Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #48

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Chapter 48

Ning Jiachi: Miss Shi! Rich and powerful!

Shi Zhi and Ning Jiachi owned five packs of spicy strips. Bai Wu was not interested in spicy strips. She was afraid of getting acne. Shi Zhi also admired Bai Wu’s self-control. Someone could refuse the temptation of spicy strips.

But since Bai Wu was afraid of getting acne, which would affect the filming, Shi Zhi didn’t cover her in front of her and made a three-pronged agreement with Ning Jiachi that they tried to stay as far away as possible when eating.

Ning Jiachi made an ok gesture, and by the way, he won from Shi Zhi with rock paper scissors and got three packs to avoid the “war” caused by uneven distribution.

Bai Wu can’t eat spicy strips but can buy other things.

After all, everyone is a well-known star, but they are happy like children in the canteen. Everyone has an unconcealable joy on their faces. The program group provides food for them, but where is the fragrance of small snacks for the serious meal!

Two hundred yuan was quite well spent in the canteen. Everyone bought a lot of small bags, but less than half of it was spent.

Ning Jiachi’s aristocratic temperament could no longer be found. He held up the spicy sticks and took one bite. It was very beautiful.

The next day, Bai Wu woke up Shi Zhi and met Ning Jiachi on the second floor. They all greeted each other and went downstairs together.

There was a sound of oil splashing in the kitchen, and someone was cooking in the kitchen.

They didn’t react too much. Even if they didn’t see who was inside, they knew who it was.

There is a high probability that it is Anne.

The program team will arrange meals, but Anne will cook from time to time, making a loving fried egg to reward her teammates.

Bai Wu didn’t take it seriously and was still chatting with Shi Zhi, but Annie in the kitchen poked her head out when she heard the movement, and she smiled at Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi, good morning, you are more beautiful today than you were yesterday.” She praised her sincerely. Her eyebrows and eyes were curved like crescent moons.

Bai Wu: ?

Ning Jiachi: ?

Shi Zhi just raised her eyebrows and quickly followed Annie’s words: “Thank you, you too.”

Annie greeted Shi Zhi: “Come down quickly, I fried eggs for you, you can eat right away.”

Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi paused and looked at each other.

Annie, fried eggs for Shi Zhi?

What the hell is going on?

Ning Jiachi’s first reaction——

Annie, the spicy strips my sister bought when I was hungry.

The “Super Challenge” program team has never experienced such a weird breakfast.

Everyone knows that the relationship between Annie and Shi Zhi is slightly delicate. For the last variety show they recorded together, Shi Zhi received a very low number of votes from fans in the show. When he came to the show, Shi Zhi didn’t seem to plan to talk to Annie, Annie But towards Shi Zhi with a little hostility.

Everyone is human and can feel it, but there is no serious problem and no quarrels on the surface.

And now—

Annie not only prepared an omelet with love for Shi Zhi, when Shi Zhi said that she didn’t need it, she also showed a disappointed expression: “If Sister Shi Zhi didn’t taste this omelet, it must be a pity for it.”

Everyone: ???

God damn, the eggs are born with regrets. Is this the inflection of regrets in life?

Ning Jiachi complained to Bai Wu: “This fried egg not poisonous?”

Bai Wu: No, Ning Jiachi is quite open-minded. How can there be so many poisons, and even if there are, Annie is crazy to be in front of the camera.

Annie called Shi Zhi, Sister Shi Zhi, one second and changed to Zhi Zhizi, Zhi Zhi the next second.

Anyway, how to get intimate.

Annie really didn’t have any bad intentions. Isn’t what she did obvious enough? She was clearly flattering Shi Zhi, hugging her thigh!

Now she even hopes that Shi Zhi can perform stronger and more capable.

If we talk about “Sisters and Brothers Going Forward,” when Anne first started recording “Super Challenge,” Annie still had some thoughts of competing with Shi Zhi, then after this series.

There are only four words in Annie’s mind——

Shi Zhi Niu bi. (Shi Zhi is awesome and capable)

As a woman who dares to fool the program crew and is super capable, why should mortals like her fight to the death with Shi Zhi? Her brains were really funny before. Bai Wu and Ning Jiachi are not the best representatives?

