One Can’t Judge by Appearance #97

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Chapter 97 

A handsome man, a gentle woman with her head down, and a quiet coffee shop. If passers-by don’t know their identities, they will think they are a couple made in heaven at first glance.

But everyone knows that this woman is Yuan Yi’s girlfriend, and this man is just a failed suitor. Just when it was rumored everywhere that the good things between Yuan Yi and Yan Xi were about to happen, it suddenly broke out that the two were dating in a coffee shop. For the spectators, this was undoubtedly a carnival at the end of the year. Some people think that Song Chao is infatuated, some people think that the two just met each other, and some people think that Yuan Yi was cheated by Yan Xi.

Netizens who hated the rich began to laugh at Yuan Yi. Not only could he not marry the woman he liked, but he was also cuckolded by the woman; the women who hated her were probably the most emotional. Each of them seemed to be the embodiment of Yuan Yi. Insulting Yan Xi for not abiding by women’s morals and scolding women in the world are not good things. If they play the same game, they will definitely deal with this woman well.

The public opinion on the Internet was smoky. Yuan Yi casually read a few hot spots and couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up and wanted to go to Yan Xi, but Yuan Bo grabbed him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuan Bo didn’t know what happened. Seeing that Yuan Yi’s expression was not right, he pulled him back to the sofa and sat down. “No matter what happens, you don’t look like you are suitable for going out for business.”

Yuan Yi sat blankly on the sofa for two minutes and said sullenly, “I’m going to buy vegetables.”

“Is it related to Xiao Xi?” Seeing Yuan Yi’s appearance, Yuan Bo guessed that something related to Yan Xi might have happened, and he raised his eyebrows, “Why do you need our Second Young Master Yuan for things like grocery shopping?” Go in person. What do you need to buy? I will ask someone to arrange it, and it will be delivered to Xiao Xi’s house on time tomorrow morning.”

“Brother.” Yuan Yi wiped his face heavily with both hands, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Tell me…does Xiao Xi like me?”

Yuan Bo laughed for some reason when he heard this question: “You should know this question better than me.”

“Before I met Yan Xi, I thought that marriage was like that of my parents. The relationship was good enough to forget everything around me. I am not interested in such a relationship, and I don’t expect any women.” Yuan Yi smiled wryly, “Yan Xi is a woman who looks gentle and weak but can do things like breaking car doors, taking off her shoes and hitting people, and stepping on bad guys in high heels. She is not gentle and often fights against me. Sometimes, she has special dog legs, and she doesn’t look stunning. What do you think is good about her?”

(dog’s leg fig. one who follows a villain henchman hired thug)

Yuan Bo thought that their brotherhood would probably be tested if he really said something bad about Yan Xi.

“But her eyes are so beautiful. Every time she looks at me, I can’t help but think it’s her. It doesn’t matter what she asks me to do.” Yuan Yi scratched his hair. He is not used to confiding in front of others. “Sincerely, I feel a little uncomfortable. I know I am worthless. I don’t look like a man at all, but…”

“But who told me to like her?” He lowered his voice, “The original insistence didn’t seem to be too important. I used to think, why would a man be willing to carry a bag for a woman and coax them in a low voice? Is there any face to speak of?”

“Only when I’m with Yan Xi do I realize that face is a fart!” Yuan Yi gritted his teeth as if he also felt hopeless: “As long as she frowns at me, I can’t help but reflect, is it me? What I did not do well made her unhappy.”

“If I had known that I would become so worthless after I knew her, I…”

Yuan Yi paused, so what could he do? Now, he is not even willing to say what if.

He couldn’t bear not being with Yan Xi, let alone imagine Yan Xi being with other men.

He has been like this all his life and fell into this woman’s hands. All his masculinity, face, and principles are all sewage from the sewer, which will disappear once he is flushed.

Yuan Bo patted Yuan Yi but did not laugh at him: “You know this, which means you have really grown up.”

“Only when you grow up will you understand that real men don’t always keep a high profile, never bend down, and never compromise?” Yuan Bo showed a gratified smile on his face, “You make me proud. Sometimes, I will also worry about you, afraid that you will be proud for the rest of your life and forget to take a look at the life around you.”

