Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #50

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Chapter 50

Successors of socialism, loud and clear.

Chu Batian: “…” fell silent.

Don’t think he doesn’t know her name—

Shi Zhi.

Chu Batian is a person who only sometimes reads entertainment news. After all, he is too busy, making millions every minute, but he still knows about Shi Zhi. After all, she is always on the hot search list.

But after this incident, Chu Batian really felt lingering fears. It is indeed not safe for men to be outside.

Chu Batian thought about it, and he still had to thank her. Although the process was terrible, he now mainly thinks about yesterday’s scene and wants to erase his memory with one click. Still, Shi Zhi helped him no matter what.

“It’s too vulgar to give money, give resources… XX Films has not had any suitable scripts recently. He can send a copy to Shi Zhi and let her choose.” He said with a sigh.

The most important thing for a star is resources. Shi Zhi’s resources don’t look good. He owns a film and television company, and XX Films is his family. Picking a script at will is considered a favor.

The assistant said he understood, “Mr. Chu, don’t worry, I will definitely do well.”

Then he exited the room and started contacting Shi Zhi.

Assistant Chu Batian can still get Shi Zhi’s phone number when he calls her.

Shi Zhi: “Who?” She forgot who Chu Batian was.

The assistant didn’t expect this, and he was momentarily sluggish. However, as an excellent assistant, he reacted very quickly. Wen Sheng introduced the place where President Chu and Shi Zhi met and explained why he came to repay the favor.

Shi Zhi: “Forget it. No need to thank me.” It’s all about successors of socialism, and it’s fun to help others.

Chu Batian’s assistant strongly wanted to see Shi Zhi. She reasoned with his affection, but Shi Zhi had no choice but to report an address. Now she was outside.

A few hours later, Chu Batian’s assistant knocked on Chu Batian’s door.

Chu Batian has been discharged from the hospital, and now he is in the exclusive office of the president. He can have a bird’s-eye view of half of the urban area from a height.

“Are you done?” He was still dealing with official business and didn’t look up.

The assistant showed an apologetic expression, “I’m sorry, Mr. Chu, Miss Shi Zhi refused.”

Only then did Chu Batian frown and look up at the assistant, “What do you say?”

“Tell me about the specific situation, where you met, and her attitude.” Is it an embarrassing refusal or… wanting more resources?

Chu Batian’s eyes turned cold.

Sure enough, the essence of human beings is greed, just like the secretary who was fired by him and is now in prison.

The assistant said it was near the art exhibition and smiled awkwardly from behind, “It’s like this. Miss Shi Zhi really doesn’t want it. She said the script…is too stupid.”

Chu Batian: ???

Conspiracy theories have disappeared, and now his mind is full of too old-fashioned, too corny, too literate.


In fact, the assistant also looked through it. The script was really trash. According to President Chu, he had tried his best to find the latest big-produced movie of XX Films.

However, it was either a struggle between the mother and daughter-in-law or a dog-blooded derailment cheating story. Of course, there was a youth campus idol drama.

The assistant mainly didn’t expect Shi Zhi to tell the truth directly.

“That’s right.”

The assistant added, “I heard from inside sources that director Wang Mingchun took the initiative to invite Shi Zhi to be the heroine of his new play. The discussion should have been almost done.”

Fearing Chu Batian didn’t understand Wang Mingchun’s status in the film and television industry, the assistant even gave some trivia popularization. Wang Mingchun, a bigwig in the film and television industry, has shot movies and TV shows and won many awards. He is very impressive.

Chu Batian: “…”

Through the assistant, he seemed to be able to feel Shi Zhi’s strong dislike. What’s wrong, the artist doesn’t like the resources given by him, a businessman who smells like copper?

They are all successors of socialism, so how can they still engage in a chain of contempt?

It’s an art exhibition again, and it’s about the drama’s locality. The cooperator is still a high-quality director. Chu Batian has already thought: Shi Zhi = ordinary female star, she is pleased to have resources delivered to her door, and now Shi Zhi = artist.

The rebellious artist, Shi Zhi, held a freshly made stinky tofu near the art exhibition, picked up a piece with a bamboo stick, and bit down.

