One Can’t Judge by Appearance #95

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Chapter 95 

“Second Young Master, there is water on the spatula, don’t put it in the oil, or the oil will explode.” Aunt Li hurriedly snatched the spatula from Yuan Yi’s hand and turned off the fire. It’s not good to just tell Yuan Yi not to stop tossing the kitchen. She can only change a euphemism, “It’s already so late, young master should go to bed.”

Yuan Yi looked at the dishes next to him that had been scorched by himself, wiped away the oil spots splashed on the back of his hand, and sighed: “How can it be more difficult to fry a dish than programming?”

“Second young master, you are teasing me with jokes.” Aunt Li wiped off the oil spots on the table with a rag, “Cooking is just a life skill. Many people can do it, but programming is not something that most people can do. Can they be compared together?”

In Aunt Li’s mind, Yuan Yi is very capable. He has started his own business since he was in college. Now that he has so many industries under his name, he can still pursue Miss Yan. He really couldn’t be more capable.

Yuan Yi sighed. Now he can’t rely on programming to please his future father-in-law.

“Tomorrow, let’s continue practicing tomorrow.” Seeing Yuan Yi, Aunt Li didn’t seem to be reconciled, and she didn’t dare to keep him in the kitchen anymore for fear that he would tear the kitchen down. During the Chinese New Year, if there is a fire or explosion, it will be unlucky.

Walking out of the kitchen, Yuan Yi heard the ringtone of his mobile phone. This ringtone was set by Yan Xiaoxi herself, saying that as his girlfriend, he must use a unique ringtone.

“Xiao Xi?” Did she come to tell him that he couldn’t go to her house for dinner on the night of New Year’s Eve?

Yan Xi, on the phone side, turned to look at Song Hai, who was still angry: “I told my dad about asking you to come to our house for the New Year’s Eve dinner…”

“How?!” Yuan Yi looked a little excited. “uncle will not refuse right.”

“What are you thinking? My dad told you to come to us early for lunch.” Yan Xi looked at Song Hai again, saw him nodding, and continued, “More people are lively. Only two people are in the family, my father and I, which is also quite bore.

Song Hai thought to himself: No, actually, I’m not bore at all.

“Okay, okay, you and uncle will make a list of ingredients then. You don’t have to go out and buy anything if you lack it. I’ll just bring it over then.” Yuan Yi thought for a while, “I’ll buy some more fireworks sticks, spring festival couplets or something, the New Year is going to be lively.”

Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing when he heard Yuan Yi talking a lot on the phone. Is he happy and silly? But after laughing, she felt a little sad. How much did Yuan Xiaoer want to have a normal Spring Festival?

Instead of going to Grandpa’s house with his brother or going to other relatives’ houses, sitting around the table with his closest family members, and having a good meal?

Or was she thinking too much, and Yuan Xiaoer simply wanted to celebrate the New Year with her? Thinking about it this way, she seemed to feel much better in her heart. At least it proved that he cared about her very much and she was very attractive.

After Yuan Yi hung up the phone, he put back the apron he had just untied: “Aunt Li, go to sleep, I’ll practice for a while.”

Aunt Li, who had just cleaned up the kitchen, was speechless for a long time: “What’s wrong?”

“Uncle Song invited me to have lunch at noon the day after tomorrow, so I want to hurry up and practice again, otherwise I won’t have enough time.” Yuan Yi put the pot on the stove, “To grasp a man’s heart, you must first grasp his stomach. The future father-in-law lacks nothing, and I can only rely on this to please him.”

Aunt Li really wanted to ask Yuan Yi whether he was serious. But looking at Yuan Yi’s full posture, he knew there was no need to ask this question anymore. Young people in love will always commit lovely foolishness, such as using their weaknesses to please others.

The second young master is such a proud person. Now that he is willing to wash his hands and make soup for Miss Yan, who would believe it?

Aunt Li smiled: “Second Young Master, let me teach you.”

When people get older, they are willing to accompany young people to make fools of themselves. This way, it seems that even their mentality can become younger.

One night passed, and Yuan Yi, who practiced cooking until very late, hadn’t woken up from his dream. Still, the news about him taking Yan Xi to meet his parents was overwhelming. The major media made an appointment and reported how much the Xu family valued Yan Xi. Even Yuan Yasen and his wife, who was rumored to dislike Yan Xi, rushed to the Xu family to meet their future daughter-in-law. Have lunch together.

A reporter who was squatting outside Xu’s house took pictures. After lunch, Yuan Yi and Yan Xi left Xu’s house, talking and laughing. The aunts of Xu’s family were very attentive to Yan Xi, which shows that Yan Xi already had the status of granddaughter-in-law. The more daring reporter also interviewed Yuan Yi’s elder brother Yuan Bo’s views on his future sister-in-law and posted the interview video on the Internet.

In the video, Yuan Bo’s expression was serious. When the reporter asked if the Yuan family was dissatisfied with Yan Xi, Yuan Bo immediately denied this statement. Not only did he praise Yan Xi many times, he also said bluntly that the whole family liked Yan Xi very much. It is his blessing that his younger brother can have Yan Xi as his girlfriend. This kind of behavior of praising other people’s daughters and belittling their own family members is like a father, not the eldest brother. As soon as this video came out, it did convince countless passers-by that the Yuan parents were dissatisfied with Yan Xi. This matter is a rumor. Yuan Yi quit Changfeng management, but only because he wanted to rely on his own ability to start a business.

After this news, some netizens couldn’t help but ridicule that the Yuan family wanted to use eight sedan chairs to welcome Yan Xi into the house. At first, they thought it was a classic routine of Cinderella marrying into a wealthy family. Still, they didn’t expect it to be a story of a wealthy family begging to marry a goddess.

Yan Xi checked Weibo after waking up and found many people tagged her and called her an inspirational goddess. Clicking on it, it turned out that she was loved by the Xu family’s elders.

Host Yan Xi: Everyone said I did a good job and praised me as an inspirational goddess. I would be happier.

Yuan Yi forwarded Yan Xi’s Weibo and commented: It’s normal to like you, whether it’s work or other aspects.

Netizen 1: It’s cute and sweet. I’ve tried this bowl of dog food. Feel free to do whatever you want.

Netizen 2: Hahahaha, the black fan who used to laugh at Yan Xi for hugging the thighs of a wealthy family stood up and took two steps. Who is hugging whose thighs?

Netizen 3: Mr. Yuan, for the sake of my praise, will you give me a mobile game gift pack?

Netizen 4: I think what Yan Xi said is quite right. Feelings are not all about a woman. It is right for the man’s parents to like her. Otherwise, why would he get married? Everyone praises her as an inspirational goddess because of such a trivial matter. It is an insult to her talent and ability.

Netizen 5: Upstairs is really enough. You can talk a lot about everything. Are you not tired of living like you?

Netizens who are bored will always quarrel over trivial matters. Yan Xi, the person concerned, can only choose to turn a blind eye in the end.

She was wearing thick winter clothes and walked to the cold street. Because her father said there was a lack of red lanterns hanging at the gate at home, she came out to run errands.

“Yan Xi.” As soon as she walked to the shopping mall, a young, stylish girl approached her. Without saying a word, she raised her hand and wanted to hit her.

Yan Xi reached out and grabbed her wrist, cursing unceremoniously: “You’ve watched too many stupid dramas, and you still want to slap someone in public. Is there something wrong with your brain?”

Although she had never met this girl before, she had seen her photos in the posts of the juniors of the Song family.

Song Shi, the cousin of Song Chao and Song Ci.

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