Hugging her thighs is the kingly way. Only by hugging Shi Zhi’s thighs can you have a better life and have more shots.

Annie has been a first-level expert in retreat since she was a child, and she can bend and stretch. Now Annie wants to cry when she thinks about the pitiful number of shots she had before.

But fortunately, there is still a chance to build a good relationship with Shi Zhi, and worry about not having a camera?

So Annie continued her thigh-hugging action.

“Sister Shi Zhi, it’s so pretty. If I’m a man, I will marry you.”

“Sister Shi Zhi, are you bored? I’ll sing a song for you.”

“Sister Shi Zhi, you are tired, let me give you a back massage.”

Singing again, pinching her back again, Annie is now paying attention to Shi Zhi with all her heart. Her eyes are bright when looking at her. As long as Shi Zhi raises her hand, she can pass a tissue.

Shi Zhi didn’t hold it, “Thank you.”

She thanked Annie, “But I want to drink water.”

Annie was not annoyed. She smiled sweetly, “There is water too.” She turned around and picked up the water Shi Zhi had prepared earlier.

She also touched the water glass with her palm before handing it to Shi Zhi.

“The temperature should be just right now, neither cold nor hot… Or, sister Shi, do you need to control it at a specific temperature? I can do it too.”

Annie has worked hard enough.

No matter how Ning Jiachi looked at Annie, he couldn’t get used to it.

Annie changed her face quite quickly. If something goes wrong, there must be a demon. Who are you trying to act like a spoiled child with your throat!

No matter what Annie did, Ning Jiachi would always make sarcastic remarks, and Annie also got into a fight with Ning Jiachi.

She only wants to please Shi Zhi and doesn’t need to please Ning Jiachi.

When Ning Jiachi sneered again when Annie handed Shi Zhi something, Annie looked at Ning Jiachi.

“Brother Jiachi, do you hate me?”

Ning Jiachi: Yes, that’s right, to be precise, it’s annoying and annoying.

Before Ning Jiachi could respond, Annie had already started her performance. She raised innocent deer eyes at Ning Jiachi.

“In fact, I just like Sister Shi Zhi, and I want to be good friends with Sister Shi Zhi, there is no other meaning.”

“I really envy Brother Jiachi.”

She said this again.

Ning Jiachi frowned the whole time with a puzzled expression and a heavy heart.

The tea arrived.

(The pinyin It’s translated to only the word ‘tea,’ but Annie acts here. I can assume she uses the green tea girl personality to attack Ning Jiaci. Green tea girl refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. The funny thing here, Annie uses this personality for Shi Zhi to counter a man)

However, he immediately became confused about why she envied him.

Annie: “You’ve known Sister Shi Zhi so early, you have a good relationship, and you know how to make her happy, unlike me, I’m stupid, I can’t do anything well, I can’t learn anything… But, even if I can’t learn anything. Yes, I will still work hard and make money to buy spicy strips for Sister Shi Zhi.”

“Brother Jiachi, you are lucky, and you still need Sister Shi Zhi to buy you spicy sticks.”

Ning Jiachi: ???

As for it!

Isn’t it just a few packs of spicy strips? Although he was very moved by a few packs of spicy strips, this can also be put on the line?

Although Ning Jiachi is naive, he is a well-loved actor no matter what. He has countless fans. Everyone calls him Chi Boy. Even the eldest sister in the capital likes him and wants his autograph.

Removing the identity of an actor, Ning Jiachi is still a rich second-generation handsome guy who has been sought after by girls since he was a child.

It was the first time for him to directly face what is called the tea qi in the tea.

Ning Jiachi almost vomited blood on the spot.

(In Chinese tea culture, qi (pronounced as chi) is a phrase used amongst tea connoisseurs that refers to a tea’s energy or life force. So here, Ning Jiachi tastes Annie Attach as a tea girl)

Shi Zhi took the form of a scumbag who didn’t refuse, didn’t take the initiative, and didn’t take responsibility for Annie.

She didn’t notice Annie’s malice. To be honest, she felt pretty good when she had a cute girl greeting her.

Annie sings well, and her massage skills are also good.

Shi Zhi quietly watched Ning Jiachi and Annie’s quarrel, which was quite interesting.

Ning Jiachi originally tried to draw Bai Wu into his camp to fight against this Little Green Tea girl.