The team member next to her asked nervously, “Sister Shi, how is it?”

Shi Zhi felt it for a while and said two words, “It smells so good!”

Staff: “I just said it’s delicious!”

Two foodies were ecstatic, one was immersed in the joy of Amway’s success, and the other was eating delicious food again.

Today, Shi Zhi has no other arrangements. The staff said that there was a stinky tofu restaurant near the art exhibition that was very delicious, so they rushed over.

Chu Batian and his assistant misunderstood that Shi Zhi came to see the art exhibition. Still, actually, she came to eat stinky tofu.

Later, Chu Batian contacted Shi Zhi personally. After he told her about himself, he asked seriously.

“Miss Shi, I mainly want to know what you need. My assistant sent you the script, and you said you didn’t like it. I know you won’t accept the money…” So how should he repay an artist?

When Shi Zhi heard Chu Batian’s last sentence, “You will definitely not accept the money,” she immediately regained her spirits.

Who said that?

Who gave him this illusion?!

Shi Zhi pondered for a while and said sincerely, “Actually, I’m an artist who smells like copper.”

So, she still likes money.

Chu Batian: ???

Brother Quan was right next to Shi Zhi. After hearing these words, he just wanted to step forward and cover Shi Zhi’s mouth.

Do not talk!

Didn’t she do good deeds without expecting anything in return? Why did she become an artist full of copper stink?

Shi Zhi: Blame her for being unable to resist the temptation of money!

But, having said that, who can resist the charm of money?

Director Wang Mingchun came to the door for the new drama himself. When Brother Quan knew that Director Wang Mingchun wanted Shi Zhi to play the leading role in his new drama, he played “Good Day” on the spot.

The long-lost bgm is enough to see Brother Quan’s joy.

Brother Quan has been constantly looking for suitable scripts for Shi Zhi recently, but either the cast is a bit poor, or the script is insincere, and Shi Zhi is required to play a supporting role. Shi Zhi is now hot, and there are fans, and he wants to take advantage of Shi Zhi’s popularity.

Under such circumstances, Brother Quan felt it would be better not to accept it. He would rather go to variety shows to maintain exposure, which is better than random acceptance.

In the past, Shi Zhi was short of money, so she suffered from random filming and finally became famous. There is still a blockbuster drama ahead, and the second drama must be taken cautiously.

Then, shortly after Shi Zhi came out of the KTV, he called Brother Quan on the phone.

This is Wang Mingchun! Wang Mingchun!

Shi Zhi sat on the chair and looked at Brother Quan quietly.

Brother Quan has cast her eyes to see what she means.

–So what.

Brother Quan couldn’t laugh or cry, “You really aren’t excited at all.”

But because of Shi Zhi’s calmness, he also avoided the increase in blood pressure, Brother Quan told Shi Zhi.

“It feels like 99% of you have been settled over there. Let’s quickly sign this piece of the pie.”

Brother Quan can already imagine how jealous the company’s rivals will be when this news breaks out.

It may be the most correct decision he made in his career that he did not give up on Shi Zhi.

Everyone on the team couldn’t wait for Shi Zhi to sign the new play directed by Wang Mingchun. Shi Zhi said, “I want to read the script.”

The script is not good. Even if the Heavenly King and Lao Tzu come, she will not shoot it.

Unless… several hundred million.

Throw money at her. She can.

Shi Zhi has always been very principled in this regard.

From Brother Quan’s point of view, this is really excessive. After all, Wang Mingchun is a director with a high reputation. He will definitely not blow up his own brand, but Shi Zhi insisted, so he waited for Shi Zhi to read the script first.

During this period, he kept walking back and forth.

Feeling some sort of urgent.

He is afraid that something will happen.

Shi Zhi looked at the script carefully. She didn’t know who the director Wang Mingchun was, but Brother Quan was right. This is a good drama.

The background of the story is a snack bar, which is run by a female lead. The snack bar has a small facade and is located in a small alley. Because the taste is good, there are still many repeat customers, but this is not the point. The point is in certain periods, there are not only human guests here but also guests from another world.

A ghost in the traditional sense.

Special guests will not be seen by human customers. Still, the hostess can communicate with them because of some special circumstances, and a series of warm and touching things happen.

