One Can’t Judge by Appearance #91

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Chapter 91

“Uncle.” Although the other party was smiling, Yuan Yi’s intuition told him that if he could be more polite in front of his future father-in-law, he should resolutely not be presumptuous. Otherwise, he would be the one who would suffer in the end.

“Xiao Yuan?” Song Hai touched his protruding belly and smiled kindly: “Come in and sit down?”

“Uncle, no need to trouble you.” Yuan Yi smiled, “I’m here to pick up Xiao Xi.”

“I know you’re here to pick up Yanyan, so it’s impossible to come to see an old man like me.” Song Hai glanced at the time, “You young people had a good time, I’m going to work.”

“Uncle, walk slowly.” Yuan Yi stepped aside.

Song Hai teased with a half-smile, “I think you wish I could disappear before your eyes all at once, how can you let me walk slowly.”

Yuan Yi immediately said: “Why would I think so?!”

“Hey, I was your age. Let’s not play with such nonsense.” Song Hai shook his head and sighed, “When I was young, when I pursued Yanyan’s mother, I felt like this.”

“Dad, you’ll be late if you don’t go out.”

Song Hai looked back at his daughter silently and reluctantly got into the car.

The juicy jade cabbage in his house has already started to turn towards pigs. Being a father is really heartbreaking.

“Uncle… Does he not like me?” Yuan Yi watched Song Hai leave in the car and rub against Yan Xi, “You said if I give him some diamond watches and diamond brooches, will he become fond of me?” a little?”

“Wake up, as long as you are still my boyfriend, he won’t like you too much.” Yan Xi sighed, “For a father, his daughter is his priceless treasure.”

“Then I was probably sent by my parents for the phone bill, or the 20 yuan phone bill.” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows, “When we get married in the future, take our dad to live with us?”

“What is my dad?” Yan Xi rolled her eyes towards the sky, “Don’t you think my dad doesn’t like you?”

“When I become a member of your family, won’t he like me?”

Yan Xi: …This seems to make sense?

Seeing Yan Xi didn’t speak, Yuan Yi thought she didn’t believe him and continued: “Anyway, my parents don’t like to see me, and uncle doesn’t want to part with you. Isn’t that just right?”

“What’s just right, stop thinking about it.” Yan Xi took Yuan Yi’s arm, “Come on, you accompany me upstairs to get things.”

“What?” Yuan Yi let Yan Xi drag him away.

“Of course it’s a door-to-door gift.” Yan Xi smiled, “Could it be a dowry gift?”

Yuan Yi: “…”

In the Yuan family, Yuan Bo stood in front of the mirror, meticulously arranged the bow tie and cufflinks, went downstairs and picked up the ironed newspaper on the table, and saw a photo of him and his younger brother Yuan Yi posted on the front page of the financial section.

According to the report, they are descendants who inherited the willpower of the men in the Yuan family, and they are also business geniuses surpassing their parents. The report is full of praise for the two brothers, implying that the two brothers are more capable than Yuan Yasen.

The younger generations of many wealthy families will inevitably be compared with their parents by everyone. If they are not successful, they are called mediocre. If they do anything wrong, it means that one generation is not as good as the previous generation. Only by surpassing can they be praised by critical and demanding others.

Hearing footsteps upstairs, Yuan Bo returned the newspaper to its original place.

Yuan Yasen and Xu Ya went downstairs with their suitcases. Yuan Yasen noticed that Yuan Bo’s clothes were well-dressed and couldn’t help but ask, “Where are you going?”

Looking at the suitcases in their hands, Yuan Bo said, “I’m going to visit grandpa, do you want to go together?”

“No need, your mother and I have already booked an international travel ticket. Say hello to your grandfather for us.” Yuan Yasen looked a little uncomfortable. 

Recently, his father-in-law seemed to be very dissatisfied with him, so he didn’t want to send himself to his door again just to be scolded.

“Okay, I understand.” Yuan Bo nodded. He didn’t intend to say anymore and turned around to leave.

“Wait.” Xu Ya handed a box to Yuan Bo, “Bring this to your grandfather.”

“Okay.” Yuan Bo opened the box and took a look. It contained some snacks that the elderly like to eat.

“Your grandfather likes to eat these the most, and he thinks the taste of the aunts at home is not authentic, so I made some last night.” Xu Ya tiptoed and patted Yuan Bo’s shoulder, “You child, the older you are, the less you like to speak.”

Yuan Bo said in a steady voice, “Mom, I’m calm.”

“The child is old, how can he be as active as when he was a child.” Yuan Yasen put his arms around Xu Ya’s shoulders, “It’s time for breakfast.”

Yuan Bo looked at the sweetness and ecstasy of the two and said, “Mom and Dad, have fun. I’m going out now.”

“Be careful on the road.” Xu Ya looked up at her eldest son, only seeing his tall and straight back.

After breakfast, Yuan Yasen picked up the newspaper from the table. After reading the report on the financial section, his complexion flickered and turned extremely complicated.

“Yasen, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay.” Yuan Yasen wanted to crumble the newspaper in his hand, but seeing his wife’s curious eyes, he endured it and handed the newspaper to her, “The media praised our childs for being genius and better than the predecessor?”

Especially when Yuan Yi was mentioned, it also involved specific news. It is a silly move to raise Yuan Yi to Changfeng’s management before sending him off.

“Although Yuan Yi lost his position in Changfeng’s management, for him, this is just the beginning of a challenge. Eagles are never afraid of difficulties, they only let themselves fly higher and higher…”

The disobedient son has become an eagle, but he is gradually getting old. He turned his head and looked at the woman beside him whom he had loved all his life, but she was carefully reading every word in the newspaper with a look of pride on her face.

For a moment, Yuan Yasen didn’t know whether he should feel emotional or be disappointed.

“Ya Sen, Xiaoer is getting more and more capable,” Xu Ya put down the newspaper, 

“That’s great.”

“Yes.” Yuan Yasen nodded with a straight face.

“Mr. Yuan, you seem to be very happy?” The driver handed Yuan Bo a cup of hot coffee. Yuan Bo took a sip and said slowly, “Really?”

He tilted his head and looked out the car window. The snow had stopped.

That newspaper should have been seen too.

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