One Can’t Judge by Appearance #90

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Chapter 90

“Wait a minute.” Yuan Yi grabbed Yan Xi, who was about to get off the car, “Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?”

“En.” Yan Xi nodded, “After working for half a year, I can finally rest for a few days.”

“Grandpa wants to invite you to dinner tomorrow. Grandpa is looking to find recipes on the Internet these days. He said that he wants to study some dishes that young people like. When you go, he will ask Auntie to cook for you.” Yuan Yi smiled and complained, “I don’t know why you and Grandpa hit it off. Ever since I had you, my position in Grandpa’s heart has plummeted.”

“You don’t even look at your family. Boys are like water. Can they be rare?” The smile on Yan Xi’s face softened a little, and the year was approaching. At this time, the elders of Yuan Yi’s family invited her to dinner with another layer of meaning.

If she is not determined to stay with Yuan Yi for the rest of her life, she should reject this invitation.

“Then… come pick me up tomorrow, don’t come too early, I still need to put on makeup.” Yan Xi bent down, and while Yuan Yi wasn’t paying attention, kissed Yuan Yi lightly on the cheek: “Good night.”

Yuan Yi froze in a daze until Yan Xi was about to walk into the gate, then he took his long legs, got out of the car, and caught up with Yan Xi.

“Yan Xiaoxi,” Yuan Yi took her hand, “You really agreed?!”

“Why didn’t I agree? I was just about to visit Grandpa Xu.” Yan Xi reached out and touched the top of Yuan Yi’s head, turning his elite hairstyle into a messy otaku hairstyle, “Don’t think too much, go to bed early.”

“Good night, bye.” Yan Xi shut Yuan Yi out, waved to him through the fence, and walked away with a smile.

Yuan Yi vaguely felt that Yan Xi seemed to be walking away.

Did she do it on purpose?

After seeing the boss sitting in the car, the driver, Ah Gang, was very preoccupied, thinking that the boss had quarreled with Ms. Yan: “Mr. Yuan, the girls are meant to be coaxed.”

“What are you coaxing? Why should I coax her?” Yuan Yi coughed dryly, “It’s so cold, go back to sleep early.”

“Okay.” Ah Gang started the car, and seeing that the boss was not in a bad mood, he continued, “Boss, you never stayed up late before, but now you have changed your living habits for Miss Yan. If Miss Yan knew you, It would definitely be very touching to do all this for her.”

“You don’t need to let her know that, it’s only natural for a man to treat his woman well, and I didn’t do it to impress her.” Yuan Yi snorted, “And she’s so nagging, if I really want her to know this, in the future she doesn’t want to go out with me tonight.”

“That’s true. Nightlife is the easiest way to create ambiguous feelings between men and women. Miss Yan is playing games like this. What if…” Ah Gang saw the boss’s face change and changed the topic, “Of course, boss, you are one of the best in our imperial capital. Ms. Yan’s eyes are so high. With a boyfriend like you, she won’t look down on other men.”

Knowing that Ah Gang was flattering him, Yuan Yi felt that he was right about one thing. Although that woman Yan Xiaoxi had a bad mouth and a bad personality, how could the person he liked be so bad? He really needs to guard against some men with ulterior motives.

Restricting Yan Xi’s freedom is absolutely unacceptable. She would find it annoying if she always followed her. Relationships also require private space. If he really dared to do that, with Yan Xiao Xi’s personality, he would probably reach out and beat him up.

Forget it. Let’s think about how to make her feel that all men in the world are inferior to him.

Yan Xi returned home, changed into her dress, took a shower, and found that her WeChat account had been dragged into a group by Xu Qiaosheng. The name of this group is quite strange. It is called the Fox Friends Group. There are only five or six people in total, and they are all acquaintances.

After several people on the line made clapping expressions, Zhang Wang spoke.

Zhang Wang: Dahe, during the Spring Festival, there is an event to fight the world monsters in the game. Remember to take us with you.

Dahe, I’m Xiaoxi: I think this group name is quite appropriate for you.

Qiaosheng: Dahe, did you have fun with Brother Yi tonight?

Yan Xi changed her name in the group to Dahe and answered a few questions from Yuan Yi’s friends. When she was about to go offline and go to bed, she saw Zhu Han send a new message.

Zhu Han: Yuaner really worked hard for you. Usually, our brother asked him to go out for a few nights, and he wouldn’t stay up late even if he was beaten to death.