Shi Zhi had finished reading it. She was quite interested, not because of the director, but because of the script.

Brother Quan was waiting for Shi Zhi’s words, and she was finally done, so he quickly replied there.

Director Wang Mingchun was not annoyed at all when he learned that Shi Zhi had read the script carefully before deciding to take on the drama series. He even felt it was right to invite Shi Zhi, and he read it right.

“Actually, Lao Shi strongly recommended you, saying that you are outstanding.”

Lao Shi is Shi Tao, the director of Shi Zhi’s last drama, “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance.” He and Wang Mingchun have been close friends for many years. When Wang Mingchun considered who should act in the new drama, Shi Tao recommended Shi Zhi.

Wang Mingchun watched “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” and then the tidbits Shi Tao sent him. He felt that Shi Zhi was quite suitable.

Facing the famous director’s praise, Shi Zhi quickly waved her hands, “So-so, very so-so. Director Shi Tao is a good person and has filters for me.”

It is not a good thing to take the initiative to admit that you are not good enough and lower the other party’s expectations of yourself. Sometimes the expectations are too high.

Wang Mingchun let out a sigh. When others encounter this level of praise, they will be humble and respond to it. How can Shi Zhi be the opposite of others? This is no longer humble.

“Lao Shi also said that as soon as you read his script, you will say that the character is you.” This tone of voice is not very confident. How come she responds normally?

Shi Zhi: Because it was a misunderstanding, she just said that she is indeed the richest man.

Wang Mingchun and Shi Tao were “fighting for the wind and being jealous.” Why did Shi Zhi face two scripts with two faces?

Could it be that what he did was not good enough?

That Brother can, why this Brother can’t.

Once director Wang Mingchun objected to the other actors’ aloofness, he was provoked by Shi Zhi to be competitive, and he dragged Shi Zhi to discuss the script and highlights.

He didn’t believe it anymore. This script is not as good as Shi Tao’s, even though Shi Tao’s is also good.

“Here…” blah blah, “There…” blah blah.

In the end, Director Wang Mingchun wanted to say something to Shi Zhi.

“Shi Zhi, are you ready now?”

Have you been triggered by the script and become more confident?

Brother Quan: “…” This is a terrible line.

Shi Zhi: “…” This damn desire to win.

Immediately change her words. She can do it, she can do it, she is confident now.

At least Shi Zhi is very confident when she is the owner of the snack bar.

This drama is completely filmed on location, and the snack bar has already been set up. Shi Zhi is very quick to start cooking oden, barbecue, and fried noodles. There is no need to hire a chef. She can do it directly.

Of course, it’s also convenient to eat. Shi Zhi also thinks that this drama is right. The plot is not to mention there are delicious things. If she is bored as a rich man in the future, then she can also go to a snack bar to have fun.


Shi Zhi took a look at the little black fans before going to the shooting gap.

But now the little black fans have completely become another style of chasing. They used to be――

Shi Zhi’s variety show is on again. Everyone goes and watches, trying to find Shi Zhi’s black spots, and pays attention to every micro-expression.

Now it has become――

Shi Zhi Variety Show is on again. Everyone go and watch it, add a barrage to Princess Shi Zhi, and let Shi Zhi go to the flower road!

On the evening of the “Super Challenge,” a preview was posted on the Internet, and six of them participated in the circle.

Gardenia is looking forward to it very much. This is the first variety show broadcast after the formation of Gardenia fans. Then we must arrange the noodles for Princess Gardenia.

They still remember that Shi Zhi faced no fans in the previous variety show. Although Shi Zhi didn’t show anything, she was really abused.

Now she has fans!

Not only did Gardenia want to see it, but the rest of the passers-by also had great expectations for Shi Zhi, Ning Jiachi, and Bai Wu, who had gathered together again after many months.

Shi Zhi forwarded the Weibo of the program group, and the rest of the guests have already forwarded it.

When “Super Challenge” was broadcast in the evening, the team watched it together.

Brother Quan said, “Many gardenias are leaving messages on the barrage.”

He didn’t even dare to think about it. In his opinion, at the time, as long as Shi Zhi didn’t have so much black powder, who would have guessed that Shi Zhi actually turned red? She was too competitive!

