Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #51

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Chapter 51

There was absolutely no need for fans to do anything. As soon as director Wang Mingchun announced that Shi Zhi was the heroine of the new drama, Shi Zhi had already won.

All kinds of big and small flowers were shocked: When did Shi Zhi quietly get such a big pie?

They haven’t heard any rumors before. If it were any of them, they wouldn’t be able to keep up and promote it vigorously. They were still happy with the title of Shi Zhi variety show star, and some people were even thinking about whether to help hype up the article.

The market is so big, and Shi Zhi’s popularity is in the way for many people.


They reasonably suspected that Shi Zhi was spending money and doing reverse hype.

First, “Shi Zhi Variety Show Star” was released to attract everyone’s attention. Then the news of the heroine of the new drama directed by Wang Mingchun was quickly released to slap the face and the hype.

High, really high.

The Star Team That Really Spends Money: Wow!

Crying so loudly.

Who do you look down on? Guess it’s Gardenia’s money?

It was obviously their money that was spent!

They spent money and said nothing about it because it’s black material, so she drifted away. Now, she doesn’t even have a name, and she is regarded as an excellent marketer on Shi Zhi’s side.

Are they not angry?


Of course, the star didn’t dare to come out and have this name, so they could only continue to be angry.

As for Gardenia, after being stunned, they were cheering. They were still wondering when Princess Shi Zhi would be able to shoot a new drama, but she just came out now directly?

Still with director Wang Mingchun.

Everyone has watched the drama directed by Wang Mingchun more or less. It doesn’t matter, even if you haven’t watched it. Anyway, it’s enough to remember the great director.

It’s Chinese New Year, so they can’t wait for when it will be broadcast.

Director Wang Mingchun: Still filming.

He is also happy. After all, there is so much attention before the broadcast.

Shi Zhi’s team is now in the midst of joy. Isn’t it amazing, isn’t the slap in the face fast and ruthless?

There is no way, after all, It’s their elder sister in society.

Then the PR Staff saw her elder sister fiddling with her mobile phone.

“Sister Shi, what are you doing?”

Shi Zhi told her, “I was inspired.”

PR Staff: What inspires you?

Shi Zhi was inspired by this incident and wanted to add a label to her certification.

Then Shi Zhi didn’t operate successfully. Weibo was not allowed to change things herself, so Shi Zhi posted on Weibo’s Little Assistant account. Are you there? Can you help me change something?

For public figures, the Weibo assistant responded very quickly and asked Shi Zhi what to change.

Shi Zhi, “Add a variety show star to my certification. Thank you.”

The Weibo assistant was stunned for a moment. After confirming that Shi Zhi was serious, the other party was still very professional and gave Shi Zhi a certification as a variety show star.

So, Shi Zhi’s Weibo certification became an actor variety show star.

Gardenia always pays attention to Shi Zhi’s movements, so they noticed as soon as Shi Zhi changed her certification.

??? Uncle Shi changed her certification and added a variety show star?

In the past, the marketing account poured black material when Shi Zhi was certified as an actor, but she kept running variety shows. Now, Shi Zhi makes peace with the situation and adds this as well.

Sister Shi Zhi thought of it, right?

Awesome, as expected, is still Shi Zhi’s badass.

Take the road of marketing accounts so that marketing accounts have nowhere to go.

What’s wrong with running variety shows? They like to watch Shi Zhi run variety shows, and they can’t wait for her to play a few more. Gardenia has put aside their thinking: if Master Shi does something else in the future, she will still be hacked, and can she add another certification?

This is different from what Shi Zhi thought.

In this regard, they want to clap their hands and praise them and are happy to play a game on Shi Zhi’s Weibo. The arrangement must be in place, and they must also have a new label.

“Hi everyone, I’m a fan of Shi Zhi, a variety show star.”

“Since this is the case, I have to reveal my identity. I am a fan of fishing master Shi Zhi.”

“I’m a fan of Shi Zhi, Disney’s dismantling princess. Who else is there!”

“And me, a fan of the vicious stepmother Shi Zhi.”

Crazy linkage.