But Bai Wu refused.

“Annie is actually not bad.”

Ning Jiachi: That’s not what you said before. Aren’t you still a member of the Zhi Zhi squad?

Bai Wu, who was stared at by Ning Jiachi with a changed expression like you, is actually a little guilty.

Because the object of Annie’s green tea has become Shi Zhi and her.

Let me ask, who can refuse the sweet-mouthed girl’s courteousness? Annie’s coverage is quite wide; the fried eggs also include Bai Wu’s share, and she will help Bai Wu’s shoulders and so on.

Ning Jiachi felt no one could count on him, so he had to come.

Ning Jiachi and Annie are really at odds. She can feed paper, and he can also feed paper. Annie can pour water, and he can also pour water. Hey, who can’t feed paper and pour water?

Shi Zhi often has a piece of paper in one hand and a glass of water in the other.


This is okay. I can bear it.

The two people’s sense of competition continued to rise as they fought for each other and finally started to quarrel like children.

Annie: “I can accompany Sister Shi Zhi to the toilet, can you?”

Ning Jiachi shouted: “I can!”

The client, Shi Zhi: “…No, you can’t.”

“I don’t need your company.”


She just wanted to go to the toilet quietly by herself.

The director of the program group almost died of laughter. The fight between Annie and Ning Jiachi has become the source of happiness for these two days.

Unexpectedly, there was no conflict between the female artist and the female artist. Still, there was a conflict between female and male artists.

Shi Zhi also performed at a high level in the following recordings.

Human body navigation, quickly learning what to do, and led by Bai Wu Ning Jiachi, swept all the checkpoints.

Annie is very courteous. Lu Dajun and Tian Hong are used to being hit. Lu Dajun even proposed to the director.

“Why don’t we merge the groups? What’s the point of grouping?”

I was tired from being pressed directly on the floor and rubbed.

Right now, Princess Lu wants to go to Queen Shi Zhi and seek shelter and warmth from his vicious stepmother.

The director of the program group: “…” He also felt that grouping was completely meaningless. After all, Shi Zhi was too strong.

But the points are all divided. He can only comfort the other party by touching his head. Let’s do this first. It’s almost over, anyway.

The other party was helpless and offered a pat of comfort.

But even the director admitted that he was actually having fun. Invited Shi Zhi, the really right one, adding countless highlights to the show. Of course, there were also countless challenges.

When the six of them first arrived in the town, the director gave everyone some popular science. Not only are there traditional craftsmen in the town, but it is also rich in tea. Tea is a relatively large source of income for the town.

In the past few days, you can also see during the recording process that there are tea gardens everywhere nearby.

The task of today’s program group is to help guests pick tea, go to a tea factory to experience tea frying, and finally learn tea art from the master.

Compared with the previous crafts, picking tea and frying tea are much simpler, and Annie was even praised in the process of learning tea art from the master.

Tea art master: “You are quite talented in this area.”

Annie was very pleasantly surprised: “Really, thank you.” Then she became even more enthusiastic about learning tea art.

Ning Jiachi: “…” She is quite talented, so it turns out this is still interoperable, right?!

“This tea is quite delicious.”

Shi Zhi tasted the tea at the master’s suggestion and said to the owner of the tea factory after drinking a cup.

The color of the tea is very clear, not turbid, and the taste is also fragrant. Shi Zhi even felt that it was equal to some expensive teas, and after she knew the price, the tea was only 1% of the price of those teas.

It’s said to be a tea factory, but it’s actually pretty small. It’s mainly family-oriented. Everyone has watched the whole production process, and the hygiene is also good.

The tea factory owner saw that Shi Zhi had finished drinking and immediately poured another cup for Shi Zhi, “If you are discerning, drink more if it tastes good!”

“I’ll bring you a pack in a while, and you’ll soak it yourself when you go home.”

Speaking of his own tea, his expression was undisguised pride, and Shi Zhi even got a bag of tea by accident.

“Is the tea sold well?”

Shi Zhi chatted with the owner of the tea factory: “If it’s okay to talk about it. It’s not convenient.”

The owner of the tea factory: “It’s inconvenient.”

“It’s just average.”

“Although our tea is of good quality and absolutely delicious, we can’t make a name for it, and many people in big cities don’t know about it.”