The team members were also pleased, and everyone kept taking screenshots.

Shi Zhi, “Haven’t you who come have seen it? Why are you still so excited.”

Got a response, “It’s different!”

It’s two different things, but they’re both good.

Shi Zhi didn’t have any opinions. They just had to be happy.


Shi Zhi performed with very high energy when she appeared on the show. The editing of the program group was very powerful, and the rhythm was maintained very fast. Shi Zhi navigated in human form and learned what she could and learned quickly. It was also cut out as if they were not watching a variety show but watching a hot-blooded comic.

It’s all over the bullet screen!

Of course, some people have questioned: Really, is this not a script, is it edited?

Without waiting for Gardenia to refute, Ning Jiachi’s fans came out: Did you see Chi Bao’s surprised expression? He couldn’t act so naturally if there was a script.

Hei Ning Jiachi fans are serious. Even Gardenia laughed. Does Ning Jiachi know that you say his acting skills are not good?

However, the ridicule of Ning Jiachi’s fans did make those remarks disappear. Later, Shi Zhi also made it a bit more difficult for herself to cue herself so that the program team could easily edit it, and this paragraph was also released.

Is it really a script? Would Shi Zhi say that? Dismantle the platform for yourself!

Gardenia civilization brushed the barrage, behaving very orderly, and then ushered in the first famous scene.

Lu Dajun kept harassing Shi Zhi’s team for tasks, and Shi Zhi went to “take revenge.” Lu Dajun took out the tittle of Princess Shi Zhi and said that everyone is a princess, so why bother the princess to embarrass the princess.

“??? Lu Dajun, do you mean to say that you are a princess?”

“Hahaha, I peed with a smile. Why should I put on a mask to watch the variety show? I’m gone…”

“Shi Zhi, the owner of Disney’s demolition company, met the new Princess Lu. Let’s see if Princess Shi Zhi will let Princess Lu go.”

Shi Zhi, the Disney House Demolishing Princess, was overheated and searched. Even if it wasn’t Gardenia, they still searched on the Internet, and netizens had already popularized it on the spot.

Lu Dajun really has a funny line, and Gardenia herself thinks he is so witty. If Shi Zhi didn’t let him go. They were a little sorry for his fast-turning brain. But it’s all here, and she feels sorry for Ning Jiachi and Bai Wu if she doesn’t “take revenge.”

Then Shi Zhi said something that everyone hadn’t dreamed of.――

“Actually, I’m not a princess anymore. I’m upgraded.”

“I am the queen, the princess’s vicious stepmother.”

Everyone’s first reaction: ???

Everything behind it is, hahaha.

Lu Dajun reacted so quickly. It’s fine if he knows how to play tricks. Why is Shi Zhi even more so?

The princess has been upgraded to become a vicious stepmother, and the vicious stepmother can continue to take “revenge.”

Lu Dajun’s dazed and confused little eyes were captured very well. It reminded them of the sentence that everyone asked repeatedly.

Shi Zhi, are you a devil?

The general opinion of the audience is: when they opened “Super Challenge,” they thought it would be funny, but they didn’t expect it to be so funny.

In addition to the queen and the princess’s vicious stepmother, Shi Zhi offered to attack the mission guard directly. Lu Dajun and his party were still entangled with the old man, and Shi Zhi had already led Ning Jiachi and the others to the back house to find a mission card.

The tacit understanding between Shi Zhi and Bai Wu, Shi Zhi didn’t even say the whole thing. Bai Wu had already followed her and expressed Shi Zhi’s thoughts.

Also hit by white paper cp.

It’s too sweet. The white paper is real!

Shi Zhi “touched porcelain,” cue herself was not in good health and stayed up all night; mixed with NPC, pseudonym Hu Youyou, cheating the program team did not discuss…

Everyone can feel the despair of the program group through the screen, but whether the program group is desperate or not, what does it have to do with them?

Everyone loves watching the plots of the guest pit program group so much!

In the past, most of them were guests of the program group, but it turned out to be cool.

After watching two episodes in a row, everyone was still unsatisfied.

The team members shouted out what most netizens wanted to say to Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, the eternal God!”