“I’m very grateful to Yan Xi. She makes you live more like an ordinary man.”

Yuan Yi was silent for a moment: “You still talk about me, aren’t you the same? You are almost thirty-five, and I don’t see that you intend to marry.”

“She and I are both people who don’t want to get married or have children.” Yuan Bo showed a smile on his face, “Everyone will meet someone who suits them. You met Yan Xi, and I met her. fine.”

“Brother, is it because of our parents’ influence that you insist on not marrying?” Yuan Yi asked.

Yuan Bo glanced at him calmly, “Don’t think wildly at such a young age. You are not going to find Xiao Xi. Why don’t you go quickly?”

“Not going,” Yuan Yi shook his head, “It’s fine.”

“You were so anxious before, and now You’re fine?” Yuan Bo got up, looked at the dirty kitchen, and sighed, “Let’s go. I’ll invite you to eat outside.”

Yuan Yi changed his coat, put the key in his coat pocket, and went out with Yuan Bo.

The two brothers didn’t like to talk when they were eating. After a quick meal, the two walked out and met Song Chao head-on.

Yuan Bo knew that Song Chao had pursued Yan Xi and was well aware of the competition within the Song family. He nodded slightly to Song Chao but didn’t say anything. He originally thought that Yuan Yi would overreact when he saw Song Chao. Still, he obviously didn’t know Yuan Yi well enough, and his expression didn’t change much from the beginning to the end.

Song Chao did not expect to meet the two brothers of the Yuan family at the dining place. The three of them stood facing each other, and no one spoke first.

The man who came out to eat alone on New Year’s Eve either didn’t know how to cook, had no one to cook, or didn’t want to stay home.

“Mr. Yuan.” Song Chao smiled, his eyes swept over Yuan Yi, “What a coincidence.”

Yuan Bo shook hands with Song Chao: “I haven’t congratulated Mr. Song for his promotion yet. I wish Mr. Song great success.”

“Thank you, Mr. Yuan.” Song Chao lowered his eyelids and was very polite, “However, relying on the shadow of elders, I am not as good as Mr. Yuan Yi, and he has become an upstart in the industry by starting his own business.”

These words seem self-effacing, but they are actually provoking the feelings of the Yuan brothers. Yuan Bo is now in charge of the family business, and Yuan Yi is developing his own company. Song Chao says he is not as good as Yuan Yi but implies that Yuan Bo is worse than his brother. Conflicts will arise because of this simple sentence whenever there is half a rift between two brothers.

“Boss Song praised me absurdly. Our second child is just messing around. I’m satisfied if he doesn’t starve himself to death.” Yuan Bo smiled slightly, feeling proud that “my family has a young boy who has grown into a talent.”

Song Chao: “……”

These two are the wealthy brothers, not wealthy father and son, right? What’s happening with Yuan Bo’s seemingly self-effacing but somewhat proud attitude? Accustomed to seeing the intrigue between wealthy brothers, this is the first time he saw real brotherhood. Song Chao subconsciously felt that this was Yuan Bo’s play.

He couldn’t believe it, and he didn’t want to believe it: “It’s not an absurd praise, it’s telling the truth. Many people in the industry now praise Yuan Yi for being better than his peers. The younger generation knows Yuan Yi but doesn’t know Uncle Yuan. If such praise is not true. Any of us can have it.”

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows slantingly and said slowly, “You’re right, I think so, too.” Lifting his chin slightly, he calmly said, “I’m indeed better than you.”

Song Chao: “……”

Yuan Bo coughed dryly and suppressed the laughter he almost couldn’t control.

“Yuan Yi, we’ve been classmates for three years in high school, and you hate me so much?” Song Chao smiled with great grace. “In the future, in the next corporation, I hope you can take care of me. We will benefit from each other and strive for a win-win situation.”

Yuan Yi looked at Song Chao, sneered, and suddenly said: “Song Chao, you probably forgot that you are now the head of the Song family, not Young Master Song.” Scheming and means are sometimes necessary, but it depends on skill and courage to support a family.