If you don’t even know it, then naturally, you don’t know whether you recognize it or not.

Therefore, most of them are sold in surrounding towns. How can small towns have so much purchasing power? There are not many young people in small towns, which chokes the way of online sales.

This time they were able to come to the town because the director of the program group lives in a nearby city. He remembers that there is very good tea here.

Going on TV is also a form of exposure for them, and the program team is already working hard to help them.

After listening to it, Ning Jiachi also comforted the tea factory owner, “After the program is broadcast, everyone will see it.”

He also showed the camera: “This tea is delicious.”

Still pulling Shi Zhi: “Sister Shi also said it was delicious.”

“You don’t need to trust Ning Jiachi, but you can always trust Sister Shi.”

Added again.

“Ning Jiachi didn’t lie either.”

The rest of the people also helped to advertise. It’s not an advertisement. In fact, it’s just telling the most true feelings. This tea is of high quality and cheap. It’s a pity if it doesn’t sell.

The program team discussed it and added a new task, helping sell tea. This time, there was no competition. Anyway, the more, the better.

Tian Hong thought very comprehensively: “I guess it’s not easy to sell. There are local people nearby, and every household has tea.”

“I want to buy a few catties and try it, is that okay?”

Sell it to him.

Lu Dajun: “I want to buy it too.”

Director: “Are you rich?”

No money. All the money has been handed over for the time being.

Director: “You can’t sell it to yourself, go find someone.” He waved his hand.

In fact, Tian Hong’s thinking was correct. Every household in the neighborhood has tea fields, so they don’t need to buy tea at all. When they hear that they sell tea again, everyone will give them away.

After finally seeing tourists, they helped a little and sold a few packs.

The director couldn’t follow them all day and had breaks. When he had a meal, he saw Shi Zhi selling a hundred catties of tea.

One hundred catties (60 kg).

This figure is extremely astonishing. After a long time of selling in the streets and alleys, only five cities were sold.

How did Shi Zhi sell a hundred cities?

When the director saw that the person who bought it was Ms. Hu Youyou, he laughed angrily.

What a Hu Youyou!

The program crew was really scared by Hu Youyou, so much so that the director felt a headache just thinking about Hu Youyou. At that time, he thought this character would never come out again, but Hu Youyou appeared again.

“Where is Shi Zhi?”

The director thought Shi Zhi had a guilty conscience for doing this, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to be near the base camp.

Facing the director’s questioning, Shi Zhi seemed very calm.

“I didn’t buy it. The person who bought it was Hu Youyou.” She kept her name.

“You have something to say go to Hu Youyou, what does it have to do with me Shi Zhi?”

Director: ???

Hu Youyou and Shi Zhi, aren’t you the only ones doing this?

Shi Zhi’s acting skills are really good. Naturally, there is no trace.

Using Hu Youyou’s identity to buy a hundred catties of tea, Shi Zhi once again took advantage of the director’s loophole, saying that they could not buy it themselves, Shi Zhi could not, but Hu Youyou could.

Shi Zhi still felt over there: “Hu Youyou is such a good person.”

Director: Bah!

The rest of the people had no choice but to give her a thumbs up after listening to Shi Zhi’s actions. The height is really high.

Then they began to want to give themselves nicknames and add an extra identity layer. It turns out that there is such fun.

No matter what, Shi Zhi is a good person. Ms. Hu Youyou bought a hundred catties of tea, which helped increase the tea factory owner’s income. She did pay the money, and the name of the payment was also Hu Youyou.

Anyway, you have to do a full set of plays.

Before leaving, the guests also bought some tea. It was less generous than Shi Zhi, but ten catties could still be bought.

The tea factory owner would directly pack and send it to Shi Zhi, but he couldn’t even mention it.

Not only did the guests buy it, but the program team also bought some.

The first recording session of “Super Challenge” also came to an end. Annie’s team only got the clearance card for tea art learning, and Shi Zhi’s team obtained the rest of the clearance cards. They hope that the program team will donate to a primary school in the name of the three of them.

Shi Zhi, also called the butler.

The local town residents do not have channels to sell tea, but she should be able to.

After listening to Shi Zhi’s thoughts, the butler said it was not a big deal for them, “I’ll buy some tea and try it.”