“No way, am I the only one who is Hu Youyou’s fan? (Dog head)” Hu Youyou, Shi Zhi’s new vest identity, has made the show crew bleed out in “Super Challenge.”

Not only did everyone play under Shi Zhi’s comments, but someone actually changed their certification.

Netizen: Are Shi Zhi and her fans so interesting?

I want to join in!

Brother Quan was a step late to discover that there was an extra variety show star in Shi Zhi’s certification, and Shi Zhi always surprised him quietly.

If Brother Quan knew that Shi Zhi would add that thing, he would try to stop her, but she always had her own ideas, and she did it, and the effect was pretty good, so Brother Quan just let her go.

She can’t beat him, the hammer sandwich maker warns!

Shi Zhi has already devoted herself to filming.

The title of this show is “Yin Yang Snack Bar,” and the heroine, played by Shi Zhi, opened a shop with a casual name, just a snack bar.

The man in a suit and leather shoes with a briefcase between them pushed open the snack bar door and asked for a bowl of noodles. Shi Zhi brought him a cup of hot water, and the other party said thank you.

He turned on the computer and, like an office worker busy with work, had to do some more work even during the gap between eating. Still, in fact, he was searching the Internet for how to leave the world decently.

In the afternoon, he will continue to go back to work, hand in his resignation letter, and finish what needs to be done.

Too tired and too busy. The adult world has too many embarrassments, but he can bear it. The lost wallet is like the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, making him completely out of breath.

Give up, leave here, anyway. No one cares about him. No one remembers him, he just drowned in the crowd, now he has even lost his wallet, there are thousands of dollars in it, he can’t even do such a small thing well.

[Jump off a building, how about jumping off a building?]

He typed this text on the Internet.

“Please do not!”

“It’s painful.”

“I regretted it the moment I jumped down and regretted it every moment. I felt my whole body was smashed, and every bone hurt.”

The ghost sitting next to the man in the suit excitedly said this.

Where the man in the suit couldn’t see, the special guest from another place was also dressed similarly to him, but he needed to hold his head from time to time.

He was sharing a table with the man in the suit and accidentally saw what he was typing on the computer. He tried to persuade him, hoping to dissuade him from repeating his old ways.

He still planned to continue, but Shi Zhi stopped him.

“He can’t hear.” Refers to the man in the suit.

One is a living person, and the other is a dead person.

Mr. Ghost let out an oh, he remembered.

“Boss, hurry up and persuade him. I’ll go find his wallet now. I seem to have an impression!”

“Yes, yes, the boss persuaded him that there is always hope in life!”

The rest of the ghost customers who are eating in the store are also very enthusiastic to help find it. They are very fast. After all, it is a ghost.

It was Mr. Ghost who found the man’s wallet in the suit. He came back and told Shi Zhi the exact location, not far from here. Shi Zhi asked the clerk to run errands to help.

Mr. Ghost said to the man in the suit, “Dude, I found your wallet. I didn’t mean to look at your computer or spy on your privacy. The main reason is that your screen is right in front of my eyes… You shouldn’t be blaming ghosts, right?”

Regardless of whether he heard it or not, he explained it well anyway.

The clerk found the wallet, and the Boss, played by Shi Zhi, deliberately communicated loudly in front of the man in the suit.

“We need to find the owner… There are photos in it.”

The man in the suit just casually raised his head when he heard the discussion and then said to Shi Zhi with a look of astonishment.

“That wallet seems to be mine.”

“It’s yours.” Shi Zhi smiled and nodded.

“There are your photos inside, Mr. Qu, be more careful in the future.”

Shi Zhi handed the wallet back to the man in the suit. The man in the suit first took the lost wallet and was pleasantly surprised, but what surprised him even more was that he noticed the other party called his name.

He looked at the young and beautiful snack bar owner with hesitation.

“You know me?”

He always thought that no one knew him.

Gentle Boss nodded, “I remember, I was very impressed.”

“Mr. Qu has come to the store to eat many times. Have you been here with colleagues before? Your colleagues called your name, I remember…Mr. Qu will throw the garbage into the trash can every time, reducing our work quantity.”

