One Can’t Judge by Appearance #96

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Chapter 96 

“Let go, let go.” Song Shi was in so much pain that she almost shed tears. She didn’t expect the seemingly delicate Yan Xi to have such strong hands, her wrists seemed to be clamped by iron clamps, and the pain was excruciating.

“Miss Song, the feudal society has long since perished. Even if you have the power, you can’t just hit people casually. People are raised by their parents. Is the habit of your Song family to move their hands and feet when they don’t agree with each other? Is it ancestral? Yan Xi let go of Song Shi’s hand and pointed to the camera not far away, “I advise Miss Song to restrain her impulses, otherwise I will not break the law in self-defense.”

Song Shi rubbed her wrists and took a step back, looking back at the few friends behind her. These so-called iron buddies were all dawdling and did not dare to trouble Yan Xi. She sneered, she knew what these people were worried about, they were worried about the power of the Yuan family. What friends and brothers, now that she has lost the right to inherit the Song family, her loyalty has evaporated like dew in the morning.

Taking a deep breath, Song Shi glared at her friends, then turned to Yan Xi and said, “Yan Xi, my brother said that when he was in a car accident, the police found a wireless micro-monitor in the car, did you do it?”

“Miss Song, your Brother suddenly sent bodyguards to kidnap me into the car. I’m not a fortune teller, how do I know he would do such a thing suddenly?” Yan Xi felt that the relationship between Song Ci and Song Shi must be very good, after all, there will be a common language on IQ.

“What does that have to do with monitors?”

“Since I don’t know that he will suddenly kidnap me, how can I prepare the monitor in advance and bring it into the car?” Yan Xi sighed, “Miss Song, I’m not interested in your Song family’s affairs at all, please don’t bother my life.”

Song Shi was short of words for a while, so she held back for a long time before she said, “You don’t know that bastard Song Chao, who knows what’s going on behind the scenes.”

“Miss Song!” Yan Xi’s tone became serious, “Is this the kind of self-cultivation of a noble daughter from a famous family?”

“Miss Yan, I’m sorry, my younger sister is not sensible, so I caused you trouble.” Song Chao came over with an assistant, and he glanced at Song Shi lightly, “My younger sister’s biological mother left early, and her education is poor. I apologize to you on her behalf.”

“Song Chao, shut up!” Song Shi said sharply, “You bastard, what right do you have to talk about my upbringing?”

Instead of being angry, Song Chao smiled. He strode forward. When he got close to Song Shi, Song Shi took a few steps back in fright.

“What do you want to do?”

“If I were you, I would learn to shut up.” Song Chao chuckled lightly, his voice was as gentle as that of a considerate and honest brother, “Although the police have tentatively declared Song Ci’s car accident an accident, but…”

He paused, turned his head to look at Yan Xi who was not far away, and lowered his voice to a volume that only the two of them could hear: “It’s not impossible if there is any new evidence.”

“What do you want to do?” Song Shi looked at Song Chao in horror, “You want to wrong me? Song Ci won’t believe you.”

“You can try it.” Song Chao raised a smile on his lips, “You can only know the result if you try it.”

Song Shi took a step back, lowered her eyelids to avoid Song Chao’s eyes: “You, you can’t do this.”

Seeing her timid appearance, Song Chao sneered, and suddenly withdrew his smile: “Do you think that it was still twenty years ago, and you would be what you said? Be honest in the future. In the present Song family, there is no one who can support you.”

“You, you…” Song Shi’s complexion changed a few times. Thinking of Song Ci who was still lying in the hospital, she turned pale and left, not even thinking about provoking Song Chao.

Watching Song Shi leave with narrowed eyes, Song Chao turned around and walked up to Yan Xi, the two looked at each other, Yan Xi turned around to leave, Song Chao stopped her.

“Yan Xi.” Song Chao smiled, “Can I go to the coffee shop next to me and sit for a while?”

Yan Xi didn’t speak, because Song Chao had the habit of cheating people from time to time, whenever she saw him now, she would start to wonder, did this guy come up with some new idea to cheat people?

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any other thoughts.” Song Chao put his hands behind his back, “Just treat it as a former alumnus reminiscing about the past, in the future…” He exhaled, and his expression became blurred by the dew, “I don’t know if there will be a chance to meet again in the future, so let’s say a few more words.”

Seeing this man suddenly remove his fake smile and hypocritical elegance in front of her, Yan Xi suspected that something was wrong with her eyes: “I thought the two of us seemed to have nothing to talk about.”

“For the sake of that innocent love letter, I’ve lived for twenty-seven years, and I’ve only written one like this.” Song Chao didn’t change his face, and pointed to the coffee shop next to him, “Just go there, don’t go other places.”