The smile on Song Chao’s face froze and then returned to normal: “Of course.”

The two looked at each other and hated each other. Yuan Yi didn’t want to talk nonsense with Song Chao, so he turned around and walked out.

“By the way.” Seeing Yuan Yi take a few steps, Song Chao smiled and said, “What happened in the morning was a misunderstanding. Miss Yan and I only sat in the coffee shop for less than half an hour, and she didn’t say much to me.”

He and her didn’t even finish a cup of coffee.

Yuan Yi stopped in his tracks and looked back at him. He turned his head and walked out of the restaurant without asking or speaking.

Song Chao looked at Yuan Yi’s back, was stunned for a while, then suddenly laughed and pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose. It was the personable Song family head again.

Yan Xi took back the bought red lanterns with window grilles and gave them to Song Hai. The father and daughter started cleaning after dinner, hanging lanterns, and pasting window grilles. It was the first time Yan Xi disliked that the house at home was too big. She was sweating all over. But her father thinks hiring hourly workers to do sanitation at ordinary times is meaningful, and doing it yourself during the Chinese New Year makes sense.

The slender Yan Xi was lying on the sofa panting, but the fat Song Hai walked like flying back and forth in front of Yan Xi without even panting. Yan Xi began to suspect that her father had practiced boxing all these years, not her.

For the past six months, she hasn’t been in good health for work. After the Chinese New Year, she will get a fitness card to regain her healthy figure.

When it got dark, the father and daughter finally tidied up the villa to look like it was Chinese New Year. Yan Xi lay down by the window, wiped off the heat, and looked outside: “Dad, it’s snowing.”

Song Hai was cooking dinner in the kitchen when he heard Yan Xi calling him. He thought something was wrong, so he came out with a spatula in his hand: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, it’s snowing outside.” Seeing Song Hai wearing a big flower apron, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing, “Dad, have you returned the remaining welfare items from the company?”

Other companies give out benefits to their employees, and they are generally much. Her father’s company is a maverick. Sometimes, it distributes special products from all over the country, and sometimes, it even distributes daily necessities. Yan Xi often thinks if some employees go to the Internet. Go up and vote for the “My Boss Is Strange” series. Her dad will definitely be on the list.

“There are a few left; don’t throw them away, and it won’t be a waste if you take them back.” Song Hai looked down at the apron, “The flowers on it are peonies, which is auspicious for Chinese New Year.”

Peony is rich, indeed… quite auspicious.

After dinner, Yan Xi embraced the soft pillow and turned on the TV. Just as she was about to play with her long-forgotten mobile phone, she heard a knock on the door.

With such a heavy snowstorm, no one should come to visit. Could it be that she heard it wrong?

She listened intently and really heard a knock on the door.

Opening the door, Yuan Xiaoer was standing outside the door carrying several big bags.

“Yuan Xiaoer?”

“I really want to come tomorrow, but there is too much space at home, and it’s too quiet for me to be alone.” Yuan Yi smiled foolishly, “I want to visit you, and I’ll leave later.”

He was covered in wind and frost, his shoulders were still shaking, and she didn’t know how many things were in several big bags. He braved such a heavy wind and snow just to see her.

How could there be such a stupid man in the world?

But…she likes it.

Hearing the commotion outside, Song Hai poked his head out of the kitchen to take a look. Seeing his daughter and that silly boy standing at the door, he wanted to remind them that the door was so cold. Is it comfortable to stand there and blow the cold wind?

But seeing Yuan Yi’s face flushed from the cold and showing his white teeth in a smile, he walked upstairs silently.

Out of sight, out of mind.

“Are you stupid?” Yan Xi pulled the man in and patted the snowflakes off his body, “The driver didn’t send you in?”

“It’s here.” Yuan Yi put down his things and took off his hat and scarf, “Don’t shoot; don’t freeze your hands.”

The driver brought him in. Why is there so much snow on his body?

How long has he been standing outside the door?

“Aunt Li went home?” Yan Xi remembered that Aunt Li was a native of the imperial capital.