The man in the suit did come here once with his colleagues, and he has also visited this store many times because the quality is cheap and it is close to the company.

But he never expected that he would be remembered.

“Thank you.”

He solemnly thanked the Boss.

The Boss seemed completely unaware that he wanted to end his life for a moment, and his tone was gentle and generous, just like the rest of the customers.

“A new product will be launched next week, fried stinky tofu. If Mr. Qu comes, I can give you a copy and help you taste it.”

Mr. Qu, “Definitely.”

After he finished eating, he was about to leave.

When he came in, his body was slumped, but when he left, his waist straightened, and he even walked more quickly.

Mr. Qu is an ordinary person but also an upright and good person. Not only will he take the initiative to throw the rubbish on the table into the trash can when eating, but he will also help when he sees a stumbling child on the road.

Mr. Qu took two steps but was stopped by the children again.

The child held a lollipop in his hand as a thank you for being helped. His parents stood next to him, and everyone smiled gratefully at Mr. Qu.

Mr. Qu held the lollipop, thinking about the promise of deep-fried stinky tofu in the snack bar, and the phone in his bag rang.

It was a colleague who called him.

“I think you are not in good condition. Are you too busy… I can help you with the work in the afternoon. You go back to rest early today. Don’t thank me. You have helped me many times. Do you still treat me as a friend?”

Mr. Qu wiped his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Is he moved to tears?”

After Mr. Qu left, not only did the Boss stand by the door looking at Mr. Qu, but the curious ghost customers also stared at Mr. Qu.

“Next week, he will come to the store to eat fried stinky tofu, right?”

Shi Zhi gave an affirmative answer, “Yes.”

A new guest has also arrived, “Boss, lamb noodles, as usual.”

The Boss, played by Shi Zhi, said, “Okay.”

In a small shop, the guests in the two spaces live together peacefully. The other group of people cannot see them, but they also feel the joy, anger, sorrow, and joy of the living side.

Director Wang Mingchun shouted, “Cut—”

One pass.

Director Wang Mingchun was very satisfied with Shi Zhi, so he said that Shi Zhi was too modest. Isn’t this an excellent performance?

That is, “Have you changed your lines?”

The script contained marinated eggs, but Shi Zhi changed it to fried stinky tofu.


Shi Zhi, “I said it was easy.” It was a sudden inspiration, and fried stinky tofu is more delicious than marinated eggs.

I’m sorry, so do you want to do it all over again?

The actor who played Mr. Qu ran over, “I actually think fried stinky tofu tastes better and makes me more attached. So, when will Shi Zhi arrange it?”

There were voices all around wanting to be arranged, deep-fried stinky tofu.

Director Wang Mingchun waved his hand to say no, it was just a detail, and the cheers from the crowd had already reflected which food was more attractive.

He also wants to eat fried stinky tofu.

The filming process was very smooth. Basically, there were no big scenes, eating and drinking. Following the script, there were cheers and tears.

People from Shi Zhi’s team looked at it and felt they had already brought emotions into it. If it was edited out, it would probably feel more emotional.

A great director deserves to be a great director.

Director Wang Mingchun didn’t want to procrastinate. He thought he could call it a day before it got dark.

Shi Zhi hadn’t taken off her apron yet, and just after hearing the command to end the shooting, a young girl holding a mobile phone with her head down, her fingers kept busy on the screen, walked into the store.

The young girl has stopped talking without raising her head and is still swimming in the game.

“Is there barbecue in the store?” asked Shi Zhi.

Both her movements and expressions are so natural that people once thought she was also an actor or staff member of the crew if she hadn’t heard the following sentence.

Everyone was stunned for a moment. After all, this was considered a sudden situation.

The crew manager, “…Is that a passer-by?”


While patting and clapping, passers-by came into the store, thinking it was a real open snack bar, waiting to buy barbecue!

The snack bar is a real shop, and the food is also real. The director has chosen a small alley in order to avoid interruptions and make it easier to shoot. He didn’t expect to find this.

In fact, there were people outside who would stop people to avoid such an extremely unlikely situation. Still, there were very few passers-by there, so they relaxed, and the director called it over.