Yan Xi glanced at the coffee shop dozens of steps away, and at the time: “Twenty minutes.”


The coffee shop near the big shopping mall has a very popular style. However, because many young people go home for the New Year, the place that usually has good business is particularly deserted today.

The coffee and cake were on the table. Song Chao took a sip and then put down the cup. The taste of the coffee was not strong enough. Then he saw that Yan Xi had added several grains of sugar to the coffee, a small cup of coffee, with so much sugar, wouldn’t she get tired of it?

The two sat face to face for two or three minutes. Song Chao didn’t speak, and Yan Xi didn’t speak either. She tucked the hair around her cheeks behind her ears and gently stirred the coffee in the cup.

“I really liked you back then.”

Yan Xi paused, but did not answer.

Seeing her reaction, Song Chao took off his glasses, revealing his long and narrow eyes. When he took off his glasses, he became less elegant and more sinister. Yan Xi suddenly understood why he wore these glasses.

“At that time, I was too young, and I always imagined that girls should be as pure and innocent as white lotuses, so beautiful that people can’t bear to hurt them.” Speaking of this, Song Chao couldn’t help but glance at Yan Xi, “You just appeared, A perfect replica of the girl I imagined.”

“Mr. Song probably doesn’t know that white lotus has become a curse word in certain situations.” Yan Xi took a sip of coffee, “Sorry, I let you down.”

“Yeah, people can’t be judged by their appearance, except for this face, you are not at all the same as the girl I imagined.” Song Chao lowered his eyelids, and his fingers were neatly trimmed and rubbing the cup noodles. With an extremely simple movement, he did extremely elegantly, “I didn’t expect you to be with Yuan Yi.”

Yan Xi smiled politely: “Life is always impermanent.”

“Yes, life is impermanent.” Song Chao suddenly sneered, “If I had stood up to prove that Yuan Yi didn’t bully you, would the fate between you two have changed?”

Yan Xi was stunned: “You were there back then?”

Song Chao smiled, and did not deny Yan Xi’s guess.

“Why don’t you…” Yan Xi stopped talking, she felt as if she was asking nonsense.

“Why should I help him?” Song Chao laughed, “You probably don’t know that your future mother-in-law is a very noble woman. She once prevented my mother, look her down in front of countless people. She just needs to look at her with pride.” One look at my mother, and there will be countless women around who will volunteer to come up and sneer.”

He can still remember that feeling, his mother is holding him, and the women around him are saying things that seem to be polite, but his mother is so angry that his hand is bleeding, but the smile on her face is bigger than that of him. Everyone looks good.

But when he was ridiculed and looked down upon, Yuan Yi was treated like a prince. Countless people praised him for being cute and well-behaved, obviously he was better looking than Yuan Yi.

It seems that from then on, he began to hate those self-proclaimed noble people, and he had an unspeakable malice towards Yuan Yi.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much reason to hate someone.

When Song Chao mentioned the past, his tone was strangely calm. Yan Xi knew that he didn’t need to say anything himself, but he, who had won the inheritance war, wanted to find someone to say what was hidden in his heart, and she happened to be the emotional trash can. That’s all.

She doesn’t know whether to call him sad or ridiculous. He was able to snatch the power of the family from a bunch of uncles and cousins, but there was no one around him to talk to. In the end, he found her, an unrelated person.

“No one can choose their birth, I don’t.” Song Chao said with a smile, “My father is a scumbag, and my mother is a psychopath. As their son, I was laughed at as a bastard, don’t you think it’s interesting?”

Yan Xi could almost guess the living environment of Song Chao when she was a child. She looked at the elegant man in front of her, and smiled after a while: “Are you trying to sell yours miserably?”

“No, I’m showing off my success to you.” Song Chao smiled, “Sometimes birth doesn’t mean anything.”

The coffee in the cup was already half drunk. Song Chao carefully looked at the delicately make-up woman in front of him. Time seemed to go back to nine years ago. She was wearing a school uniform with a ponytail and handing the school card to him.

Blinking, the girl in his memory disappeared. He smiled, picked up his glasses and put them back on his face.

Standing up, his thin lips turned up slightly: “Thank you, Ms. Yan, for listening to me talking so much nonsense, and see you later.” He paused, and his smile became more obvious, “Maybe when you marry Yuan Yi, I will see you in the future.” On other occasions, we will also have the opportunity to meet, but it seems that we do not have much fate.”

Yan Xi nodded: “I think so too.”

“Women are so straightforward, they don’t seem very cute.” Song Chao raised his eyebrows slightly, “Yuan Yi likes women like you because of his unique taste.”

“So I don’t need to be cute, as long as someone loves me.” Yan Xi picked up the coat next to her, not caring about Song Chao’s evaluation of her.