After Zhu Han sent this message, he quickly withdrew it. He even sent three emoticons in a row, pretending he hadn’t said anything.

Xu Qiaosheng and Zhang Wang also cooperated and posted a few emoticons. The most stupid one was Xu Qiaosheng. Emoji package, take all these pictures.”

Yan Xi really wants to say, don’t try your best to cover up. I’ve already seen it.

But seeing these three people start posting pictures to each other, she thinks it’s better not to disturb the interest of the three of them.

What a bunch of naive men. It is quite reasonable to say that birds of a feather flock together, and people form groups.

Putting down the phone, Yan Xi remembered that since she and Yuan Yi had known each other for more than half a year, he seemed to have never mentioned his habit of going to bed early in front of her. When he moved last time, although this group of people mentioned it, she thought they were joking at that time.

She didn’t expect it to be true.

A man silently pampered her, but she didn’t know it.

Taking out the digital board, Yan Xi quickly drew a picture.

The little white rabbit liked the grass next to the nest very much. It looked at it every day, and finally, one day, it moved the grass into the nest.

The picture is very simple, even without coloring, but the style of the painting is exceptionally cute. Some fans even feel that this painting is full of love. The girl’s heart was aroused by a simple cartoon, and her drawing skills improved again.

Her drawing skills have not improved, but she has made great progress in rendering emotions.

Fan 1: Is it all because of love?

Ever since Yan Xi’s Illustrator’s vest fell off, the Weibo account has gained a lot of fans. It’s not that everyone is a fan of her, but some netizens who are bored and those who can draw comics and host shows are very curious.

Relying on this, besides the title of “Master Killer (Means Old man/Old woman),” Yan Xi has another nickname: the amphibious host.

Other people’s hosts can only sing a song or act in a different industry at most. Yan Xi took a step further and went directly to the comic circle. Careful netizens discovered that the Weibo account was updated two or three years ago. At that time, the manga contained father, mother, and Little Dumplings. Later, although the role of mother no longer appeared in the manga, there were still traces of her mother.

For example, my mother’s used bag, extra bowls and chopsticks on the table, my mother’s shoes, and my mother’s photo on the wall.

In this Weibo, there is not a single word about missing my deceased mother, but the comic is full of nostalgia. At that time, fans didn’t know the identity of the Illustrator, nor did they know that the Illustrator’s mother had passed away, so some people asked her why she stopped drawing warm pictures of Little Dumplings and Little Dumplings mother?

Some netizens noticed that most of these comments were made half a year after the death of the famous young painter Yan Yun. How sad would Yan Xi feel when she saw these comments at that time?

Netizens dare not think about it, but the more they turn back, the more they are moved and attracted by the comic stories. Indeed, Yan Xi’s drawing level is not top-notch, but the painting is gentle.

People who have read the comics will feel a kind of warmth and happiness.

Perhaps because of the blessings of these comics, many passers-by and netizens have a particularly tolerant impression of Yan Xi. Usually, suppose you occasionally see news about her on the homepage. In that case, everyone will click on it with good intentions, even if the content is not to your liking. They laugh it off.

The comic Yan Xi posted now touched the cute spots in many people’s hearts and caused many people to forward it. Some microbloggers who had previously scolded Yan Xi’s drawing handle as “Xiao San” also forwarded it with a little guilt and embarrassment.

When a certain netizen reposted it, he commented: From this comic, I sense a smell that the wedding is approaching.

So in the middle of the night, “The marriage is coming,” caused by a comic drawing, became one of the most popular Weibo.

Song Chao stayed abroad for many years and was not used to using domestic Weibo until news of Yan Xi and Yuan Yi always popped up on his mobile phone. He accidentally clicked on it and registered a Weibo account for himself.

He naturally dislikes exposing his thoughts to others, so he never used it, even if he registered for an account.

Seeing the news on Weibo that “the leader of Hengtai and his girlfriend are getting closer,” Song Chao was silent for a moment and clicked in.

The article is written very vividly, and the pictures accompanying the text are also carefully selected by the author. He looked at the smiling Yan Xi on the screen and wanted to click off, but he didn’t expect to click more to enlarge the picture.

He sometimes felt that this woman was very hateful. Still, looking at this smiling photo, Song Chao had to admit that even though Yan Xi’s appearance was not considered a stunning beauty, she in this photo had a natural attraction.