The field manager was about to step forward to stop the young girl but saw Shi Zhi smiling.

She said to the other party, “Hi, welcome~.”

Both accent and behavior are very toned, the kind that is often used in milk tea shops.

“There is barbecue, here is the menu, what do you want to eat?”

Shi Zhi also enthusiastically pushed the menu to the young girl, letting her have a look.

The young girl said, “I’m sorry… I’m playing a game, and my teammates need me to save them during an intense moment. Can you read it for me? Thank you!”

Shi Zhi expressed that she understood very well. During the battle, whoever retreats is a dog. The teammates can’t give up, so Shi Zhi gave her the dish’s name.

“Grilled corn, grilled pork belly, grilled lean meat, grilled leeks…”

Crew staff: ???

Shi Zhi’s team: Although it looks a bit unusual, it is indeed something that Shi Zhi can do.

Shi Zhi winked at the group performers: “Small scene, don’t panic.”

You should eat and drink.

And she has already started grilling for the young girls. The two most calm people in the audience should be Shi Zhi and the young girls.

Only one dares to order, and the other dares to cook.

From time to time, Shi Zhi greeted the others, asking the young girl if she would like some hot water. The young girl continued to keep her head down and thanked Shi Zhi.

Director Wang Mingchun was a very serious person. Still, he couldn’t help laughing when he saw this scene and asked the cameraman to take a picture.

This is definitely the most interesting tidbit.

It’s fun to do this.

Shi Zhi was still discovered.

It’s not that the actor next to her revealed it, or that she didn’t hold it tight first. Shi Zhi played very steadily and completely brought herself into the role of the owner of the snack bar. If they hadn’t all known it, they really thought it was true.

Shi Zhi had already packed the barbecue for the young girl. The other girl was playing with it. She was about to pick up the barbecue bag but suddenly said, “You have a voice similar to the actor I like.”

Shi Zhi: “Huh?” Like who?

Brother Quan: Didn’t we meet Gardenia?

As soon as the young girl raised her head, she met Shi Zhi’s face and directly accepted the beauty crit.


She yelled loudly, which undoubtedly showed her identity.

It’s really Gardenia.

Ahhh, she’s going crazy.

“I like you very much…”

The classic opening remarks of fans meeting their idols, the crew did not expect it to be so coincidental.

Then the girl yelled.

“Hu Youyuou!”

Everyone: ???

Who is Hu Youyou?

Shi Zhi: It’s me.

It’s her other vest identity.

Facing the young girl calling her vest identity, Shi Zhi was also very calm, “Thank you.”

Shi Zhi pointed to the young girl’s cell phone and asked her, “Would you like to finish the game first?”

She noticed that the other party hadn’t finished playing the game yet. The young girl had already said a few words to her in a short while, and she didn’t care about the game at all.

“I won’t run. I’m here. I will wait for you to finish this game, and we will continue chatting.” The teammates still need her to save them.

The young girl really wants to cry. Shi Zhi is too nice.

However, she still has no intention of continuing to fight with her teammates. “The children have grown up and need exercise. It’s time for them to walk independently. Let them grow up.”

Seriously, is she abandoning her teammates? No, then she is an opportunity for teammates to grow and exercise.

Brother Quan: Who should he say it looks like?

It smells like a gardenia vibe.

Who said that teammates couldn’t do without her before?


The young girl is indeed Gardenia. Basically, she guessed that Shi Zhi was recording a new drama, and she finally saw the actor next to her.

Some of them haven’t removed their makeup yet, and they still look weird.

How big-hearted she must be, she can still clamor for a barbecue.

Sister: She is so happy. She is so happy that she is about to pass out!

Initially, Shi Zhi didn’t plan to charge for it, so the barbecue was just a gift from her. It’s a miracle that she could get here by mistake if she was a fan of hers.

She can pay the crew for the raw materials, but the girl firmly disagrees and scans the QR code quickly.

Asking Shi Zhi to cook a barbecue for her is already like a dream. How can she honor her for nothing?

Sister: I, Gardenia, will never honor for nothing! Did you hear me?

Shi Zhi, the master, “…” The money was transferred anyway, so she couldn’t stop it.