“Although I know that I should bless you and Yuan Yi at this time, I still need to be honest once in a while.” Song Chao put his hands in his trouser pockets, “I wish you good luck.”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi nodded slightly, “So, goodbye?”

“Goodbye.” Song Chao nodded slightly, without much expression on his face.

He watched Yan Xi walk past him, and then walked away step by step, when she suddenly stopped.

“Song Ci…”

“Shh.” Song Chao raised his index finger and brought it to his lips, “Smart woman, it’s best never to be curious.”

Yan Xi froze for a moment, didn’t say anything more, turned around and walked outside. Pushing open the transparent glass door, she put her coat back on her body, and looked inside. Song Chao was still standing where she was, elegant and lonely.

She tightened her coat, stomped and ran into the nearby shopping mall.

After buying lanterns, window grilles and other necessities for the New Year, Yan Xi drove out in her family’s jeep after eating. Tao Ru booked the plane ticket for the afternoon and was going back to her hometown for the New Year. She was worried that it would be difficult to take a taxi, and she wanted Tao Ru to take some gifts back, so she simply drove her to the airport.

The two are like sisters, and Tao Ru is not polite to Yan Xi. Seeing the new year’s goods that Yan Xi prepared for her parents, Tao Ru said with a bitter face: “Dahe, the things you prepared for my parents are more expensive than what I bought. Well, when I go back they will say that my daughter was raised for nothing.”

“That would be even better.” Yan Xi said with a smile, “I just like the meat cakes made by Auntie. Remember to bring me some more when you come home from vacation.”

“I haven’t left yet, but you are thinking about asking me to bring something.” Tao Ru chatted with Yan Xi for a while, and suddenly asked a little embarrassedly, “It is rumored outside that you have a good relationship with the second young master of our company. Almost, you know.. is it true?”

“I’m still cooking.” Yan Xi stopped the car and waited for the traffic light, “If I really want to make it final, I will tell you, even if I don’t tell others.”

Tao Ru smiled and said, “Do you know how our colleagues evaluate you?”

“Say what?”

“Warrior riding a dragon.”

“Who is the dragon?” Yan Xi glanced at the traffic lights, and with more than 30 seconds left, he turned to look at Tao Ru, “Could it be Yuan Yi?”

“That’s right.” Tao Ru nodded, “You can make the second young master, who looks very fierce, be so devoted to you. What is it if you’re not a warrior?”

Yan Xi: “…”

In Changfeng’s staff’s mind, what kind of image is Yuan Xiaoer? A domestic violence man who beats people and loses his temper for nothing?

After finding a parking space and parking the car, Yan Xi accompanied Tao Ru to the ticket gate. Tao Ru suddenly turned around and hugged Yan Xi, and whispered in her ear, “Come on, eat the grass by your house.”

Yan Xi froze for a moment, smiled and hugged Tao Ru back: “Okay.”

Evil Dragon. Wobiancao. Yuan Yi has practiced cooking all morning, and now he feels sick when he smells the oily smoke, and he doesn’t want to go into the kitchen anymore.

Evil dragon.Nest side grass.Yuan Yi had been practicing cooking all morning, but now he wanted to vomit when he smelled the fume, and he didn’t want to go into the kitchen anymore.

When Yuan Bo came in, he smelled the smell of oil all over the room, and almost thought that Aunt Li had set fire to the kitchen. He glanced around the room, and after confirming that there was no fire, he sat down beside Yuan Yi: “What are you messing with at home?”

Yuan Yi opened his eyes, and lazily sat up from the sofa: “Brother, are you here?”

“Besides me, who else can come in?” Yuan Bo had the door card and key of this villa, and he patted Yuan Yi, “You smell like oily smoke all over your body, did you fall into the frying pan?”

“What frying pan? I’m practicing cooking to please my future father-in-law.” Yuan Yi yawned, “However, cooking skills really depend on talent. I’m destined to fail to please my father-in-law.”

Yuan Bo: “…”

He’s obviously a real brother, but how did his younger brother’s brain grow? For a person who has never been in the kitchen since he was a child, where did he get the confidence to feel that he can become a chef in just one or two days?

“You don’t have to rely on cooking skills. Although you don’t know how to cook, it’s not a shortcoming that you can ask your aunt to cook.” Yuan Bo coughed dryly, “I want to open up.”

“But Dahe’s family cooks for themselves…”

Yuan Yi hadn’t finished speaking when the phone rang. As soon as he picked it up, Xu Qiaosheng’s bluffing voice rang out: “Brother Yi, hurry up and watch the news on the entertainment section. That bastard from the Song Dynasty is here to pry the wall again!”

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