Maybe it’s because this smile is too bright and natural, which makes people feel good.

It’s not that she is beautiful, but that her life is beautiful.

After staring at this picture for a long time, he suddenly remembered what attracted him to Yan Xi back then. Many girls wore loose, dirty, and wear-resistant school uniform skirts, which were ugly and rustic. Still, Yan Xi wore them with a beautiful and pure temperament.

Who doesn’t like pure and beautiful girls?

At that time, when he saw such a girl, it was like seeing a beautiful white flower in the wilderness full of corpses. He couldn’t resist the love in his heart.

After more than nine years, when he saw this woman again, she no longer had the innocence and purity of her teenage years, so he was disappointed, angry, and even felt that she insulted his heartbeat back then.

Now when he suddenly saw this picture, he thumped the table and laughed out loud as if he had encountered something extremely ridiculous.

After laughing, he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“The plan is canceled.”

“Now that the entire Song family is under my control, I don’t have time to play with women.”

After hanging up the phone, he stared at the phone for a long time and clicked to exit.

From childhood to adulthood, he has been in contact with many people. As long as his cousins say he is not good or a bastard, even if others do not respond, they will only keep silent or laugh. No one has ever stood up to refute.

He has known for a long time that people in this world are all pretty on the outside, but they are disgusting and dirty on the inside. Affection is not as important as interests.

He didn’t expect there would be such a day when a woman would really ask in front of Song Ci. Song Chao is a bastard, so who gave birth to him? His unwillingness and anger when he was young were questioned by a woman whom he despised from the bottom of his heart.

Although he has long passed the age of talking back with others,…

Many years ago, he also hoped that there would be such a person who would stand up and question and ridicule the Song family in front of them. But he waited for a long time; no one stood up for him.

His father said that this was just a play among children.

His mother said that he was bullied by his cousins because he was not competitive enough. Only by becoming a person with ability and means can one not be bullied and be able to avenge all suffering.

The phone rang again, and he pressed the answer button.

“Mr. Song, before Mr. Song Ci’s ex-girlfriend died, Mr. Song Ci took her to drink with friends. They didn’t leave the hotel at night. Someone found her coming out of the hotel in a trance the next morning. She committed suicide five days later.”

“These materials are no longer important to me.” Song Chao raised the corners of his lips and showed a nice smile, “But I will pay the money, and I will pay you an extra sum of money, as long as you collect the information you found, anonymously handed over to the police. In this way… it can be regarded as eliminating harm for the people.”

After hanging up the phone, Song Chao sneered at the night outside the window.

In Yan Xi’s eyes, he is a beast in clothes. Still, she doesn’t know that a beast in clothes is a bit better than a scum in the Song family, but if you become an upright person, you won’t be able to survive.

When Song Hai woke her daughter up for breakfast in the morning, she was putting on makeup.

When he finished his breakfast and was about to go to work at the company, she was still putting on makeup.

“Yan Yan, tonight the company will have dinner at the company’s annual meeting. If you have time, come over and say hello. Many employees in the company want to meet you, the little boss.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi put down the mascara brush, turned to Song Hai, and said, “The snow on the road has not yet melted. When you go out, remember to drive our jeep so it is not slippery.”

Seeing that she was smearing in front of the mirror again after she finished talking to him, Song Hai couldn’t help but say, “Why did you put on makeup for so long today? Do you want to go out on a date with that kid Yuan Yi?”

“It’s not a date, it’s to visit his family.” Yan Xi put on earrings for herself, “Today, his grandfather’s family specially invited me to be a guest.”

Song Hai was about to turn around and go out, but when he heard this, his feet took root, and he couldn’t move anymore: “What, you officially met the parents?!”

Isn’t that a matter of planning a wedding next year?

Song Hai refused in his heart.

“Dad put away the expression on your face.” Yan Xi got up, walked in front of Song Hai, and said with a smile, “If you don’t want me to go, then I won’t go.”

“Nonsense, how can you go back on your word when you promised someone else? When did your father teach you this since you were a child?” Song Hai asked his daughter to hold his arm, and the father and daughter went downstairs slowly, “It doesn’t matter who you are with, Dad is always reluctant to part with you, but I hope you can live happily.”

He pushed open the door, glanced outside, and snorted, “Here comes the pig that wants to take our jade cabbage away.”

Yan Xi: As long as I’m happy, it’s fine?

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