Yuan Yi nodded: “Well, although she can’t stop worrying about me, I can’t let her have a bad life after the Chinese New Year.” Usually, he doesn’t think so, but when he sees the snowflakes fluttering outside the window, he inadvertently remembers Yan Xi and Song Chao sitting in a coffee shop drinking tea and suddenly feels that the whole room is empty.

When he came outside the gate of Yan Xi’s house, he suddenly remembered how impulsive he was. Reason told him that he should go back to the car, pretend nothing happened, go home and sleep, and come back tomorrow morning.

But emotion told him, what the hell is the reason? He wanted to see Yan Xi and didn’t want to wait for tomorrow alone.

Yan Xi brought the things he brought, put them in the refrigerator if they should be put in the refrigerator, and hung them up when they should be hung up. She turned her head and touched Yuan Yi’s hand. Seeing that he had finally warmed up, she stretched out her hand and poked him on the forehead: “You are stupid?”

“People who have love will inevitably have some impact on their IQ.” Yuan Yi held Yan Xi’s finger and kissed her lightly on the face, “But I miss you so much.”

When he knocked on the door, he thought he wanted to see her, even if it was just a glance.

He didn’t know why he acted so stupidly, but he just did it.

“Have you had dinner yet?” Upon hearing this, Yan Xi’s heart softened, and she rubbed the place where she had poked him.

“No appetite.” Yuan Yi hugged Yan Xi lazily, not wanting to move.

“There are dumplings made by my father and I in the refrigerator. I just have a few left over. I’ll cook them for you.” Yan Xi patted the top of his head, “Hey, watch TV first.”

After handing the remote control to Yuan Yi, Yan Xi went into the kitchen to cook dumplings.

The dumplings were cooked quickly, and out of the pot, she put the bowl on the table and asked Yuan Yi to come over and eat. Seeing him eating the dumplings while blowing, he didn’t seem to have lost his appetite. My own man just pampers him and occasionally acts like a baby, so just let him go.

Yan Xi was about to go back to the kitchen to serve Yuan Yi some pickles when her cell phone, which she had forgotten on the sofa, rang. She picked up the phone and saw that the caller ID was Tao Ru. She connected the phone and said with a smile: 

“Do you have the energy to talk to me on the phone just after you get home?”

“You think I want to? I wish I could lie on the bed and sleep now.” Tao Ru retorted, “You have made such a big fuss with Song Chao, and now everyone is saying that you gave Yuan Yi a cuckold so I can sleep well?”

“What cuckold?” Yan Xi looked back at Yuan Yi, who lowered his head and was eating dumplings with relish, brought the pickles to the table, and then went to the window to continue talking on the phone, “Do you believe those words on the Internet?”

“I don’t want to believe it either, but when I got off the plane and turned on my phone, I saw photos of you dating Song Chao appearing on the pages of major media networks. I’m afraid you might have a misunderstanding with Yuan Yi.” Tao Ru hesitated slightly on the other end of the phone. After a while, “Dahe, explain this matter to Yuan Yi carefully so he doesn’t misunderstand you. I think the second young master really likes you. When he looks at you, his eyes are shining.”

“I know. You have a good rest, don’t worry.” Yan Xi hung up the phone and began to browse the news on the Internet. The news about her dating Song Chao really hit the headlines. I was cuckolded by my girlfriend, miserable! “

Miserable, you bastard!

Yan Xi went through various comments, some of which were unscrupulous. They laughed at Yuan Yi unscrupulously, as if laughing at a successful person would bring infinite satisfaction to their lives.

After closing the phone’s internet page, Yan Xi approached Yuan Yi and sat down. Seeing that most of the dumplings had been eaten, she asked with a smile, “Is it delicious?”

Yuan Yi nodded: “It’s delicious; the skin is thin, and the stuffing is fresh.”

“It’s delicious. Make it with me tomorrow.” She walked behind Yuan Yi, bent over, hugged his neck, and whispered in his ear, “Stay here tonight, don’t go back.”

The dumplings caught on the chopsticks fell into the bowl. Yuan Yi’s throat got stuck, and he spoke hoarsely: “Okay.”

He never doubted Yan Xi from the beginning to the end. He didn’t even have the heart to ask her more questions. At most, he would foolishly brave the wind and snow to see her.