“Can I make another excessive request?” The girl hesitated.

Shi Zhi thought for a while, “That depends on how excessive it is.”

Sister: “I want to sign.”

Shi Zhi looked at her. Right here?

Sister: Did she miss something? Can she go too far? Does she still have a chance?

Shi Zhi: No chance.

The signature was given, and the girl was about to leave. Shi Zhi also told her, “Don’t look at your phone while walking. Watch it carefully, and pay attention to safety.”

There are thousands of roads, and safety comes first.

The young girl walked out of the snack bar, still immersed in excitement. She belatedly remembered that she hadn’t even read the autograph.

Let her take a look at Princess Shi Zhi’s signature. She needs to find out if her handwriting is pretty.

The handwriting is beautiful, but it is not Shi Zhi who signed it, but Hu Youyou.

The girl who mistakenly entered the filming location posted her autograph and encounter experience on the Internet after returning. Shi Zhi accepts her request to sign Hu Youyou.

Everyone almost laughed out loud, but they all fell into envy for this Gardenia.

They want a signed autograph, and they also want to eat the barbecue grilled by Shi Zhi…

The girl went into hiding. She didn’t need to tell Shi Zhi that she knew the location could not be exposed, which would affect the normal shooting. Of course, even if she knew the location, she wouldn’t go there a second time. Once was enough.

During filming, Shi Zhi was found by director Wang Mingchun.

There is a business, and Shi Zhi will go there when necessary.

In fact, it is an evening party, film and television, awards, and introductions of TV dramas and movies that are currently being filmed or are about to be filmed. It is for the organizers to make a summary and promote these dramas to the outside world.

“Yin Yang Snack Bar” doesn’t have a male protagonist; Shi Zhi is absolutely perfect, and she can only be on this occasion.

Shi Zhi didn’t resist this either. She also asked if Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi would participate. Ning Jiachi didn’t have any works to promote recently, and Bai Wu wasn’t in the city. To stay up late for filming, the show has temporarily given up on this party.

However, Shi Zhi still has acquaintances at the scene.

Zhong Jiaxin.

Zhong Jiaxin was also Tang Yunling’s friend in the first drama that they filmed together.

When Shi Zhi arrived at the scene, Zhong Jiaxin and Tang Yunling were interviewed as sisters, arm in arm, affectionate, and told the reporter.

Yes, they have a very good relationship in private, but they are strong enough to wear each other’s clothes.

In the next second, Jiaxin saw Shi Zhi and waved toward Shi Zhi, “Shi Zhi!”

Then tell Tang Yunling.

“Yun Ling, stay alone for a while. I’ll go and see Shi Zhi.”

Tang Yunling: ???

She grabbed Zhong Jiaxin, gritted her teeth, and whispered, “… Aren’t we two good sisters?”

What is Shi Zhi’s amazing charm? Zhong Jiaxin’s soul has been taken away by Shi Zhi?

Zhong Jiaxin affirmed Tang Yunling, “Silly, we must be good sisters.”

Tang Yunling: Then you still go to Shi Zhi.

Zhong Jiaxin: “But I am Gardenia, and Shi Zhi is my idol.” She was confident.

Sisters are sisters, but Shi Zhi is different. She is an idol.

Sisters, let’s stand aside first.

Zhong Jiaxin perfunctorily left Tang Yunling and then rushed towards Shi Zhi, wishing to hang onto Shi Zhi’s body. Only Tang Yunling was still standing there, and the reporter who was interviewing the topic of sisterly love.

They looked at each other without saying a word.

The reporter smiled awkwardly, “Teacher Tang, why don’t we stop here for today’s interview?”

She was still complaining in her heart. She can’t go on with the interview if she can’t get here. The other protagonist has left.

Tang Yunling smiled on the surface, “I’m sorry to trouble you. Please make it look better for me when I wait for the retouching.”

Inner mmp.

(mmp: It’s a curse, a forbidden word in Sichuan dialect. Something like “your mother is a bitch” which equals to “son of bitch” The tone down of the curse is probably WTF)

Now, there is only one word that can describe Tang Yunling’s mood——


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