Song Ci who had stopped downstairs just now. The other party limped on one leg and walked with a limp. Unexpectedly, the speed was not slow.

“Mr. Song Ci, it’s work time now, please don’t…”

“Get out!” Song Ci pushed her away, rushed in front of Song Chao, and swept the computer on the table to the ground. The computer flashed sparks a few times, and the secretary almost screamed out of fright. She took out her mobile phone to call security. Song Chao took off his glasses and said to her, “Close the door.”

The secretary was in a daze, looking at the boss’s slender and beautiful eyes. She closed the door and searched around, trying to find a handy weapon. However, apart from the flowerpot, she couldn’t move. The only thing she had was her high heels.

“Song Ci, I remember you don’t seem to have a position in the company.” Song Chao took off his suit jacket and unbuttoned his shirt, “What do you need from me?”

“Song Chao, the industry I invested in, did you tamper with it?!” Song Ci’s eyes were red, and he looked crazy. His suit was wrinkled, and he didn’t know how long he hadn’t taken care of it. He bent down and grabbed the front of Song Chao, “Do you want to kill everyone in the Song family to be satisfied?”

Song Chao pushed Song Ci away, flicked his wrinkled shirt, and said slowly: “Did my cousin forget that the project I invested in back then, because you deliberately arranged people to make trouble, how much did I lose?” He stepped over the table’s edge and walked In front of Song Ci, “Doing business, there will inevitably be profits and losses. Cousin, it is not good for you to be so excited.”

“Fuck you, little bastard, don’t think I don’t know about your shady methods.” Song Ci whimpered in his throat with excitement, “Aren’t you afraid of retribution for doing this?”

Song Chao laughed softly and suddenly stretched out his hand to grab Song Ci’s neck and pinned him to the ground: “Retribution? Suppose there is really retribution for doing bad things. In that case, the Song family should have lost all their children and grandchildren and gone bankrupt, but are you still alive and well? “

Unexpectedly, Song Chao would strike suddenly. Song Ci broke Song Chao’s hand in pain, but Song Chao’s hand was so strong that he couldn’t move it at all. At that moment, he thought he would be killed by Song Chao. He half-closed his eyes and looked at the man who was smiling but distorted in front of him. Song Ci began to get scared. Could it be that he is going to die here today?

“Trash!” Seeing the panic and despair in Song Ci’s eyes, Song Chao suddenly laughed out loud and let go of Song Ci’s neck. “Song Ci, you might as well go back and look in the mirror to see what you look like.”

Song Ci covered his neck and looked at Song Chao in horror as if he were looking at a lunatic.

“Hey.” Song Chao looked at his leg that could not heal, “Go back and stay at home, don’t run around, don’t even have problems with the other leg, understand?”

Song Ci shuddered, feeling extremely cold all over his body, as if someone had poured him a basin of cold water.

“Secretary.” Song Chao put back his glasses, turned, and said to the secretary who was huddled in the corner, “Go call the security guard and send Mr. Song Ci down.”

“Okay, okay.” The secretary was so frightened that she broke out in a cold sweat, and when she heard Song Chao speak, she nodded and left the office. The way the boss looked just now was really scary.

The office suddenly fell silent, and Song Ci said in a hoarse voice, “Song Chao, I’ll see how long you can be proud.”

Song Chao raised his eyebrows, buttoned up the sleeves of his shirt gracefully, turned around and put on his suit jacket, and returned to that personable, gentle, and elegant man: “Does it have something to do with you?”

Noticing an invitation card on the ground, Song Ci suddenly smiled triumphantly: “Song Chao, so what if you have everything, the woman you like, she still has to marry a man who is better than you? You still have things you can’t get in your life!”

“Get out!” Song Chao narrowed his eyes slightly, and the emotions in his eyes were dark and soon disappeared.

Song Ci didn’t dare to continue talking to Song Chao. He was afraid that Song Chao would go crazy and kill him. Turning around and walking out of the office, he glanced at the security guard who was running towards this side and scolded angrily with a sullen face: “If any dog dares to stop me, fuck off.”

The security guards didn’t dare to really touch Song Ci, and they could only endure it when they were scolded. No matter how fierce the internal struggle of the Song family is, they are all named Song, so why are they outsiders?

“Bah!” Song Ci turned his head and yelled at the office door. Under the eyes of a group of people, he cursed and walked away.

Song Chao looked at the security guard standing outside the door, poking his head, frowned, and said, “Everyone goes back to work.”

After the security secretary left, he stared at the invitation card on the ground for a long time. After a long time, he walked to the invitation card and bent down to pick it up.

The wedding between Yuan Yi and Yan Xi was very grand. Although neither of them was from the entertainment industry, they received no less attention than celebrities in the entertainment industry. The place where they got married, which designer the wedding dress they wore, how much the wedding dress was worth, and who they invited were all the focus of media attention.