The show kept laughing, and it was easy to find topics, so Shi Zhi once again contracted the hot search.

[Shi Zhi’s vicious stepmother] [Shi Zhi touches porcelain] [Shi Zhi’s poor health] [Hu Youyou]…occupies several positions. Of course, the program group and other guests also have names.

The other star team that was spending money on the hot search is now dumbfounded.

Damn, how come they forgot that the Shi Zhi program was aired today.

As long as Shi Zhi is on a variety show, she will go to the trending search more or less. She almost lives there. During this period of time, avoiding Shi Zhi has become an implicit thing for many star groups.

If you don’t avoid it, you will have to spend more money. Who wants to spend so much money on something that can be solved with less money.

Shi Zhi’s Weibo fans increased again, and many newcomers were welcomed into the group.

Gardenia cheered happily. The bosses in the group had already dived and were busy cutting materials.

Everyone chatted and talked about the drama.

“When will Shi Zhi make a drama? I’ve already watched “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” three times.”

Shi Zhi happened to be watching the screen and felt that three times was too exaggerated. She basically only watched the drama once.

Then, she saw it again.

“I’ve watched it nine times and plan to watch it the tenth time.”

Shi Zhi: “…”

It’s not that it’s not there. It’s already being filmed. Shi Zhi remembered that director Wang Mingchun mentioned that it should be today’s official announcement. It’s not that he intends to be together with “Super Challenge.” It’s a complete coincidence.

The atmosphere in the group was very harmonious. They all discussed the famous scene Shi Zhi had just contributed to in “Super Challenge.”

Then suddenly someone burst out——

“Everyone, go search Shi Zhi on Weibo. Someone is hacking her!”

Shi Zhi was hacked?

“Super Challenge” is too interesting. Regardless of whether it is Gardenia or not, people who have watched it think it is very interesting, but there will always be people who feel that their way is blocked.

So #Shi Zhi Variety Show Star# was also on the hot search.

There are all irrelevant comments under the marketing account. Even people with a discerning eye can see that this is planning to engage in Shi Zhi.

When counting the marketing numbers in detail, there have been countless variety shows during this period, and there is only one serious drama.

“Shi Zhi’s microblog certification is still an actor, and after being cleansed, she is making money by relying on her popularity with passers-by?”

“The role of an actor is to make a movie. I advise Shi Zhi to take on a drama well, or change her Weibo certification, and don’t use the actor’s name as a variety show star.”

Gardenia is really angry.

Who’s the variety show star?

Haven’t you watched “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance”? It is still in the top three on the website.

Although Shi Zhi’s shots were small, they were fine.

Moreover, you are a marketing navy with a video blogger in your head.

The other party’s black methods are constantly improving, but the Gardenias still must cheer up. After all, an actor’s reputation as a variety show coffee will indeed have an impact. It may be that a more powerful director will have concerns when they find Shi Zhi to make a movie in the future.

The Gardenia group members were discussing frantically, and the management came out to organize on a large scale.

Shi Zhi was also spying on the screen and found out about this situation. She first asked Brother Quan.

“Did you spend the money over there?”

Brother Quan is not in a hurry when faced with such black material. If Shi Zhi hadn’t received the drama directed by Wang Mingchun, he might be in trouble, but now it’s different.


Although he didn’t understand why Shi Zhi asked such a question, Brother Quan nodded.

He bought all the trending searches and invited all the navy. He must have spent all the money.

Shi Zhi: “That’s fine.”

Knowing that the money spent by others will be in vain, she can rest assured. Otherwise, she will have to wait.

At this moment, Brother Quan finally came to his senses.

Shi Zhi has already contacted director Wang Mingchun. Can you post the stills a little earlier?

Anyway, since the money is spent there, there is no need to worry about the fans in the group.

Soon, director Wang Mingchun sent out a Weibo, announcing his next play and tagging Shi Zhi’s name, who was the heroine of his new drama play.

Shi Zhi also forwarded it immediately.

If Shi Zhi hadn’t had a drama, why would she have cooperated with a big director.

The celebrity group behind the marketing account: …

Gardenia, who is preparing to fight black: Huh?

Have you started yet?

No, it’s over.

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