If the quality is really good, not only can they expand their channels, but their companies can also use tea from small towns.

Shi Zhi: “No need to buy it, I bought one hundred catties.”

Even the well-informed butler was a little dazed when Shi Zhi said he had bought a hundred catties.

The six of them got along pretty well these days. Even after leaving the camera, Annie didn’t change. When Shi Zhi was about to get in the car, she even stuffed a pillow behind Shi Zhi’s waist so that Shi Zhi could lean on it more comfortably.

Everyone connected to each other on Weibo and left their contact information.

Annie actually has a lower popularity position than Ning Jiachi. Still, she and Ning Jiachi had already quarreled, so she stopped pretending.

“You are a little different from your image on the screen.” She pointed out directly.

Before that, she still had a deep impression of Mr. Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi lazily raised his eyelids and counterattacked, “You are also different.”

A girl with vitality on the screen but a tea art girl in reality.

Hurt each other.

Annie: “…”

Actually, Bai Wu was also curious about how Ning Jiachi could have such a big contrast. Although everyone had their own designs, Ning Jiachi’s performance was still very different from his own.

Ning Jiachi didn’t want to talk to Annie, but it was okay to talk to Bai Wu.

“The company positioned me before.”

“I’m actually imitating, imitating my cousin.”

Bai Wu: “Your cousin?”

Shi Zhi also heard Ning Jiachi talk about his family affairs for the first time.

Bai Wu: “Your cousin is an artist or a businessman, where is he now…”

Ning Jiachi: “Lying on a hospital bed, something happened.”

Shi Zhi said to Ning Jiachi: “My condolences.”

Ning Jiachi thought about it: “It’s been more than a year of mourning, it’s nothing.”

The case has been solved. Ning Jiachi’s previous character design turned out to have a prototype, and the people around him can better imitate and learn from it.

He also had other recording activities. When he arrived at the airport, he said goodbye to everyone, and Bai Wu had to rush back to the set.

Shi Zhi’s 100 catties of tea arrived in the city before her. Anyway, the team basically took care of them. Everyone brought a few catties. She even asked the villa’s aunt and bodyguards, “Do you want tea?”

Just take a few catties for tea and give it away directly.

Anyway, one hundred catties, she can’t finish drinking it until the year of the monkey.

“Sister Shi, I received another letter from a fan, and this biscuit.”

The assistant gave Shi Zhi a large box of letters.

After Shi Zhi clarified that she could accept the letter, Gardenia burst out with boundless enthusiasm, but the biscuit…

Shi Zhi originally said that he didn’t want any presents.

The assistant explained: “It was given by our fan supporters, who said they did it by themselves.”

The biscuits were not expensive, but making the gift yourself added weight to the gift, so the assistant accepted the biscuits.

The biscuit was not too small, bigger than a human face. Shi Zhi took back both the biscuit and the letter.

She believed she tore it one by one but almost forgot the biscuits. She posted on Weibo and saw a fan asking her whether she had received the biscuits and liked them. Shi Zhi finally remembered it.

She looked at the huge biscuit and felt that she should respond.

Half an hour later, Shi Zhi posted a Weibo and tagged the fan support club.

Shi Zhi V: I received the biscuit and ate it. It is very crispy and tastes good but a bit sweet.

To be precise, it’s very sweet. She drank several glasses of water just now, and Shi Zhi felt it would be nice if it had a little salty taste.

Gardenia had been paying attention to Shi Zhi the first time she saw Shi Zhi posted on Weibo.

It turns out that someone sent biscuits, and Shi Zhi likes to eat salty ones. 

Gardenia is as solid as ever.

Immediately afterward, the fan club left a message at the bottom. Still, it wasn’t a happy emoticon or an improvement next time.

Shi Zhi fan club official V, asked: “Did you… eat the biscuit?”

Shi Zhi: Huh?

What else can you do if you don’t eat it? Isn’t biscuits just for people to eat?

People who eat melons (Passerby)😕 Why did they vaguely smell a bit of sand sculpture melon (Shi Zhi’s humorous behavior)

Shi Zhi fan club official V: “But sister Shi, that biscuit isn’t for eating, haven’t you seen the other side, it still has your photo printed on it…”

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