Some media really couldn’t find any useful information, so they turned to interview Hengtai’s employees or those who were interviewed by Yan Xi and wanted to hear their evaluation of the newcomers. It’s a pity that they didn’t dig up black material. All the interviewed objects were full of blessings, and the reporters could only make up and compile a report.

It seemed that overnight, the whole world was blessing the couple. Of course, there were some bad intentions of people who deliberately mentioned news about Song Chao at this time, such as investing in a movie, sponsoring a certain love foundation, and not a word about his relationship with the couple. There is a bit of past entanglement between Yan Xi, but at this juncture, everyone will remember that he is the loser in this love chase.

This day, Song Chao finished attending a meeting and walked out. A reporter appeared out of nowhere and asked him, “Mr. Song, will you attend Miss Yan Xi’s wedding?”

Song Chao ignored him, but he persisted in questioning. Other media also followed behind with camera equipment.

“Mr. Song, do you have any blessings you want to say to Miss Yan Xi?”

“Mr. Song…”

Song Chao stopped and glanced at the reporter who asked the question first: “I will definitely attend my friend’s wedding. As for what blessings I want to say, I will naturally say it in front of the couple, which is more sincere. Sorry, reporters Friends, I have a meeting later, excuse me.”

The bodyguards squeezed the reporters away, protected Song Chao, and got into the car.

The reporters watched Song Chao leave in the car with some regret and regretted not asking a few more questions.

Three days later, the reporter who was the first to ask the question lost his job. He lost the job he finally got as a regular worker because of violating professional ethics.

In fact, since Song Chao and Yan Xi had a cup of coffee last year and rumors spread, the two have never seen each other in private. They met once in a while, and the two never spoke.

Song Chao didn’t expect that he would see Yan Xi again, and the way was particularly embarrassing.

Yan Xi was wearing an elegant long dress, but what she did was not elegant at all. She and a middle-aged man carrying a video camera rushed out of a restaurant. Scolding and roaring chase them.

“Stop.” Song Chao asked the driver to stop the car. When Yan Xi was about to be overtaken, Song Chao opened the door and said to Yan Xi and the middle-aged man, “Get in the car.”

Yan Xi glanced at the big men behind them, then at Song Chao, turned around, and said to Zhao Peng, “Brother Zhao, let’s get in the car.”

Seeing Yan Xi still panting after climbing into the car, Song Chao raised his eyebrows and said, “Miss Yan’s work is really interesting. Is this a…race against people?”

“Thank you, Mr. Song, for your help. I made you laugh.” Yan Xi took a breath and touched the sweat on her forehead. “If it wasn’t for you today, the two of us might be beaten.”

“I thought Ms. Yan was about to become Hengtai’s madam so she wouldn’t do such a dangerous thing again.” Song Chao smiled, “It seems that I underestimated Ms. Yan’s courage.”

“It’s really unlucky this time. Brother Zhao and I finished filming the material, so we found a restaurant to eat at random. Who knew that the next table insisted that we were filming them. They reacted too strongly. I thought something was wrong with them, so I went to the side with Brother Zhao. Run and call the police.” Yan Xi’s throat burned like fire, “The last time I was in such a mess was when I was chased by a dog.”

Song Chao glanced at the camera on Zhao Peng’s shoulder. Probably, the people who were chasing them had some ulterior secrets. That’s why they were so sensitive when they saw people with cameras.

He didn’t understand why a girl like Yan Xi was running around for a show. She could do any show now that she had Yuan Yi’s backing. Why did she choose this tiring and bitter show?

Although… The show she hosted was indeed something to watch.

He wanted to ask but felt he didn’t seem qualified to ask, so he didn’t say anything other than handing Yan Xi and the middle-aged man two bottles of water. There was nothing to say between them.

“Thank you.” Yan Xi took the water and didn’t drink it. She lowered her hair, sent a message to Yuan Yi, and then said to Song Chao, “Just stop in front later.”

“Will Yuan Yi come to pick you up?”


Song Chao smiled and didn’t ask any more questions. After arriving at the place, Yan Xi said he asked the driver to stop the car and let Yan Xi go down.

“Yan Xi.” He said suddenly, “You really don’t want to consider changing your marriage partner?”

“I prefer a man who loves me and doesn’t threaten me with his family. Mr. Song, the two of us are not suitable.” The woman who got out of the car smiled politely.

“Okay.” Song Chao raised his hand as a gesture of invitation.

“Goodbye, thank you for your help this time.” Yan Xi nodded to him, turned, and left.

Song Chao watched her and the middle-aged man walk under the tree across the street and then watched a car stop in front of them, and Yuan Yi got out of the car.

The two held hands and said something very intimate.

Suddenly, Song Chao inexplicably felt tired and said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

For him, things like love are dispensable.

He didn’t like it and didn’t care either.

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