What a proud man this is, yet he did such a stupid thing because of her.

Yan Xi touched his ears. They were soft and warm, just like him.

The next morning, Yuan Yi woke up very early. Song Hai saw him and said good morning naturally as if he was originally from his own family and didn’t appear out of thin air.

The three of them cooked a sumptuous lunch in the kitchen in the morning. Yan Xi cut vegetables, Yuan Yi washed them, and Song Hai, who was waiting to take over the spoon, watched the two younger bicker from time to time, touched each other’s little hands, and shook his head with a smile.

This year, it’s been really lively.

After lunch at noon, Yuan Yi started to post Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters, while Yan Xi was making trouble, saying high and crooked for a while, directing Yuan Yi in a circle, and finally, even Song Hai couldn’t stand it anymore, and lay on the ground. He picked up a snowball and asked her to go to the side to play in the snow.

“Uncle, don’t let her play in the snow. Her hands should be cold.” Yuan Yi stood on the stool and kept defending Yan Xi.

Song Hai: “…”

Well, one is willing to fight, and the other is willing to suffer. He’d better not meddle in other people’s business.

After a while, when Song Hai made the dumpling stuffing and came out, the two people had already piled up a few ugly snowmen in the yard. He sighed and knocked on the basin with a spoon: “You two come over to make dumplings.!”

“Dad, you’re calling the dog.” Yan Xi stood on the steps and jumped, shaking the snow all over the ground.

“The dogs are more sensible than the two of you. At least they know they can’t play outside in heavy snow.”

Yuan Yi, Yan Xi:

After making the dumplings, Yuan Yi completely gave up the idea of relying on cooking skills to please his father-in-law. He must be self-aware.

When it was getting dark, Yan Xi turned on the TV. The Spring Festival Gala hadn’t started yet, but the host on the show had already started greeting the audience. Even the serious news network host said it with a smile and auspicious words,

When Yan Xi was setting the chopsticks, Yuan Yi went to answer the phone and asked, “Is someone looking for you?”

“My mother asked me to have New Year’s Eve dinner.”

Yan Xi paused: “Then do you want to go back?”

“What am I going to do?” Yuan Yi took the chopsticks in her hand and set them up. “I’m still waiting to eat dumplings wrapped in coins.”

“Don’t think about it. That dumpling must be mine.” Yan Xi sniffed at him and didn’t persuade him to meet his parents because she knew that Yuan Yi didn’t want to go anywhere else.

She has a small heart. She only wants the one she loves to be happy.

While eating dumplings, Yuan Yi poked a dumpling with a hard belly with his chopsticks. He opened the dumpling and saw that there was, indeed, a coin inside.

He turned his head to look at Yan Xi, who stared at him with staring eyes. Seeing her like this, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“You half, I half.” Yuan Yi generously gave half, pushed his bowl next to Yan Xi’s bowl, took out his phone to take a picture, and uploaded it to Weibo.

Yuan Yi: The dumpling that hides the treasure, half for you and half for me. @Xiaoxiliu

Seeing his eagerness to show off his love, Yan Xi took out her mobile phone and posted today’s dumpling-making photo to Weibo.

Xiaoxiliu: The dumplings you make are the ugliest, but you have the best luck eating them. @Yuanyi

No matter how the netizens reacted, after eating the dumplings and showing off their affection, the two of them played in the yard with fireworks sticks. Even though it was still snowing, it didn’t affect their interest.

Song Hai sat by the window, looked outside with a smile on his face, saw the two holding hands, playing like two six-year-old children, shook his head, and closed the curtains.

“Xiao Xi.” Yuan Yi hugged Yan Xi, saying, “I am very happy today, thank you.”

The firework stick had been burned out, and Yan Xi leaned against Yuan Yi’s arms, with icy snowflakes floating on her face, but she didn’t feel cold.

“You…would you like to let me cook a sumptuous New Year’s lunch with you every year, make dumplings, post Spring Festival couplets, and make New Year’s Eve dinner?”


The snowflakes are fluttering, and the New Year’s bell is ringing.

The new year has arrived.


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